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Life in a Goldfish Bowl

OWoN: This is how "Some" live. No communication is possible, but the pics tell you what the real Corridors of Power are like. OWoN has its support and that is all we can release. No names or statements. Just trust, we have caring support. One picture tells you a thousand words. Note how closely guarded they are as life in a Goldfish Bowl?


  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. Now you see why OWON is different? No individual discussions just issues please. ID's must be protected.
    But you see why your site is different? How real? Why you get so much help?

  3. It looks like the red letter bench seats have speakers (and probably recorders) in them.

  4. Plus overhead microphones and mass cameras. Total electronic protection. Intense scanning even approaching. Huge armed police cover. But a great place to be. A huge Global presence and high standards. Great credit to all who came before. The Mother and Father of all Parliaments.

    1. Not sure about high standards. Sounds like just another elitest with contempt for the human race.

      Isn't Prince Phillip the one who said..."I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist... I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus."

      And the reason that animals get pushed to extinction is because assholes elitest like him pump oil hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and ruin our water supplie with benzene pollution and kills our bees with GMO crops.

      Great place to be.

      We are all powerful spirtual beings. This is just elitest bullshit.

    2. Segmented judgement JV. On a net-net basis, these are the individuals that have acted as Guardians. And while we can find all sorts of faults, there is much good in a dysfunctional system that has been accomplished from and because of those Individuals in those Halls and Chambers.

      And the next level of Empowerment, if it is to work, means letting the Individual evolve unhindered by those who would kill us all.

    3. Guardians?

      I don't need a damn guardian. What makes them more special than you or I.

      I want my free will.

      This is the problem on Earth. Everyone has been brainwashed to believe that there is hierarchy. There is none. My spirit could be 1000's of years older than the royals. It's physical realm bullshit.

      Reincarnation is like a wheel. What was once on top will soon be on the bottom.

      I am a powerful spiritual being. The physical realm means nothing. You incarnate to learn spiritual lessons in a physical world. Period. We are energy. Until we destroy this division, nothing will change.

      And as far as the royals, what have they done for the last 80 years of rule?

      Parliament? Please.

      The "ONE" does not care about rituals, status, colors, crown, or any of that other BS. We are all the one.

    4. When a dynamic system experiences energy input of type or quantity it undergoes a phase change to a new equilibrium, which exhibits an entirely new set of balances and behaviours. That is what is occuring right now in humanity. There is nothing wrong with elite - we should encourage it. But with it comes responsibility. From my station I observe the phase change and am happy with the progress.

    5. JV,

      While agreeing with you in principle, I think you over-reach here. Grab a brew and find a little Zen center. Part of this physical realm bullshit IS hierarchy because some subset of individuals has physical threatening power over us. From the discriminate power of the baton and the bullet to the indiscriminate power of the nuclear weapon. Alongside that power to destroy is the secondary and all too dangerous power of money within Centers of Power. Imagine where we would be if John were playing for the Other Team?

      Of course we are all one. There will come a time of Self-Leadership where such aspects are recognized and the average individual is a God-Man on his own journey of self-discovery and service to his fellow. Perhaps even the StarChild race that John hopes.

      Sure there are issues. The NWO was seductive to many of the Elite because the Elite of different countries have more in common with each other than with the people that originated them. And when you are are a narrow master of the universe, it is seductive to think of a world with 50,000 running things and 500,000,000 million subordinates evolving to the future. Denial on the 6.5 billion dead this plan required is no easy feat, and I'm sure part of the wake-up in the John/WhiteHat/GoodGuy axis was driving home to those with a conscience exactly the costs the NWO plan entailed. There's no question that many fell for the NWO, thinking that a planned future is the way forward. Hah. Were that it was that easy.

      Those of us who understand large non-linear systems, that understand that the Economy has been in a coffin corner of performance for millennia, that we could create a world without want in one generation if markets were free, if technology and people did not have to bow before Mercantilist Elites, absurd rule/regulation (not to mention Politics), and if the People could actually keep what they earn.

      So instead of a growing SuperCivilization racing towards the Stars and Biologic Immortality, we have the Cabal, wars, 900+ bases, DUMBs and a stunted species.

      I neither condemn nor condone nor approve what has transpired. The Elites will face their own music in time. Now I look forward to planting those seeds that will blossom towards the future that I had hoped for when I, and many others, took that first shot at trying to bring a Civilization of the Universe into being so that we could achieve Biologic Immortality so so many years ago. Others had a different idea. So Death will claim me, but perhaps my Descendants will have a shot at a more dramatically beautiful life.

  5. We must be close after this article. Thank you John. Thank you white hats. Thank you Tony and thank you Canauzzie. Peace and blessings to everyone in the world.

  6. Well quite impressive. You did good for yourself dear john lol

  7. Are you 1 of the 13 gentlemen in the one photo John.


    1. No discussion on possible identities please.

    2. Sorry, my curiosity gets the better of me. Won't happen again

    3. But NO for the obvious reason

  8. I think I see Austin Powers in the one pic

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    1. Sorry, post deleted. Some times my saucy tongue runs amok and I wasn't certain my comments would be taken in the spirit intended. I am in awe of the folks in this photo. I would love the opportunity to give each and every one of them the biggest bear hug ever. It's the Canadian way :)

    2. MyGirl
      Please email Cannauzie privately a pic so we can empathise with the comments. Back seat and front Lol

  10. That's James Bond over on the far right. spoke with him a few hours ago. I am in love with those guns. LoL

  11. Where is Waldo!! LOL. I am particularly bad at riddles, so I will speculate these pics mean the British Empire is behind this current "initiative"(what an understatement!) we are collectively involved within. Also, I simply LOVE tea (started drinking that after I got fired after drinking 10 cups of coffee daily for 25 years!), but do NOT know what a crumpet is! Yet, being American born, I naturally abhor surveillance to depths of my soul! I will never, ever trade liberty for security which gets turned into blanket surveillance! ~darylluke.

    1. ....I will provide my own security, mr. Smith & mr. Wesson!! ~darylluke.

    2. Hahahahahah....the best there is!

  12. BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Obama Orders DHS to Begin the Arrest of dissidents, both Journalists, and Activists. No Martial Law Involved, just Treason!
    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 2:17

    Vatic Note: Of course he is going to use Dept of Homeland Security, since it is controlled and run by the khazar banker zionists. This is the International Bankers move to bring down the USA for WW III, just like they did in WW II, and in WW I, by destroying the economic powerhouses of the day…. Russia and Germany and now the USA. They will automatically be in violation of our 4th and 5th amendments which then gives us license to respond in kind.

    I am putting this up because I just found it and given some of their behavior recently, I knew something was coming fairly quickly and now we see what it is they have planned. The timing also matches the arrival of the twin star for which the powers that be are dumping that patented snow to cool down the atmosphere, so they should all be going underground pretty soon.

    Lets also remember that an NSA facility the size and scope of the NSA facility in Utah, also exists in JERUSALEM, WHAT??? Who authorized giving a foreign nation such facilities and permission to spy on American citizens???? TRAITORS, THATS WHO and that is a death penalty offense during time of war.

    In the mountains of Colorado the temps are around 60 degrees in february, and that is unheard of. Further, they are preparing for forest fires and 800 mile an hour winds, so we are being distracted with this Obama martial law that is unannounced, where he arrests the dissidents since he does not want any of them left standing to cause them grief, once this crisis has passed. Remember, the cabal always includes some truth in their disinformation program.

    As RAHM EMMANUEL SAYS “NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE”. And that is what they are planning. Read this below and see what I mean. This has also been reported on by Jim Stone so its true. If you “choose” to believe they would not do this to us, then your preparation would have to be “do you want to be a slave or an assassinated dissident or would you rather be free, armed and with comrads that have plans for taking them on??? Your choice, free will, you know. Such choices bring on consequences and that is where we learn our best lessons.

    Obama to use DHS for lightning strikes on American dissidents
    By Jim Fetzer, Veterans Today columnist, on February 14, 2015


  13. 800 MPH winds? Seriously? 60 degrees in the Colorado mountains as we speak? I sure couldn't find it. I'm not saying it's not true, only that I couldn't find any thing that would verify it. You know, it's claims such as this - so 'out there' that the average Joe or Jane cannot comprehend it, and a little research does nothing but show it's 'crazy' - that detracts from all the other truths. This is why people get dismissed as 'conspiracy nuts'. It MAY BE true, but if proof of one thing can be repudiated, the baby goes out with the bath water. Meaning: if they can't wrap their heads around 800 MPH winds or find proof that it's 60 degrees F in Colorado - in fact every weather report they find says otherwise, then everything else in the article is dismissed as fiction too. Just sayin'.

  14. Replies
    1. Working bloody hard for all of you.

    2. You can call on me if needed John, Ready, willing and quite able. East Coast, USA. Thank You.

  15. Feb. 16, 2015: Dr. Jim Willie / Mushrooming of Chaos, EU in crisis, US Isolated, Russia-China ahead (89min)

    He explains among other things, the west coast ports NOT MOVING anything. EYE-opener!! (Hint: It is a plan to wake up the sheeple & wreck economy!) LOTSA current news most don't know.... ~darylluke.

    1. UPDATE on west coast ports closing. Could it be tptw are scared sh**less the sheeple awake when Walmarts ain't "stuff"?? Or, could be something else? ~darylluke.

      West Coast ports reopen as labor secretary arrives for talks
      Posted on February 17, 2015 by Admin
      Shipping containers sit idle at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California in this aerial file photo taken February 6, 2015. . REUTERS/Bob Riha, Jr.Reuters – by Steve Gorman

      West Coast ports that were closed to incoming cargo vessels during the holiday weekend reopened in full on Tuesday as Labor Secretary Tom Perez arrived in San Francisco seeking to broker a settlement ending months of shipping disruptions.

      Perez was sent to meet with the two sides in the conflict at the behest of President Barack Obama, who has come under mounting pressure to weigh in on a labor dispute that has cascaded through the U.S. commercial supply chain and beyond.

    2. ....sorry, been up 20+ hrs.....

      I believe that this update I just posted VERIFIES what Fulford posted that DHS is getting de-funded!! Their 2 BILLION bullets won't do any good when the sheeple wake up if there is nobody to use the rounds, right? Could be a stretch, I admit. But, why the sudden 180 degree turn-around? And, so quickly? Are we seeing the results of "closed door locked down" UK meetings with/by you know who? *wink-wink

    3. Track The Massive Congestion At The Port Of Long Beach In Real Time
      Things on the West Coast Ports are going from bad to worse (for those who missed it read "Catastrophic Shutdown Of America's Supply Chain" Begins: Stunning Photos Of West Coast Port Congestion), and with no resolution in sight, it is now beginning to cripple the US economy. Here is a brief summary, courtesy of the WSJ, of how the near-strike is already impacting various businesses across the US:

      And so on, as more and more distributors, retailers, producers, manufacturers, and ordinary mom and pop business, decide that the time has come to blame something - last year it was the Polar Vortex which compared to the current climate conditions was a spring breeze - for what is a global economic depression, one from which the US is not decoupling. That something being the west coast port strike this time, coming soon to a Wall Street scapegoating "analyst" near you soon.

      For those interested in tracking the port congestion as it gets progressively worse, here is a live map courtesy of MarineTraffic: (SEE LINK)

  16. GCR was supposed to happen via treaty agreement ~November 2013 with the Obummer agreeing(signing)!! Instead he started/created the Ukraine "crisis" coup d'etat as his response!! ~darylluke.

  17. DL
    O only acts under orders. This is the Alamo approaching for the Cabal and Santa Anna needs to be all of us. No Mercy, No survivors. End this Cabal by total retribution. Nuremberg the lot of them. Preferably "After" you have first hung them for Treason. The lot are abominations of humanity, throw in Phoney Tone Blair also and his accomplices.

    1. I am sure not a single person her would disagree nor argue with you. Yet, there are so many individuals involved, the number of crimes so numerous nobody has the will to do what you say. How does the international community compel them to surrender? There is no international criminal committee formed, but that is exactly what should be done. I believe INTERPOL would be the enforcement arm for that to arrest and transport. Most of crimes, name and details are known, yet nothing happens.....~darylluke.

    2. My question is what can we do? We know there is a problem but need a game plan to collect the trash and throw it in the incinerator.

  18. 2:20am Eastern 2-18-2015

    Click on GOOGLE. See that play/download? WTF? It is right on the surface now! That, seems to me to be P2 Lodge(or who?) stuff! The "secret invisible" war is bubbling to the surface!! Its not masonic, nor is it Gnostic Illuminati..... Anybody wants the image and cannot see that, PM me. Don't know how to post it. Otherwise I would.... ~darylluke.

    1. DL thanks, VERY interesting. The equations indicate that Zinc gives up two electrons to two Hydrogen nuclei (protons) to form hydrogen gas. In other words, Zinc is used as a catalyst for a reaction that moves electrons with a by product of hydrogen. It's written in very 1900s style, so I think it is alluding to some of Tesla's works?? Anyone help me out here? Also the symbols at the top right and left. They mean something...

    2. Very interesting indeed, and here's the explanation.....

    3. See all those swords and wagon-wheels on edge of circle?

  19. The Chairmen of most major corporation are Lords controlling the Boards and seeking adherence to Law.. The Lords reject bad legislation and send it back the Parliament for them to rethink it out with suggestions. But the scale of real progress via Lords Committees and Nation building aid, is enormous. Vast amounts of good is achieved beyond the Public view. Once invited inside, most nations rapidly come to agreements with us. Your site get enormous support. Did you think your so many reports came from Santa and Brokerville? Your site IS unique and ONLY you have the real inside track and help. That is why, ever more, the Global Thinking People are massing here. One Site for All Nations. Your own voices are read, and opinions heard, around the whole world.YOU have a voice. Here YOU matter. Here YOU all are Global Players. The site is growing as is support.You are becoming an ever emerging force. Your issues are discussed and your comments read by the highest in power. Even more, by their Wives!. Their greatest fear is a certain party publicising their Husbands wrong doing and throwing them to the wolves. The mass move publicising the Pervs, and the Chillcott inquiry to go after Blair and Bush is no coincidence. Plus all others.When the report comes out around 30 names will really not like what is contained. When a Lords Committee comes after you, life takes a big downturn. Yours! Huge Public good is assisted by Lords peer pressures. So many Global changes are influenced here.
    With the abysmal state of the Global MSM today, so many of your comments and articles are read. It''s here, so use it.
    Elitist Yes, but working For YOU! You have friends in High Places. Supportive, understanding and pro active. Your site is- Alive! Your voices, YOU, are heard. The Greatest Ambassadors of Freedom with vast global contacts are helping you all daily. OWON has " Influence".

    1. This is good to hear, thank you John!

      My fear is that the dong is less than $0.47. I read back in the 70's, it was near $2.71. My question has always been and never answered, with the increased volume of trading Vietnam has, wouldn't the value of their currency go up after the usa gets their hands out of countries purse strings?

      I had close to 1M in IQD but cashed it in because of an uneasy feeling. I live on $900.00+ a month driving seniors to errands and medical appts., as well as help a doctor with his files. Had to move back home so I wouldn't be living on the street.
      Seven years ago I owned and operated a photo business for 18 years so I have business experience. In that town I made good connections with people and old money, who will help me start this foundation. I want to help people who can't afford to feed or take their animals to veterinarians. Eventually, I want my own sanctuary built under a dome to protect them from chemtrails and drink filtered water protecting them fluoride. I need knee surgery first.

      Giving money to an organization is wonderful but I want to go a step further and keep the pets that are loved already residing in people's homes to be cared for.
      I don't have a WF near me, there is a Chase but I get a bad feeling overtime I am in there. If there isn't any special rate then can we go to a local bank?

      Lastly, when we exchange, separated what we will owe in tax but then if the usd drops to half. People would have to wait several years before getting a base to work with. Yet the stock market is fixed… that is where I also need suggestions.

      I am glad I am part of this group. Thank you Everyone!
      Thank you OWON, Thank you, John, Thank you White Hats!

    2. Lisa33 I love that you want to help people keep their pets and help with vet costs. I have been there with having a sick cat that had to go to emergency and they wanted full payment. I had to lessen the amount of care he received in order to afford it and fortunately he was ok. But, it made me want to help in this way if possible in the future.

      I am concerned that you seem to be counting on .47 for the dong, and that may not happen. When I got in this I was told that .05 was about what I could hope for, if that. And John is saying that a high rate will have adverse effects on that country. So, I hope you have a plan for a lower rate, and if it comes in higher then fantastic.

      As for banks, I don't think John will know until this happens what our options are. I hope this information helps you. You have a good heart and I hope you get the opportunity to do much good for yourself and others from this.

    3. Oh, okay…. Where did I get the # $0.47? This will still work! It may take a little longer and maybe a different approach. When I exchange is when I can talk to people about my project. (Whenever I mentioned it before people told me it was a pipe dream and not to waste my time on it).

      I adopted an abused dog five years ago and now she is the sweetest dog. It took two months to trust me and about a year to get along with my cat. Miss Kitty came from a shelter 15 years ago. This year both of them needed medical attention. My dog needed surgery and my cat was in the ER and then 5 office visits. As dentist and lawyers they want their money right away. I had to literally beg and borrow money, not a nice feeling! This world is going to get worse before it gets better and as all of you, I will stand proud and help get her back on her feet! :)

    4. I think you got the .47 from WHA as that was given to Tony as a possibility by his contact. I'm not saying it can't happen, just not to count on that as a minimum. Good luck on your projects once this happens. :)

  20. Wow, so happy to hear that John. I just researched countries free of GMO's. There are quite a few thank goodness. But then I looked up countries chemtrail free. There are none. It is disgusting and sickening to me that we have to breath, drink, and eat these geoengineered nanoparticles, heavy metals, and poisons everyday. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to go. Another country, ha, not so. I just want it to stop. I realize they don't care if it gets them too, but I really care about health, planet earth, and our multiverses. I want to live in the world we were supposed to, pure air, pure water, pure food. Do you John, think that we will get to that point here on this planet again? With a lot of hard work and time and working together as one, I think we can. But first we must get the real truth out to all, who cares if it will shock them, just do it. It is so good to know that we have a real platform to hear our voice with people that can take real action to make change. Thank you.

    1. Biffie, I don't know where you looked up chemtrail free countries, but Namibia for one still has clear blue skies except for the rainy season. That's why people here cannot believe the stories about chemtrails.

    2. Thank you Hanlo. What say you John, do you know of any? I looked on many sites and some said china didn't have any and some said china does. I did not find anymore that didn't.

    3. Most of the sites I saw with no chemtrail information were two or more years old. I know they are doing it here where I live a lot more than they used to. It is ridicules. The air smells like chemical, not like the crisp clean air of the old days.

    4. Biffie, rare is the day we don't have them here. But those days we don't I spend much time outdoors enjoying the beautiful blue sky that comes with altitude. When I can, use zeolite to freshen stalls and that ends upon the landscape where spread manure. It's physical/electrical properties attract heavier metals, binding them, so like to believe that maybe it's helping.

    5. The Chemtrail program is mostly in NATO countries, from my research.

      I didn't see any in Costa Rica either. The stars were AMAZING there. You could reach out and touch them.

    6. JV, That's how it is here when the night sky is clear. I'll do chores a bit late so can catch the Milky way on the way back to the house. If it's really nice night will set on a rock bench that built and just watch the stars. When they seem that close, it's like you're someplace else.

    7. That sounds great.

      I live in Arizona. Between the dust and chemtrail program constantly, you can't even see the mountains 15 miles away many days.

      This is SO frustrating when I see these planes criss crossing the sky everyday.

      Where is the funding for a project like this coming from if the Cabal is bankrupt?

      Can someone please answer this for me?

    8. JV, from what have been told they are under contract. If Bush and co are bankrupt, then when those contacts aren't paid on, it stops. At least that's my understanding.

      I just love the robin egg blue sky here. Fell in love with it when stepped off the plane years ago. Even when it's windy, we may get some dust, but not like what you're getting in Arizona. Mountains on both sides of this valley, the ones to the East a bit shorter. We get inversion here, one of the reasons they like to balloon here. Can be bad when we have forest fires though.

      You can make a choice and put aside the toxic nature of the chem trails and begin to see them as beneficial. If there gets to be enough people believing that we can flip it over on them. Those white trails become something that brings rain. Just a suggestion.

    9. I think you are correct. I know the old Air America that ran in Vietnam became Evergreen air. They are flying a lot of those. They have a base around Tucson.

      Not sure how aluminum and barium become rain, matter how much you pray.

  21. John, it is difficult to believe that those friends in high places with vast global contacts have any influence in Africa, where the looting of public funds for the benefit of the few goes on unabated. Where the elderly have to make do with less than the bare minimum, while those in control moan and groan about the 85 times more that they get and can live on. Where the children have school under a tree, while those in control plan bigger parliament buildings. Where there always is money for new monuments, while the population must use the open country to relieve themselves. Oh I can go on for ages, but it is all for the birds. Nobody seems to want to hear about Africa or Namibia in particular.

    1. Hanlo

      Once we get the release of the PPs,. see how we move. Our control, our funds, our say.

    2. Thank you, John. Thank you for seeing this, your answer and this site, where we get a chance to show what is really going on. It helps so much to speak out and know somebody hears you.

    3. We hear, we know, we ARE acting on so much. Post the PPS we can do so much more.

    4. Hanlo - my family and I spent about 10 days in Namibia in 2011. We loved the country and everyone we met. At one lodge we stayed at in the Erongo area I noticed that a young woman seemed to hover near by us all the time. At first I brushed it off as super-eager to be available should we need anything but after a couple of hours I was beginning to wonder. The next morning she started asking me all sorts of questions and then she confessed. She was wanting us to speak as much as possible because, as she put it, "Madam, I love your English!" We had a good chuckle about that. Turned out she was a recent hire at the lodge and she felt her English skills were a little rusty as she hadn't used them much since school. This is just one of many, many wonderful memories we have of beautiful Namibia.

      We only got to spend one day in Walvis Bay, but I must tell you - I had the most incredible longing to come home, sell everything we own and move there. It didn't matter where we went in Namibia, I wanted to stay longer but I didn't want to leave WB at all. That feeling still haunts me occasionally. Perhaps it was something in the air. Or NOT in the air, as the case may be. :)

      Would love to be able to assist with projects there when the time comes. And, as they say in Jamaica: "Soon come!"

    5. Mygirl56, It's so nice to meet someone who knows Namibia on this site. Funny that you fancied WB, but it does have something special about it, despite being a harbor town. You were lucky you did not get the fishy smell, though, that is nauseating. I lived in WB for many years when my kids were small, later moved to Windhoek for 20 years and retired in Okahandja. We can stay in touch via this site.

    6. Hanlo - I thought Okahandja sounded familiar - sure enough, we were there! We stopped there for gas on our way to the coast. We stayed in Swakopmund for two nights after our overnight at Hohenstein Lodge. We were only in Windhoek long enough to drive through it. A crazy man named Hermann told us that the secondary road from Swak. to Wind. didn't take much longer to travel than the main road, and we believed him (a chance to see different country rather than driving the same road twice). Lordy. They were holding our plane on the tarmac for us when we got to customs. 5 minutes more and 7 people would have sitting in Windhoek instead of on a plane to Cape Town! I don't think they hold flights in this part of the world anymore. We were SO grateful. And to this day, I hope Hermann's ears burn occasionally :).

  22. John, Have team ready for PP's any new movement. Post PP's Tort Reform and Term limits will take care of some corruption over here.

  23. John, Have team ready for PP's any new movement. Post PP's Tort Reform and Term limits will take care of some corruption over here.

  24. Resilience In Gaza

    Permaculture and the Sustainability of Resistance
    Posted February 18, 2015 by Alice Gray

    One man’s struggle for sustainable farming on his land in the occupied West Bank is not only a fight against occupation. It suggests that international environmental law provides a legal avenue for Palestinians to sue for their rights.

    Fayez al-Taneeb is an energetic man with a vision – of community resilience and sustainability. He is an organic farmer, a union member and an activist with the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, who has steadfastly resisted displacement from his farm for several decades. He believes that Permaculture, a comprehensive design strategy for sustainable living and farming that originated in Australia in the 1970s and has a growing global following, forms an important component of any Palestinian non-violent resistance strategy

    A long journey

    Hakuretna Farm (which loosely translates to ‘Garden Farm’) is located in the northern West Bank city of Tulkarm and is bisected by Israel’s Separation Barrier – the complex of concrete walls, barbed wire, military roads and ditches that runs up and down occupied Palestinian territory often separating Palestinian communities and families from each other, or, as in this case, farmers from their land.

    Today, Fayez is developing it as an experimentation and demonstration site for techniques in organic farming and sustainable technologies that he believes are important for Palestinian farmers.

    He also hosts international gatherings of permaculture practitioners and Palestinian youth, providing a forum for information exchange and learning – a project called ‘Global Campus’.

    Fayez’s story illustrates the role of farming in Palestinian resistance culture, as well as highlighting the struggles that Palestinian farmers face on a daily basis.

    “I didn’t want to be a farmer when I was young,” Fayez told al-Araby al-Jadeed. “I wanted to study. I got a scholarship to go and study in the USSR in 1979, but when I tried to take it up, the Israelis arrested me at the border and prevented me from leaving the country. So I got a job in a factory instead.

    “I inherited the farm in 1984. At first I didn’t care about it – for 6 months I did nothing. But then Israeli soldiers moved onto the land and started using it as a training ground. I realised I would lose the land if I didn’t work it. So I bought some basic equipment and started.”

    Sabotage and Occupation

    “For the first six months, the army sabotaged my equipment every day. But I persisted, and at the end of this time, when I brought in my first harvest, I realised the power of planting. I fell in love with farming!”

    But Fayez’s problems were not over. During the same period, Israeli bulldozers worked beside his land every day to build a factory for the Geshuri Advanced Technologies company manufacturing agrochemicals.

    “They moved it here because it was too dangerous and people in Israel complained,” he says.

    The practice of locating polluting industries on Palestinian land is a common one. Permits are easier to come by and the Israeli government is keen to promote business on the other side of the Green Line, which demarcates the 1948 ceasefire line. Local Palestinian labour is also cheaper.

    Read more:

    More from Alice Gray on Palestine from Permaculture News

    1. Israeli and Palestinian Farmers Unite Over Olive Oil
      Can an Agricultural Project Really Overcome Years of Bitter Tribalism? by Assaf Dudai

      “There is no real border between Israel and Palestine,” says Muhammad Hamudi, an olive farmer and olive oil producer from Asira al-Shamaliya, near Nablus in the West Bank. He has been working with the ongoing USAID-funded project Olive Oil Without Borders (OOWB) since its inception in 2011.

      Hamudi is in his mid-50s, with smiling eyes and palms so big an olive looks miniscule in them.

      “Today the border is here, tomorrow it will be there. The olive oil market has no borders as well. The bridge to the global market is the same bridge for everyone.”

      OOWB is a collaborative economic initiative among 34 olive oil farming communities in Israel and the West Bank. It is spearheaded by the Near East Foundation (NEF), a 100-year old nongovernmental organization working on economic development among poverty-stricken communities throughout Africa and the Mideast. The initiative is funded by USAID, which provides financial and operative assistance to foreign nations and regions in need. The program has been successful enough that USAID has just granted OOWB its second $1.2 million round of funding, expected to serve some 2,000 Palestinians and Israelis working in the olive oil business over the course of three years.

      Hamudi is one of the project’s success stories, points out Salah Abu-Eisheh, NEF country director for the Palestinian Authority. “During the three-year run he has tripled his production, improved significantly the quality and purity of his olive oil, and increased his income.” Hamudi smiles when he hears Abu-Eisheh say this. “NEF helped me achieve a sustained level of productivity,” Hamudi says.
      “No more bad years and good years; now I am in control of the yield.”

      This success is due in large part to direct grants farmers like Hamudi received for purchasing modern equipment, renovating facilities (such as mills), and planting new varieties of olive trees. The rest of the USAID funding goes to conducting seminars and hands-on workshops led by industry consultants, from agriculture and olive oil production to business management and marketing.

      Yet Palestinian farmers are only half of the OOWB equation: Israeli farmers and producers provide the necessary cross-border collaboration for this innovative and seemingly conflict-free program.

      When I ask Hamudi about his experience collaborating with his Israeli-Jewish counterparts, his answer is pragmatic. “I see it as an exchange. We have things to teach, and they have things to teach. They use modern techniques, we have experience and knowledge. The benefits are for both sides. We have no other choice.”

      But for a region mired in political conflict, collaborating is a choice—and quite an unusual one. Ayala Noy, a 40 year-old farmer and producer from Moshav Zippori, a farm community 20 minutes north of Nazareth on the Israeli side, approaches the project from a different perspective: “It was a very important and empowering experience. Sitting down with a Palestinian farmer who tells me, with tears in his eyes, that his orchard was burned to the ground the previous night by Israeli settlers was very emotional for me. ‘How do you sleep at night?’ he asked me. I told him not very well. That was the biggest challenge for me—being a representative of Israel, dealing with the hard feelings they have toward us.”

      Read more at:

      Found at

  25. Barefoot College: Empowering the poor and illiterate so they may help themselves and their communities.

    1. Hanlo, here's a bit more. If nothing else it gives ideas on what is being done and perhaps a way to begin in another place in need.

      Girl Affect Accelerator

      An except from the article 250 Million Girls Live in Poverty, And These People Want to Change That

      “Self-described as, “The World’s First Accelerator dedicated to the most powerful force for change on the planet: adolescent girls,” the GEA is an international accelerator that launched late last year, dedicated to scaling up cutting edge ventures that are measurably benefiting girls in poverty.

      The term “Girl Effect” refers to a movement that’s attempting to leverage what it recognizes as the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries and the world.

      The GEA is the work of the Nike Foundation and Unreasonable Group, a Colorado-based portfolio of companies, funds and experiments.

      The accelerator aims to rapidly increase the positive impact these ventures are already having for girls living in poverty. While the ten businesses chosen to receive support vary in terms of what product or service they provide, they all strive to improve the lives of some of the 250 million adolescent girls around the world that the United Nations estimates are living in poverty.

      The first round of the GEA picks includes a solar powered light distributor, an affordable infant products provider that’s saving lives, and a mobile education app. All ten enterprises chosen receive world-class mentorship, strategic financing, access to a global network of support, plus attend a two-week intensive program, which took place at the end of last year.”

      Read more:

      More information

    2. Tribal healthcare in Salur Andhra Pradesh India - These people are trying very hard to bring positive change to this area and break the effect of real poverty.

      Example of articles on blog

      Why do deformities occur in Leprosy Patients

      World Leprosy Day

      From rags to riches stories of success –training and board free to children that have a family member with leprosy or disability

    3. Awesome...a hand up and not a handout...self empowerment by obtaining knowledge...this is a good starting point.

      Great P!

  26. Truly amazing John, the brilliant minds not to mention the pedigrees that are working dilligently together in that as you call it Goldfish bowl to bring about change for us all is Astounding. Thanks to all involved.

  27. Zerohedge: Track The Massive Congestion At The Port Of Long Beach In Real Time

    Things on the West Coast Ports are going from bad to worse (for those who missed it read “Catastrophic
    Shutdown Of America’s Supply Chain” Begins: Stunning Photos Of West Coast Port Congestion), and with no resolution in sight, it is now beginning to cripple the US economy. Here is a brief summary, courtesy of the WSJ, of how the near-strike is already impacting various businesses across the US:

    • Ocean carrier Maersk Line has canceled some sailings, while China Ocean Shipping (Group) Co. said it will skip at least one port
    • Shipping line CMA CGM Group said it has “adapted its schedule and has been modifying its ports call order.” China Ocean Shipping said it has canceled some port stops.
    • Truckers that normally haul an average of five containers a day away from the Port of Oakland, Calif., are lucky to haul one.
    • At the Port of Oakland, truck drivers can spend up to three days waiting in line before hauling one container out of the yard, says Henry Osaki, an employee at an Oakland-based trucking company.
    • A West Coast customs broker said that her customers are being assessed as much as $300 a day for containers that sit too long on the docks, though the containers are trapped there.
    • Levi Strauss & Co. said it was concerned it wouldn’t receive some products in time for spring deliveries.
    • As of Monday, Honda Motor Co. was experiencing parts shortages at plants in Ohio, Indiana and Canada that will affect its production on multiple days over the next week.
    • The Agriculture Transportation Coalition estimates that port delays and congestion have reduced U.S. agricultural exports by $1.75 billion a month, while the North American Meat Institute put losses to U.S. meat and poultry producers at more than $85 million a week, including hides and skins.
    • The delays could cost retailers alone as much as $3.8 billion this year, according to an analysis by consulting firm Kurt Salmon. Adding in rerouting and carrying costs and other expenses could bring retailers’ total costs to $7 billion this year, the firm said.
    • Bert von Roemer, owner of Serengeti Trading Co., a Dripping Springs, Texas, coffee importer began rerouting coffee beans he intended to ship to the West Coast to Houston, Norfolk, Virginia and New York. “I’m railing the coffee across” to roasters in California, he said. “It’s costing me about $2,000 extra per container,”

    And so on, as more and more distributors, retailers, producers, manufacturers, and ordinary mom and pop business, decide that the time has come to blame something – last year it was the Polar Vortex which compared to the current climate conditions was a spring breeze – for what is a global economic depression, one from which the US is not decoupling. That something being the west coast port strike this time, coming soon to a Wall Street scapegoating “analyst” near you soon.

    For those interested in tracking the port congestion as it gets progressively worse, here is a live map courtesy of MarineTraffic:


    1. P,
      She does a FANTASTIC job doesn't she!! Consistent excellent reporting blog. A valiant truth-sayer. ~darylluke.

    2. DL, Agree.She vets out much truth. Awesome and Fantastic there is no denying! )

    3. P

      Who with conscience can not feel for the Palestinians and dam to hell the Israelis for their inhumanity of occupation. Genocidal spawn fully deserving of how this will play out. Go Nuclear Iran, go! We have seen the vicious threats of the Israelis indicating they will nuke Europe. This pestilence needs serious thought. 6,000 years and it never ends. Every nation wants them out.Why?

    4. Agree John, and do believe you and your companions are well on to your way to eliminating an ever pervasive pestilence that has plagued man kind for way to long now. Thank you for that.

      With your reports, the Chilcot report soon out, Putin's exposure with satellite proof of the happenings on 9-11, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and so many more with solid and irrefutable evidence we will soon see justice done.

      And John, a hug for you, no strings attached.

    5. Dam, so I dont get to pull the G String? Lol

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.


  29. I hear many own Haarp technology now. They seem to be playing battleship. One person starts a massive storm that would wipe out thousands and then another group comes in steering the storm off shore.
    I also heard that they want to replenish California drought yet, the midwest would be the hottest on record. They referred to 120+. Where I live their furnace died this year. They had enough money only to replace heat not the a/c unit.
    At least it will keep people inside out of the chemtrails.

    1. Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland published in 2014 has detailed, documented summation of the horrors of Chemtrails. A grim read.

  30. Statistical realism

    David Hughes crunches unpopular numbers for the shale oil boom.
    Jeremy Miller Feb. 16, 2015 High Country News

    An excerpt from the article

    “Though his home is isolated, he is by no means a hermit. He travels often and has given talks with the likes of Tom Steyer, the California billionaire and renewable energy activist, on the pitfalls of depending on shale oil to address the country’s energy needs. But he’s most at home nosing through obscure reports and industry databases, comparing projections with what is actually being produced. Drilling California excoriates the Energy Information Administration and its 2011 estimate of California’s Monterey shale — a vast formation underlying California’s Central Valley as well as Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties — projecting it holds 15.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil. (For comparison, in the same report the Bakken field is projected to contain roughly 4 billion barrels of ¬recoverable oil.)

    Such numbers are apt to make executives and investors salivate. But to Hughes they threw up immediate red flags. “The Monterey shale is not exactly a new find,” Hughes told me. “It has seen decades of intensive exploration.” The Bakken has a uniform “Oreo cookie” geology, Hughes explained, whereas the Monterey is warped and fractured by tectonic activity, making its oil much harder to extract.

    Moreover, he added, much of the oil that has been recovered in the Central Valley has migrated from deeper parts of the Monterey shale. Ostensibly “new” finds north of Bakersfield, he said, are vestiges of fields exploited for more than a century.

    Probing for the source of the EIA’s 15.4 billion barrel estimate, Hughes found it was calculated by INTEK using well production data supplied by the oil company Occidental Energy, one of the largest players in the Monterey.

    He double-checked the numbers using a database called DrillingInfo and found INTEK’s estimate to be highly inflated — by more than 90 percent.

    Within months of Hughes’ report, the U.S. Energy Information also back-pedaled on its estimates for the Monterey — dropping its projections from 15.4 billion to 600 million barrels, a 95 percent downgrade. Phil Budzik, an EIA analyst involved in issuing the downgrade, said the similarity between the agency’s downgrade and Hughes’ figures is purely coincidental. “It’s like two guys getting up in the morning and both seeing that there are heavy clouds in the sky,” he told me. “They can both pretty much see that it’s going to rain.”

    However, Hitesh Mohan, lead author of the INTEK report, stands behind the 15.4 billion barrel figure, with one important caveat: The numbers, he told me, are a best guess of what theoretically could be recoverable at some point in the future, rather than a projection of what’s actually recoverable now.”

    Read more at:

  31. SOMETHING big happened with currencies 15mins ago!! EUR massive spike UP!! (...but what??????)

    1. USD$ took BIG hit!! Anybody know what the news was to cause this USD$ micro-crash? ~darylluke.

    2. I think it was the banks extending money to Greeks for two weeks.

    3. The Fed hinted at raising interest rates.

    4. DL, This might be your answer.

      FOMC Minutes Reaction: Stocks Give Up Kneejerk Gains; Dollar & Bond Yields Plunge
      Submitted by Tyler Durden Zero Hedge on 02/18/2015 - 14:45

      The initial kneejerk higher in stocks has been removed (for now) as bubble warnings and truthiness about low oil prices as well as the general weariness of The Fed spoils the meme that everything is awesome. Bond yields plunged out of the gate (and remained lower) and The US Dollar is being sold hard. Gold and silver are rising as WTI Crude slides.

    5. Thanks guys!!! I had a profitable trade going when it happened. Had it(news?) just delayed literally 45secs, my trade was profitable. Yet, because the dollar plunged so hard at 13:59:15 Eastern time, I lost 33% of my account value losing $144!! I actually had 2 forex trades on about to expire 45secs later.Looking at the chart, the one-minute candle was enormous! The loss does hurt, too! Grrrr....


    6. Price of oil is going up at the pump...deliveries are stalled, and so the dollar always travel in the opposite direction.

      So now they have reverted to stealing the pension funds...


  32. Alasdair Macleod on BLSBS: Caveat Emptor!
    Posted on February 18, 2015 by The Doc

    Even according to the BLS numbers 102 million adults deemed not in the labor force or officially unemployed.
    Then there are those who are only partially employed, but counted by the BLS as employed. If we add these 34.7 million people to the BLS’s 102 million figure, only 44.2% of US adults are actually employed for 30 hours or more per week; in other words fully employed by any common-sense definition.
    This is the true indication of the state of employment in the US. The BLS could be more up-front in presenting its numbers, however, they are completely open about their methodology.

    1. THIS is what I have been saying over & over to JOHN!!! NO EFFIN JOBS!! :-(

      It is truly worse than post-1929!!! Back then the president ordered banks to give people one year free of mortgage payments. But, bac then a much smaller percentage of the total population had a mortgage. Yet, he actually DID help WE THE PEOPLE back then. What has this one done? Just steal ore & more!!! Grrrrrr..............~darylluke.

    2. Making sure that you are so burdened with debt you will beg them to fix the economy...they will come up with a plan that will be only hyperinflation...there aren't enough jobs, not enough money circulating, and the banks are not lending. but they have their hacking and back doors open for the thieves to not take a few hundred. they're stealing billions...what the heck?

  33. They want just enough sheep to run the country making minimum wage so they can reap the rewards. I really hope to see the real numbers, the real news reported, arrest those who need be or send them off on an island with only brick structures surrounded by GMO Sharks and piranha'a!

    1. Yes Lisa and don't forget the constant rain of chemtrails concentrated raining down on them.

  34. Zerohedge: Russia Dumps Most US Paper Ever As China Reduces Treasurys Holdings To January 2013 Levels

    In order to better understand this article, I refer you to this post: Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap, by Dmitry Kalinichenko

    Back in December, Socgen spread a rumor that Russia has begun selling its gold. Subsequent IMF data showed that not only was this not correct, Russia in fact added to its gold holdings. But there was one thing it was selling: some $22 billion in US Treasurys, a record 20% of its total holdings, bringing its US paper inventory to just $86 billion in December – the lowest since June 2008.

    It wasn’t just Russia: the country that has ever more frequently been said to be in the same camp as Russia – and against the US – namely China, also sold another $6 billion in Treasurys in the last month of 2014, which would have made its US treasury holdings equal with those of Japan, if only Tokyo hadn’t also sold over $10 billion in the same month.

    And while we know that Russia used at least some of the proceeds to buy gold, the bigger question is: just what is China buying with all these stealthy USD-denominated liquidations, and how much gold does the PBOC really have as of this moment.


  35. Thank you to John, Canauzzie, everyone at both sites that are making real goals happen. I continue to hope for positive change in the near future.

    1. I am not a regular/regular here. What other 'site' are you referring to?

    2. ;-)

    3. Thank you. I checked it out. Was the last post 12/31/14? If so, there isn't much happening there?

    4. MWP, the "happening" on WHA is all in the comments......have to "click " on comments to get to where the action is....right under FACT CHECK #126, in red "712 comments"....happy reading :) Maybe that will help her out Tony ~

    5. Well done are hereby appointed WHA field moderator, with all rights and privileges appurtenant thereto and henceforth and forthwith cannot be reduced in status except through the findings of a board of inquiry in John's favorite pub or on field expedition under the auspices of the jurisdictional constabulary of the Hottentots.

    6. Duly accepted, and henceforth will do my best to honor and fulfil such appointment with the utmost of diligence and care as has been exemplified by the WHA & OWoN team. A Pub inquiry, not to mention
      Hottentot consabulary dismissal could prove a most interesting bantering ! Cheers ! Even if not subject to a reduction of status, raising a pint to the team will always be on the "to do" list :)

  36. "It can't happen here."

    "Here’s one for High School Seniors to listen to and take notes.”

    This video is for all those who imagine that there is some sort of magic that renders the United States immune to the tyranny that has plagued every other major empire in history. DVDs of this video–in normal resolution and high definition–will be available soon.

    For those who wonder, this version is slightly improved (a couple typos fixed, and more time given to read quotes) compared to the version submitted to Alex Jones’ “Operation Paul Revere” video contest. (And for those who wonder, this video didn’t place in the top three in that contest.)

  37. Reality check for the Goldfish bowl of "Elitists" is as follows:
    Left at 04-00 am hrs Tuesday Murderous 200 mile drive with sun on horizon blinding drivers, freezing roads, chaos and never ending roadworks and tailbacks. Crashes and queues. Working until midnight. Back on with Chinese delegation at 08-00 hrs each morning having responded on OWON from 06-00 hrs onwards. Intense detailed meetings and Platform trading issues interjected as happening. Multi level Corporate Trust issues. Multi level Global issues. Eco Park, Bio Mass and alternative energy projects.
    Crawled back at 11- o clock Wednesday. Backed up new issues for OWON. Responded as needed.
    Where's a Cal L Girl and MyGirl 56 on "Call" when needed? Lol. Life in the Goldfish Bowl only looks Elitist from the outside. Add being hit on for money 3 to 4 times a day from never ending Gimme,Gimme,Gimme hangers on, who feel its their right to be bailed if I give to Homeless. Still they don't see it. All I hear is- But you have- Its unfair. Funny how working your ass off becomes unfair. Risks, stress, and huge restraints to serve a greater cause has its own issues. We have the choice. Be part of something more. Belief is hard, but to KNOW is all empowering.
    Just KNOW you matter, and you ALL chose to come here as part of your journey, so WORK IT! So many need us to just help them make it through each night. Freezing nights, hard cold floors, no food, no sanitation, dead eyes, dirty faces, no dignity, no one cares. Homeless people just need someone to care. Just to feel some recognition they are not worthless and a sign of hope. Will to go one more day. A small hand of friendship from fellow man to know they matter. Does it take so much to be a Samaritan each day. We are surrounded by need, not just greed.
    The feature was tongue in cheek, but to then show you its a living, breathing organisation with intent, Power, but good inside also. People, real people, care AND KNOW. People who ARE trying to make a difference. As many of you empathise. Feed NEED not GREED!
    We all chose to come here for a reason. The site also.
    All your comments are read worldwide. Your views and issues resonate. So many causes, so many cases. Your becoming a cosmopolitan Global Issues Think Tank in your own right. The power of thought. You" Rock" ever more worlds. Always remember , that Bum on the street could be any of us, or our kids.They are all somebody's child. So much love and hope to end as this? We have to do so much more. To help the truly poor. To show the Cabal the door!
    Bush, may you and your kind rot in hell. Your abysmal family says it all. Drunks, deviants, criminals, you have spawned true evil. You now reap what you have sewn. Astride your powered wheelchair, Master of all he surveys, Alzheimers creeping in. Now he craps for America and can't control that either. Diaper Keiser howls at the moon. He came, he saw, he abused and stole all, now he pays. Bushwhacker, the judgement of your true Peers awaits. You cost millions of lives. But their Souls live. Karma comes. The world is changing, as fast as your diapers. We are all as one, but you now are outside of all.
    So much goodness is here. People can be amazing. homeless lost Soul, sits alone on a cold street and from nowhere, when all is lost, a hand reaches out from a vortex of passing faces, he gets a high value note and he eats for 2 days. He matters. His dignity is priceless. That road ends for us all. Our Book of Life is eternal. Our journey without end.
    You matter. Be more, be all that you can. Be alive.

    1. There's something awfully right when performing random acts of kindness...a beautiful smile, a good word, giving a helping's doesn't cost a thing...and yet the results are immeasurable...

      Thank you John..

    2. John, so true. Even now we can feed need, if just with some cold water on a hot day. The smiles you get for that are worth so much more than the pain to get up and bring it to them. Old and homeless people of Okahandja now camp in front of the cities offices in a demonstration against the non-delivery of services in town. They do it for all residents who suffer from no service delivery, yet the affluent do not realize that, do not want to get involved nor support.

    3. John, words will never be sufficient to express our collective gratitude for the commitment, sacrifice and service given by you and your peers. It seems the best way we can honour your service is to heed your advice: use our spoils to firstly secure the financial future for ourselves and our family, and then allocate a practical percentage of our stipend to perpetuate your legacy.

    4. FLIP,

      That is a very good point, and I never thought of it that way consciously. But, you are correct. THIS is JOHN'S legacy, and I for one will think of this just that way. To HONOR his legacy he has strived so hard tirelessly & selflessly to bring to fruition is the least I can do. It is a really good way to think about it, so as not to squander ANY of it, but to treat it responsibly & respectfully.
      Thanks for bringing up that salient and relevant point! ~darylluke.

    5. Hey John - on call and at your service - just say the word. Speaking only for myself, of course, can't be volunteering any 'other' Cal L. Girls without their express knowledge and consent :).

      I come from a long line of community minded souls - generations of pioneers living in small communities - so working for the betterment of humankind and the common good is as natural as breathing. I grew up with that example from my own parents and it continues in my kids and grandkids. Our not-yet-8 year old granddaughter saw homeless people for the first time in her life 6 weeks ago whilst on holiday in Toronto. Every day when they went out, our sweet girl put her daily allowance in her pockets and gave most of it away. She wanted to buy toothpaste and toothbrushes but didn't think she had enough money to buy for everyone and didn't want to leave anyone out; she struggled with that. She's determined she's going to become a dentist, and provide services to those who can't afford them. (I am one proud Nana.)

      You can count on us, John, to carry on.

  38. John, you and those working with you are priceless. To hear how hard you work and under such pressure to get things done so those in need can have a better life, touches my heart. One of my passions is helping those down on their luck through no fault of their own. I was reminded of this on my way to an appointment in another town today. I saw a lady pushing a shopping cart overloaded with probably her only belongings. It brought tears to my eyes. I wondered where she would go to find shelter tonight and if she had food or would be warm or what she would do tomorrow and the next day. Sometimes I think if each of us could just bring one person home and help them get back on their feet until they could take care of themselves again, it would be huge. Thanks for your heartfelt words above.

  39. John, I have never been on a roller coaster of emotions as I have from your last comment. From the guilt for how hard you all work for us, the shame for perhaps not doing more up help the less fortunate, to the hilarity of the Bush diaper comments, and the pride I feel bring a part of OWoN's . I need coffee thx

  40. This is how the US GOV is able to stay afloat
    After the Housing Crisis, a Cash Flood and Silence
    Solari Report Catherine Austin Fitts

    By Gretchen Morgenson
    On Aug. 17, 2012, the federal government began expropriating all the earnings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage finance giants that succumbed to the 2008 crisis.
    Now the government is taking extraordinary measures to keep secret the deliberations surrounding that action. What exactly is it trying to hide?
    That is the question being asked by a Fannie and Freddie shareholder who has sued the government over the 2012 profit grab. The investor contends that the move amounted to an improper taking of its property; the government disagrees.
    Margaret M. Sweeney, a judge in the Court of Federal Claims, will determine who is right. But in the meantime, consider the remarkable secrecy demands that the government has made in the matter.
    Since the 2008 crash, Fannie and Freddie have been immensely profitable. As of last December, the Treasury had received a total of $225.4 billion from the companies. An additional $153.3 billion in receipts from Fannie and Freddie could be generated through fiscal year 2025, according to estimates in the 2016 budget offered by the president. This article was actually in the NYT

  41. A simple, kind word to the homeless- just look into a face and acknowledge that face as a real person. So many of us just walk by the poor and destitute- we don't see them as people.

    1. Tammy, today again realized the truth of your words here. A simple look into the face with a heartfelt handshake opens up a whole new world.

    2. Tammy,
      Truer words never spoken. If you see a need, help with it if you're able. We have always preferred to notice what needs to be done and do it directly...anonymously if possible with our limited resources. If everyone did what they could, we could wipe out an enormous amount of misery. At least you know exactly what has happened to the funds or labor. When you just write a check to a supposed charity, most goes toward raising more money. Has anyone seen an accounting of tremendous amount of $ collected by Bush/Clinton for Haiti victims? Me either! I do notice that Haiti still is in about the same shape as right after earthquake.

    3. Texian, I believe you are right about Haiti. I saw pictures of there over a year ago from a missionary group, I did not see many improvements.

  42. What illuminati slave children are worth to a Royal

    For mind control purposes, a song from Disney's Sleeping Beauty was instilled into my
    programming to keep all memory of hidden events separate from my conscious mind. The lyrics as I remembered them reminded me, "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, with you in my arms you're so familiar again... " I was programmed to feel familiar with kings, princes, and presidents and this song served to reorient me into my dream reality, the one that existed Over the Rainbow.

    I was prostituted to Prince Phillip and also Prince Charles. On one occasion, Prince Charles
    explained to me that royalty are given the right and reserve to have affairs outside of the royal family. He said it was in the interest of their country for the royals to remain balanced and happy, and that was done by whatever means needed in order to accomplish that. The requirement was that they were discreet and didn't get caught.

    I was prostituted to both Phillip and Charles in Los Angeles on different occasions and was set up with them at other times in Washington, DC, London, and New York.

    Prince Phillip thought he was God's gift to the world, and was arrogant and egotistical. Charles was much different. He was quieter, more somber, and more controlled. The Council told me it was important for me to form a sexual bond with him.

    Read more on page 203 562554/ Brice%20Taylor%20-%20Thanks%20for%20the%20memories.pdf

    1. 404 No file found. Do you have a different link?

  43. And let's not forget the Queen...They stole my baby

    This time Ronald Reagan had on a black overcoat and we were walking across the street to visit an older lady with dark grey hair. She wore a hat and very sturdy shoes and a suit. I think she was the Queen of England, or at least someone of importance. It was not Margaret Thatcher, though. She explained that she could walk around in her country without Secret Service agents but chose wisely the time she went on "outings," she called them. She had a medium size dog that she took when she went on walks. She was very opinionated and very dominating. For some personal reason she didn't like Nancy at all and said that Ron and I made such a handsome twosome that it was a shame that Ron and I weren't a couple. She told him that Nancy made him look older than his years, and that a baby born of Reagan and I would make her happy. She said she felt there was some special chemistry and she wanted it badly. She was convinced that I was Sharon Weatherby and that I had excellent lineage. All this bloodline stuff really meant a lot to her and for whatever reason, I was the target. Maybe the Council influenced her and told her I was someone I wasn't. I don't know.

    We gathered to talk in a sitting room with all white wicker furniture. There was a bird in a large ornate metal cage and there were lots of beautiful plants around. I remember how she and everyone around her spoke in English accents. They talked about the PLO and other news of the day, but I couldn't retrieve all the words in order to more completely remember their conversations. She had seen my capabilities; the mind files, the profound statements delivered in public (pre-programmed though they were by the Council), the wit (pre-programmed by the Council) and she felt I had some extraordinary genetic structure and she wanted some of it. She viewed this breeding thing like people think about horse
    and dog breeding. She was really into it and she had her mind set on having an offspring of mine coupled with Reagan, whom she thought was the perfect father.

    There were many meetings where this subject was discussed and eventually she got her wish. The child I bore for her was the result of many meetings of negotiations over the years.

    The talks started out slowly as she and Reagan took small safe steps toward defining their otherwise preposterous scheme.

    The child that was born for the Queen was to be brought up in a strict environment and groomed for later marriage into the royal family. It was a baby that was delivered into the arms of some of her people.

    They said this baby was a gift of diplomacy between our countries. Reagan called the baby a peace offering to show the United Kingdom our willingness to extend a hand toward future relations with their country.

    Read more at page 206 562554/ Brice%20Taylor%20-%20Thanks%20for%20the%20memories.pdf

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Direct Link

  44. Those two paragraph are from "Thanks for the Memories", Brice Taylor's memoir of her life as an illuminati presidential beta slave. She was tortured, raped and abused from birth by her father, titans of industry, heads of state, educators, movie stars and many more.

    This book was published by her independently in the early 90's. Today it would send shockwaves through the corridors of power, but the internet barely existed then. There are very few physical copies in existence, but thankfully her story stays alive in PDF form.

    The revelations throughout this book and names are nothing short of incredible. Maybe someone in power reading this will take the time to read her story and give her some redemption.

    1. JV, the link in earlier posts did not work. Do you have a link for the pdf download?

    2. 562554/ Brice%20Taylor%20-%20Thanks%20for%20the%20memories.pdf

    3. It keeps pulling the OWON all rights reserved info. Just delete back to where it says PDF. I'll try to find a better link. It's a hard one to find.


      Click on red icon at top and book will open

    5. Thanks JV. That one works. :-)


    6. LOL....

      This is likened to a tabloid story made into a novel. This is just like ITCCS, who have been proven frauds by their own followers and volunteers. They take a basic truth and take it off any reasonable believable scale.

      JV, you don't like hierarchy, I get it. You don't care for Royals, I get that too. But this, c'mon. You seem to have a deep seated disgust for any elites, to the point you have a vendetta. search the internet for whatever you seek and you will find it, truth is another matter entirely.

    7. Canauzzie,
      I have been struggling the last few weeks with this subject. There has been a lot of material by David Icke and others supporting the idea that most royal bloodlines, behind the scenes, are really bad people who practice pedophilia and satanic rituals as a normal practice all their life. Over the years I had come to adopt this view also. Maybe I have been in error to do so.

      I am aware that this site, which means you and John, do not see things this way at all. Thus the struggle within me trying to determine the truth of it. I have come to trust this site and what you and John say. After many years this is the best site I have found re world dynamics etc. Bottom line is I do not want to be deceived either/or. I just want to know the factual truth of things, as well as higher truths.
      Can you, and/or John elaborate on this subject?

      I had decided not to ask about it; however now that you have responded re JV,s postsI thought it would be OK to do so.
      Thank you.

    8. Canauzzie,

      Prince Andrew has been splashed all over the news, including your site, yet you liken the idea that other princes or the queen could be involved in this sort of thing as tabloid? Trust me, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

      If you have taken the time to read the book, I would gladly debate you on her story and it's accuracy. If you haven't even read the book, I don't see the point.

      As far as a deep seated hate for elites, this is also false. I can't stand the control mechanisms that are used by people of "power" and "breeding" to control others that are considered beneath them.

      Make no mistake, there are good and bad in all power structures...including those on welfare. There are good elites that are working towards the betterment of humanity. But, there are 8 billion of us. How many of those people are also working towards the betterment of humanity. Many more to be sure.

      My contention has always been that we are ALL the same. An infinitesimal piece of "THE ONE" inhabiting physical bodies for the purpose of growing spirtually. And that money, power and hierarchy as it exists on earth is an illusory physical realm thing.

      Canauzzie is just as important and powerful as the queen.

      This is my point.

      Thanks for the live link and the tutorial on how to insert those. That was frustrating me.


    9. Icke, now there is a bastard that takes some truth and embellishes it beyond any form of reality. Remember Icke had claimed many years ago that he was the 2nd coming, the Messiah!!!!!

      David Icke says he is the son of God

      He has NO credibility left, if you want to give him any in the first place.

      If you follow statistical information, the percentages of bad people can be found everywhere, in any family. And if you look at history, some Royals have a lot of explaining to do, I get it. But you cannot paint them all with the same brush.

      Prince Andrew has a lot of explaining to do. Also Prince Charles for his 'friendships' with celebrities and such that are now proven pedophiles. Guilt by association? Perhaps there is more. But I refuse to believe a Messiah or some tabloid garbage. Or worse, someone with a lot of facts that in his race to become some kind of celebrity, has distorted truth into a fabrication of lies (ITCCS). There are reasons why the Chiefs of First Nations kicked Annett off their lands.

      We have it on good authority that this BS just simply isn't true. I trust the source of this information far more than Icke, Annett or some other compulsive liar.

    10. JV and Paul, there are good families, very old that have helped where they could over the ages. They had to keep from interfering in events unless allowed by circumstance or life contract. I was lucky, grew up with the remainder of such a family. The caring and love she gave all those around them was a blessing. She never told me who they were, just that they existed.

      These ones are different, they don't need to honk their horn, they just do. Do that which is good and right.

      These leave little trace of their presence. It's their actions over time you can see if you know what is be looked for. A fairy tale, perhaps, but that's your decision to make.


    11. JV,

      I will say it again, I get it......

      Apple and tree? I lived in my sisters home as an early teen. My brother in-law sexually assaulted my two nieces for years. When we found out, he was charged and convicted. Are my whole family pedophiles now?

      After the paragraphs you posted here, I have no want, will or desire to waste my time reading it.

      Your argument about control mechanisms, I get it. But that will require an evolutionary process. You can't just tear it all down overnight. We must evolve through education, for all of humanity to understand its responsibility to each other.

      The UK wants their Queen, so let them have her. As far as me being just as powerful, let me put it this way. I am not worthy enough to wash the feet of Gandhi, some in this realm are just the best humanity has to offer. They deserve their recognition and I have no beefs about it.

    12. Canauzzie,

      The simple fact is neither of us knows the truth...but ask yourself this?

      Would your niece write a book describing her horrific experience to get fame and money?

      Just because this woman happened to be raped and abused by famous people doesn't make it any less of a victimization.

      Why would someone detail being locked in freezer by their father or sodomized by a hot poker in her vagina by her father or shocked multiple times weekly or daily with a cattle prod by her CIA handlers or raped by multiple men in satanic rituals or tortured for hours with her daughter at Point Magu naval base in twinning rituals or have tracking devices implanted in her teeth, etc.,etc.

      There is too much to list.

      This book is more than the royals. They are 5 pages in a 300 page book.

      This is a book about the Illuminati power structure and their plan for humanity. Told by someone who was THE slave for the counsel of 5 and Henry Kissinger, their main go to guy. There are serious revelations in the book.

      A book for which she made no money and gained no fame or notoriety.

      And as far as your worthiness, you may have been Tesla in a previous life. Don't sell yourself short.

    13. JV'

      It is extremely easy for a story to be embellished. What may start out as truth can be so easily manipulated into something else entirely. Each time the story will be told extra shock value is felt needed by the story telller. There are reasons why interrogations by police are done or should be done in a way as to not lead the statement being made. An interviewer can actually lead the and entice the storyteller way off base. Also hysteria can begin, remember the Salem witch trials?

      Actually, yes, my niece would. She is a liar and embellishes the truth all the time. Did her abuse cause that, perhaps. But it is what it is. I cannot believe a word out of her mouth. The attention that she received from the rest of the family over it turned her into someone I don't recognize as she was before. Also the pain she caused my sister because of lies she told the rest of the family. She cannot lie to me because I was there. When she tells stories, I was a party to about my sister, I know when she is lying. And let me tell you. she lies a lot. Even compulsive. She even lies about the trial, which I was there the whole time, so I know.

      I am not selling myself short, just evaluating the now. What I did yesterday is half as important as what I will do today. And 10 times less important then what I will do tomorrow. But I talk in the now.

    14. Canauzzie, thank you for your insight. I am grateful.

  45. Here is a live link to the PDF of the book JV is talking about here, for those who wish to read it:

    Thanks for the Memories


  46. Anyone who wants to post LIVE links in comments, follow the instructions here:

    Post a link in Comments

  47. China Minsheng Investmen (CMI), the country's largest private investment fund, said on Saturday it would invest 1 billion pounds ($1.5 billion) in a Chinese-led project to develop a new financial district in London.
    The project is one of the largest Chinese investments in the United Kingdom in recent years and one of the most significant for Minsheng, which launched last August with registered capital of 50 billion yuan.

    China to Invest 1.5 Billion in new London district

    1. WOW!!! Nice find JACK! Very good confirmation of "China/London Alliance" we read about here from JOHN!! Sweet!! ~darylluke.

  48. Thank you Canauzzie and p. I am aware and awake enough to know I am responsible for what I choose to believe. I also realize and accept that bottom line discernment is my, and the Spirit essence of 'me' to discern.
    I will not make judgment of Icke on a few second clip that may have been taken out of context from a larger interview; particularly one 20 or more years old by his appearance; close to the time of his personal mystical experience. It would not surprise me if he was saying we are all the Son's/Ladies of God. I am aware of how unsettling and reality shattering those kinds of experience can have on on. It can takes years to get refocused and settled into the new awareness. I have also listened to at least 10 yours of his lectures over the years, with much of it about negative Reptilian beings, and believe he is being honest and open. He may be in error but I do not doubt his sincerity. I am also one who has had experience meeting some Reptilian beings in conscious dreaming; ones that were not very nice. To me they really exist. How much they are affecting this world, I do not know; but they did effect and impact me.

    I agree that broad brushes are not fair. It is apparent that John, with the little that is known, may be considered an elite; and there is no doubt about his goodness, rants and all. :-) Same with Canauzzie; there is no doubt about the goodness and work ethic with him. The quality of the website is self evident. Now, is he an elite; who knows. :-) I am proud he is Canadian. We do make some good ones here; probably even some good reptilians. :-) Can't help myself. :-)

    As far as Royalty, everyone actually, whatever the factual truth is re the nature of their actions re pedophilia and other drastic misdeeds, it all needs to become public knowledge as that is necessary for the collective mind healing to occur.

    My 2 cents worth.


    1. Paul,

      Just to clear it up, I am not an elite. I earn my living by the sweat off my brow which is evident by the calluses on my hands. I am on the tools to make a living, however, I am a business owner which allows me certain latitude with my work schedule. The business does not make enough to support me though unless I am hands on.

      For the last three months I have been working, until 2 days ago due to the flu, at least 10 hours a day. Most 12 and one was 20. One of those months was spent in another province working. And that is just my 'day job'. The site was managed without a hiccup. Time management has been a must, especially with the time zone issues. We all have our crosses to bear and this was of my choosing. My part to play.

      I am not looking for attributes or thanks.

      I live on what I make and pay my own way. I also manage the site and all costs on my own dime and time. I have seen it mentioned elsewhere that a few believe I am paid for this by John or whoever, and that is simply untrue. I have been approached numerous times, too many to count, by advert companies wishing to advertise on our site. I have told them all NO. It would take away from what we are trying to build here. I am not in this for the money, I am in this for all of you and everyone. I do not need thanks, tribute or wealth. I believe in the cause and I will see it to the end.

    2. Thank you Canauzzie. I heard and felt your higher mind and heart in your words. You are obviously a person of honor, deep commitment, and high integrity; one who lives and walks his Truth. I thank you for what you are doing and how you are doing it. I gather you are in Canada. For some reason I thought you had moved to Australia. You have created a wonderful high quality web site.I am glad I know of you.



    3. I am also a proud Canadian, but I am more proud of being associated with John, the White Hats, WHA and OWoN (which includes all of you). Hands across oceans and borders, believing in one another and the cause.

    4. I hear you Canauzzie, have had my own contracting business for 25 years kitchen, & bath remodeling some commercial, built homes from the late 90`s until the crash of 08 and you need to be being hands on especially these days to make ends meet. Appreciate all you do thx.

    5. Canauzzie, thank you for your contribution in time, labor, and love to make this site. We honor you and John, and everyone else that works to make this a better world.

  49. Drone Footage Of New Russian Tesla Towers

    Free Energy? Weather Modification? Or Just Flashy Junk ?
    Whatever it is, it is inspiring the science fiction dreamers out there.

    If you haven't heard of Nikola Tesla, please take this opportunity.
    His work has revolutionized our world, and could very well save us all.

    This came from Russian Times, but am very fond of Valhalla Movement and what they do.

  50. Well, the Chinese New Year is upon us today, so I guess we wait for April..... *sobs *sniff ~darylluke.

    1. NOTHING at all unusual on Forex today, either..... *sniffle *sniffle :-(

    2. Hello Darylluke, Don't assume anything just yet. We still may be able to move forward in spite of it being the Chinese New Year. We never know what John and the White Hats are capable of.

      Oh and P.S. John, I was able to get back all the Dong I had to sell.


    3. We have nothing to report, good or bad, yet.

    4. Thank You Griffon, JW, Canauzzie. I just don't see how this thing has NOT busted loose, one way or another, for good or bad, since FEB. 17th deadline extension for US Debt payment has passed!! I try to hold on, and the only thing giving me any hope at all for any kind of sane future is this! ALL hope will be lost if April becomes the next window. Because hope is lost when one becomes a government parasite on welfare. I do not want that!! I want to stand on my own hind legs like a man, as my father taught me. Not be a peon on bended knee with lips puckered to kiss the hand that gives me a free government handout!! It is DISHONORABLE & HUMILIATING and will kill my spirit and soul to do so. If this thing "POPS" I will truly be able to "give back" helping those in need. Because I know EXACTLY how they feel!! I AM LIVING IT!! ~darylluke.

    5. Hang in there DL, I hear the big lady humming, getting ready

  51. Someone, some where truly cares,Thank You.

  52. This looks interesting - trash canning those guilty of elite crimes against the people. Use discernment although it does look like it came from RT. A bit dated.

    'Trash Bin' Lustration: Ukraine law declares open season on frmr officials


    Published on Dec 12, 2014

    European constitutional experts are due to deliver their verdict on a new Ukrainian law. The legislation was introduced to bar members of the former regime from entering government. But as Murad Gazdiev reports some activists have been taking the law into their own hands.

  53. Structuring as part of Bank Secrecy Act
    Kennedy - Assets Seized By IRS

    Published on Feb 17, 2015
    A look at one tactic IRS utilizes to steal property from citizens guilty of no wrongdoing.

  54. John,
    Here is a particularly disturbing report on egregious action by 'law enforcement goons' right here in Texas. We must rid ourselves of the cabal before more innocent people are harmed! If it takes disclosure and prosecution to prevent these creeps from inflicting more damage, we're all for it! Now apparently a peaceful meeting will not only not be allowed, but anything of value will be seized. Pirates!


    At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Republic of Texas, officially starting at 9:50 a.m. and held, as usual, at the rented VFW Post 4892 in Bryan, Texas, the congenial and unimposing group was raided at 10:10 a.m. by an army of policing A&E gencies with flashing emergency lights: Police Departments of Bryan and College Station along with their Brazos County Sheriff's Office counterparts (northeast of San Antonio) along with deputies from the Kerr County Sheriff's Office (west of San Antonio), The Texas Rangers, Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol State Troopers, The Texas State Attorney General’s Office, the FBI, and the US Marshall Service. Ingress and egress from Harvey Mitchell Parkway was sealed even to the media that responded two hours later from KBTX television during the four-hour ordeal.

    How is it that a supposedly free people can be subjected to intimidating, rough and highly intrusive search and seizure when assembling lawfully and peaceably from all corners of this vast Country of Texas to educate those in attendance about the Historical 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution and celebrate a Nation wide Valentine's Day and a fellow Texian's 89th birthday?

    The lead Kerr County deputy named in the paperwork, Jeff McCoy, who initially pretended to be a guest from Houston at the freely open-to-the-public meeting, stood up and blocked the only exit to the Republic of Texas' rented room with armed and threatening police, announcing that he had a search warrant but he would not present it despite repeated requests stating that it would be made available AFTER the investigation. Everyone present was put on notice that they were not to leave the room without permission and escort by uniformed officers, almost all armed and wearing bulletproof vests. Some 15 to 30 minutes later a fleeting copy of the search warrant surfaced unannounced on the main table of which was never officially presented to those detained and searched.

    As if dangerous criminals, many of the Texian people - generally seniors of respected middle-class business, farming, broadcasting, engineering, scientific, health, veterans and faith-based backgrounds - were one-by-one physically searched on their person and in their vehicles, finger printed, detained and then had their personal belongings and property searched and seized. Surprisingly, the warranted DNA swabbing was omitted.

    A receipt (not well detailed or itemized) was issued to only SOME whose property was seized. Therefore most all seizures that day are considered LEGAL THEFT. Among the items stolen were cell phones, iPads, laptops, business papers, Republic of Texas paperwork and coinage of precious metals along with other valuables. Some of the phones were essential to their owners in conducting business and schoolwork, safely traveling the highways and attending to emergency medical calls as health professionals. One of the senior Texians often featured in documentaries and alternative radio and known to suffer with health concerns had to be taken by emergency vehicle to a hospital as a result of the forced takeover of the peaceful assembly.

    The team of investigators left with the trunk and backseat of an unmarked sedan apparently belonging to Deputy Jeff McCoy, fully packed with confiscated belongings without a copy of the Search Warrant provided to anyone associated with the Republic of Texas. Instead, the warrant was given to the Post Commander of the VFW facility who was instructed not to copy the document nor divulge its contents to anyone.


  55. Part 2
    The fortuitously warrant revealed it was issued by 216th District Court Judge N. Keith Williams of Kerr County alleging an unauthorized summons had been issued by the Republic of Texas. The documents alleged to be unauthorized were a Writ of Mandamus and a Writ of Quo Warranto issued by “The Officers and Constituents of The International Common Law Court for the Republic of Texas to Melvin Rex Emerson Jr., Court Administrator, and Color of Law ID No. 24009018, 700 Main Street, Kerrville, Texas. Kerr County” and was so stated on the document “This writ is hereby served by said Petitioner upon you, Melvin Rex Emerson Jr. as an individual”. In no way was the “State of Texas” intimated to be part or parcel to the documents.

    If the Writ of Mandamus and the Quo Warranto issued for the Republic of Texas International Common Law Court were purely frivolous in nature, then why did this judge call out HIS MILITIA to address this action? What instilled such fear in him? Why was it necessary to confiscate tens of thousands of dollars, Gold and Silver Metals being private and confidential property that was unrelated to the search warrant for a allegedly Class A Misdemeanor offense? One Texian noted that one officer confided that he probably would NEVER see his property again. Just who is the guilty party here? Could it be that the people of the Republic of Texas are rightfully fully vested with the power of the paperwork served on Judge Everson? Undoubtedly, additional paperwork needs to be issued! You decide.

    Contrary to patently false reports by KBTX that the Republic of Texas and its assemblage were a militia group, the truth is that the Republic of Texas is a self-determined people attempting to throw off the yoke of military occupation of Texas through peaceful and lawful process. The entire land boundaries of the United States are also under military occupation thanks to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. If you don't believe it, you can read it for yourself: ( Select: History Tab; Select
    “The Non-Ratification of the 14th Amendment – Highlighted by Robert Wilson”
    Selection option).

    John Harold Jarnecke
    President of the republic of Texas
    February 17, 2015
    Contact: for the Secretary of State

    1. Texian

      We are sitting on major explosive disclosures on the Cabal, and judging when to use them. So much is in play right now we can not yet go public, but be assured, our complete contempt for all of them is with rank with disgust. However, bringing them down before the PPs are cleared achieves what? There multiple bigger pictures here. I have finished a second week of major dialogue with huge beneficial gains for all of you as societies, and we are pole axing the Cabal. Be assured their dirty secrets are no secrets, and they are being airbrushed out of American politics. Traitors are not heroes. History will judge them as the sad, loathsome vermin they are. CIA George Bush Centre of excellence,. for Treason really? For Crimes against humanity?
      Just watch the site soon.
      We have to Gag what is so close, but be assured, Treason is no Skidmark to wash away.

  56. Jim Stone
    19 Feb 2015
    Something very similar to the Aptera is back . . . in a more marketable form
    UPDATE: I was not able to post this without going to a cyber cafe, THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, ARCHIVE AND POST!
    From out of nowhere the 84 mpg Elio came, 100 percent American made with a $6,800 price tag. To circumvent a lack of dealer support, Pep Boys auto parts is the service center which should be far more than good enough. Smart move. This is a market ambush. I hope it flies.
    At 84 mpg for the Elio, the Volkswagen XL-1 proves the fuel economy could be better, but this is obviously a not exotic approach that is intended to be on the road for the long haul. It obviously uses common parts and is very sensibly done so parts will be available from other common cars. This automatically gets rid of parts supply problems and partnership with Pep Boys absolutely cinches it. 0-60 in under 10, 100 plus mph.

  57. Don't flush it, compost it! Poo to Peaches will teach children about turning wastes into resources with composting toilets.
    Although this is a kick starter campaign- the concept should do well elsewhere also.

  58. Along the lines of Girl Effect, here is another program, one I have supported for several years. They offer all kinds of programs and funding levels, from about $50 to $10,000. Simply enter in your search engine and links will pop up. (Because I Am a Girl).

  59. I celebrated the Chinese New Year with the Lead Chinese party and his wife, just 5 of us. Very serious global bonding. We started a New Year of real hope together. The 60 years of betraying the Elders wishes is about to be reversed when a party deeply trusted by the Chinese, takes over management of assets you can not even start to envisage.
    Its about Honour. In total!. China is starting with New Partners, and Honour is key. new Heads of Station and a lineage of honour they believe in. The Cabal have blown 60 years and blown all hope. It's over. The new approach is full of hope and mutual understanding. China has seen first hand the work ethics, input and depth of honour in London. Hands on, there are now hands across the oceans. What you see on the site is happening for real now. Hope is real. China believes and the new accord is happening. China now sees a rising Sun and new Allies of integrity. Men of vision, men of honour, men who truly have shown deep character and humility in power. China has a lot to offer us all. The Cabal can steal no more.

    1. Wonderful to hear that! Happy New Year, John, Canauzzie and everyone else!

    2. Very good news, and thank you for the update! Happy New Year to all!

  60. Jack White

    The figure you refer to is minuscule compared to the real deal we are signing up. It will be a while before we release it, but it will be seismic once seen. We have a deep mutual bond of respect, felt and one China knows we can deliver. All the humanity you see on the site, is echoed by China. They want to be part of it. Part of a Joint Vision. They came, they saw, they liked.

    1. Great news, and it is wonderful to have the Chinese working to make this world a better place. We need their help very much! Power must be removed from the cabal so these needless wars can end. Happy Chinese New Year!

    2. JOHN,

      Can you be specific about what they saw (that) "they liked" here(OWON posts?)? Or, are you referring to them liking dealing(FINALLY!!!) with HONORABLE men there in London? thnx.

      We humblygive thanks for helping us here in this country which is OCCUPPIED by a vile, evil bunch of insane men bent only on killing & stealing and never paying for their crimes!!

      THANK YOU ALL CHINESE ELDERS INVOLVED!! From the bottom of our hearts.
      (Deep, humble bow)


  61. Words can't express my thanks for all you have done & continue to do to reign & destroy the evil tha'ts controlled us for so long. As a mother I have hope once more that world will be a better place for my children & grandchildren. Peace & prosperity should be available to every living soul. What you are doing is allowing every human being to contribute to make the world a better place. Looking forward to the furture take on a whole new meaning for me now! So looking forward to paying it forward and contributing for the greater good for all>

  62. New Tesla battery could take your home off the grid

    Ever wish you could ditch your electric bill? Tesla is working on a house battery that could help you break up with your expensive utility company, essentially turning any home into an off-grid abode. Before you know it, a home in the suburbs could even generate enough energy to turn a profit by selling the excess back to a traditional electric company.

    Like many of Tesla’s projects, this one is coming up fast. Mastermind electric power guy Elon Musk announced in an investor call that the designs for the home battery are complete. The public could get a glimpse of the design within the next month or two, with production beginning in as little as six months.

    Related: Amazing pop-up solar power station delivers energy anywhere it’s needed

    Tesla’s new stationary battery could be the gateway that finally links renewable energy to everyday consumers in a way that makes sense. The challenge of storing clean energy from solar or wind is one of the reasons people are sticking with grid power. Although Musk hasn’t commented on the cost of Tesla’s newest energy offering, chances are good that it will still represent a savings versus grid electricity over the course of its lifetime.
    (Read more at link)

  63. Five Best File Encryption Tools

  64. Jim Willie: Gold Will Return to Its Rightful Throne in 2015!

    Today marks the Chinese New Year, the day promised for unleashing forces from the East which complete the Global Paradigm Shift. Let it rain; let it pour. For a full generation, the Western central bankers have relied upon debt to solve debt saturation problems as well as economic slowdowns founded within the credit cycle. In the last four years, they have added reliance upon free cost printed money to solve debt saturation and insolvency problems. The USTreasury Bond market has vanished for all practical legitimate purposes, a harbinger of the USDollar death event. With no surprise to the Jackass, the entire Western financial and economic system is not just decaying, but failing. Witness a systemic failure in progress. For over a year, my drums have been beaten in detailing how the QE bond purchase program kills capital by leading to a rise in the entire cost structure. The endless wars in defense of the USDollar have added to strains. The sanctions have all backfired. While the US leaders pound their chests like Third World demagogues, they preside over ruin with maggots crawling at their boots. The debt picture is abysmal, and grows worse by the month. This article is but a brief survey of the wrecked fields of debt crops. Review some of its many rancid decayed farms. It is not pretty. Remember the bankers in charge call their policy a stimulus. To be sure, it stimulates ruin and fosters systemic failure. Mission Accomplished!
    (Read entire report at link above)

  65. Great article on zerohedge.

    Usury, 0% Interest Rates, and Worthless Currencies

    From the article:

    For the Big Banks who get all their own money at 0% interest; charging even 1% interest on the money they lend isn’t merely a much higher rate of interest (in multiplicative terms), it is an infinitely higher rate of interest. This reflects the simple fact of arithmetic that multiplying anything by zero equals zero, thus the (multiplicative) differential between 0% interest and 1% interest is infinity.

    Critics will argue that mathematical analysis of this nature (somehow) “distorts” this conclusion about the absurd differential between those who get their money at 0% (i.e. for free), and those who don’t. But such criticism would fail to acknowledge the concept (of logic and morality) which is illustrated by this ultra-extreme mathematical differential.

    One tiny, privileged class (the Big Banks, and the billionaires who own them) gets all its money for free. Everyone else does not. For the Privileged Class; obtaining their money (for free) is always a privilege and never a burden. For everyone else; obtaining their money is always a burden, and never a privilege.

    This represents not merely an “advantage”, or even a large advantage for the Privileged Class. Rather, it reflects a fundamental act of discrimination, in arguably its most (economically) heinous form. One class is given, for free, something for which everyone else is required to pay (in the form of a real, non-fraudulent, rate of interest).


    more at site

    I tried to follow the instructions for a live link that Canauzzie posted. Hope it works.

    1. Oh well, I guess I failed at posting a live link. Just too complicated.

    2. usury-0-interest-rates-and-worthless-currencies

  66. I didn't quite get it either.

    Tougher than it looks.

    1. JV it comes down to them holding onto your mortgage for 25-30 years. You're still on the hook and with the trading they do on notes x7 and then reselling the note to someone else to do that again and again and again. All the while the folks that took out the mortgage are still paying. I'm hoping John jumps in here and says they can't do that anymore, but until a lot of this stuff is put in the circular bin where it belongs, that the why. They're still making oodles of money.

    2. P,

      I was talking about creating live links to the story you want to post. But you are correct.

  67. SIM Encryption Stolen by NSA

    AMERICAN AND BRITISH spies hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe, according to top-secret documents provided to The Intercept by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. The hack was perpetrated by a joint unit consisting of operatives from the NSA and its British counterpart Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. The breach, detailed in a secret 2010 GCHQ document, gave the surveillance agencies the potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world's cellular communications, including both voice and data.

    1. "AMERICAN AND BRITISH spies hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe, according to top-secret documents provided to The Intercept by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden."

      Had to comment on this part of your post. If you haven't seen the movie that just came out called Kingsman, you should really try to see it. It has so much of the stuff that is talked about in the alternative world in it including the SIM card playing a big role as well. I can only hope the ending with the fireworks is how things really pan out. It would be glorious and the thieves of this world deserve it! Will life imitate art this time? I sure hope so.

    2. Thank you MOM WIFE and Patriot...I will see this movie. As I do understand that in order for TPTW to do anything to us and gain our non consent is for them to tell us in movies, books. periodicals...Universal Law/Cosmic Law renders it's own's built into the plan.

      I sure hope so too!

  68. Just Six Companies Control 90% of What You Read, Watch, and Listen To
    The Illusion of choice: did you know a whopping 90% of what you read, watch, and listen to comes from a total of just six companies?


    1. Actually, they don't control anything. I read none of it.

  69. Debt Fraud: Greece Actually Owes Nothing!

    What Americans need to know about Greece and "its debt," is that the new Greek government is asking the European Union to shut down a huge Wall Street-London bank swindle and make economic growth possible again in Europe.

    If that doesn't happen, the worsening bankruptcy of the whole trans-Atlantic banking system will continue to generate desperate confrontations with major powers Russia and China, with the threat of world war.

    The rest of Europe, so far, is refusing to shut that Wall Street swindle down, and today Obama's Treasury Secretary Jack Lew backed up that refusal, including by a threatening phone call to the Greek finance minister.

    What Obama, Merkel, et al. are demanding Greece do, instead of shutting down this Europe-wide swindle by the banks, is run a budget surplus of 4.5% of its annual economy, exclusively to pay the "Greek debt." In U.S. terms? That would mean the United States running a government tax surplus of $750 billion a year, in order to pay down debt. You won't hear Obama or Lew volunteering to try it; it is impossible.

    The "Greek debt" swindle is the same one as the TARP bailout here, and the Federal Reserve's printing of $4 trillion in new money to cover Wall Street's debts; and its perpetrators are the same huge banks.

    In the United States, the big banks took millions of subprime, unrepayable mortgages sold by their captive mortgage companies, and made them into toxic securities which blew up the financial system and the whole economy in 2008; the government bailed them out, while our living standards plunged.

    In Europe, the banks bought the mortgage securities from the U.S. banks. At the same time they made millions of unrepayable subprime loans of their own — not only to homeowners, but also to governments without the means to repay them, like those of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, and others. Big Wall Street banks were involved, particularly Goldman Sachs, which created "magic" derivatives: Take a bank loan to Greece, make it look like a mere "currency swap" rather than a debt — but turn it into a much bigger debt ten years later.

    All this European subprime debt blew up on the big banks in 2009, a year after the U.S. subprime debt blew up on them. Then the European governments all superindebted themselves, to create a $1 trillion "European TARP" called by the initials EFSF. They bailed the megabanks out, with the IMF pitching in, using "only" about $600 billion to pay the unpayable "subprime government debt" part of it. $275 billion paid "Greek debt." (MORE)

  70. Replies
    1. Another good reason not to eat dead flesh.

  71. (Brian Koerber) Do you know that person who always gets way too close when they talk to you? That’s Vice President Joe Biden.

    So some people are a little more touchy-feely when they talk, and that’s totally okay. But Biden is the king of creep, the sultan of stroke, the baron of the brush, the caesar of physical contact.

    Biden stole headlines on Tuesday after he gently caressed Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife Stephanie during Carter’s swearing-in ceremony. But let’s not forget that Biden has a long history of intimate gestures with complete strangers and acquaintance...

    15 Times Joe Biden didn't understand personal space

  72. The Secession is Happening

    Former Republican presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul says secession is happening and it’s “good news.” Paul later predicted the states would stop listening to federal laws.

    “I would like to start off by talking about the subject and the subject is secession and, uh, nullification, the breaking up of government, and the good news is it’s gonna happen. It’s happening,” Paul, the father of potential Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, told a gathering at the libertarian Mises Institute in late January. The event Paul was speaking at was titled “Breaking Away: The Case for Secession.”

    Paul said secession would not be legislated by Congress, but would be de facto, predicting “when conditions break down…there’s gonna be an alternative.”

    “And it’s not gonna be because there will be enough people in the U.S. Congress to legislate it. It won’t happen. It will be de facto. You know, you’ll have a gold standard when the paper standard fails, and we’re getting awfully close to that. And people will have to resort to taking care of themselves. So when conditions break down, you know, there’s gonna be an alternative. And I think that’s what we’re witnessing.”

    Later, Paul said the Federal Reserve would end and the states would stop listening to federal laws they didn’t agree with.

    “The Fed is gonna end. There is going to be a de facto secession movement going on. The states are going to refuse to listen to some of the laws. We’ve seen tremendous success already with states saying to the federal government, ‘We’re not gonna listen to you anymore about the drug laws.’ And they’re getting out of it, and I think the American people are waking up to that, and as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier.”


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