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Lack of Elector Majority Votes under the Original U.S. Constitution during circa 2014 - November Election

OWoN: America is being run by Economic Terrorists.


Therefore, as you should clearly understand that the BANKLORDS already had a Master Plan which we have learned that their real NWO goal was to make the necessary political changes within fifty (50) years. It now sounds as if their continuing goal was to get electors not to vote - We thought a fifty (50) year plan was extremely strange but now our INTEL Researchers, truly believe that everything the continuing "PuppetMasters" have done started before the first Bible was even written. It was a mutual family affair where they really did not do much but shape their New World Order; as they clearly wanted to control every Country. It now makes actual sense because if there was something major always happening year after year, and most likely “We, the People” would have declared war on them all to protect all humanity.

There is Hope in the Horizon and their will be Hope right up to the very end for the BANKLORDS, has the "PuppetMasters" continue to play a Tragic Game, which they never want to actually end.

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