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Chinese Kids Driving Supercars

OWoN: The Chinese are coming. With Bucks, a lot it seems.

This is fascinating, kids from China in America as students who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars, and usually have more than one. (After all, you don't want to park your Jaguar in the school lot, do you?)

These are the children of the upper crust (a whole lot less than 1%) of China, whose parents are high Party members, major industrialists, and I'm not sure what else. They are here more or less on vacation in the US with the rationale of going to school and practicing their English, with a monthly allowance equal to my yearly income and then some.

What's shown here is how in a society supposedly built on Marxism, the real fact is that it's a setup of elitism, corruption, and complete ripoff of everyone else, with that elite kept in power through all the great tools of a police state. The parallels with medieval nobility are pretty tight. These are the children of the barons, dukes, and princes, while 98% of Chinese (or thereabouts) are the peasants.

I look at China and Viet Nam and think that Marx must be spinning at high RPM in his grave. These societies are the opposite of what he wrote about, but they still call themselves "socialist". Here's the real super irony- in the USA we have far, far more socialist practices going than there are in these countries!


  1. Indeed, YES!! WELFARE is a socialist plank. Thanks to LBJ, after Pappy-Shrub murdered JFK!!


  2. I guess excess is not just for Wall Street.

  3. A bigger city north of me had an article about this very thing in it last year. How the kids come here to university and go buy fancy cars and clothes. They are smart kids in school and if their folks have the money to burn, who are we to judge. No, I do not think it sets a good example.


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