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Child kidnappings and abductions could be four times higher than authorities admit, charities warn

OWoN: This is sickening yet again. We have to bring in harsh sentencing for this trash. We are firm believers in Death for Paedophiles and Rapists. Rape is for life, and you deserve to lose it. Touch a Child, we should slot you! Protect our women and kids.

Child kidnappings and abductions could be four times higher than authorities admit, charities warn

Charities fear victim numbers could be four times higher than official police figures suggest

The Independent
By HannahFearn
22 February 2015

Child abductions and kidnappings are on the increase, with almost 900 reported cases in the past year alone, as police fight to crack down on child exploitation in the wake of the Rotherham scandal.

Figures gathered from police forces by the charity Parents and Abducted Children Together (Pact), and seen exclusively by The Independent on Sunday, reveal that kidnappings and abductions of children under 18 rose by 13 per cent between 2012-13 and 2013-14 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Kidnappings alone increased faster still, with a rise of 18 per cent over the same period.

The abduction of children by people other than their parents – which could include a stranger luring a child into a car with sweets or a teenage girl being taken willingly by an older man – rose twice as fast as parental abductions (14 per cent, compared with 6 per cent).

Since the Rotherham scandal where widespread child sexual abuse took place against girls as young as 12 between 1997 and 2013, councils and police forces have come under greater scrutiny about the way in which they handle child abductions and kidnappings.

During 2013-14, 158 children were abducted by parents, 401 children were abducted by people other than their parents, and 321 children were kidnapped. Kidnappings, which are defined by the use of force or fraud to remove a child, include cases such as children taken in return for a ransom or young gang members held by rival factions. One-fifth of all kidnappings recorded by police involve a child victim.

The figures include both successful and attempted crime. However, Pact believes that many cases of attempted abduction and kidnapping involving children are never recorded by police, and the true rates of offending may be four times higher than police figures suggest.

“While the increases in child abduction and child kidnapping offences have been relatively high, the actual incidence of these offences is still relatively rare,” the report said. “Including child kidnappings, 7.4 offences of child abduction or kidnapping were recorded per 100,000 children by police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Rates of child abduction and kidnap were highest in Northern Ireland, with 11.6 offences per 100,000 children in 2013-14. London and Yorkshire and Humber also reported relatively high rates of 9.8 and 9.3 per 100,000. Wales had the lowest average rate, at 4.5 per 100,000.

Jose Gross and Rosalind Hodgkiss, the parents of missing teenager Alice Gross holding a picture of their daughter in September last year. Alice’s body was subsequently found in the river Brent - Image: Getty

Though the largest forces (including London) recorded the highest number of cases, the fastest rises were recorded by smaller police teams. “Offences in Lancashire doubled (an increase of 20 offences) and Kent, North Yorkshire and Northumbria each recorded increases of 14 offences – at least three times the number recorded in 2012-13,” the study, funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery, found. “These increases in offences recorded by small and medium-sized forces have led to some surprising findings in the rates of child abduction and kidnapping. Lincolnshire has a rate of child abduction/kidnapping 2.5 times the national average at 18.5 per 100,000.”

Geoff Newiss, director of research at Pact, said the rates may be explained by differences in crime reporting practices.

“It’s a bit of a complex picture,” he said. “A man driving round can talk to a young girl and say, ‘Get in the car.’ It’s a pretty crude lure and the child runs off. Do you then come to the police? In terms of recording, it’s my guess that when faced with that scenario of no physical contact, some forces are recording a crime and some are not.”

Mr Newiss said the spotlight placed on the sexual exploitation of teenage girls in Rotherham may have encouraged police to overhaul their approach to attempted abduction or kidnap.

“I would imagine that [Rotherham] is something to do with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if forces are more sensitive now to the need to record what comes their way,” he said.

Photo taken from CCTV footage of missing teenager Megan Stammers and her math teacher Jeremy Forrest. The pair fled to France and were found in Bordeaux eight days later
- Image: PA

Parental child abductions are rarely recorded by police, the study found. Greater Manchester recorded only seven offences in 2013-14; West Yorkshire recorded none. Mr Newiss said that this figure “beggars belief”, considering the large immigrant population in areas such as Bradford. “I’m more suspicious of really low numbers than high numbers,” he said.

Susannah Drury, director of policy for the charity Missing People, said the study provided “valuable insights” into the scale of the crimes. “The report has uncovered worrying increases in child abductions and kidnapping offences – highlighting the importance of a quick and effective national response,” she said.

Claude Knights, chief executive of the charity Kidscape, said the figures were an important reminder to parents about the need to talk to children about so-called “stranger danger”. “So much work is now done about cyber safety that there is perhaps a tendency to sideline the fact that there are real-life cases of people not known to the child taking them away,” she said. An experiment carried out by the charity found that most children could be easily convinced to follow a stranger, even where parents felt they had talked to them about the risks involved.

A spokesperson for the Association of Chief Police Officers said: “There has been a considerable focus in the police service in recent years to improve our crime-recording practices. This has led to a significant increase in the recording of these types of crime.”



  1. This is the new #1, please place general comments here

  2. I was in my early 20's when all the pictures of missing children on milk-cartons I saw for years SIMPLY STOPPED. no explanation, nothing about why it just stopped. THIS was actually a turning point in my life that SOMETHING was seriously wrong!! How could such a problem just fixed itself without any news at all about it? A MASSIVE COVER-UP!! It was obviously public-pressure which got the companies to do that in the first place, to try to help locate them. Then, quietly the satanists worked and had it stopped. ~darylluke.

    1. I do believe that this is one of the plagues on earth...the most horrific...our children are not safe. The institutions created to assist and protect our children are the very institutions which corrupt them, exploit them, and ritually kill them...the school system, our religious institutions...the very places that we are deceived into believing are protecting our heritage. Wake up!!!!!!

      Children Describe Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice (video)

  3. Just wanted to personally thank you, JOHN!
    Re: Acts of Compassion X 100 { ACX100 }

  4. To follow up with the video I posted yesterday about the Satanic cult 2 small children reported, Anonymous has released much more information on Alfred Webre's site. I'm on IPad so can't make the 'hot link.'

    “Anonymous” document exposes Hampstead UK School & Municipality as ritual child sex & sacrifice hub

  5. Organic Tropical Fruit Orchard Grows 185 Trees on 1.3 Acres

    John from goes on a field trip to Koral's Tropical Fruit Farm to share with you what is growing on. In this episode, John will talk about some of the tropical fruits that are being grown in Vista, California (near San Diego) and some of the best crops to grow if you want to be a market grower or just a tropical fruit eater. You will discover the crops that are easy to grow in this climate, yet

  6. John I will be putting in c700m to a humanitarian group...perhaps you know which one I'm referring to. Just make sure it is for a good cause and not used to buy the Jack Daniels distillery ;)

    Personally I like the idea of leaving huge tips or paying for another's groceries. Things like that.

    That's assuming all pans out as told.

    1. If thats the one coming to us your in good hands and ok. Tell the Big One we said No Mass Public its already full. But for M we will squeeze one more Lol. That will generate you c$7B a year to fund Projects. Be clear it IS monitored and cleared Projects are essential. Get them right and approved.

    2. Also, you may be very pleasantly surprised at the rate soon. Very!

    3. That's actually going to him for his group so I trust all is well. What I would like to do is do a huge organic farm and give to those in need and as well be able to provide my family with clean non GMO food. But realistically that's probably on a bigger scale that what I can handle.

      As for telling him what to do you do realize who we are talking about. He's hoing to do what he wants and any feeble comments by me will be just that. Maybe if his significant other said.... Na forget that thought it won't wirk either. Let's just get this started for him and worry about that stuff after LOL

    4. You will be fine but the rate may amaze you.

    5. Amaze me sir! Not so much worried about that and honestly without the dinar i would be fine. Kinda like icing on the cake.

      Here's what I don't understand not sure if you can say. More so who pulls the trigger and says go. So many theories and guesses out there but as to the actual semantics of the whole process I would love to understand that. Next time I'm on your isle are you up for a trip to the pub? I was in Southampton a few years back but once things start rolling I might be back again

    6. Just made a long post and it didn't go thru..... not taking time to do it again..... so....
      Love all the ideas/projects I see here.... LOVE IT!.... lets do it!....
      Homosexuality should not be correlated with Pedophilia, agree, but I do feel both are unnatural... just the way I feel and sorry to anyone I may offend...
      Also think Peds should be castrated and hung....
      Exposure, exposer and more exposure.... Love it John!....
      No dinar here .... some Dong and few other investments that may pay when all starts breaking.... the idea of being able to help someone who needs it is a wonderful dream.... I prey it comes to pass!.... A huge thanks to all those around the world who have a pure heart and will/ability to make our world so much better!.... Thank you so very very much!

  7. This came from Jeane's blog,

    — Google translate: URGENT STATEMENT KHARKIVS’KYI Partizan 02.22.2015, 20:00
    Published on Feb 22, 2015

    City Kharkov (North-East Ukraine), occupied Kharkov republic
    Phillip Ekoz’yants, representative of the Kharkov partisans

    “This is an urgent statement of the Kharkov partisans. We, Kharkov partisans, leading a guerrilla war against the
    Kiev junta on the territory of Kharkov and Kharkov region, haven’t had hand in an explosion during a march of the ATO supporters on the 22nd of February, 2015. We, Kharkov partisans, didn’t plan and don’t plan to arrange our actions in places crowded with peaceful civilians regardless of their political views. We think that many ordinary Ukrainians are fooled by the mass media of the Kiev junta. And as we’ve stated many times, we will not put their lives at risk.

    ‘Moreover, we have reliable information that the column of peaceful participants was blown up by order of Avakov [present minister of internal affairs of Kiev junta] in order to launch an anti-terrorist operation in the Kharkov region.

    “Residents of Kharkov!

    “One year ago, monsters, sadists and murderers came to power in Ukraine, which offer ordinary Ukrainian people in sacrifice in order to achieve their aims. And we all are simply like coins to exchange in their dreadful game. We will win. This was the urgent statement of the Kharkov partisans.”



  8. OMG!! The zionists are still trying to create ww3 in UKRAINE!!!

  9. Man-o-man!! The FBI stats are really hard to find!! I did find that there were 462,567 children under 18 missing in 2013!! FULFORD repeatedly & emphatically has stated there are 1M satanists in the USA!!

    How can this be covered up in this country for so long? I remember a guy on the internet in the mid-90's that kept saying the satanists steal & kill 1M children every year and the FBI stats prove it!! I couldn't find anything prior to 2013, though. Maybe you guys can search their site and find them better than I. Is the FBI in on the cover-ups?


    1. Valdi?

      As a percentage rate of the total population, you there in Britain are far worse than what's going on in the USA!! This is actually a true definition of MONSTERS!! Like the stories o childhood for them to beware at bridges that the Ogre hiding below it would not get them! But, that was stories and pranks for fun. THIS is REALLY HAPPENING, and no childhood fun story!!

    2. DL, the US is not the only nation that has to clean up its act. The UK and EU are riddled with child abusing vermin in the top echelons of power. I have no tolerance for such people and would happily string them up by their testicles.

    3. Valdi
      Be assured, I am tirelessly sabre rattling for more resources. The Law is dysfunctional and Social Services a F disgrace! Supported by OVERPAID early retiring Fat Assed Cops and a useless CPS. Post the Rv's I am going to hard bargain for a Special Dedicated Task Force with its own CPS unit and privately part funded Special Task Force to smash into the numbers. Plus hiring retired Police to put something back and help us get these Pervs asses into cells asap. We will name it the Nonce Squad and use ex Special Forces and Paras to slip a few in during transportation. I would be disturbed if ANY arrive safely without an accident in transit and anything less that a 100% failure to deliver unmarked will be very disappointing. Bonuses will be based on unfortunate " Breakages " in transit! Accidents happen.

  10. It's brilliant to see more people joining in and making comments. One of our priorities after the rv should be to collectively support a free and independent press to ensure the truth gets out. This would have been impossible without the Internet. My thanks go to all the truth-seekers, whistle-blowers, bloggers and alternative media sites who educate us and keep us informed. Thank you John and Canauzzie for contributing to the greatest awakening in human history.

  11. Paul L. Davis and P - there is no wrong or right in how we go about 'doing'. It only matters that we do! I know there is some Biblical reference that's it's more blessed or whatever to give anonymously but I don't put much weight on that (and I could write a chapter on this alone so I'll stop here). There are times when my husband & I have given very publicly, and times when we have given under strictest confidence - that our names not be mentioned. Both serve a purpose. In the case of public giving - it raises awareness and many times we challenged others to 'meet or beat'. In the case of anonymous donations, there have been times that it simply needed to be done and no one else was stepping forward. In my opinion, whatever floats your boat!

    As for the admonition to 'disappear', Paul, John is only wanting to keep you safe from the posers, the grifters, the people who would love a chance to separate you from your money. The Tossers too, no doubt! Where we are I know we'll be ok.

    And if I am wrong on this interpretation, I know the fella with a yen for Dolly and back seats will correct me. :)

    1. Thank you MYGIRL. Appreciate your thinking on the matter. Think I will now put my concerns aside until it happens. It may turn out to be a low rate and if so it becomes a mute point. My dreams are big ones and require lots of funds and that can only happen if the rate is over 40 cents for VND. I am not physically able to help people as am fairly limited health wise at this time. Yup, best to wait and see what happens and how I am feeling and thinking at that time.

    2. PAUL,

      We here as a group have MANY people who are quite informed about alternative therapies, herbs, supplements for diagnosed health problems. If you don't mind I ask, would you say what are your health concerns that limit you? I know a bit myself, too. Maybe we can help? I was able to overcome 90%+ of my pain symptoms from fibromyalgia with a simple magnesium spray! ~darylluke.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Good site:
      “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by Dr. Joel Wallach
      Time is running out on your health. Doctor Wallach has the answers – minerals and common sense!

      And WATER Paul. Many, many things called "diseases" are simply long-term water-deficiency symptoms. So, mineral & water difficiencies is the main cause of so many things. So, watch this video, read the comments, follow the links and educate yourself. I, myself drink 24 ounces of distilled water at room temperature every day right when I wake up.

      Hope this helps!! ~darylluke.

    5. Paul, not sure why you deleted it. Well, I spent over an hour researching for you, and you are well on your way to feeling better if you start utilizing the information you feel applies to you or you simply have a feeling something is for you from some inner guidance. Our bodies really DO speak to us this way, if we just listen! ~darylluke.

      *** DOCTOR #9 ***
      Here is what Dr. David C. Kennedy says…

      “Even tap water invariably contains a variety of poisons such as chlorine, chloramine, asbestos, pesticides, fluoride, copper, mercury, and lead. The best way to remove all these contaminants is by distilling.” —David C. Kennedy, D.D.S.:
      ‘How To Save Your Teeth: Toxic-Free Preventitive Dentistry’

    6. Paul, also you need a colon-cleanse, and a liver cleanse. For the liver the olive oil with fresh lemon juice is really the best. For the colon there are many very good products out there, and choose one that lasts for at least a month. Feel free to write me privately if you prefer and/or have questions.


    7. I've given you some very informative detailed self-empowering information. I encourage you to use it.
      Best regards,

    8. My Girl56,
      Are you suggesting some" corrective handling" ?

  12. How To Make Cannabis Oil Instead Of Chemo

    Rick Simpson has dedicated his life to helping suffering patients (with all types of diseases and disabilities) with the use of natural hemp oil.

    1. Thanks fedup. Hemp is a truly great herb, needs to be used much more.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Lest we forget...

    “They would not believe it, because it is the unthinkable. That is why we can get away with it.” -Unknown
    Yes, It Is The Unthinkable! Why would the modern American Church stand down concerning the homosexual agenda? Why are politicians in Washington D.C. voting in favor of what God calls an Abomination?
    The wide-spread acts of pedophiles committed against our children by both corrupt clergy and corrupt politicians are rampant and unthinkable...

    The Child Trafficking Documentary Some Congressmen Did Not Want You to See

    1. I agree w Phoenix below. It saddens me greatly to be lumped with paedos. someone tell me what my agenda is?

      Let's talk about 'family values'. That means committed relationships, no promiscuity, stable home, working hard, contributing to society, respecting others and elders. You don't need to be straight or have kids to live like that. Come and visit me and see that's how and many other 'homos' live (the ones you don't notice).

      To be linked with paedophilia arbitrarily is, well, I ask people to rethink that. We all know all sexual orientations are involved. All colours are involved. All genders and ages are involved.

      If anyone does think that homos are inherently bad or paedos, up to you but I invite you to reconsider.

    2. To all, I'm sorry, but the deaths of my friends, good loving people who gave a young girl a chance in a big city when she knew few, to demean all homosexuals as deviants is anything but a Godly thing.

      These were upstanding people that took me under their wing when no one else would. Their loving and kind ways I thrived under. For the first time in my life I knew love, the closest I had come to unconditional love we all hear about.

      Bob the youngest was a joy to know and call friend. He taught me about getting around Yonkers, how to shop for clothes at the best places on a shoe string, a great real Italian Pizzeria down the hill from the track. Bob was beautiful inside and out and could only consider him my lion of a friend with his great gold flecked brown eyes. His laughter brought smiles to all around.

      Just as these ones were the lighted ones see so rarely of these days, the other kind know also. The race track can be a hard place. There are predators of all types, but my gentle friends helped me work around those who would try to press me into a lifestyle not for me.

      Over the years even when working at the local prison, I never let those predators get an upper hand on me. If I had to fight to defend myself, I did. No one has the right to force anyone into intimacy not wanted.

      Sadly not all are so fortunate and children most vulnerable as we know. But, let us make it clear, there are good people who are homosexual as a matter of choice, it's who they are. But the others, the predators they are a different story. It is likely that they were forced like what they came to do and be. It is a vicious cycle and one that needs ending as it is not a kind and loving way.

      Just be careful not paint all with the same brush, please. We all should be able to love who we choose. It's up to none but those directly involved.

      Am sorry if have offended, but the lighted ones deserve a fair say.

    3. I am basically ambivalent on this homosexuality issue.

      I don't ever remember growing up hitting a fork in the road where I had to decide if I liked men or women.

      However, when I try to find answers to questions in life, I look to nature. Not man, but the rest of nature. We seem to have a way of screwing things up that are so simple.

      To my knowledge, there is no other animal in nature that is homosexual.

      There are A-sexual animals and animals that mimic homosexual type traits to exhibit dominance, such as chimps do.

      If all humans were homosexual, our species would be dead in 1 generation. This does make sense from a natural selection point of view. Nature would want to survive. I just can't get past this question on this issue. Logic dictates that their is no real reason for homosexuality from nature's standpoint.

      I can't help but think that the large flush of endocrine disruptors, such a soy, BPS, BPA, glychophosphates, etc being flooded into the environment aren't somehow gender bending fetuses and children.

      In my opinion, long term studies need to be performed on the effect all these chemical hormone and endocrine disruptors are having on us as a species.

    4. JV; the question that comes to my mind is this.
      I wonder if homosexual behavior exists in higher dimensions?
      I do know it does in lower 4th dimensions as I saw it in some lucid dreaming. My gut says it does not in 5th and higher as the idea of sexual polarities fades away and 'orgasms' etc happen on an energetic level by two beings literally sharing the same 'space'.

      My own view is as long as we do no harm to another and it is consensual, its all OK. Who am I to make judgment of others behavior. Love can appear in an infinite variety of appearances.

      In essence; what is all the fuss about. It is a waste of attention.

    5. Dimensions? Can't answer that one.

      As I said, I am ambivalent on a personal level.

      But, if this is environmental and causing chromosomal/DNA is all of our concerns.

      Genetically speaking.

    6. Generally speaking, the higher the dimension the more we become androgynous. It must also be remembered we have spent many lifetimes in many different forms and sexual preferences. Often those of a natural calling homosexual are of a higher spiritual calling. Way showers.

      Orgasm as we know is a shared/mingled experience in the higher realms. From what understand it's a pretty awesome experience.

    7. From a standpoint of nature, I think the most logical step is that we become hermaphodites as we move through the higher level of planet.

    8. Very interesting discussion, thanks! A few comments brought tears to my eyes, in a good way.

      My view is more like P's again. I believe we incarnated as humans in different genders and preferences for learning and experiences. Not sure if we incarnate as animals and other species, and not sure if those other species are here for the same reasons we are (learning & experiences). While I do believe that the chemicals being put out there are affecting all of us, I don't necessarily think that it's causing homosexuality, as chemicals are only a recent addition history-wise and homosexuality has been around for at least hundreds of years.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. P I'm not sure why you removed your comment. I do agree with what you said.

      One of the few things that make me consider leaving this site are the anti-gay comments posted periodically by a few people here. It feels terrible to be a good person who gets lumped in with child abusers. As a homosexual woman I have known many good men and women who happen to be gay. People need to be judged by their character and deeds, gay or straight.

      OK, off my soap box. You have a good heart P. Thank you for your comments, even if removed.

    2. God did not call homosexuality an abomination. The MEN who wrote the Bible did.These are two separate and distinct 'parties'. The Bible is by and large a control mechanism. Did it start out that way? Hard to say. After all, how many centuries was it copied out by hand? You think spelling and translation errors didn't occur? And what was to stop "well meaning" religious zealots from adding stories that suited their own ends? Absolutely nothing! If this topic interests anyone, "Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why" by Bart Ehrman is a good resource. Personally,once I removed the Bible from my own life my relationship with God blossomed.

      Where people get the cockeyed notion that homosexuality and paedophilia have anything to do with one another escapes me. Perversion is perversion, sexual orientation is something totally different. For those of you who continue to insist it is "a choice", better check out the animal kingdom beyond humans a little more closely. If you think homosexual practice is a game only people play, you are mistaken!

      Please don't leave because some people are uneducated - we need you P, you and every other kind soul like you!

    3. Thank you MyGirl56. I appreciate your support. You too are very kind (and funny). I have enjoyed reading your posts and glad you are contributing regularly now. :)

    4. Phoenix

      Help others understand your cause and feel free to have a voice. We don't have to agree at first, but listening helps change views. What better site? Thinkers listen.

    5. Hello Phoenix,

      I would not worry too much about what people say ´God´ stands for. Knowledge of the origin of the word ´God´ might shatter worlds. God is a very modern word and you will find many articles stating so. Early Christianity used Alpha and Omega to describe what is now assumed to be God. This then later changed to Jehovah during the time of Christianity created by the Carolingians. Where then does this word ´God´ come from? Answers are lacking. Perhaps that has a good reason? In some occult books one can read that it is a reference to its in the Dog Star.....Sirius.....the brightest star in the night sky. That concept then in turn might lead to the idea of a dog herding sheep. Interesting as this concept might be, I have reason to believe that the word ´God´ has a much darker origin that spawned from the Roman Cult which has nothing to do with Early Christianity or Roman Catholicism such as it was originally created by the Carolingians. The Yahudi (who together with Khazarians and Manes became known as Jews in the sixteenth century) formed a pact, but with whom?. Duality was the leading concept amongst the Yahudi. They believed in a Father of Greatness, but also a Father of Darkness. The Father of Darkness also ruled the Earth that happened to be in the middle. The Yahudi formed a pact....not with the Father of Greatness, but with the Father of Darkness. They would serve the Father of Darkness and in exchange they would rule the Earth. Here is where the true concept of ´God´ comes in. I have persuasive evidence that indicates that it does not remotely means what people assumes it means. The word ´God´ represents this Father of Darkness. God comes from the Persian ´Gad´ or ´Gadan´, the demon responsible for the raping/pillaging of souls.

      A similar result will surface when analyzing the word ´pontifex´ which again has no legitimate basis for similar reasons. The original was ´Vicar of Christ´ or ´Vicarius Christi´ and not ´Pontifex Romanus´. There was no need for the change unless its architects wanted to hide something in plain sight. The Vatican seems to be death cult. From the Capuchin Reaper hidden in the IRS logo to the sleight of hand which turns living men and women into ´persons´ to characters such as Saul of Tarsus and many other examples. It all points in the same direction. This is not what Carolingian Roman Catholicism stood for at all, but unfortunately what it has become when it has hijacked by the Roman Cult with Hildebrand as its first head.

      Where does the Bible come from? In the sixteenth century the Septuaginta created under Iudean law form (Iudea as a Roman province) was combined with the Biblio Sacre or Holy Bible that was the edited version of the first created for Christianity and then modified by the Carolingians which are called the Gospels and the Old Testament or the New and Old Testament. The 613 laws of the Old Testament were turned into the Ten Commandments.

      Above is but a part of the tip of the iceberg.

    6. I do not see a color or a sexual orientation when I look at another human being. I look at the spiritual spark within them.

    7. Ah yes Saturnalia, you mentioned this once before but never gave the answer like you did above. I searched quite a bit and I found other meanings for the word God. It made me not want to use that word anymore.

    8. Good comments. AJNAANDY, you respectfully made good points. I agree that a correlation should not be made between homosexuality and pedophilia. Don’t hesitate to comment. The only certainties are death, taxes, and people disagreeing on everything. How many people on church boards disagree with one another, and have heated debates?

  16. Preston James :What exactly is the Khazarian Mafia (KM)? It is the predominant, the largest most powerful Organized Crime Syndicate (Cabal or Kabbal) in the World, has a long history of infiltrating pirating and parasitizing many nations. It is now actively parasitizing the United States of America and uses it along with the City of London and Israel as its centers of operations.


    VT Radio: Webb, Duff, Dean, James. 2-19
    Gordon refers to Benjamin Fulford as part of the VT Staff in first 20 min. or so.

    Whoa...... ~darylluke.

  17. This was attached to the Poof post today. I am sure many here will relate to it. I sure do.

    It is in two part posts.

    The Wayseer Manifesto

    ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers - all you free spirits and pioneers - all you visionaries and non-conformists ...

    Everything that the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you.

    You see things others don't. You are hardwired to change the world. Unlike 9 out of 10 people - your mind is irrepressible - and this threatens authority. You were born to be a revolutionary.

    You can't stand rules because in your heart you know there's a better way.

    You have strengths dangerous to the establishment - and it wants them eliminated, So your whole life you've been told your strengths were weaknesses - Now I'm telling you otherwise.

    Your impulsivity is a gift - impulses are your key to the miraculous,

    Your distractibility - is an artifact of your inspired creativity,

    Your mood swings - reflect the natural pulse of life, they give you unstoppable energy when you're high and deep soulful insight when you're low,

    Been diagnosed with a "disorder"? That's society's latest way to deny it's own illness by pointing the finger at you. Your addictive personality is just a symptom of your vast underused capacity for heroic, creative expression and spiritual connection. your utter lack of repression, your wide eyed idealism, your unmitigated open mind - didn't anyone ever tell you?! these are the traits shared by the greatest pioneers and visionaries and innovators, revolutionaries, procrastinators and drama queens, activists on the social scene, space cadets and mavericks, philosophers and derelicts, business suits flying fighter jets, football stars and sex addicts, celebrities with ADD, alcoholics who seek novelty, first responders - prophets and saints, mystics and change agents.

    We are - all - the same - you know
    'cuz we're all affected by the way -
    We are - all - the same - you know
    'cuz we're all attracted to the flame -

    You know in your heart that there's a natural order to life,
    something more sovereign than any man-made rules or laws could ever express.

    This natural order is called "the Way."

    1. Part two

      The Way is the eternal substrate of the cosmos. It guides the very current of time and space. The Way is known by some as the Will of God, Divine Providence, the Holy Spirit, the implicate order, the Tao, reverse-entropy, life-force, but for now we'll simply call it "the Way." The Way is reflected in you as the source of your inspiration, the source of your passions, your wisdom, your enthusiasm, your intuition, your spiritual fire - love. The Way takes the chaos out of the Universe and breathes life into it by reflecting divine order. The Way, when experienced by the mind, is genius, when perceived through the eyes is beauty, when felt with the senses is grace, when allowed into the heart ... is love.

      Most people cannot sense the Way directly. ... But then there are the Wayseers. The keepers of the flame. Wayseers have an unexplainable knack for just knowing the Way. They sense it in their very being. They can't tell you why or how they arrived at the right answer. They just know it in their core. They can't show their work. So don't ask. Their minds simply resonate with the Way. When the Way is present, so are they.

      While others are blind to it, and society begs you to ignore it, "the Way" stirs you inside. Neurological repression blocks most people's awareness of the Way - censoring all thoughts and impulses from the unconscious is their prefrontal cortex - the gestapo of the brain - nothing which violates its socialized programming even gets through; but your mind is different. your mind has been cracked wide open to the Way - by some miraculous genetic trait, some psychotropic chemical or maybe even by the will of your very soul, your brain's reward pathways have been hijacked - dopamine employed to overthrow the fascist dictatorship of your prefrontal cortex - now your brain is free of repression, your mind free of censorship, your awareness exposed to the turbulent seas of the unconscious - through this open doorway divine light shines into your consciousness showing you the Way. This is what makes you a Wayseer.

      90% of human civilization is populated with those who's brains are blocked to the Way. Their brains are hardwired to enforce the social programming indoctrinated since birth. Unlike you they cannot break out of this programming, because they have not yet experienced the necessary revolution of mind. These programmed people take social institutions and rules very seriously. Society is full of games programmed to keep peoples' minds occupied so they will not revolt. These games often cause sick fixations on peculiar protocols, power structures, taboos and domination - all subtle forms of human bondage - This distinct form of madness is not only tolerated by the masses but insisted upon. The programmed ones believe in rules so forcefully they become willing to destroy anyone who violates them.

    2. part three

      Wayseers are the ones who call their bluff. Since Wayseer minds are free to reject social programming, Wayseers readily see social institutions for what they are - imaginary games. Wayseers comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Helping those who are lost in these games and refuse to help themselves is a calling of many Wayseers. Since Wayseers are the ones who keep contact with the original source of reality - they are able to disrupt societal conventions and even governments to realign humanity with the Way.

      The Wayseers are an ancient lineage. A kind of priesthood - carriers of the flame - ones "in the know." There must always be Wayseers to reform the dizzying psychotic spinning gears of society - giant mindless hamster wheels obscuring the pure blue sky, keeping humanity shackled in a darkened cage - so Wayseers are called - to shed light on the madness of society - to continually resurrect the timeless transcendent Spirit of Truth -

      Wayseers reveal this divine truth by devoting themselves to the birth of some creative or disruptive act expressed through art or philosophy, innovations to shake up industry, revolutions for democracy, coups that topple hypocrisy, movements of solidarity, changes that leave a legacy, rebellions against policy, spirit infused technology, moments of clarity, things that challenge barbarity, watersheds of sincerity, momentous drives for charity

      We are - all - the same - you know
      'cuz we're all affected by the way -
      We are - all - the same - you know
      'cuz we're all attracted to the flame -

      This is your calling, Wayseer.
      You've found your tribe.

    3. Very insightful Paul, thanks for sharing.

    4. Just found out there is a video of it. It is a good nine minute watch

    Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s
    Greetings world, We Are Anonymous.
    The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK to near complete silence in the international corporate media. The UK media that cover it at all depict it as a ‘sex scandal’ committed by ‘child lovers’.
    What the UK media depicts as “child sex” has left children missing the lower half of their bodies. These so-called ‘sex scandals’ involve children provided for torture as bait to blackmail political opponents in Northern Ireland. The UK has open files on 200 missing boys from 1977 and 1983. The investigation has so far involved a huge circle of UK establishment from media, politicians, police and intelligence, known to police as The Untouchables. There are international ties being ignored. To the people of the UK, your ruling classes are preying on you. Not just in the ways you always knew they were. Our friends in the UK, just like our friends in Gabon, have a political class that is torturing and murdering their children and mutilating their bodies. Unlike in Gabon, the UK media is following the direction of the Paedophile Information Exchange and telling you these people are child lovers who need understanding and tolerance. They are telling you this is sex. Who controls the words controls your thoughts.
    This is not sex.
    These people feed off the agony of others. They cause wars and destruction during their working hours and they torture and murder children as recreation.
    These are not child lovers.
    These are death eaters.
    To the people of the world, this story is not limited to the UK. Unlike us, death eaters have no borders. Human trafficking is the biggest criminal industry in the world. Death eaters have global networks.
    Resistance is existence.
    We are Anonymous.
    We are everywhere.
    We are legion.
    We are those you have left without a home.
    We are those you have murdered.
    We are voiceless no more.
    The world will change. We’ll change it.
    Tyrants of the World,
    Expect Us!
    Video Evidence:

    Full Video Archive & Testimonials:


    1. Well.......I am beyond words.....that link at the top just made me sick to my soul.......These people need to be stripped naked, covered with honey and thrown into FIRE ANT hills in Texas! Slow, grueling and very painful death. THAT is even too good for them. My heart just cannot take this stuff.....I was abused, but nothing like I was just reading. I guess I was very, very lucky......~darylluke.

  19. Thank you for your suggestions DL, I have drunk at least 3, if not 4 litres of pure water [reverse osmosis] every day, from morning till night for 5 years now. i am aware that I am dealing with some karmic situations along with doing some conscious suffering helping to transmute some collective lower vibrations also. I deleted as I figure you had read it as per your personal request and thus did not need to stay any longer.

    1. Distilled! It removed poisons & toxins built up from decades of being poisoned by the MONSTERS!

  20. Again DL,
    I thank you for your concern. :-) I have my plan ahead of me. A plan that comes from my own inner guidance. All is well.

    1. You are most welcome! And really, it was MY pleasure. ~darylluke.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. "Australia's Asylum Policy: Suffer The Children" The Economist

    "“I AM a bird in a cage,” says one 14-year-old girl. “We are getting crazy in here,” says another asylum-seeker child, locked in an Australian detention centre in the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru. The drawing of a third shouts: “Help!” Other young detainees have harmed themselves, and even attempted suicide.

    Their stories have surfaced in “The Forgotten Children”, a report by Australia’s Human Rights Commission. It is the result of an eight-month inquiry last year into Australia’s practice of locking up (for indefinite periods) children who arrive on boats crammed with people seeking asylum. Gillian Triggs, the commission’s president, has called the findings “deeply shocking”. Over the 15 months to March 2014, they document 233 assaults and 33 reported sexual assaults against children (it is unclear whether by adult inmates or by staff). A third of the children in asylum detention centres had mental problems needing psychiatric support."

    The Australian gov are doing their darndest to deter anyone who would get on a boat and seek asylum in Australia by making conditions of asylum seekers who do make it unbearable. In doing so they lock families and children up indefinitely in war camp type conditions, such that the children have been resorting to self. This has been reported by Australia's Human Rights Commission, which Tony Abbott has attacked for reporting the truth that is politically inconvenient.

    I am sure the gov is thinking:
    1. Australia (or any other country) cannot have open borders and allow the numbers who wish to come to walk right in.
    2. There must be a number that this country can take that does not disrupt the sociology here.
    3. How much government support is required to settle? (How many will be on welfare?)

    I agree with all of those. BUT harming children in one's care is abhorrent. The sexual assault of children in these detention camps is intolerable.

    Australia's Asylum Policy: Suffer The Children

  23. For the record I am posting the link to the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse:

    Australian Royal Commission Into Child Abuse

    Currently, Sydney's Knox Grammar is in the spotlight: Knox Grammar had a culture of covering up sexual abuse, royal commission told

    1. I expect then that the Royal Commission will hold a hearing into the child sexual abuse reported in Australia's detention facilities as reported by our own Human Rights Commission report tabled in parliament?

  24. Congress to investigate NASA over falsified climate data. Pot calling the kettle black? Why does it relate to us?

    UN Agenda 21 is I think nothing more than a Marxist attempt to corral and tax people, and manage their food supply (with seeds from Monsanto). The excuse? Global warming, which is a hand that has been overplayed to lead to agenda 21. 'Global warming' is a misnomer anyway - it is actually 'climate change'. But who knows?

    The real issue: manmade pollutants from fossil fuels. This includes Carbon. What is taxing us going to achieve? nothing.

    The Solution: clean energy. Introduction of sequestered technologies of such. Making fossil fuels obsolete.

    Head Scratching: Why is Congress (Republican Rep. Dana Rohrbacher) now against Agenda21?? Will this lead to other disclosures about NASA, Solar Warden, and meetings between Pres Eisenhower and ETs?

    I don't know enough about what is happening to our planet and why. But my gut says an extra tax and food control is wrong and not a solution. It is a solution to the wrong problem.

    To me this is really a power play. What do others make of this?

    Republicans To Investigate NASA Over Climate Data Tampering

  25. Hi Peeps. May not be able to post much over the coming few days but I will be checking in regularly. Don't start the party without me!!

    Hugs to all here.

    1. Hi Mygrl56, no need to fret. Doesn't look like the party wlll start before your return, so relax. Will miss your posts though.

    2. Agree Hanlo. She adds much here! )

  26. John,

    Not sure what is getting ready to be unleashed here shortly. If it is the global accounts or something else. WHA said that the Freedom PPP's were getting notices to update their information immediately and I thought these were tied to the global accounts. I've heard so many things, I can't keep track of what is what.

    My question deals with safety.

    You always mention getting the PP's safe? What exactly does that mean?

    Are you inferring that certain banks are a problem or are you worried about theft of these funds again?

    Does it mean we need the money out of the west and into Asian banks?

    I'm still confused as to whether this event is shoring up the banking system or the collapse of America is still coming, and maybe later this year.

    1. JV,

      Q1 and Q2: There are different PPs, each have different issues. Safe basically would mean keeping off radar and completion of transfers so they can be locked up and secured. Promises are made, schedules are created, but fail to complete for one reason or another - hence the "once safe we will advise".

      Q3: No, not necessarily. Like mentioned above, there are different PPs.

      Q4: That depends on a whole host of possible outcomes. Too early to accurately answer, but the value of any dollar which the US will use will not have the same value as what you see today.

    2. JV

      As the US is technically bankrupt beyond infinity, I'm ever more bemused Trading Nations continue tolerating their crap and worthless paper. As the noose tightens around that Dog and Pony show, Banks will raid the Saving Pots/ Pensions and assets held in "Safekeeping" like Gold. Stolen as the Swiss did.
      The State will boost it with further encroachments to fund those bloated Military and State Pensions, plus Cabal waste and the bloated Beltway. When real Taxes hit, as they will, and you face c$12 a gallon for Gas, as in Europe to fund Obamacare and Welfare, what's not bolted down they will take. Put your money out of those scheming Mongrels reach. Mugs and money are easily partied. You think these funds are for you? I keep hearing we wont accept $12 a gallon,. You think they care? To them you don't matter. America does not do reality. La La Land.
      Take those funds and use IQ. The Weevils are coming.

    3. Fair enough.

      Honestly, these days, not sure if anywhere is safe if it is in a bank.

      From my research, it seems that Singapore is about the best that is not in the G20 and in Asia.

      I guess spreading it around between a lot of things is the best bet.


  27. An excerpt from the just posted Ben Fulford blog site:

    In the UK it is Evelyn de Rothschild and his servants like Jeremy Heywood, David Cameron and Tony Blair who are the problem, according to MI5. There are moves being taken against this faction inside the UK. Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP (former Foreign Secretary) Chair of the Defense and Security committee in the House of Commons (a powerful committee overseeing the intelligence services), has been caught in sting operation by the Daily Telegraph selling his services for cash. Rifkin is part of the Zionazi UK faction that has been beating the drums for war against Russia.

  28. Today's Fulford for those who are interested.

  29. Be VERY careful when interacting with police nowadays. Any level of integrity has been totally lost. Here is the latest from the Free Thought project on tricks and tips that cops shared on how to charge people: Planting Evidence


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