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A word to rioting Muslims - video

OWoN: This is not for the politically correct among you. It's aimed at the Mo - HAM - Heads!

From a friend: We need to speak out like this as well. This man has the gonads to say it.

My favorite Brit is back again.

He's the only fella who tells it like it is.

Love this guy!

A word to rioting Muslims


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  2. WOW! I like this guy and what he has expressed in this video. It’s down to earth, expressed in a civilized fashion and he pretty much tells it how it is from the perspective of many in this world I would guess.

    One issue I have with this situation is that I consider it’s important to take into consideration all the brainwashing/propaganda that has been put in place in the West where Muslims/Islam is concerned and vice versa. The media and so called Governments want to build hate between people/nations and this was the perfect opportunity due to the extreme and rather radical nature of some human beings and their belief systems.

    I also do not believe that every single Muslim, particularly among the women and younger people, agree with the rules they are forced to follow and engage in. If you were a female Muslim living in some of the Muslim countries would you have the courage to go and tell your arranged marriage abusive husband to get stuffed, pack your bags and attempt to leave with the children? I have a feeling you would not get very far before your last breath was being taken. And where would you head to anyway? How would they urgently get out of their country in such a situation? Who in a civilized country will immediately accept them in such a situation? So in such a situation was does a woman do? Complying, being submissive and rallying to the cause may be her only chance of a basic form of survival in that specific reality. Just one perspective to think about anyway.

    I have never delved too deeply into the ways of the Muslim religion as the simple and superficial understanding of it that I do have simply repulses me as a woman and as a human being. But, if we are all to live in peace and harmony in the future then this matter has to be dealt with in a fair and mature manner with adult, respectful, clear headed, rational, intelligent and compassionate representatives from all corners in the hope of reaching a point where we can all exist in a civilized fashion in this world even if we do not agree with each other. But in saying that, the basic lack of human rights in the Muslim environment, particularly for the females, I consider should not be tolerated. And let us also not forget, that it is not only the Muslim world that is guilty of these particular human rights abuses. Severe human rights abuses occur in many more countries than many are aware of and that includes the Western countries, even my own.

    This is a mighty issue to tackle but I feel it has to be faced, dealt with and some form of peaceful binding agreement reached if we are ever to end this particular arena of violence, abuse, torture and lack of possibility to even enjoy a basic comfortable, happy, healthy life experience. As adults, we need to understand what the children of the following generations in all countries are facing and it is my opinion we are the ones, here and now that have to sort this out for their sake and our own.

    It seems to me that here at OWoN we have an opportunity to come together and deal with topics of this nature in a firm, civilized, fair and respectful manner. I therefore wonder if anyone has anything to contribute in addressing the first steps on the path to achieving a peaceful resolution in this specific matter.

  3. Wow. My bet is that is not going to go over very well in some circles.


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