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Storm-battered Britain to be hit by ARCTIC FREEZE bringing gales, blizzards and snow

OWoN: The trouble with living on a rock Island in the Atlantic is when it hits, we have nowhere to hide.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings in place for snow - Image: PA

Storm-battered Britain to be hit by ARCTIC FREEZE bringing gales, blizzards and snow

STORM-battered Britain is about to be hit by an Arctic freeze with numbing gales, blizzards and up to a foot of snow forecast.

By Nathan Rao
9 January 2015

Temperatures are set to plunge by Tuesday with the whiteout threatening to last into the middle of January.

Parts of the country are already on alert for snow and ice this weekend with Scotland and the north set to bear the brunt of the onslaught.

It comes after winds of more than 110mph knocked out power to thousands of homes in the region and grounded transport networks.

Around 70,000 households were without electricity on Thursday night while railway operator ScotRail suspended all services.

Roads were closed and officials stopped traffic crossing Scotland's Forth Road Bridge after a van overturned in 90mph winds.

The Met Office said winds last night hit 140mph across the Scottish Cairngorms with gusts of more than 110mph recorded at lower levels.

Gales of 113mph hit Stornoway with gusts measuring 110mph at Loch Glascarnochloch and almost 100mph at Altnaharra.

The strongest wind in England was at High Bradfield, in South Yorkshire, which saw a gust of 76 mph at 1am this morning.

The violent weather is being driven by an unusually powerful jet stream dragging low pressure systems off the Atlantic at speeds of more than 250mph.

Another lashing is due tonight, again with the north in the firing line before storms turn wintry over the weekend.

The Met Office said winds last night hit 140mph across the Scottish Cairngorms - Image: PA

Parts of the country are already on alert for snow and ice this weekend - Image: PA

The Met Office has severe weather warnings in place for snow and ice in Scotland and northern England over the coming days.

The Highlands, Grampian, Tayside and Fife, northwest and northeast England are all braced for snow with several inches forecast in parts.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicky Maxey said:

"There is some colder weather coming in behind the storms so we are warning about snow and ice.

"We could see wintry showers and accumulations at lower levels with up to 15cm (of snow six ins) over high ground.

"Next week will start off a bit milder but then turning colder again, it is still going to be unsettled and windy from Monday." The Met Office said thermometers will dip to -2C (28F) in the north over the next few days with bitter winds making it feel closer to -8C (18F).

The South will see the mercury drop to 3C (37F), closer tho average from the time of year after the unusually mild weather.

Experts warned more storms are due tonight and into tomorrow morning before the winter chill sets in.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said:

"An additional but rapidly moving storm will unleash some further strong winds across the country throughout Friday evening and into this weekend. "Wintry showers will also develop across parts in the north and west throughout Saturday and into Sunday, and there is likely to be some developing blizzards across higher ground and some snow to lower levels within this period as temperatures become much cooler.

"Monday will then bring a temporary rise in daytime temperatures before they significantly reduce again throughout the latter part of Monday and into the remainder of next week.

"Strong winds will also continue into next week, but under a much colder air mass, this will bring a very high risk for some potentially quite serious and widespread snow events within this period.

"Some other parts of northern England could also see up to 10-20 cm (one foot) of snow throughout next week."

Chris Burton, forecaster for The Weather Network, added:

"Another very windy spell of weather is expected on Friday night and into Saturday.

"Much of the country will be windy with gusts above 50mph at times, but once again, northern areas of the UK will see the highest gusts.

"Although this storm won't be anywhere near as strong as Thursday night's storm, gusts of 60-70mph are possible in northern and western Scotland as well as north-west England." Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK, said tomorrow is likely to follow the warmest winter night for 20 years.

However he warned things are set to change with temperatures dropping by more than 15C by next week.

He said: "It will be remarkably mild during Friday night with temperatures 14 or even 15C over central to eastern Britain.

"Some locations may see one of the warmest January nights in the past 20 years with temperatures not dropping much below 13C (55F).

"However it is turning a lot colder on Saturday as a cold front moves south bringing snow showers over Scotland and later over high ground in North West England."


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