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Russia’s presidency aims at turning BRICS into full-fledged cooperation tool

OWoN: The tables have been turned and the battle is on. The world is not only saying 'No More' to America, but excluding the nation from vast populations. China and Russia strategized to build trade. America tries yet another US tirade. Fund your armies with that as the world turns away and nations learn to say 'No More' to US Hegemony. Enough, we are DONE with you! 

When the US prices escalate, then this nation will get off its lapsed mental arse and wake up. Shape up, many up and take back America for God's sake. Does the lot have to go first?

The March of the BRICS countries is steady and away from America. With China the other week committing to spend $250 Billion in South America to assist troubled nations and a pragmatic unemotional attitude in loan making - compare that to what the West has to offer, which is ZERO. Time will cause further erosion of influence and power which will lower living standards in the West.

Perhaps, the so called 'reset' is just that, a reset of growing expectations of improving living standards compared to a world rising at the expense of the West.

And that will force adjustments to everything. Once upon a time they said, "go west young man", perhaps it will be said to south or east - but not west.

Meeting of BRICS delegations' heads - Image: © ITAR-TASS / Valery Sharifulin

Russia’s presidency aims at turning BRICS into full-fledged cooperation tool

One of the major goals of Russia’s presidency will be implementing the BRICS decisions on setting up its own financial institutions, namely the New Development Bank and a currency reserve pool

13 January 2015

Moscow - Converting BRICS, a grouping of five emerging economies — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — into a full-fledged cooperation mechanism in major issues of global economy and politics will be a key goal of Russia’s upcoming presidency, a senior Russian diplomat told China’s Xinhua news agency in an interview.

“Since April 2015, Russia assumes the functions of BRICS president,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said, noting that the grouping has become a “significant factor in the world economy and politics” since the first full-scale diplomatic meeting in Russia’s Yekaterinburg in 2009.

The long-term aim of Russia and its partners is to transform BRICS from a “dialogue forum and tool of coordinating positions on a limited range of issues into a full-fledged mechanism of cooperation in the key issues of global economy and politics.”

“This is our approach to defining the tasks for the upcoming Russian presidency in this grouping,” he said.

One of the major goals of Russia’s presidency will be implementing the BRICS decisions on setting up its own financial institutions, namely the New Development Bank and a currency reserve pool.

These institutions are aimed at “stabilizing capital markets of the member-states in case of crisis situations in the global economy and also deepening the integration of our states, increasing their trade and investment capacities,” Morgulov said.

Morgulov said Russia is actively cooperating with Chinese partners to achieve this goal. He mentioned a draft BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy up to 2020 which could become an important benchmark for the operations of the New Development Bank, the Business Council and economic bodies of the member-states.

The diplomat said the BRICS member-states plan on increasing the efficiency of industrial and technological cooperation, deepening cooperation in such areas as energy, mining, metallurgy, agriculture, telecommunications, cutting-edge technologies and expanding cooperation in the humanitarian sphere.



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  3. 10 John McCain puppet protesters detained at unsanctioned rally in Moscow

    Posted on January 16, 2015 1 Comment

    10 protesters detained at unsanctioned rally in Moscow

    Some 10 protesters were detained at an unsanctioned rally on Moscow’s central Manezhnaya Square on Thursday, TASS cited police as saying. Initially, the rally was planned by supporters of opposition figure Alexey Navalny and his brother Oleg, who were recently sentenced in an embezzlement case. About 500 protesters gathered on the square but the majority – around 450 – were opponents of the Navalny brothers.


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