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Humor | Men's Restroom Mural

OWoN: Just a bit of Humor to let the Ladies get a look in at the real world. Truth is the guys would be terrified.

Sofitel Queenstown hotel - Image: Sheena Haywood

Queenstown, New Zealand hotel unzips to eye-opening loo

Queenstown photographer Sheena Haywood shot the images of models from local agency Ican -- after Auckland model agencies turned down the job when they heard where the images were going to be placed.

'We had a lot of fun with the shoot, made all the better for the fact that there weren't any men there when we did it,' said Sheena.

Queenstown Signs made up the huge posters which are protected (naturally enough) by a backlit glass wall, and there are plans to change the images on a regular basis.



  1. A whole lot of Little Fellas are going to die of fright.

  2. While we are on the subject of humor, John, you are slipping. You are falling down on the job.

    TNT Tony just announced on his live conference call that someone just cashed in their Dinar in London at $2.26. What's going on John? Are you not paying attention to your business? You should have caught this before TNT did. I am going to have to report you to the White Hats as being asleep at the wheel.


  3. I think he's been lassoing Flying Pigs for Abu Hamza as the Pig needs force feeding Pork. His life sentence today is good news.Remove his hooks now and let him eat from a Swine Trough.

    Now, point 2, I can attest- "I have NEVER fallen asleep on the Job!" .

  4. Thanks, John. Very clever and funny. I'll bet there are a lot of guys that are enjoying it too and can't wait for the next rotation of models. There may be a take-a-number queue forming before long. Lol.


    1. Book me the first 10 numbers please. Especially if they are live.

  5. The little guys won't feel so inept once the DONGS are released


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