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Forget the NSA, Canadian Surveillance System Levitation now Causing Jitters

OWoN: Canada not to be outdone in surveillance. As privacy dies where is freedom?

Image: By Ken Fielding – under CC BY-SA 3.0 or CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Forget the NSA, Canadian Surveillance System Levitation now Causing Jitters

Security Gladiators
By Stephen Kiboi
29 January 2015

The Communications Security Establishment, CSA has joined the league of massive internet surveillance with its new program by the name Levitation. The new program is like the NSA surveillance system except that instead of looking at internet traffic it surveils downloads and uploads of pictures, videos and notes online.

At this point, you have probably heard of the NSA courtesy of leaks by Edward Snowden. Well, if you thought the NSA was our only concern, time is ripe for a change of mind. The Canadians, not to be outdone, have launched their own surveillance machinery.

The Levitation program is stretching its snooping eyes from Canada all the way to Asia through North Africa, Europe and a host of other regions in between.

According to the Canadian authorities, the program sifts through the internet looking for curious files which point to extremism. Extremism is a synonym for terrorism.

Now, those familiar with the term terrorism in the context of the internet and spying will know that terrorism has been a convenient excuse for governments the world over to violate privacy of internet users and even intrude on personal lives of users.

To illustrate this, consider that the Canadian report that their program yields just 350 suspicious files from the millions that are collected their program. This represents just 0.0001% of the data collected. the question the begs, what do the Canadian authorities do with what remains?

Canadian spokesman for an internet freedom group David Christopher said:

“These revelations make clear that CSE engages in large-scale surveillance of our private online activities, despite repeated government assurances to the contrary.” 

His sentiments are supported by other online privacy advocates and activists.

It has been identified that the Levitation dragnet focuses on peer-peer sharing sites. The dragnet also focuses on websites which allow users free downloads. When a suspicious download is flaged,the program traces the downloading IP address and can therefore get to the person on the other end.

While that is scandalous in itself, new reports suggesting that the Canadian authorities are tapping into internet cables and reading data for themselves is more alarming. Think of it like a person listening in on your communication as you download things. The implications of such activities if indeed verified could be very severe since the Canadian authorities clearly have no mandate to do that.

In its defense, the Canadian authorities said:

“CSE is legally authorized to collect and analyse metadata, including from parts of the Internet routinely used by terrorists. Some of CSE`s metadata analysis activities are designed to identify foreign terrorists who use the Internet to conduct activities that threaten the security of Canada and Canadian citizens. CSE does not direct its activities at Canadians or anyone in Canada, and, in accordance with our legislation, has a range of measures in place to protect the privacy of Canadians incidentally encountered in the course of these foreign intelligence operations.”

It is unlikely that that is the case, given the extent of the surveillance. In addition, the CSE cannot prove that its activities have helped prevent any terrorist attack. Simply put, the program has no tangible results, despite its massive scale of operation.

The actions of the Canadian government show that while surveillance might be highly criticized, governments are not about to stop.



  1. This administration is hell bent on keeping the citizens preoccupied with employment, healthcare, 2nd Amendment, spying, and fear; while behind the scenes they are committing the most egregious acts of treason and tyranny against the people. The rule of law has gone awry, and it has been replaced with dictatorial persuasion.

    We did not vote for this; and the only way that these vermin can get our quiet consent is through our non consent...

    1. SNIPPET: YRFT : CHRISTINE … Our enemies have always needed our ‘permission’ first to carry out their plans

      The game is played like this:

      1) The ruling tyrannical families want to change up the game…they are bored…they want more excitement, power, wealth, human flesh, soul tributes, whatever.

      2) This creates the need for them to create the propaganda that is distributed and delivered by whatever system(s) they have in place (MSM, fb pages, twitter, new age internet blogs, lightworkers, nassholes, alternative media, ‘occupy’ movements, epa regulatory commissions, congressional hearings, governmental studies, top scientific think tanks, etc. Even if just a few human slaves receive this propaganda, it makes it so that ruling families & ef can proceed with the catastrophic event because they have given “disclosure” and “announced” their plans to humans and we did not object (this is their trick to make it appear that we give them permission to fuck us). Remember, ef have to pretend to be following UNIVERSAL LAW & LAW OF ONE in order to keep under the radar of those who would bring justice and free us human slaves.

      3) Once the catastrophic event or false flag has been announced/disclosed, ef go about making it happen by building fear, panic and chaos in a majority of the slave population by spewing more and more propaganda. All of this negative energy that we create builds. Our human emotions of fear, anger, frustration, prepping for the worst case scenario, aggressive behaviors generated by being seemingly powerless to avoid propagandized catastrophe or false flag IT ALL feeds the snake families and/or is siphoned off and sold off world. The indomitable soul energy inside our hybrid human bodies is and has been used as e-commerce by ef from the very beginning.

      OUR FEAR FEEDS THE ENEMY FORCES AND ENABLES (GIVES OUR PERMISSION) TO MAKE THE CATASTROPHE HAPPEN OR FALSE FLAG OCCUR! That is why 99% of all news and trending issues on the internet are negative/bad bcz our enemies have always needed our ‘permission’ first to carry out their plans and then build the fear, hate, anger and chaos that feeds their ‘engines’ of destruction that ultimately bring about our demise.

      The Yellowstone eruption in this case is a false flag, catastrophic event that is both fear-mongering (to feed Lizzard butt’s family) AND makes us complicit in making the eruption happen. The ef want to make Yellowstone erupt, but EVE will emit us before this happens. Remember, we are HOURS away from standing up in our real world. Ef know it, have looked at the timeline of their own making to see their own demise. Lizzardbutt holds the remote time resetting device and that is why they are all scrambling to destroy earth and/or leave by a portal. NONE OF THEIR OLD TRICKS WORK, THERE IS NO ESCAPE FOR THEM. So, I look at the Yellowstone eruption reports as a good thing because they “announcing” that EVE will emit us soon. I would consider any negative headline from this point forward as an opportunity to turn it into GOOD NEWS in our minds.


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