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F-35 stealth jet 'will not be able to fire its guns until 2019'

OWoN: The whole project is a disaster and should be scraped. By the time it becomes operational, if indeed it does it will be obsolete. This is a Trillion dollars wasted.

F-35 stealth jet 'will not be able to fire its guns until 2019'

CLG News
1 January 2015

America's much-vaunted new F-35 stealth jet has reportedly suffered the latest in a series of problems with the discovery of a software glitch which prevents the use of its on-board cannon. The jump jets -- 14 of which have been ordered by Britain -- are costing US taxpayers nearly $400 billion (£257 billion) and are due to enter service next year. The news will cause further embarrassment for the programme, which has been dogged by delays, soaring costs and glitches since its inception in 2006. Billed as the world's most advanced -- and expensive -- fighter jet, the cost per plane has doubled to $161.1 million and it will be six years late in entering full production.



  1. Jeez

    So Obuma mouths off at Putin then arms the Top Gun s with Pop Guns?????

  2. What a colossal waste of money!!!


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