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DNA reveals Obama is not the son of an American citizen

OWoN: The world looks on and in and asks - What the hell is wrong with you all? When are YOU going to deal with this? No Respect!

DNA reveals Obama is not the son of an American citizen

Therefore, not eligible to be president and everything he has signed is null and void

The Freedom Fighters Journal
By Ronald Barbour
1 January 2015



  1. Being a Son of a Bitch is not in question.
    Just which Bitch and whose son?
    It gets worse. When is this mass imposter going to be brought in?

    1. He will not be brought in its all a farce, there are no laws stating that the CEO of a corp has to be born an American citizen. And that is what the US Gov is the largest thieving, rat infested for profit corp the world has ever seen.

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  3. Steven Segal, a cia operative turned actor, patriot, says "We have to take our country back!!". ~darylluke. (4min)

  4. The difference between Putin and Obama - You've got to see this!!

    Whoever put that together , found and shows it all in pictures!! ~darylluke.

  5. The problem with Obama is that so many US citizens buy into his deception. I work in a busy, urban hospital with multi-ethnic groups. Many people voted for him simply because he was the first black President.

  6. Tammy, that's the clever diversion the cabal created, after the Bush debacle they installed Bathhouse Barry as the first black POTUS as a unity ploy to keep us looking the other way while they raided the cubbards.

    1. Hello Scott, Obama has deceived the American public. I was hoping he would be different from Bush, the Clintons, etc. when he was first elected to office.

  7. Hi Tammy, we all hoped he would bring the change that he boasted about, until it was obvious to all that he was a controlled cabal puppet who was put in place to destroy America by bringing it to a 3rd world nation status.

  8. Check out American History, the real history; most UsA Presidents or those who have governed our country are foreigners.

  9. BREAKING NEWS – “Universe-shattering’ twist in Obama birth probe”
    Sunday, January 4, 2015

    The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate says the case has taken a startling turn, and sheriff’s investigators now are assisting the Cold Case volunteers.

    “When this information is finally exposed to the public, it will be universe-shattering,” Mike Zullo told WND. “This is beyond the pale of anything you can imagine.”

    Zullo explained that because it’s an active investigation that could produce criminal charges, he’s unable to reveal details at the moment.
    But the allegations, he said, which go far beyond a fraudulent birth certificate, could be public as early as March.

    The issue arose once again because of the death Wednesday in Hawaii of state Health Department chief Loretta Fuddy in a plane crash. She was the official who waived state prohibitions and provided to the White House a copy of a document that Obama presented to the public as his birth certificate.

    It’s the document that Arpaio’s investigators have concluded is fraudulent.

    Amid conspiracy theories circulating the Internet, Zullo told WND Friday that Fuddy’s death – she was the only fatality among nine people aboard a small airplane that crashed off the coast of Molokai – appears to be a tragic accident, not foul play.

    He said his investigation does not depend on any information from Fuddy.

    In an interview today with author and talk-radio host Carl Gallups of PPSimmons News and Ministry Network and the author of “The Magic Man in the Sky,” and the new “The Rabbi who Found Messiah,” Zullo said his investigation of the Obama fraud case “does not hinge on Ms. Fuddy.”

    “While her death certainly is a tragedy, it in no way hampers our investigation in this matter,” he said. “If people truly believe that her untimely demise was somehow related to an attempt to silence her for ‘what she may or may not know,’ then there are several more people in Hawaii who should be very, very concerned.

    “Again, I want to emphasize,” Zullo said, “Sheriff Arpaio and I do not, at this time, believe her death was connected to any nefarious circumstances.”
    (Read full article at link above)


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