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Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory

OWoN: For the Space debates please see this as reality.

We have top contacts into NASA and for a person who regularly flew Concorde 30 years ago, I can assure you the real views from space are amazing. Even at 55,000 ft you see the black of space and sun rising over the curved earth and our awesome planet.

The person in the spacecraft video is Sunita Williams.

Most of us have never seen the interior of the space station except for a brief view. You will find this amazing.

How individuals can spend months under these circumstance is remarkable. The woman floating around giving the tour looks like she is having a bad hair day.

This is amazing, who ever thought one would ever see anything like this. It is what the Space Station looks like. Now we do and it is very impressive.

This is something very worthwhile watching.


  1. A bit of fun, if you will..

    That craft would fly off into space if the gravity of the Earth didn't keep pulling it back towards the core, so it settles in a place without a net force and feel weightless.

    General relativity is all about the curvature of spacetime. When time curves what the heck does that mean?? I have read one very interesting hypothesis that it manifests as displacement in the space dimensions, which we feel as the force of gravity. Since time goes slower closer to a gravitational body, clocks go faster in John's concorde and even faster for this astronaut, by a few nanoseconds per second. This is the curvature of the time dimension along a line extending from the core, which we feel as gravity.

    I hope you all undersrsnd the gravity of the situation! ;)

  2. And thankyou for posting that. When you see calm clear heads working together like that it makes you wonder, what the heck are we doing down here?


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