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D.C. Whispers: Bill Clinton Literally Hangs Up On Obama W.H.

OWoN: As crooks fall out and the Billary Crime Family prepare to return to power. Is nothing clean in America?

D.C. Whispers: Bill Clinton Literally Hangs Up On Obama W.H.

DW Ulsterman
By Ulsterman
28 January 2014

Rumors are circulating of an ever widening rift between the Clinton and Obama camps, most recently worsened by the president’s State of the Union address last week. Clinton operatives repeatedly asked to be allowed input into the SOTU messaging in the weeks leading up to the address. These requests were ignored – entirely, by the Obama White House. Now with dissatisfaction regarding the general tone and content of Barack Obama’s SOTU, the Clinton Machine is said to be preparing a “talk right over them” offensive, which will further minimize the importance and influence of the now fading Obama presidency as the Clintons prepare to launch their 2016 campaign in earnest later this spring.

“They hate each other and it’s getting worse and worse between them every day.”

So says a Capitol Hill source with ties to political operatives from both parties in Congress.

“They (the Clinton camp) wanted input, or at least a chance to review, the details of the State of the Union. Those requests were ignored. I’m told a direct call was made to Jarrett’s office within days of the president’s speech. No return call was made. This has the former president (B. Clinton) repeatedly reminding staff how disrespectful the Obama White House has always been to “…all of us. Not just me, but all of us. Congress, the whole thing. They sh*t on everyone.”

Two days after the SOTU, a staffer very close to Hillary reportedly informed a member of Bill’s staff they finally received a return message from the Obama White House. It was the same copy of the speech given to the media the day of the SOTU. The former president apparently, “…cursed for a good ten minutes before getting on the phone to make a personal call to the White House himself. He was livid. He was put through to John Podesta’s office and promised a quick return call. When that call came just minutes later Bill Clinton is said to have taken the call and then abruptly hung up.”

Podesta’s alleged involvement in the SOTU-related blow up between the former president and the current one is even more interesting given recent media reports that Podesta will soon be leaving his position inside the Obama White House to help oversee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Podesta was also a former White House Chief of Staff during the Bill Clinton presidency.

“They (the Clintons and Obamas) hate each other and it’s getting worse and worse every day. Both Bill and Hillary are already seeing themselves back in the White House and getting more and more attention from all of the major donors of the Democratic Party. This agitates President Obama who thinks he deserves a lot more gratitude. He can’t stand the idea of people looking at him like he’s irrelevant.”


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