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8th century ignorance lives and walks among us

OWoN: We in the West have allowed Vandals of mindless 8th century ignorance to come and live among us. Gratitude? Not at all.

For years this is how the worst of the ignorant Islamic fundamentalist Dogs repay us. Be wary, because when the West says enough, it's kick ass time, the lash-back may be total. It's time to consider returning to originating countries these Rabid dogs. Don't complain you Mutts - Go home! No one asked you to come here. 

When a mongrel dog bites the hand that feeds it - act! We often put it down!


  1. Brainwashed zombies and hypocrites

    "So up to 3 million people took to the streets of Paris, including 40 heads of state, to denounce the murders of 17 victims of a streak of Takfiri terror attacks this past week."

    Saker is right.

    The real terrorists sit in boardrooms in London, Washington and Tel Aviv. They rejoice in their ability to manipulate the masses through the controlled media. The shootings in Paris were a false-flag - an aperitif before the main course of a nuclear 911 incident in Europe. Europe will have its Patriot Act and its own version of Homeland Security.

  2. We have to look behind the scenes to see who really benefit from this and the lasting results and decisions that will be mandated upon the people.

    These are all the same characters who have been the driving force behind all the world's terrorism. Regime change means "corporate take over of all the assets of a country." In this, the diversion of a countries assets outside of that country will break the back of economies for many years. Thus, under the guise of "regime change" we find that the road to bankruptcy is paved, and unexpected consequences lying ahead for those most unsuspecting.

    All wars are banker wars!

  3. We need to turn the Petrol / Gas hoses on the lot and throw in a match!


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