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US President Barack Obama has proposed to China to jointly develop generator technology - "cold fusion"

OWoN: A very interesting new development if true. Then if so, a complete game changer for the Energy world and back to Sandmen for the Middle East. A massive Cut Back to Carbon Emissions and huge energy saving, but the Governments will then control and mass tax it. Then Waste the money as ever!

US President Barack Obama has proposed to China to jointly develop generator technology "cold fusion"

On the gas blackmail Putin came the answer from Obama

By Anatoly Lemysh
27 November 2014

(translated from Russian)

You wonder why so suddenly went down the price of oil? No, do not about what the United States penetrated the problems of Ukraine and the Russian Federation have decided to crush the financial noose. This is a serious matter, because every dollar reduction in the price of oil - billions of lost profits by the US and its companies. How can Arab sheiks burzhuiny and went for it? Who persuaded them to lower the price? Allow me to express the hypothesis that puts everything in its mesta.Delo in that on 8 October this year in Europe was published a report on the test trials of so-called generator Andrea Rossi.

The report was also in Russia and Ukraine completely unnoticed. And in vain! Six professors of physics from Italy and Sweden for 32 days in March and April observed the work of the generator Rossi E-CAT. Then six months and thought finally recognized: this little thing the size of a pencil in the past month has developed heat for 1, 5 megawatt / hour! At least a million times more than able to produce any chemical reaction in the same amount!

The world was a source of almost gratuitous, absolutely safe and clean, unlimited energy that can be produced even on the desk! Generator, the principle of its operation has been described in the article "verified cold fusion reactor , "there is a link to a detailed report of his inspection.

Generator Rossi, his new modification has a ceramic body - tube with a diameter of 2 cm and a length of 20 cm, and terminated at both ends "knobs" 4 cm diameter for electrical connection.

Electricity is necessary only for heating the tube. The reactor contents - 0.5 grams of nickel powder in which hydrogen is injected under pressure, plus some secret additive catalyst. When the tube is warmed up, it starts to produce enormous amounts of energy, many times more than was spent.

The measurements were carried out continuously in two temperature very accurate thermal cameras and recorded on a computer. Other devices fixed energy consumption. Scientists conducted round the clock surveillance of the generator, while Rossi himself near the stand was not. The test was conducted by an independent laboratory in Switzerland, where it was filmed the room that was not even a hint of a secret energy supply and rigging.

The ratio of the received energy expended to marked with the COP. So, in this experiment, the average COP was equal to 3.74. That is, the energy generator Rossi developed in 3.74 times more than was on heating.Although it could be a lot more - obviously adjustment reduces the production of heat, to show the control process.

Total tube for 32 days of work produced heat equivalent to 1.5 megawatt / hour. This energy - much, by orders of magnitude greater than can be obtained from any known chemical source in such a small reactor volume.

A sample of fuel was scrutinized on the isotopic composition before and after the experiment using several standard methods, including three independent external groups . The measurements showed a significant change in the isotopic composition of the powder.

The process in the E-CAT really changes the fuel at the nuclear level, ie nuclear reactions take place.However, no traces of radiation were found.

Professors are completing their passage report, which gives them a complete discouragement: "It is - of course, is not satisfactory, that these results are still no convincing theoretical explanation, but the result of the experiment can not be rejected or ignored only due to lack of theoretical understanding."

The first public demonstration of the E-CAT was held in January 2011. And ran into complete denial and neglect of academic scientific circles. Then he held a number of other shows and tests, and never failed to catch Rossi fraud.

In the last test in March and April of this year were taken into account all the possible comments made ​​by skeptics. Nevertheless, the council confirmed the professors: E-CAT works and produces an incredible amount of heat!

Over the years, Rossi of Italy moved to the US, where the firm has created and received in 2013 a certificate of certification of its generator. He spent 2012-13 sold some of its modifications megawatt unit to unknown buyers. In January 2014 passed the information that the American company «Industrial Heat» Russia acquired the rights to the machine cold fusion Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat. For the start of production lacked only the final output authoritative scientific committee. And now he's got.

Test results all stakeholders waiting for - someone with the hope of success of science, who longingly of future dividends, and some horror. It's no joke: if Russia will supply its generator belt, mankind will have a source of extremely cheap, clean, virtually inexhaustible energy.

This generator can provide power plant and an apartment, car, plane, space rocket and sea liner. It should also be borne in mind that work on the creation of similar devices are in hundreds of laboratories around the world, and several groups have already announced the creation of its existing prototypes.

Generator Rossi in the coming years may send "retired" nuclear and hydro, gas, coal and other CHP. In largely subsided need for gas pipelines and oil tankers. Variable enormous financial flows ravaged the country and entire regions - suppliers of hydrocarbons. And God forbid that it passed without major social upheavals ...

I can assume that it was in anticipation of the explosive spread across the planet generator Rossi US so actively get rid of their oil and gas resources, including shale, fusing them to Europe. After all, the price of hydrocarbons will inevitably fall. I also assume that it is the success of the E-CAT served as a lever of pressure on the Emirates and other Qatar. After all - watch the time - physicists report was published on 8 October, and almost immediately the oil prices rushed down.

Charitable Foundation Rockefeller Brothers Foundation announced "an immediate sale of all assets associated with coal and oil sands." This means that one of the oldest investment funds created in 1940 with money inherited founders John Nelson, Laurence Winthrop and David Rockefeller of Standard Oil Company founder John D. Rockefeller, sells all its shares in the companies, one way or another involved in the production, processing or trafficking in fossil energy sources. Some of these companies include Exxon Mobil Corp.

According to the CEO Rockefeller Brothers Fund Stephen Heinz, this decision is likely to be approved founder of Standard Oil. "I am sure that if he were alive, he is a shrewd businessman, has always looked to the future, began to withdraw funds from fossil energy sources and invest in cleaner renewable sources", - said Mr. Heinz said in a statement.

And yet, "The most important news of the year" - Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson writes in his commentary: "What is the most important news of the year, perhaps not only in the last seven days?

"The new research reactor Rossi. The report not only confirmed the power output, well above everything possible as a result of a chemical reaction, but also gives a clear idea of what it takes nuclear reaction, based on the significant changes in the isotopic ratio of Li and Ni before and after work. To my knowledge, the moderators tried to find a reason to block the report, but eventually gave up)."

Of course, you remember that in early November APEC summit was held in Beijing. Our press to paint Obama as chewing gum, and Putin threw some scarf or shawl on the shoulders of his wife Xi Jinping. And the main event and no one noticed. It turns out that at the APEC summit, Obama suggested that China produces generators Andrea Rossi.

Agency CNN published an article on APEC summit in Beijing. It turns out that in the delegation Obama has brought to the US-China Beijing millliardera JT Vaughn (JT Vaughn). Decode for those who have no clue: JT Vaughn founded Industrial Heat (Industrial Heat), and in January of this year bought the Andrea Rossi all rights to manufacture its generator E-CAT and to sell it. That is, the generator Rossi came under the full control of the US government.

From the article: "Put a few thousand of these tubes (generators Rossi) together - and the world's energy needs are met."

At the summit, APEC Beijing Obama, it turns out, pulled out this card and put it on the table. What words and who said while Obama, CNN agency did not specify. Nevertheless, it is known that there was a meeting JT Vaughn leader Xi Jinping. The parties came to the decision to create a special zone in Baoding (China) for the industrial production of these generators under license from the United States.

In the coming years, China will begin mass production of generators Rossi, and all hydro, nuclear, thermal power can be sent into retirement. China meet its energy needs.

The question is, and why he will then need Russian oil and gas? Pipeline "The Power of Siberia", it can be said to have died before birth. In fact, this step Obama cuts in Russian markets hydrocarbons. On energy blackmail Putin found the answer.



  1. New role for obama? The guy who saved the world??? Curious - I am and this is.

  2. Seems to suggest bathhouse Barry has been studying "chess".

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Gees Vlastimil, is there anything you can say and do besides complaining incessantly. Do you have any other talents. The complaining talent is getting old and redundant. Do you have anything new and different to say or are you a one talent kind of guy.

    2. Paul, please do not make this personal, it is against our TOS.

      Vlastimil, they do have a point. I understand your frustration as we all are frustrated. Please try to put a positive spin on your comments so that they can be seen as constructive and not just constant venting of frustration. If you wish to be heard you must attract interest instead of alienating. Those who have been here since the beginning understand you, those who have not will read your comments negatively. Remember to be objective, no country is without its faults. There are many things that need to change in America for sure, but most Americans know this, and though I may point this out I am also the first to say that my own country needs some changes too, major!

      We are all in this together, so we must work together or what is the point. The only way we can work together is by finding common ground and start from there. There will be know common ground if it is constantly scorched.

  4. And a good morning to you also vlastimil lol.

  5. Timing a bit off, coming AFTER China and Russia had signed their energy deals. Obama is still playing potty golf:

    Potty Putter: Play Golf on the Toilet

  6. OK

    Even if truth, aim is most likely to break or sneak into BRICS and try breaking the trust between Russia and China.....

    Secondly, if they succeed to break BRICS with that project, once the project would have some fruit then China would be cut off .... because once you have cold fusion in your hand - then you are boss...

    200 years plus of USA breaking any treaties with anyone in any circumstances speak for itself .....

    Now if we move on with PP's as hoped and downslide will be slowed down or even stopped due to RV and resets - what would happen then?

    Obama comes right away and says - this was our plan from the beginning but we could not implemented because Russia and BRICS kept creating problems and blocking the system from implementation of this reset ....

    All Western world will believe it at the spot ... no question asked. Next election in the USA - all faithfully go to vote Jeb or Hilary .... end of the game.

    Vote them out? This is a joke, they control the vote machine? What happened in Swiss vote - John said it before how it will go --- or Scots? You pay at elections you get the seat.

    And geopolitics goes the same way as it goes today - small countries being sacrificed for the sake of USA ---- wars, coups, etc ---- nothing will change.....

    So, how to change it then? Stop supporting the NAZI party.

    You might say, stop calling them NAZI! Well look at Ukraine - who built the NAZI cohorts? It took a long planing - picking people for that. Setting up silent secret camps - NAZI camps - all planed for over 10 years - consciously - wilfully with clear end result.

    And when Russia proposes legislation to abandon glorification of NAZI - who comes at international scene to block it?

    Please, this is plain as blue sky - from 1934 USA is a NAZI camp - it just took some decades that they do not hide it anymore. Before they had to hide it, now they say it plainly to the world - We are NAZI and history of NAZI is dear to us as NAZI heroes - I mean NAZI bastards.

    ...... these are hard words but it must be spelt out - it is as a cold bucket challenge - so it is.....

    ....... WAKE UP .......


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