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Torture report: Battle lines being drawn

OWoN: Now the facts will slowly start to emerge. The horrors of these illegal wars. Time to face down BUSH AND B LIAR who caused a million deaths. Two truly rotten men.

Senator Diane Feinstein says the US torture report will be released this week

Torture report: Battle lines being drawn

BBC News
By Anthony Zurcher
8 December 2014

The public has yet to see the Senate Intelligence committee report on the rendition, detention and interrogation practices of the George W Bush administration, so its actual contents are currently the province of rumours and leaks.

With the release of its 480-page executive summary said to come on Tuesday, however, the arguments over its implications are already in full swing.

In an article in Monday's New York Times, Peter Baker says that the two-year-old report details the "brutal techniques" - considered torture by critics - the government employed on suspected al-Qaeda and other Islamic militants, and questions their effectiveness. It also reportedly contends that Central Intelligence Agency field operatives misled Congress and Bush Administration senior officials as to the extent of the programme.

The sharpness of the criticism, Baker says, has Bush Administration officials who devised and implemented the policies banding together to justify their actions.

The report, former CIA Deputy Head John E McLaughlin tells the Times, "uses information selectively, often distorts to make its points, and as I recall contains no recommendations".

Former CIA Director Michael V Hayden tells the New York Times that "we're here to defend history", not torture

"We're not here to defend torture," former CIA Director Michael Hayden says. "We're here to defend history."

On Saturday the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Jose A Rodriguez Jr, the CIA operative in charge of the interrogation programme. He says the policies were "authorised by the highest levels of the US government, judged legal by the Justice Department and proved effective by any reasonable standard".

Not only that, he adds, some of today's biggest critics were once the loudest voices calling for the CIA to "do everything possible to prevent another attack on our soil".

He says in the days after the 9/11 attacks, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein - who has become a driving force in recent efforts to release the report - and other Democratic senators were privately urging the CIA to take charge.

"Our reward, a decade later, is to hear some of these same politicians expressing outrage for what was done and, even worse, mischaracterising the actions taken and understating the successes achieved," he writes.

The report's critics also contend that its release could provide a propaganda win for US enemies and threaten US allies - said to be part of the reason why US Secretary of State John Kerry asked Ms Feinstein on Friday to delay the report's release.

"This will be used by our enemies to motivate people to attack Americans and American facilities overseas," Mr Hayden said in a CBS interview on Sunday.

Appearing on Fox News, House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rodgers said:

"Our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths."

Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee plan to release a separate report of their own

Such arguments are bunk, writes Tufts University Prof Daniel W Drezner for the Washington Post.

"There is no shortage of US foreign policy actions and inactions in the region to inflame enemies," he writes. "The Senate report is small potatoes compared to that."

Blogger Andrew Sullivan disagrees, but says he wants the report released anyway.

"Of course this complicates relationships with foreign countries; of course it guts any remaining credibility on human rights the US has; of course the staggering brutality endorsed by the highest echelons in American government will inflame American enemies and provoke disbelief across the civilised world," he writes.

"But that's not the fault of the report; it's the fault of the torture regime and its architects, many of whom have continued to operate with total impunity under President Obama."

Democratic Senator Mark Udall, who has read the report and is an outspoken advocate for its release, says people will be "disgusted" by its contents.

"When this report is declassified, people will abhor what they read," Mr Udall told Esquire magazine. He says that if its release is blocked, he will "use every power" to get it into the public record, perhaps even reading it on the Senate floor.

Senator Mark Udall claims people will be "disgusted" by the report's findings

"It's too historic," he says. "And we can't afford to repeat the mistakes to let this slide."

Once the report is out, expect the argument to only grow fiercer. According to the Times, the document's authors will respond to critics once Americans have had an opportunity to review the facts "and make up their own minds".

The Daily Beast's Shane Harris and Tim Mak write that a group of former government officials have already penned on opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, to be published after the report is released, that will present a "fierce rebuttal of the committee's findings" and "blast what they see as a biased, five-year process that culminated in a flawed history" of the programme.

In addition, Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who did not sign off on the report, plan to release one of their own.

History is written by the victors, as the saying goes. It explains why former administration officials and their critics see the upcoming battle over the Senate report - a perhaps not-so-small piece of history in the US "war on terror" - as too important to lose.



  1. Now you wonder why they behead Americans? And other poor victims. Time to close this~Agency, long overdue time!

  2. CIA Torture Report Exposes Bush + Cheney War Crimes

    A report on CIA torture programs and interrogation tactics implemented by Dick Cheney and the George W. Bush administration during the War on Terror has just been released by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in the report that the CIA’s interrogation techniques did not lead to any valuable intelligence. Are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney war criminals? We take a look at the contents of the shocking report and get the CIA response to the findings in this Lip News clip with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.

  3. Of course they are criminals and this is the point of the report. IT IS THE PROOF THEY ARE INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMINALS and should be tried at The Hague in absentia, convicted and warrants then issued. And, it is NOT just them two, either! EVERYBODY that obeyed all those ILLEGAL orders is each guilty, too! That was clearly established in Nuremburg trial!! This report is actually over 6,000 pages long, and contains name places,dates, etc.... THIS alleged WAR ON TERROR is actually in fact a WAR ON PRIVATE CITIZENS!! It is a WAR ON PERSONAL LIBERTY, PERSONAL RIGHTS & PERSONAL FREEDOM!! It is BLATANT IN YOUR FACE NAZIISM!! This Feinstein is ONE OF THEM!!~darylluke.

  4. "Nuremberg was considered the ceremonial birthplace of the Nazi Party. It had hosted the Party's annual propaganda rallies[16] and the Reichstag session that passed the Nuremberg Laws.[17] Thus it was considered a fitting place to mark the Party's symbolic demise."

    Well, OBVIOUSLY the Nazi Party's demise DID NOT in fact happen, but fluorished IN SECRET here in the USA CORP first with OPERATION PAPERCLIP after the war to hide them, and was why the CIA was created. BRITAIN is/was an active accomplice in this, I might add. Part of the REASON for JFK's assassination was his passion and his brother Bobby's passion "to scatter the CIA to the four winds"!! They paid DEARLY for this passion and the American people have NEVER forgotten!! ~darylluke.

  5. Per Mike Rivero: “While the people who ordered the use of torture will sadly never see the necktie party they all deserve, there is one good thing about the release of the torture report, even heavily redacted as it is.

    This report will make it very difficult indeed for the US Government to engage in a false-flag attack to restart the war agenda as the overwhelming opinion of Americans and people around the world is that the US deserves what it gets. The expected rush of sympathy and blind support that is the objective of any false-flag attack will be elusive in the extreme.”

  6. Horrific Torture Report Shows Why Much Of
    The World Considers America To Be The
    Nazis Uf The 21st Century.
    By Michael Snyder

  7. Correct DL
    And why it is not safe for Americans to walk the roads almost anywhere in the world now. Who is the worlds most hated nation? Seriously- hated.

  8. CIA torture: Report shows CIA tortured suspects at secret overseas sites for years, achieved nothing from it, and lied about it....

    Poland can boast of such secret places - that's why we have Polish thug D. Tusk now running EU instead of pedophile ring around 'fool Rompuy'

    1. What a gain - from pedophile ring to masochist ring .... HMMMMMM

  9. From Mirella comment in today's Independent:

    The 528-page document authorised by the Justice Department
    This is terrible.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. CIA Tortured, Sexually Assaulted Detainees: Physicians for Human Rights

    The New York City based Physicians for Human Rights announced that the CIA's use of rectal hydration and rectal feeding on detainees is a form of sexual assault and torture.

    "This is a form of sexual assault, masquerading as medical treatment," Dr. Vincent Iacopino, the human rights group's senior medical adviser said in a statement Wednesday. "In the absence of medical necessity, it is clear that the only purpose behind this humiliating and invasive procedure is to inflict physical and mental pain."

    Physicians for Human Rights said that rectal hydration and feeding are not more effective in treating dehydration than other traditional techniques such as oral or intravenous injections of liquids and nutrients. The human rights group came to the conclusion that using the invasive technique was "likely used as punishment."


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