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Three Ballistic Missile Launches Detected by Russia's Aerospace Defense

OWoN: Do not think the Russian and Chinese are not ready to act if needed. 

Only if they move, it won't be sabre rattling. If pushed they WILL go for it. And Real world, America WILL fold and take the chance of some mercy. Because America will NOT face losing the lot, whereas Russia and China WILL. It's all about mind set.

Three Ballistic Missile Launches Detected by Russia's Aerospace Defense

One launch was detected Saturday morning, and two launches were detected Thursday, deputy chief of the Space Command said.

Sputnik News
29 November 2014

Moscow — Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces (ADF) have detected the launch of three foreign ballistic missiles, Major General Anatoly Nestechuk, the deputy chief of the Space Command, said.

“We’ve detected a foreign ballistic missile launch this morning, and another two similar launches were detected the day before yesterday – that is exactly the kind of job our crews perform,” Major General Nestechuk said.

He also added that Russia was notified about these launches beforehand, but the fact that they were successfully detected illustrates the high combat readiness level and professionalism of the ADF.

Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces were formed on December 1, 2011. They are responsible for air and missile defense, as well as for launches and the control of satellites.



  1. If this is how UsA's commander and chief have a tantrum, then we need to pull the responsibility of guarding our country and citizen from him. He is irresponsible and he needs to grow up...he reminds me of a kid when the kid doesn't get its way...we are in trouble!

  2. Imagine had Russia and China launched!!!!!

    1. We would not be here to even discuss this had Russia and China retaliated. It's only by the love of God that real men took a sane approach...WOW!

  3. I would like details. What was launched? Aimed where? Was it a test? Did something blow up? If not, why not?

  4. Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 32.

    Today there are many self-proclaimed authorities who condemn
    as nonsense anything they don't understand. It happened with the
    telephone, the automobile, the airplane, space travel, and so on.
    Today it is happening in regard to underwater missiles, particle
    beam weapons, floating Soviet cosmospheres, and other life and
    death matters. Today our secret rulers are trying to cover up so
    many things in so many ways that it's becoming increasingly
    difficult to do so. As always their own secret political and
    economic plans and maneuvers are kept under wraps until they are
    ready to spring on the unsuspecting public--only now their plans
    no longer work smoothly, as they once did. But beyond that,
    elaborate efforts are being mounted to hide from the public the
    disastrous military and space setbacks suffered by the United
    States in recent months.

    Soviet sabotage operations about which I have been giving a
    warning for nearly a year are now taking an increasing toll; and
    government spokesmen are working overtime to make exploding grain
    elevators, exploding factories, exploding refineries, exploding
    railroad tank cars, and explosions in power plants all seem
    unrelated; and to keep the lid on events related to Russia's
    total military domination of space, not only government personnel
    but also selected Congressional, academic, industrial, and
    scientific spokesmen are being pressed into service. They think
    that by siding with the Soviet Union, the winning side, they will
    end up being treated very well; but traitors are traitors and can
    never be trusted. So collaborators are always the first to be
    eliminated after a country is conquered. As for our secret
    rulers themselves, together with their intimates, the precedent
    they themselves established in the Nuremberg trials after World
    War II will be applied. In the aftermath of the coming nuclear
    war, the traitors who have destroyed America from within will be
    tried for war crimes and duly executed.


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