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Thoughts of a concerned US Patriot regarding Chinese dissent

OWoN: These are the thoughts of a concerned US Patriot regarding Chinese dissent.

I agree that this would be a GREAT LOSS for the two countries. I DISAGREE that the loss is limited to, the two countries. THAT, is the shame of it all, but then is it?

Too many times in history has the disagreements among a few people in power, caused unbalance and loss of and for "the people" who are actually hurt as a direct result of the discord.

So when it is said that there would be a great loss for both countries? Who is that speaking of? Who is it really considerate of?

One would hope that over time, new leadership would learn from the mistakes of past leaders. From the mistakes of history.

From all of this, one true and greater leader MUST emerge. Even if that true greater leader is unfortunately not from the United States.

When I was a child, I was told when called derogatory names to always remember, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never hurt me".

From that practice and personal discipline, comes personal strength, honor, integrity and the basis for leadership.

The governmental administrations of the U.S. have not bought the goods that are manufactured in China that have served so well to build China. The "people" of this country have not decried nor rallied not to buy Chinese manufactured goods.

The "people" of the United States deserve better and more consideration IN SPITE OF the lack of leadership of this country.

The current administration certainly has made many bad decisions which have cost "the country" its financial integrity and national integrity.

The people of this country have not been lied to and deceived, placed in debt more, than at any other time in history so blatantly by their elected officials.

Honor, values, ethics, integrity, honesty is all but lost via the leadership of this country.

The "people" of the United States need help IN SPITE OF the leadership of this country.

The "people" of the United States DO NOT deserve to be the discarded bath water as a result of the bad leadership in place.

The "people" of the United States needs China and other countries to recognize the reality and facts. The truth.

The current leadership or administration is not the sole guilty party. But it certainly is the party and administration that has lead "the people" of this country, lead the country as a nation, to "the brink and leading edge" of this cliff and set the stage for long term failure as a country.

This is a time for thoughtfulness, reserve and courage by those that have the capacity and strength as true leaders.

The "people" of the United States require leadership from "without" at this time in history because the true leadership fails to exist "within".

I am a Vietnam veteran.

I went to Vietnam well trained to do my job against an enemy.

When I left Vietnam, I knew that I had seen the worst humanity had to offer at the time.

I met Chinese men who were soldiers that also had pictures of their families and loved ones they would have preferred to be at home with rather than risking their lives in battle. Just as American soldiers were following the orders of our leadership, and we also carried pictures of our loved ones with us, and preferred to be at home in peace.

I realized then and accept the reality now that "the people" of countries could get along just fine if left unto our own to do so.

It is the alleged leadership of countries, the disagreements of the few in power, that create and cause the conflicts.

The "people" of the United States needs the help of China at this time.

The "people" of the United States has been the true U.S. partners with China. Not our administration(s) or our incompetent leadership.

Not just both countries, but all countries need for a true leader to stand up and stand out at this time in history because "the people" of many countries shall be effected.

This is a time for pride and ego to be set aside.

For determination and resolve to be in place for a common and mutual good.

The U.S. lacks that at this time.

Someone with very strong influence must stand up for "the people" of the U.S..

That timing needs to be now. In spite of our "leadership".

Now the question also surfaces, "Who shall such a leader be from where?"

I am an American. I am a veteran. But I also am a member of a global society of people, of humanity.

Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Honor, Values, Ethics, Morals, Courage.

All traits that need to be recovered for the sake of this country as well as others if we are to live together in peace and harmony on this planet.

This is a broken nation of people that have worked hard only to be broken by leadership.

The 401k retirement accounts of the majority of the elderly people have been reduced through losses to the point of being worthless for consideration to retire. Those individuals who worked hard all of their life and sacrificed and saved money for retirement are now seeing interest rates so low that the interest they knew they could rely upon as retirement income is meaningless. A CD of $500,000.00 that used to pay only a few years ago 5 to 6% is now paying about $5,000.00 gross per year than that gets taxed also. Social Security income that didn't used to be taxed is now also taxed. Income and property taxes are higher. Cost of utilities, goods and services are higher. A person who has $500,000.00 and gets social security finds it difficult to be self subsidized and now taxes are due to increase yet again. Federal and state and city taxes. While at the same time the number of jobless and under employed is in fact well over 15% and climbing, the current administration wants to violate it own laws to maintain millions of illegal aliens and import more which shall further burden the existing jobs market as well as increase cost of government therein causing the need to increase taxes again, for people who are not working and/or are under employed in a country that at the same time, has small, medium and large companies going out of business because of increased governmental impositions.

So "the people" of this country cannot afford to pay any more taxes for more or adjusted debt. Any level headed person can see that with exception of our current administration and the parties.

All sense of common sense has been lost in this countries leadership on BOTH sides of the isle and administration.

Should the Federal Reserve had the intelligence to NOT allow the "government" to create more debt? Should maybe China said, NO more. FIX thyself by reducing spending, by ridding of government waste, by elimination of unnecessary government offices, by eliminating overlapping federal and state programs, selling off un-needed and unused assets, eliminating corruption in government, by holding government employees and offices accountable for wasted spending. Being financially fiscally responsible.

But this country also is not alone in these facts.

There must be a way to break through and accomplish the mutual goals at hand "at this time" rather than later.

The time is now. It is the right thing to do at this time.

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