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Religious Humor | Oh, the memories

It must be wonderful to look back in years-to-come and recognize all your old classmates.. and the memories of all the fun times.

This is a very nice souvenir photograph of 24-newly wedded couples in Enfield, near London.

Just hope for their sakes, that each husband goes home with the right tablecloth.


  1. Wot a swizz....I was expecting a bit of Laurie, seeing as he featured as click bait on your banner. Well, to remedy the unforgiveable oversight, here he is, together with a bit of Stephen Fry:

    Alternative RE School Teacher - A Bit Of Fry And Laurie

    "We worship you, O God or Gods,
    Whoever you may be.
    We realise that you operate
    We thank you for the birds and bees,
    For creatures live or dead,
    But if you actually don’t exist,
    Then ignore what we’ve just said."

    1. Well I needed a small pic that would work on the home page. I think I may use it for all Religious humor posts.

    2. Just joshing, canauzzie. You do a brilliant job running the site. I needed some excuse for posting a Bit of Fry and Laurie....if ever an excuse were needed. Peace.


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