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Op-Ed | Ferguson

OWoN: We have no idea who wrote this, but it accurately sums up the situation. An unknown citizens own assessment of the deteriorating reality of America today.

Like most Americans, I have been glued to the television and radio the past few days monitoring events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, subsequent to the grand jury verdict exonerating police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The more I see and hear, the more I am concerned about the rapidly deteriorating state of my country.

I have often thought and written that the root of America's many deadly problems is to be found not in the malfeasance and incompetence of a few elected leaders, but in the intellectual, moral and spiritual rot rampant among the people. The election of a flashy but grossly unqualified, anti-American empty suit to the nation's highest office, the subsequent massive squandering of the nation's wealth in reckless, misguided government borrowing and spending, the resulting massive, unconscionable increase in the nation's debt - a debt which now can never honestly be repaid - the looming collapse of the US Dollar, the colossal fraud of Obamacare perpetrated on a gullible people by means of blatant lies and deception, the throwing open of the nation's borders in a transparent attempt to corrupt, transform and tilt the nation's electorate forever in favor of the Big Lie of liberalism, the pathetic, disastrous mismanagement of our foreign relations, - all of this has its roots in a decadent and stuporous people who first elevated then sustained in power a traitor, sapper and saboteur and his anti-American ilk.

The debacle of Ferguson now opens another window on the ongoing coming-apart of America and the ongoing rotting away of the collective American character. The lifeblood of this nation is the rule of law, and what we are witnessing now in Ferguson and across the nation is an organized assault on that existential principle. A sheriff interviewed on Sean Hannity's radio talk show today referred to the driving force behind this assault as an "anarchist movement" - an attempt to overthrow the existing order based on rule of law - to burn down what we have so that something radically different can replace it. The sheriff went on to observe that if we are to repel this assault, it is imperative that we first recognize it for what it is.

Throwing another sop to political correctness, almost all commentators, right or left, depict Brown's death as "a tragedy". It was no such thing. It was the inexorable consequence of his own lawless behavior. Cause and effect. The real tragedy is not that he got what was coming to him, but the morally bankrupt black social milieu that shaped Michael Brown, raised him up to be a violent lawbreaker and generated in him the violent behavior that resulted in his death. That is the tragedy that nobody wants to confront - that much of black society is rotten to the core and produces far more criminal behavior than does white society - actually about ten times more according to some statistics.

However, none of what has been happening since the verdict has much if anything to do with the death of Michael Brown, a 6' 4'', 290-pound felonious punk whose lawless, violent attack on a police officer half his size directly resulted in his own death. This event has simply provided a convenient excuse for the aforesaid anarchist movement to act out.

The reality, as the bi-racial grand jury concluded after examining all the evidence and hearing all available witnesses, mostly black, is that Officer Wilson behaved exactly as he should have, exactly as he was trained to behave under the circumstances and had every right to act to save his own life in the face of Michael Brown's attack. Those who reject this verdict - the result of the careful, orderly, methodical due process the law requires - those still demanding "justice" for Michael Brown, those rioting in the streets, destroying private property mostly belonging to blacks, in fact are rejecting the justice that clearly has been done according to law. They don't give a damn about the truth of this matter that has clearly been determined in the legal process and are instead seeking to overwhelm the rule of law with the rule of the lynch mob. I have little doubt - do you? - that if these people had Darren Wilson all to themselves they would indeed lynch him. This is not just an assault on Darren Wilson. It is a direct assault on the lifeblood of America - the rule of law.

Far more disturbing than the lawlessness in the streets of Ferguson, however, is the complicity of the president of the United States and the Justice Department - Obama and Holder. Instead of standing up for the rule of law as their oaths of office require, both of these men from the beginning have stoked the fires of racial division and unrest.

Barack Hussein Obama declared early-on his intention to "fundamentally transform the United States of America", and everything he has done since he assumed power has been consistent with that stated objective. Everything he has done has been consistent with the goal of burning down traditional America and replacing it with a radical, revolutionary socialist vision. He is a destroyer of the America that was and is complicit with Holder in the ongoing assault on the Constitution and the rule of law it enshrines. The cancer of lawlessness is spreading...

"If the law be down, such a wind will blow in the land that no man can stand."

author unknown


  1. canauzzie

    this would be worth of posting ---- we deal with Troickyism in a full swing ....

    Trotskyist-Type Revolutions Go On Without the World Even Knowing It.......

    1. this is very well put.... spot on!.... gonna send this to all I can.... thanks canauzzie


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