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News Flash: Thomas - blocking settlement transfers

News Flash

One World of Nations
24 December 2014

The Agencies have detected that a party named Thomas, operating via Montreal, has now blocked the transfer of Settlement money to the US Patriots.

In the same way we got after Herzog and his other Canadian Crooked partner Guenete, who were bag Men for the Bush / Clinton Crime Families, we put you on notice Thomas, we are coming after you. Your name flagged yesterday. The dragnet is starting. We will find you. We will deal with you.Take your THIEVING hands off those funds damn you, and release what is not yours! Those are the Patriots' Funds and you are a Bag Man - Scumbag like Herzog. We got Herzog arrested in Berlin and serious files link him to Bush.

Herzog now lives switching between Safe Houses in Germany with his crooked Agency Handlers. Guenette hides out in Israel with the rest of his kind. He is on a Canadian watch list.

Thomas, it may be Xmas, but a lot of deserving folks are denied one because of YOU. So be aware, the group are now onto you. And they are pissed. Right now you are as much worth as dog excrement on a shoe. This is your notice and marker. Friday onwards we will be checking the release of those funds. In the meantime the good guys in the Agencies are tracking you down. We also have good contacts in the RCMP. So be aware scumbag, once we fully identify you, the gloves are off and expect major league grief to come down on you. Just realize, a few ex-Agency boys are among the Patriots, and all want your head right now. So Thomas, be aware there are no borders for crooks, and no limits to what we will unleash to find you.




  1. In just hours we already may have Thomas identified. First we need to check it's the right one then they unload.
    His Xmas day will be crap for sure, because he is being told right now you have been giving support to the enemy and Traitors, and you will face Conspiracy and Rico charges now. Way to go, crap on his Xmas. Yes you Son of a Bitch our reach IS that far and FAST. Friday, if those funds don't unlock- The group will unload on you! The Bushwhackers will leave you as a Patsy to take the heat. The whole Global team are coming for you. You lie down with Dogs, see what you wake up with.

    1. John,

      If they can reach into these funds and block them, why can't your teams just reach in and take them?

    2. Because we are not the Account Holders, and the US account holders have " Issues" facing them down. But as tempers build, new determination is growing. For too long the US has had crooks at the wheel getting away with murder. .

    3. Makes note to self to NEVER tick John off. Merry Christmas John!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Thomas!

  3. John or Canauzzie,

    Could Harper be involved in this as we all know he is as crooked as the day is long.

    1. Could try to shelter him but we have contacts also and they don't respond to crooked Politicos or Zionists.

  4. Thomas -

    ...and one helluva miserable New Year that you will regret every day for the rest of your stinking, worthless, meaningless little life. However short/long that is!

  5. Drop him off at the North Pole with 30 days rations. A fitting end.Alone, cold, bleak lonely slow death.

    1. Hell No I would rather drop him onto an ice float with 2 male polar bears waiting . See how far he gets

    2. drop him off into a pit of vipers snakes. looking at that alone will scare the bejesus out of him

  6. JOHN,

    Thank you for keeping us informed. This is very encouraging. Let us hope there are no more "Thomases" out there to muck up the releases. It is sounding like we may just have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    1. Times and moods are changing. The Sheeple are waking up and moods will change when aware. That is why YOU are all so important to help educate the masses. The is a fight we are all in together. One for you all, with only one end if you lose, or do nothing.

    2. This blog does not have that far of a reach, JOHN. Also, if there is such a hypothetical larger network to promote from the question becomes where does one start!! Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City and that preachers compound in Texas where all the men, women & children were slaughtered before a nation live perhaps? Just Bill Clintons true story is probably over 20 hours of videos.Same for his insane wife. Or, do we start with JFK and his dear brother Bobby, and MLK?
      Another 20 hours. This is just one area of information. See what I mean? It is massive!!


  7. This John Thomas sounds like the world's largest prick:

    Meanwhile, here's a reminder not to over-indulge this Christmas:

  8. Replies
    1. We have partial code releases and serious dialogue now from Friday onwards. They are so used to gutless wimps scared of their own shadow they have got used to bullying their way, until faced down. Bullies crack when getting a taste face on. Inside very Bully is a coward fronting big. Scumbags like the Germanic Neo Nazis have got away with too much for too long. We are in their face and working them over with Global allies.
      We have 1,000 years of Culture and history behind us. Old Money and Old guard. We smell "Low" Class like them a Texan Oil Dump away. We know crap folds in time, always. These are not smart people just crooked people. Rotten. The whole world is changing now. They have ruined the wishes of the Founders and the great statesmen who founded the new Colony. Time to get standards back don't you think? Time to say NO to the crooks and Cabal. Time to Man Up? Stand up in total and see them run. Or die a failed colony of cowards whimping in the dark. Freedom is NOT free!
      We are doing our part. Time to 300M more to wake the F up! America is haemorrhaging badly. Leadership has gone. The low life mediocrities run everything now. But, as you have seen, into the ground.
      A vast number of well educated and good people deserve better. But, as their country, THEY have to get off their butts and take it back. America deserves better.

    2. I couldn't agree more.'s like talking to a wall with most of these people. You get the deer in headlights look when you try to get people up to speed.

      They have been so perfectly dumbed down.

      They have been assaulted from all fronts since birth.

      vaccines, drugs, tv, food additives, education, poisons in the air, electromagnetic pollution, hygiene products.

      Everyday they are dosed and conditioned. Slowly, over time, the mass consciencness has become feeble.

      The whole planet needs a 30 day fast, but definately America.

    3. The coming economic collapse of the US will achieve that. Its long overdue.

    4. John, could you please elaborate a little what the first sentence means to this economic understanding challenged person. Specific ally what is a 'code release' and does it have anything to do with the GCR?

      "We have partial code releases and serious dialogue now from Friday onwards>.

      Thank you John. :-)

      Read more at:
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  9. Paul

    There are many levels of US Debt owed. Basically they owe the planet having stolen from, usurped and lied to all. They owe Private Placement Debts, Bond Debts,Treasury Debts and vast Fed debts. This is a nation which has lived a vast lie for half a century and built a bogus economy on debt, false promises and Ponzi money. All the books are a lie and the economy a fantasy. One where an entire nation has been raised in a Fools Paradise. When the US Masses were needed to feed the Ponzi Consumer Boom, they had a role. Now, post boom they are a nuisance factor of Overstocked Sheeple needing culling.
    America owes huge money to so many nations. Redemption needs to be sequenced. Doing none is no longer tolerable. Nations are refusing to accept such Cabal gamesmanship. Gunboat Diplomacy does not work when you cant even afford the fuel to launch it nowadays.
    But as every Dog ( Nation) is in attack mode, stalling all is no longer viable. Some have to be paid for credibility or the lot is going down.
    All accounts are held in certain account sequences. Each coded to be called when due. When entering the Global Banking System, funds are a called by referencing the account number, full coordinates and applying the screen access security codes pre supplied.
    The only way America can stall much longer is to be seen to be part paying some, or the lot faces Global fury and total payback demand. Only pathetic Global Leadership has allowed this truly degenerate Pariah State to get away with it all for so long. Funds have been traced ready for transfer or seizure. The Creditors already have the amount, account numbers plus certain access codes. Only final security release codes are missing and they are being demanded right now. Russia,Asia and China are sick to the back teeth of the US. But Washington DC lives in a Goldfish Bowl of illusions. They have no concept of War on the Homeland soils. Yet Russia and China, now 3 to 4 years ahead of the US in Military nuke capacity and capability, have already openly warned a Pre Emptive attack on the US is now a growing possibility. The Pariah nation is now in play. Pay, or be damned. parasites always get dislodged.

  10. Sounds like there are existing accounts with sufficient funds to satisfy the payments of PPs and mentioned debts but just waiting on final release of codes for transfer of funds. To the ears of a novice in global finances, this sounds like music to my ears..or am I reading this wrong?
    Thanks for the update John

  11. John, these debts that are owed by the US from thievery, fraud etc and are hidden in certain accounts with hidden codes that can be accessed via certain screens, does these stolen funds have any intrinsic value since the US has no gold or silver or commodities to back these funds up how can they be paid back with debt, or can this debt be monetized somehow.

    1. If its handed to us, nothing said just watch and see.

  12. John,
    Many thanks for all your time in answering unending questions! I truly appreciate all the years of effort by you and so many unnamed others to restore our once great countries and civilization in its entirety. Starting down the rabbit hole several years ago as a result of watching a toddler grandson sink into Autism after the demanded vaccines, I realize now even some devastating problems can bring needed awareness. There has been so much 'reeducation' over the past 6 years it's difficult to describe...except to say...everything I thought I knew was WRONG! Upon entering my 70th year recently, I now feel confident that so many of you will bring a much better life for our children and grandchildren than what they were about to face. At least I hope it will change rapidly enough. We owe so much to the White Hats that can never be repaid in a manner befitting the sacrifices!

  13. Texian

    We are ALL as one. Every one of us are inter connected. When the slime Cabal and Zionist Kazakh s hurt one, it hurts all. Worse, theirs is both a false dream and arrogance. We are fighting Neo Nazi and Zionist duplicity. Both are an HIV of humanity. Each a pestilence.
    Your Grandson will be redeemed in full in his next awakening. Just blindly trust what I tell you. Be- Lieve! He will re emerge empowered again and you will both meet again and understand. He will NEVER lose his Soul. He lives. This is just a step of life, a link in a chain of discovery for you. His Soul is perfect. You will see.
    Once you fully experience what awaits all, you will understand.

    Not only is your immortality of being a timeless period of development, but for some, Atonement in Millennia will question their gratuitous choice of decades for thousands of years of what awaits them. A Soul is energy. The only way to hurt, physically hurt energy, is a depth of nuclear level energy which will sweep right through them and a scale of pain indescribable.
    Death will be a blessing denied them. To " Burn" the badness out of them once seen avails deep understanding. What awaits the Bushes, Zionists and Clinton's, is beyond their worst nightmares. Cheney also. They will be powerless when it is unleashed upon their Souls. As the vermin they each are, they will be so treated. Abominations to a man.

    Your life is your Book of Life. Not Religion,reality. True awareness. What awaits you is both far more magnificent than any Religion, and is available for most, but deep transgressors face retribution on a a scale Mankind does not contemplate or envisage. Fear not False Gods.

    We must all try to turn back the clock now and restore values. Money is made round to go around for all our people.
    Give your Grandson love, that is wealth. It will enrich you both. He will value what you gave him.
    All we take with us is our Book of Life. We all come here, as a physical body to contribute and experience physical being. One you experience what is beyond, you are at one with all, and changed forever,. YOU know. Belief is just a word. To KNOW is everything. Those who have "Travelled" come back re energised and empowered. Values are pure and clear, and all is good with the world , as long as Cal Girl remembers the extra L!
    God does humour!

  14. The cat is out the bag! "Thomas" has been what happens next?

    Could this following be a result of the identification of this slim ball Thomas?

  15. JOHN,

    Thank you for the updates and insights today!!

    AUTISM is a man-made disease, and is nothing more than willfully designed poison!! Injecting our children with aluminum & mercury is MONSTROUS and MUST BE STOPPED!! It truly IS an epidemic designed by psychotic MONSTERS!! I prayed & prayed that my 13 year old granddaughter would not get it. Now, I am again praying for my other 3 year old granddaughter not to get it from these poison-injections!!


    1. These people are supposed to be our healers, yet they are our poisoners & our killers!!


  16. "Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They … despite their inability to actually feel (emotion) … will appear normal to unsuspecting people.
    Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature.

    When committing crimes, psychopaths carefully plan out every detail in advance … psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous … Intelligent psychopaths make excellent white-collar criminals … due to their calm and charismatic natures."

    Click "SKIP AD" at top right:

    Article about Tricky Dick Cheney. ~darylluke.


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