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NATO in Ukraine Means Asking for War with Russia

OWoN: The idea of the Ukraine as a NATO country is a total farce and an insult to every standing member of NATO to be in such possible company. The place is bankrupt and has horrid criminal activity everywhere making Greece look like a model citizen when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Sleep with a dog and you will get fleas comes to mind. They are so low, that doctors routinely harvest good organs from wounded soldiers, to sell for a quick buck. Nice company for NATO soldiers, think they would not do it to another national, think again; it is all about a quick buck with no regard for the future or morality.

One should be very careful using such a country as a tool in a game of chance where the conflict escalation will not be just tank battles but hypersonic nukes hitting in minutes. The US will not be able to hide from this. And for what? A nuclear winter is a false dream of winning as only the insects will win.

Why are European leaders are so spineless as to allow their countries to be used as fodder in battle that is not European? Nor can Europe be a winner.

The new Fulda Gap, but at Kharkov

NATO in Ukraine Means Asking for War with Russia

This can't be allowed to happen - the risks for the planet are too great

Russia Insider
By Michael Levitis
27 December 2014

It's impossible to overstate how alarming the idea of NATO in Ukraine is to Russians.

NATO was created to counter and possibly rollback Russia.

By incorporating Ukraine NATO would move within striking distance of Russian cities like Kursk, Rostov and Smolensk.

In other words, NATO expansion would come close to matching the greatest extent of German advance in the east in WWII.

Ukraine's ambitions to become a NATO protected state became apparent on Tuesday as its Parliament renounced the country's neutral status, a first step in requesting to join NATO.

In response, Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov has called this a precarious development:

"The very idea of Ukraine's efforts to join NATO are dangerous, not only for Ukrainian people, because there is no unity over that issue, it is dangerous for European security".

I would like to take this a step further and argue that Ukraine joining NATO would be a threat not just to the region but to the very existence of life on Earth.

Any such efforts and even talk of same must be squashed in their infancy by the clearheaded politicians in USA and Europe.

NATO was created after World War II as an organization with a very specific purpose in mind, to defend the Western countries against the threat of Soviet expansion to their territories. That was its stated goal and mission then.

Although Ukraine is now an independent country from Russia, it is not in the Western territories that were designated for protection under the NATO charter, it is in the historical and traditional Russian sphere of influence.

Bringing Ukraine into NATO now violates the whole spirit of NATO dogmas with which it was created.

Since then however, NATO has evolved into an offensive instrument as well, as it battled in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries. All of whom were a punching bag for NATO, with no means to retaliate or to strike back at the mainland of NATO country members.

Ukraine would like to have the protection of NATO in its quagmire with Russia and Russia-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The thought is that once Ukraine is protected by NATO, Russia will back off or will not even have any desire to encroach on Ukrainian proper.

They may be right in that respect; however, if they are wrong about Russia's intentions towards the NATO member, the consequences will be dire for us all. The risk to allow any kind of direct confrontation between NATO and Russian Federation Armed Forces is just too great.

Georgia likewise was begging NATO for its protection in the aftermath of its brief war with Russia in 2008. NATO then had the foresight not to allow Georgian membership in its organization even when the "hot" conflict with Russia was over.

Currently there is a very active and deadly, even if not explicit, conflict with Russia in Ukraine. To bring NATO forces into it now would be almost suicidal for the Alliance and would be asking for a confrontation with Russia.

In my view even supplying Ukraine with American or Europeans arms is a dangerous provocation. Imagine the magnitude of the risk of an all out war if NATO human personnel is deployed in Ukraine.

Ukraine could be just bluffing in its bid to join the NATO to force a favorable settlement with Russia in its current conflict, or more precariously it may genuinely seek NATO protection as a guarantee against any future potential Russian land grabs.

However, the very fact that Ukraine is asking for foreign, NATO troops on its soil is so offensive to Putin that he will dig in deeper and will be even more fierce and open in his support for the separatists. The very thought of physical presence of NATO soldiers in such a proximity to Russia must be very disturbing to its President.

Although NATO is already stationed in the Baltics, near the Russian border, having NATO in Ukraine is much more offensive to the Russian psyche since Ukraine and Russia were historically Slav brothers, with Kievan Rus as the cradle of Russian civilization. Ukraine's request for NATO membership may derail any peace talks and only exacerbate the conflict on its Eastern proper.

Without the intention of sowing panic, but to be an alarmist- in the event Ukraine does become a NATO member, a potential armageddon between two of world's superpowers may ensue and bring a calamity of prior unseen proportions to the world.

All it takes is one errant shot, one provocation of any kind and a war between USA, Western Europe and Russia may follow.

Let's learn from the history of the catalyst of WWI, where one bullet into the heart of Franz Ferdinand caused millions of deaths in the war that followed. NATO may be drawn into war with Russia accidentally or by someone's design and intentional goading.

NATO soldiers can never be in proximity to Russian ones where there could be any risk of them encountering each other, even by accident.

Russia is not like any of other nations that NATO has ever fought.

Although not as mighty as Soviet Red Army once was, it is nevertheless formidable and large. NATO forces are also not in the same shape as during the Cold War due to many budget cuts and various commitments in the Middle East.

Most terrifying is the prospect of a Nuclear showdown as that is the ultimate weapon of last resort that Russia and NATO possesses.

Let's ask ourselves and our leaders worldwide- is it worth it to potentially face the risk of nuclear winter over conflict about land in Eastern Ukraine, a land that is anyway inhabited by mostly Russian speakers who are not opposed to the idea of them being annexed by Russia?

Even if the worst case scenario of the Ukrainian conflict is that separatist held area becomes Russian or becomes self-ruled, and even if that would be a gross violation of international law and Ukraine's sovereignty, are we ready for the risk of annihilation of human life on Earth over it?

This is not the case of Hitler conquering lands and subjugating and annihilating its residents. Any attempt to draw moral equivalency to that must be ignored.

Michael Levitis born in Moscow, USSR, has been in New York for over 25 years. Educated by the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and having practiced jurisprudence for over 10 years, Michael digests news relating to current events, local and Russian news.


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