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Jim Willie: Obama Will Be Thrown Out of Office in 2015

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Jim Willie: Obama Will Be Thrown Out of Office in 2015

Grams Gold
By C Serpa
5 December 2014

In an interview with Jim Willie:

"The events now are systemic game changers. How few Americans are aware that Vice President Biden, around June 1, made open references to the New World Order, like it was a good thing.

The New World Order is global totalitarianism. A global fascist state.

If anyone thinks the NEW World Order is going to come into being, I think they are wrong.

Putin is making references to Nazis being Neo-Cons in the United States. He says that the Russian army repelled the Nazis and is strong and will not be taken over by the West. The Patriot Act was a Nazi takeover. People need to understand the New World Order in the West (US, Europe) are trying to establish totalitarianism. They need to stop listening to the news and realize it's all propaganda.

There’s no representation of the people in the Congress. They are trying to totally reshape the democratic order. Now, we are 2014. Are we at the point where the New World Order agenda is coming to a head.

I think we are at a point of climax, but if anything thinks the New World Order is going to come into being, I think they are wrong.

I don’t think that Obama is going to finish 2015. He will be removed by the military in a coup.

The constitution has been trampled and shredded. What happens in banana republic when the leader goes astray? The military usually takes over. The US is acting like a banana republic. I think that the military could step in and say the US Government is going astray. A military takeover would re- install the Constitution. How do they define money? Financially, it’s the gold standard.

The encouraging news is that Obama is isolating himself, yelling at his staff, has turned to drinking and having temper tantrums. Is it that he's been told he's going to go?

As far as the economy, it pretty much broke down in 2008, evident by the move toward QE, which meant " life support." In 2011, the Germans requested their gold back from the NY Fed. A couple of months ago I learned that the Germans are the big focal point which will decide tha fate of the cabal bankers.

The Germans were given a briefing in 2011 about the future of Crimea. They were told that in 2 years to cut the dependence between Europe and Russia's energy supply - to isolate Russia. The US State Department told Russia it was going to be cut off, using the natural gas pipeline. Then they asked for their gold back.

Germany has not been aligned with the US for at least 3 years. I heard that in 2009 the Germans were coming up with a new gold-backed Euro, called the Nordic Euro. The most recent enormous event a deal was struck with 2013 with nations to do a currency reset. They never really completed it. The US agreed to it and then broke the agreement.

Most of the events have a very big gold bearing.

The consequence of QE is dire. It is deadly to capital. Profits are squeezed and businesses are shut down. The falling oil price is not part of their plan. The US is going to succeed in isolate themselves.

85% of all increase in all oil production in the last 5 years is from shale. We are going to kill our own shale production. The price of oil is falling again today. Some people think that the oil price could fall to $30 per barrel. After having locked in contracts of $90-$100 per barrel , what will happen to the trillions of dollars invested in oil at that price?"

MIchael Snyder reports on this situation, adding, " In many cases, it is the big Wall Street banks, and if the price of oil does not rebound substantially they could be facing absolutely colossal losses.

It has been estimated that the six largest “too big to fail” banks control $3.9 trillion in commodity derivatives contracts. And a very large chunk of that amount is made up of oil derivatives.

By the middle of next year, we could be facing a situation where many of these oil producers have locked in a price of 90 or 100 dollars a barrel on their oil but the price has fallen to about 50 dollars a barrel. In such a case, the losses for those on the wrong end of the derivatives contracts would be astronomical."

Willie states, "The fact that the dollar is rising so much is indicative that the global fincancial structure is having a heart attack. It’s not going to fall, it’s going to be replaced.

The US dollar won’t fall, it will disappear.

The dollar disappears and is not the reserve currency anymore and the US has to come up with its own currency. We are in a liquidation phase that has not been publicized.

The gold standard must come back if we want tranquility and we must liquidate the big banks. The big banks are the beneficiaries. If you were to make a list of the banker cabal captain, you'd probably have about 300, and I've heard they have cut deals with the other side in order not to be exterminated."

Jim WIllie's interviewer Rick Wiles says, "Prior to 2001 the Moscow Times reported that an economic advisor to the Kremlin told in a hearing, said there would be an attack on the US in August 2001 and she went into detail. Then the attacks came, and she said she was off by 2 weeks. We contacted her at home, and interviewed her for one hour. She was an advisor to Putin. I asked her how she knew about the attack.

She said she was an expert on the shadow government. She said the 9/11 attacks were organized by a cabal of secret societies, religious cults and intelligent agencies and criminal gangs, involving trillions of dollars. I asked her the purpose of the attacks.

She said the hijackers were just the hired thugs, the purpose was to crash the American economy. And they were surprised that it didn’t fall. She said they would continue to attack, and they have their own currency that they would introduce when the American system falls."

Willie continues, "We have ruined the money by printing 4 trillion dollars, and the banker cabals are in a desperate state to be exterminated or their money stripped away with the new currency. I think the BRICS is going to merge with the MINT and agreed to the gold trade settlement which will dump the dollar as the reserve currency. The treasury bonds will not be accepted.

Uruguay and Brazil just announced this week they are not going to use the dollar. We could see OPEC fracturing. Start investing in gold. It will be the only thing left standing."



  1. Putin Prepares to Win While Obama Prepares to Surrender

    Does anyone really think that any nuclear-armed nation, whether it would be the United States, China and especially Russia will ever accept defeat to a rival nation, in conventional warfare, without subsequently inflicting the maximum penalty on its opponent? There is little question in most experts minds that the loser of a “conventional” World War III will not hesitate to unleash its nuclear weapons as a last ditch means to “even the score”

    Obama’s Complacency Is Our Number One National Security Concern

    Forbes writer, James Conca, has expressed the view in a dramatic report that when it comes to matching the growing Russian military threat, that America’s most pressing concern is complacency. Conca noted that the recent reports that Russia has gained the upper hand in nuclear weapons capability against the United States, has been met with indifference from this administration.

    Making matters worse, Conca observed that this current administration fired the one General who was going to shape up America’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile command. Now he’s gone and our ICBM’s sit in less than a state of readiness.

  2. The web site owner/writer posted my email today on his site:

    "12/8/14 9:30 AM

    Dear Jim,

    Looks to be like John got duped once, again, to post another false-dawn hopium "ALERT/report". Eventually, my hope is that ALL these people posting "inside information" (aka lies) get a knock on their door from the FBI, and all end up in jail. How many people have actually died as a result of listening to "'s tomorrow..." believing it and acting on it? Then, it never comes.

    Jim Willie's comment from Dec. 4th was the latest and most encouraging information lately. That being, he said "...about 200-300 bankers have agreed, so they can retain their wealth and survive, but there are about 10% hold-outs...". That is from memory, but you get the idea. I am sure that caught your attention. He has the best credibility in my book. MacHaffie zero, and Karen Hudes maybe 10% credibility remaining with me.

    ....ok. Keenan 0% credibility. Also. Wicock 5%. Paladin and Fulford along with Jim Willie have 100% credibility in my book, but fwiw, inho. Just my 2-cents following all of this for 17+ years now.

    It is 10am on the east coast, and I don't see any GCR. LOL.

    Again, thanks so very much for ALL you do!! S "

  3. MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS/. Russia’s National Card Payment System, Central Bank’s unit, will launch its platform in a test mode in eight banks from December 15, the organization said in a statement on Monday.
    It will discuss a schedule of switching other banks to the system basing on the results of the tests, it said.

    Man, this is getting heavier and heavier ......, Russians will be prepared for all alternatives .....

    West screwed that up .... I do not believe that it will come back to normal anymore ..... once Russians invested to develop new system they will use it - BRICS will follow - They might even say - you want to do biz with Russia- use our system. Thank you...

    1. BRICS getting on with their business getting their SWIFT system up in the face of opposition with the West's system.

      Great move!
      U.S. sanctions aimed at changing power, Russian envoy says

      (Reuters) - A senior Russian diplomat accused the United States on Monday of trying to bring down President Vladimir Putin with the sanctions it has imposed on Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine.

      Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told parliamentary deputies that ties between Moscow and Washington were in a very deep chill and were likely to remain so if the sanctions remained for a long time.

      "It is hardly a secret that the goal of the sanctions is to create social and economic conditions to carry out a change of power in in Russia," Sergei Ryabkov told a hearing in the lower house. "There will be no easy or fast way out of this."

      He said he did not expect the United States to recognise Crimea as part of Russia "for decades to come" and accused Washington of trying to drive a wedge between Russia and the other former Soviet republics.

  4. Bulgaria to demand South Stream’s implementation — Bulgarian PM

    Economy December 08, 19:15 UTC+3
    Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov says he still believes that the South Stream pipeline should run through the territory of Bulgaria...

    I do not believe it that South Stream will come back .... Russia needs alliance with Turkey so that Middle East might be fixed ... Turkey got gas hub - they will fight ISIS with Russia and Syria and make sure that Syria will get also stand back to normal -

  5. Canauzzie, I would like to thank you for the tremendous effort you put into the site, it is very much appreciated.
    On another note I know you have heard of Rob Kirby from he is in Toronto and is a good friend of Jim Willie`s and a big player in the gold market and also has a back ground in the derivative market. He has been doing quite a few interviews lately and hes some very interesting things to say, here is one he recently did.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      Thank you for submitting and it is on my review list for when time allows.

  6. Fulford posted 4 days ago(recorded Nov.12th), "The good guys are definitely winning." (14min)

    Again, encouraging..... ~darylluke.

  7. In case Barry was poisoned as BF indicates, then it makes sense was Durden says -

    Even Obama's Personal Chef Is Leaving Him ...

    Obama's sore throat - my guess was that it was haemorrhoids ..... , and that's OK to be wrong ....

  8. Ukraine ... disaster ....

    More Regions Will Secede Unless Kiev Abandons Disastrous Policy of Nationalism..

    In fact it's already starting in Odessa, Transcarpathia

  9. Half of the Senators who voted for Obamacare won't be part of new Senate

    On Dec. 24, 2009, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed President Obama’s healthcare law with a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority, triggering a massive backlash that propelled Republicans to control of the House the following year. On the Senate side, going into this year's midterm elections, 25 senators who voted for Obamacare were already out or not going be part of the new Senate being sworn in next month. After Democratic losses on Nov. 4 and Saturday's defeat of Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., the number has risen to 30. In other words, half of the Senators who voted for Obamacare will not be part of the new Senate.

    To be sure, it isn’t fair to attribute all of the turnover in the chamber to Obamacare. In some cases — such as John Kerry leaving his seat to become secretary of state, or Robert Byrd passing away — Obamacare clearly had nothing to do with the departures. Additionally, some outgoing pro-Obamacare votes were replaced by new Democratic senators (although that tended to be the case in heavily Democratic states).

    That having been said, many senators who voted for Obamacare lost re-election battles in which they were hit hard for their support for the law and other Democrats were forced to retire because they had no hope of getting re-elected given their support for the law. A total of 16 Senators who voted for Obamacare either failed to win reelection or declined to run for reelection and had their seats turned over to Republicans.

    The following is an updated breakdown of senators who voted for Obamacare and will not be part of the next Senate.
    Lost and replaced by a Republican:
    Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska
    Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark.
    Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo.
    Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C.
    Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.
    Russ Feingold, D-Wis.
    Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark.
    Arlen Specter, D-Penn.

    Left Senate and replaced by a Republican:
    Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V.
    Max Baucus, D-Mont.
    Tim Johnson, D-S.D.
    Tom Harkin, D-Iowa
    Ben Nelson, D-Neb.
    Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.
    Evan Bayh, D-Ind.
    Roland Burris, D-Ill.

    Left Senate and replaced by a Democrat:
    Jim Webb, D-Va.
    Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.
    Herb Kohl, D-Wis.
    Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii
    Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M.
    Chris Dodd, D-Conn.
    Paul Kirk, D-Mass. (appointed to replace Ted Kennedy -- seat later held by Republican Scott Brown)
    John Kerry, D-Mass.
    Ted Kauffman, D-Del.
    Kent Conrad, D-N.D.
    Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich.

    Died in office:
    Robert Byrd, D-W.V
    Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii
    Frank Lautenberg, D- N.J

    Justice caught huddling with Lerner to crush tea-party election

    WASHINGTON – The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has struck again, discovering Lois Lerner, former IRS tax-exempt division chief, had discussed possible criminal prosecution of conservative groups with Justice Department officials two years before what the agency had previously conceded.
    Lerner met with Department of Justice, or DOJ, officials in October 2010, just before the November midterm elections. Those elections gave the GOP a huge victory, following the rise of tea party groups. It was tea party groups that Lerner primarily targeted.
    Judicial Watch used a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request to obtain the documents, but had to go to court to force the DOJ to release the material.
    One document shows a DOJ official with the Election Crimes Division of the Public Integrity Section of the DOJ’s Criminal Division setting up a meeting with a “Ms. Ingram.”
    Judicial Watch said that was an apparent reference to Sarah Hall Ingram, former commissioner, IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities, and that the unnamed DOJ official was Richard Pilger, director of the Election Crimes Division.
    The email was also forwarded to DOJ Public Integrity Section Chief Jack Smith and Principal Deputy Chief Raymond Hulser. According to the documents, Ingram was not available but arranged for her deputy, Lerner, to meet with the DOJ senior officials.
    On April 16, 2014, Judicial Watch forced the IRS to release documents revealing Lerner communicated with the DOJ in May of 2013 about the possibility of criminally prosecuting tax-exempt groups.
    In those emails. Lerner discussed that possibility with Nikole Flax, then-chief of staff to then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller, and made plans to prosecute nonprofit groups who she claimed had “lied” about political activities.
    During testimony before the House Oversight Committee Pilger admitted that DOJ officials met with Lerner in October 2010.
    Additionally, congressional investigators found another Lerner email that showed the IRS had sent the FBI and DOJ a “1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations” containing confidential taxpayer information.
    When it became apparent congressional investigators were becoming aware of the IRS targeting of conservative groups, in May 2013, Lerner admitted, in answer to a planted question, those actions were “absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate.”
    “These new documents dramatically show how the Justice Department is up to its neck in the IRS scandal and can’t be trusted to investigate crimes associated with the IRS abuses that targeted Obama’s critics. And it is of particular concern that the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section, which would ordinarily investigate the IRS abuses, is now implicated in the IRS crimes. No wonder the Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done no serious investigation of the Obama IRS scandal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
    Judicial Watch said the DOJ is still refusing to provide at least 832 pages of documents, claiming “taxpayer privacy,” “deliberative privilege” and other explanations.



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