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'Isolated' Russia Begins Testing De-Dollarization-Driven Payment System

OWoN: If China is on board, along with the BRICS, it's a game changer. They will take it right up the Wazoo now. So much for best laid plans of Zionists -  heh. Wham, Bam, Big Slam!

'Isolated' Russia Begins Testing De-Dollarization-Driven Payment System

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
9 December 2014

Having announced its intention to create an alternative to the SWIFT payment system (following calls from Western politicians for SWIFT to cut off Russia - which the 'independent' firm rapidly denied), Russia recently said it would be ready in May. However, it seems the rapid drop in the Ruble (and the Yuan in recent days) has escalated the need for this de-dollarized payment system and, as RT reports, Russia’s Rossiya and SMP banks, which fell under Western sanctions, are among the eight lenders that will start testing the country’s new national payment system on December 15.

As RT reports,

Russia’s Rossiya and SMP banks, which fell under Western sanctions, are among the eight lenders that will start testing the country’s new national payment system on December 15.

"The pilot project involves SMP Bank and Rossiya Bank, those for which the story is very critical and important. These are quite large banks,” the head of the Russian National payment system (NPS) Vladimir Komlev said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV.

The move comes as a part of Russia’s ambitious initiative to move away from the Western dominance of its financial markets. Last month the Russian Central Bank said it would have its own international inter-bank payment system, an alternative to the global SWIFT network up and running by May 2015.

Another bank involved in NPS testing is Russia’s second largest VTB. Recently its management has been vocal about the need to make Russia’s financial system more self-sufficient and ditch the US Dollar, Vedomosti reports.

Komlev said the new system’s principle of operating will remain the same. The use of the existing formats will be more convenient for banks; they won’t have to reconfigure their software.

The latest version of the NPS technology is being tested by the Russian Openway Solutions company.

"The modules themselves are something unique, independent, only partly related to the Openway. Now all this belongs to us: our code, the knowledge of how the system is built, and its logic. We are able to develop it and provide support," said Komlev.

NPS was established in 2014 after a number of Russian banks were hit by US and EU sanctions. In March international payment systems Visa and MasterCard stopped servicing cards issued by the banks following the introduction of the sanctions.

* * *

It appears that as sanctions and oil-price-declines pressure Putin, he is accelerating his gold-hording de-dollarization as unintended isolated consequences boomerang back at the US Dollar's hegemony.



  1. Isn't the UsA SWIFT system where they steal large amounts of money? This system is broken and needs a new one that will not allow them to continue their thefts.

    Hel...lo, Somebody is thinking!!!!!!

  2. John,

    This article at philosophy of metrics today seems to really explain what I have thought was happening for along time. The opinions of OWON seem to state that the IMF system of the SDR supranational currency is actually the New World Order system and the system that the WH and Elders wish to implement would be contrary to what is explained in this very detailed, but brief article. I was wondering if you could maybe comment on this article and agree or give a counterpoint to it explaining what the goal is for the world system you guys are battling to implement. The overall design of this new monetary system is somewhat of an enigma to me. Maybe you could clarify from your position at the top.

    1. Agree JV, I have wondered why JC Collins is at odds with almost everyone else - he says that the BRICS infrastructure is not in opposition to the SDR and IMF system and central bankers, but there just to provide liquidity. Elsewhere I read of a raging battle against the cabal of bankers by BRICS etc, but JC considers that to be incorrect.

    2. JV

      The US Fed is insolvent beyond Eternity. Everything has been stolen or wasted. The US Treasury is just a Piggy Bank for the Cabal to steal more.
      The world has a dilemma.
      To accept and face up to the reality that the US system, not people the system,is endemically rotten, and to walk away to build a new ,clean, non US controlled system, or to continue with this HIV Hooker infested Parasite Cabal in the hope for a magic fix. The Cabal will never let go until its filthy hands are broken off the controls. Only criminal and corrupt parties are appointed to key roles. It is just layer on layer of polluted filth.

      Change has to come by market forces. Eurasia and China plus South America and Africa are the emerging markets realising the need to remodel US free. Only when the US is removed as the Fiscal authority, can the world breath free again. That can only happen by trade driven solutions and the nations need to focus on just that. Asia truly hates the US with good reason. As does South America.
      Russia will die rather than surrender but will take the US with it. War, real War, is now an ever greater risk reality. Both sides now realise the next one will mean the Elites bunkering down and annihilating each others societies. America will get 5 to 7 minutes warning before the first missiles take out everything within a hundred miles of the coast and countries allowing US bases will go with them.
      Either the world dies, or the Cabal. Like the Hydra, the Cabal will only go by killing them and that means the scum employed. But they have the US locked down. We have to hope economic change will be the peaceful transition of power, because if not, the choice of banking matters little, and War will devastate the nations. BRICS and Eurasia can not succeed tied to the US systems. But with the Cabal comes endemic corruption and control. The world has to Man Up and remodel US free. The real tragedy is this is NOT the American people, but the Gut Rotten Cabal. The worlds problem is do we walk away or go down with them? Western Leaders are wet mediocrities.The economic reality is the game is now up for the US. Can we steer a new course with our Brother Americans free of Cabal control, or Zionist Criminal Global war games? Our problem, and everyone's, is that the vast majority of decent Americans are not in power, and the ones who are, are Cabal owned. How do you negotiate with Neo Nazi scum? Or the Evil Weevils of the Zionist Mafia who has brought our world to this? We need a new Banking system,Zionist free, trade related and with Global oversight. We have to face it and do it. Which then means people like Merkel to stop Butt Kissing the US, for the UK to leave the EU, and a real Banking alternative to emerge. But nothing can happen until the US are removed from Global Fiscal control. The collapse of Oil prices and demand will devastate US Military spending. A big Yes to that. If Clinton get in War escalates. Russia will be forced to slam nukes down her throat, taking out DC,New York,LA, Chicago and all US Naval bases giving those in the Bunkers a one hour ultimatum to surrender or the lot goes. This nightmare will be Clinton's cost. While an indifferent and stupefied Welfare sector dream on.
      The world has to wake up and face down the US Cabal and help the American people. The Zionists are as bad a problem as Hitler was with WW11. Only the stupefied can not see that. Oil prices will collapse the US banks as derivatives calls start fast. Either refuse the Oil speculators and let them burn, or lose America. Events will now model the future anyway.

    3. JV,
      If you go back to I believe July of this year at philosophyofmetrics J.C. Collins goes an almost lunatic rant about how the WH`s do not exist, the rant gets to the point where he uses the expletive M***** F****** at one point. The article felt like he was shunned by the WH`s at one time and was trying to get back at them.

    4. I remember that, but If you read his next article he explained how he was doing it to reinforce his Hegelien Dialectic thesis. Shock and Awe, so to speak. It definately worked.

      It is his opinion. He has that right to express himself.

      However, his analysis is very detailed and if you read a lot of his writings regularly they fit together very well

      I agree it was very out of character to all of his poinent writings. However, he is a very talented writer and obviously very intelligent.

      If you read his writings enough, he briefly mentions his background. It appears he is with a mining company in the financial side. Probably high level analysis.

      Ultimately, like him, I'm just trying to figure out where the financial system is going. It's so secretive. We aren't taught these things in school.

    5. I agree he is a very intelligent individual as well as writer, and he also remarked to me that a lot of his info comes directly from the IMF web site, financial institutions as well other sources.

      The body of his work in these articles fits together nicely, but in IMO his writings are about the particular financial system that would take place if John and the WH`s fail in their endeavor, which we all believe they won`t and cannot fail for all of humanity.

  3. In my judgement Russia might have tested that system already very well .... we might .....the 15th might not be actual launch but we might see it very soon ....

    They did not develop it for testing - once derivates goes down the shit hole on bankers heads - my guess is we see Russia and BRICS kick off new Russia system and Gold back currencies in speed of flying potato....would it be before year end or earlier? Earlier better.....

    1. Agree Vlastimil, think you are very right, the Russians may have already tested the system and tweaked where it was needed multiple times. Putin is well known for protecting Russian interests and this would be another way in doing so and at the same time cutting ties with the corrupt system in place. It's not been mentioned about China being involved, but with their growing allegiance, would be very surprised not to see China directly involved.

      With China being a major holder and buyer of gold, having it's own gold market with real valuation of verifiable gold along with ongoing cleanup of their own government and banking all speak loudly of a more than Russian payment system. Not to mention numerous projects that benefit both countries,a shared payment system would make sense. BRICS needs mention here as the parts both China and Russia play in that are significant as is their funding of the BRICS bank.

      Am sure there is much more, but we'll just have to watch and see. Timing is a factor here as is what happens with cabal control being reduced/eliminated and how soon.

    2. LOL Vlastimil, flying potatoes are quite fast! No doubt you are correct, and they have been busy since the G20 in February. In any case I am ready to run down and withdraw my cash at the first sign of true trouble.


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