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Hillary Clinton Exposed - movie you won't see in theaters

OWoN: Does anyone listen to truth any more in America? Have the Rockefeller's really achieved it, a population that won't vote?


  1. Anyone who remembers the Benghazi murders might think twice about voting for "more war and corruption."

    Where is the final report and criminal charges? So, she gets away with murder and runs for President...I DON'T THINK SO...

    What if NOBODY voted?

  2. All in the "family" - George W.: Jeb Could Beat 'Sister-In-Law' Hillary (short video)

    Haven't we had enough?

  3. Reader T: "A Friend of mine was a Secret Service Agent for 29 years."

    Re: About Those Mass Arrests - It's All Over B....

    All true folks.

    A Friend of mine was a Secret Service Agent for 29 years.

    Only one year from retiring and he threw his Badge and Keys on his bosses desk.

    He told me that there is nothing in the government but satanists and that he could not stand them for another year.

    He told me that the Presidents are chosen by the satanist elites and to stop wasting my time voting.


    : We keep hearing about the 'mass arrests' that have to take
    : place, in order to disrupt and disperse the long cemented
    : power positions of the Kabbal.

    : If an entity is a high level, high profile operative or
    : participant in: - the corporate sports, religious,
    : educational, political, banking, military, police,
    : judicial, 'news' media, music, or 'entertainment' - mind
    : controlled legs of the Kabbal -

    : - it is a mandatory requirement for that entity to remain so
    : steeped into corruption, pedophilia, and Satanic mind
    : control, they become incapable of reasoning as a thinking,
    : feeling, Human Being.

    : The entire US corporate power structure is designed so that
    : anyone who who seeks high status, power, position, or
    : wealth, must first sign a contract with Satan before they
    : are awarded the prize for their allegiance to the empire of
    : evil.

    : In America, if you want to play in the big boy's sandbox,
    : there is a heavy price to pay.

    : The fee is your soul.

    : If you cannot be blackmailed - your high rise career is over,
    : or never begins.

    : No money. No fame. No Glory.

    : The upper echelon positions of the control systems are too far
    : gone wastes of skin, and there is no revival going on.

    : We are dealing with child like, mind controlled zombies who
    : are terrified to as much as look in a mirror, who will
    : never question their controllers, yet will fight to the
    : death to defend their position in the evil empire.

    : All branches of the so-called watch dog agencies of the
    : corporate control system are occupied or infiltrated by
    : Satanic factions, who cannot be expected to arrest
    : themselves, or question their controllers....

  4. If `What comes around goes around` is a true Karmatic statement, then avoiding the Clinton`s would be a wise health choice.

  5. The next President of the United States?

    Pure psychopathic evil!:

  6. What “The Bulldog” Trey Gowdy Just Said About Benghazi Could Mean The End For Obama

    Trey Gowdy, the head of a House special committee on Benghazi, has said he will press ahead with his investigation–despite the findings of a different committee supposedly debunking conspiracies surrounding the Benghazi incident.

    Gowdy said on a hearing Wednesday: “We may answer some [questions] more than once. I would rather answer a question twice than risk not answering it at all. That would seem a rather small investment.”

    Furthermore, he said that monthly public hearings would be held during early 2015 until a full understanding of the events surrounding Benghazi is reached.

    The explanation that Obama administration officials have offered concerning Benghazi, namely that a spontaneous protest was sparked by an anti-Muhammad video, has been refuted already.

    Gowdy and other Republicans have suggested that the administration always knew it was a terrorist attack and refused to say so because that would tarnish the administration’s reputation.

    Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), though, has called the House intelligence committee hearings the “definitive House statement” on US intelligence activities regarding the attacks and has said:

    “When it comes to Benghazi, too many people are unaware that questions have been answered or are unwilling to accept the answers they hear. Our committee’s Democratic members have urged [Gowdy] to review and accept these findings, as we do not think that there is any reason for this committee to reinvestigate these facts … and squander millions of additional taxpayer dollars in the process.”

    Gowdy is right on track and should move full steam ahead in further investigation and prosecution of parties in the US and others involved in the murders of our citizens. Accountability and transparency are requested. Money is not an issue in this investigation.


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