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Germany Files War Crimes Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials

OWoN: The world needs to deal with these Cabal imbeciles as America is way too compromised to allow Justice to develop.

A hangman's noose , as with Saddam, is what they all deserve. Part females included.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld - Image: Getty

Germany Files War Crimes Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials

Addicting Info
By Ryan Denson
21 December 2014

If President Obama won’t do it, someone else will. Thankfully, a human rights group in Berlin, The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, has begun the process of indicting members of the Bush Administration by filing criminal complaints against the architects of the Admin’s torture program.

Calls for an immediate investigation by the German human rights group was started after outrage ensued on the case of a German citizen, Khalid El-Masri, who had been captured by CIA agents in 2004 because of a mistaken identity mix-up and was tortured at a secret prison in Afghanistan.

Wolfgang Kaleck, the general secretary of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, said:

“By investigating members of the Bush administration, Germany can help to ensure that those responsible for abduction, abuse and illegal detention do not go unpunished.”

In an interview with “Democracy Now,” Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and chairman of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, said that he believes Cheney, among others, have no defense for torturous actions and should be indicted:

“I strongly disagree that Bush, Cheney, et al., would have a defense. This wasn’t like these memos just appeared independently from the Justice Department. These memos were facilitated by the very people — Cheney, etc. — who we believe should be indicted. This was part of a conspiracy so they could get away with torture. But that’s not the subject here now.”

“Secondly, whatever we think of those memos, they’re of uselessness in Europe. Europe doesn’t accept this, quote, ‘golden shield’ of a legal defense. Either it’s torture or it’s not. Either you did it or you didn’t. And that’s one of the reasons, among others, why we’re going to Europe and why we went to Europe to bring these cases through the European Center.”

Ratner then hit the nail on the head regarding America’s dangerous exceptionalism path down the road:

“But, of course, you know, Cheney just showed us exactly why you have to — have to prosecute torture. Because if you don’t prosecute it, the next guy down the line is going to torture again. And that’s what Cheney said: ‘I would do it again.'”

Khalid El-Masri was on vacation in Skopje, in Macedonia, when he was pulled off of a bus by government agents, sodomized with a drug, and taken to the secret base that was identified only as Cobalt in the CIA torture report. After four months, and after the United States learned of the mistaken identity, they left him there and continued to torture him. They held him further because the U.S. realized they had been torturing the wrong man. Afterwards, they released him, dropping him off somewhere to resume his life.

El-Masri in his own words, in the same interview with “Democracy Now:”

[translated] I was the only one in this prison in Kabul who was actually treated slightly better than the other inmates. But it was known among the prisoners that other prisoners were constantly tortured with blasts of loud music, exposed to constant onslaughts of loud music. And they were—for up to five days, they were just sort of left hanging from the ceiling, completely naked in ice-cold conditions. The man from Tanzania, whom I mentioned before, had his arm broken in three places. He had injuries, trauma to the head, and his teeth had been damaged. They also locked him up in a suitcase for long periods of time, foul-smelling suitcase that made him vomit all the time. Other people experienced forms of torture whereby their heads were being pushed down and held under water.

He finished the interview with some pretty damning words that should make George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld shudder:

“And let me just say, Germany — whatever happened before, between the NSA spying on Germany and the fact that their citizen has now been revealed to have been kept in a torture place, when it was known that he was innocent, I’m pretty sure that Germany is going to take this very seriously.“



  1. The leadership of my own country at the time, howard, needs to be included as accessories after the fact at the very least. It is obvious that both major political parties in oz are nwo puppets with the bases aust hosts and sending the illegal pm town idiot abbott to rattle Putin's cage on the cabal's behalf. Humble NZ too. Our countries need to be recognised more in these reports for the damage they do in advancing the nwo agenda.

  2. AJ
    Every country and nation in the world is affected by the zionist agenda...No one country is isolated from their evil's our governments against the people of the earth, of the world...In every nation, we know who they are...

  3. Emergency Update
    by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that French Intelligence has confirmed that AirAsia flight QZ8501 made an emergency landing in the eastern part of Belitung, the island located in the Java Sea.
    The passenger manifest includes individuals tied to numerous Asian financial and banking institutions.
    The French pilot of AirAsia flight QZ8501 took his aircraft to a higher altitude when he received communications that his aircraft was about to be "stonered" by U.S. NSA satellites that had been fixed onto his aircraft from take off.
    Note: The best way to avoid "stonering" of an aircraft, especially the French airbus, is to immediately climb to a higher altitude, which then alters the satellite codes that were programmed to the aircraft's flight path.
    P.S. This all dovetails to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the Department of U.S. Treasury, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, who have recently launched an investigation of the electronic currency exchange Bitcoin, HSBC of Hong Kong, Barclays Bank of England, Citibank USA, the German Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and the Central Bank of Japan for using Bitcoin (a ponzi scheme) to write naked short positions in the Japanese yen currency with these naked short positions disguised through the Bitcoin electronic exchange.
    These disguised, undermargined, cross-collateralized foreign currency derivatives have been used to attack the Russian ruble, bring down the price of oil, and with the help of the Saudi Royal Family, create a massive U.S.-Japanese equity bubble based on no cash or any real volume.
    It gets worse!
    This international banking cartel have then used these UFO derivatives to create tax straddles that allow these aforementioned criminals to avoid paying any taxes at all on a continuing basis.
    This is in total violation of Rule 125 that regulates foreign currency trading that requires end of the year amortization.
    P.P.S. We can also divulge that the CME Group headquartered in Chicago, Illinois are co-conspirators in this worldwide financial ponzi scheme reference the use of spam margins related to banks and foreign currency transactions.
    In closing, we can now reveal that CNN cable news network is being hacked by patriotic elements of the U.S. Military (the gremlins are loose) who are determined to rescue the United States from the criminal financial, banking, family dynasties and criminal intelligence agencies that have turned the United States of America into a NAZI Paperclip NSA administered and occupied national security state.
    The Constitution is gone but trust me, folks, it is about to make a huge comeback!

  4. Our One Creator have a better plan...into outer darkness...maybe this is the reason for what scientist describe as "black holes."

  5. Deputy minister among 30 suspected of high-level corruption
    Faina Kirshenbaum, along with former minister and others, allegedly embezzled public funds, appointed cronies; scandal linked to her Yisrael Beytenu party, which decries ‘witch hunt’

    Read more: Deputy minister among 30 suspected of high-level corruption | The Times of Israel

    Israeli police announced on Wednesday that an extensive, year-long corruption investigation had yielded 30 suspects, among them Deputy Interior Minister Faina Kirshenbaum, a former Israel Beytenu party minister, a ministry director, and a host of senior public officials

    Detectives from the Lahav 433 serious crimes and anti-corruption unit swooped down on the homes and offices of multiple public officials early Wednesday amid suspicions of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, falsifying corporate documents and money laundering.

    The allegations implicated Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party, which rejected the case as a “witch hunt” aimed at impeding the party’s campaign ahead of the March 2015 election. Kirshenbaum dismissed the allegations and said she had been summoned to a police interrogation to take place later Wednesday.

    The investigation was launched amid suspicions that the officials had “conspired in a calculated manner to advance their personal and public interests and to receive money for personal use, while committing various crimes in a manner that significantly impeded the administration of their areas of governance,” police said in a statement.

    Investigators suspect that large sums of money were inappropriately transferred to non-government organizations and various other groups. In return, the organizations allegedly made nepotistic appointments, as well as circulating some of the money back to public service officials in the form of cash payoffs and benefits.

  6. All Bushes Illegal to Hold Any Public Office Says Leo Wanta!

    Who Is Larry Nichols? The Man That Can Bring Hillary Down!


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