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Doomsday Lairs

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Doomsday Lairs

Elite bug-out underground bunkers and cities prepared for major catastrophe - the Elite will survive, will we?

All News Pipeline
By Susan Duclos
7 December 2014

With stories of missing food, recalls, government stockpiling of ammunition and weapons, medication shortages, vanishing money and missing gold, and more being buzzed about on the Internet, one possible answer of where it is all going, who is hoarding it, can be found over at the Bob Fletcher Investigation website.... a site I encourage everyone to go to and browse around.

While some may not agree with his ultimate conclusions of what the final catastrophe will be, the information provides on "Doomsday Lairs", underground facilities, bug-out locations, whole cities and tunnel systems, not only in the US, but across the globe, makes it undeniable that the elite are preparing for an extinction level event, using food, money, gold and other necessities, all paid for by you.... the taxpayer.

Cheyenne Mountain: nuclear bunker - Air Force station / NORAD

They will be safe and cozy, underground and protected, while those very same taxpayers are fighting to survive the aftermath of the expected catastrophe.

I go through some of these these locations, (over 100 of them at the site!) in the first video below. The second video was shown in an article from yesterday, so people can hear Fletcher directly, where he explains how he obtained much of this information on these bunkers and connecting it to the "vanishing" money. The following videos after those two are older, companies building bunkers for the elite, and a look inside of an underground bunker stocked with food and necessities.

A few of the most talked about locations are Denver Airport, Weather Mountain, Site "R" Raven Rock, Area 51, Camp David and Under the Capitol Building.... just to name a few.

The bottom line is they have been preparing for decades.... have you?

Bank vault



  1. Phil Schneider was murdered for revealing the existence of these DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and alien species who are in contact with the military. The Report From Iron Mountain was a blueprint for tyranny. It is not a hoax - nor is the agenda outlined in the document Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, discovered in 1986.

    Since all wars are bankers wars, it must be made clear that they will not escape retribution, no matter how deeply they hide..... and better yet, they should be the first to be taken out, along with all their psychopathic collaborators.

  2. They fail to realize that there is man's law and then there is universal carries it own retribution. They will be begging for the rocks to fall on them and kill them...before it's all over.

    Our safe place is "under the wings" of the Almighty One...the One...who is our shield and covering... in the One there is no fear...

    1. I find myself praying for Divine Intervention, FEDUP, and I am not one to whinge. Figure God has enough on his plate and anyway, we got ourselves in this mess - it's up to us to resolve it peacefully. You can't say He didn't give us the capability. Still, if the psychopaths cheat by enlisting the influence of Old Nick then it's only fair we should seek support from God.

    2. Absolutely...this was planned because man could not really trust The One Great Architect...we needed a king? Man was not created to rule over man!

      This is our only recourse because our battle is not against flesh and blood....but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places...I keep my vibration raised...conscious effort!

    3. Wondering how to raise my vibrations. Would a vibrator help? LOL.

    4. Valdi, you are so funnnnny....yes, a vibrator will help...and raise your heart rate too...

    5. FEDUP,

      When I was more heavily into meditation my body would vibrate at an uncomfortably high frequency. My daughter would say, "Dad, you're vibrating". It would also emit light like a windup torch - not surprising as my former wife was very good at winding me up. :-) My daughter would say, "Dad, you're glowing".


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