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China can soon target U.S. with sea-based nuclear weapons

OWoN: What would one expect? On Monday, China will commence their forward swaps on the Ruble, neutralizing future Ruble speculation without severe consequence, giving support to the Eurasian Economic Union using the Russian payment system outside of Swift. Thus, the soft war escalates pitting China against the U.S. into active play. So, why should it be surprising, that they allow knowledge of their strike capability, which does not mention their ability to knock out satellites with their killers satellites in space, amongst other weaponry. Especially their ability to fry the US communications satellites and ground Electronics and power station units. Imagine the U.S. now without GPS or phones. No TV or Computers. All banking collapsed. No cards. No ATMs. This is where the game goes, if there is no rational thinking about the realities of a unipolar world that no longer exists.

Perhaps, the next phase of the soft war will be an asset currency for the world to use outside of the dollar. And perhaps, this was the plan all along. Then, there will be a true day of reckoning that will change the West forever. Because without an accepted reserve currency, a mercenary force cannot intimidate or enforce, what is no longer acceptable. It has happened in history, many a time and history does have a way of repeating itself, and may well occur again. 

Russia has been forced to distance itself from US Hegemony. It is all going to backfire once the Petro Dollar is smashed. Once the U.S. faces the reality of only spending to balanced budgets it's game over. This is part of a complex series of realities as to why no Global consensus on RV's or currencies can be reached. Once London launches the new Gold Backed Yuan, watch markets free fall on Forex. Eurasia gets ever closer as a reality. South America will all go BRICS. As will Asia. With 80% of the Global population about to be lost for the Petro Dollar and U.S. Reserve currency, the U.S. will face recession on a scale unparalleled. China and Russia become ever closer. Now sharing R & D costs and Military technology, once the Big Dogs fight, what then? America simply has no Finesse in foreign Policy. We see it all the while. Arrogant grandstanding which builds quiet, fuming hatred. Once it goes, who will extend a handkerchief to wipe the tears?

The Chinese Navy is now introducing new-generation Type 094 (Jin class) nuclear powered submarine with JL-2 intercontinental-range submarine-launched ballistic missile

China can soon target U.S. with sea-based nuclear weapons

Press TV
26 December 2014

China could soon target the United States with sea-based nuclear weapons as it is reinforcing its submarines with long-range nuclear ballistic missiles, a US congressional report has found.

China’s military is set to acquire a reliable, hard-to-destroy sea-based nuclear deterrent, with a dozen JL-2 missiles that are being mounted on its JIN class submarines, according to a report submitted to Congress by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

The missiles have a strike range of around 7,350 km, meaning they can reach all 50 US states if they are launched from waters west or east of Hawaii.

Currently, the Chinese can target the US only with land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles. However, land-based weapons had become vulnerable to a US first strike due to advancements in surveillance that could track their location and movements.

The integration of the new missiles into China’s three JIN-class nuclear-powered submarines has boosted their lethality, giving the country a credible second-strike capability and increasing Beijing’s nuclear deterrence.

The Chinese have also invested significantly on the CJ-10 land attack cruise missiles, capable of striking US forces in Japan and South Korea.

Many Chinese scholars believe that the sea-based nuclear deterrent can insulate China from a US nuclear attack.

The scholars say China’s military doctrine remains essentially defensive, and its accelerated weaponization program is mostly a reaction to Washington’s so-called “pivot” to the Asia-Pacific region, a strategy that Beijing interprets as China-containment policy.


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