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Artificial intelligence could mean end of human race, says Stephen Hawking

OWoN: Not so sure this is a correct judgement call. Many of today's Politicos are so fundamentally thick it may just get them up to compatibility stakes.

Stephen Hawking - Image: Desiree Martin / AFP

Artificial intelligence could mean end of human race, says Stephen Hawking

Self-aware robots could ''supersede'' humanity as it developed faster than biological evolution, according to Professor Stephen Hawking

The Telegraph
By Press Association
2 December 2014

Professor Stephen Hawking has said the rise of artificial intelligence could see the human race become extinct.

The scientist spoke after showing off a new communications system that will enable the famous scientist and author to converse and work better than ever.

Prof Hawking told the BBC:

''The primitive forms of artificial intelligence we already have have proved very useful. But I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.''

He added that the technology would eventually become self-aware and ''supersede'' humanity as it developed faster than biological evolution. His warning echoes a similar one made by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, who called the rise of AI ''our biggest existential threat''.

Honda has already developed a robot, called ASIMO, that is designed to help the less-able with tasks around the home, and Google is also said to be experimenting with robotics.

Prof Hawking was speaking at a press conference, detailing the latest stage of a partnership with Intel that has now lasted more than 25 years, and the tech giant has created a new interface for Prof Hawking's monitor.

This, combined with his speech synthesiser, has doubled the scientist's speech rate and improved his productivity 10 times over, said the technology giant.

Prof Hawking said:

''We are here to talk about how science and technology is improving the lives of people with disabilities.

''We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible through technology - without it I would not be able to speak to you today. Intel's research and development is bringing about changes in the world and in the way that disabled people can communicate."



  1. We do NOT need to block progression, but to channel it effectively. Transhumanism is coming, the question is how and who and to what end. We need it to lift the species from Grunts to the Stars. To correct so many genetic faults poor victims have to live with, and to enhance education and communication capabilities. Our current physical bodies are not conducive for Space travel, plus radiation sterilizes Astronauts. To step up, we have to re- shape up. Man is a flawed creature in need of a major genetic overhaul. Tackling the ageing disease is a good thing. Longevity will enhance the evolution of man.

  2. Our problem is them, they are slowly changing our DNA...I am sorry, but I think Hawkings is AI..."a mind is a terrible thing to waste."


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