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The Next Presidential Election Will Move The World Closer To War - PCR

OWoN: This is a serious topic and a key issue right now. The world has every right to fear the US elections with such people stalking the process.

It is a very, truly ugly dilemma. We concur with the case. America has never fought a real war with attacks on America and has no idea of the appalling AND REAL consequences which will be unleashed.

The Next Presidential Election Will Move The World Closer To War

Institute for Political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
16 November 2014

Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers. Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative. I doubt that a politician who represents the people can acquire the campaign funds needed to run a campaign. If Warren becomes a threat, the Establishment will frame her with bogus charges and move her aside.

Hillary as president would mean war with Russia. With neocon nazis such as Robert Kagan and Max Boot running her war policy and with Hillary’s comparison of Russia’s president Putin to Adolf Hitler, war would be a certainty. As Michel Chossudovsky and Noam Chomsky have written, the war would be nuclear.

If Hillary is elected president, the financial gangsters and profiteering war criminals would complete their takeover of the country. It would be forever or until armageddon.

To understand what we would be getting with Hillary, recall the Clinton presidency. The Clinton presidency was transformative in ways not generally recognized. Clinton destroyed the Democratic Party with “free trade” agreements, deregulated the financial system, launched Washington’s ongoing policy of “regime change” with illegal military attacks on Yugoslavia and Iraq, and his regime used deadly force without cause against American civilians and covered up the murders with fake investigations. These were four big changes that set the country on its downward spiral into a militarized police state with massive income and wealth inequality.

One can understand why Republicans wanted the North American Free Trade Agreement, but it was Bill Clinton who signed it into law. “Free trade” agreements are devices used by US corporations to offshore their production of goods and services sold in American markets. By moving production abroad, labor cost savings increase corporate profits and share prices, bringing capital gains to shareholders and multi-million dollar performance bonuses to executives. The rewards to capital are large, but the rewards come at the expense of US manufacturing workers and the tax base of cities and states.

When plants are closed and the work shipped overseas, middle class jobs disappear. Industrial and manufacturing unions are eviscerated, destroying the labor unions that financed the Democrats’ election campaigns. The countervailing power of labor against capital was lost, and Democrats had to turn to the same sources of funding as Republicans. The result is a one party state.

The weakened tax base of cities and states has made it possible for Republicans to attack the public sector unions. Today the Democratic Party no longer exists as a political party financed by the union dues of ordinary people. Today both political parties represent the interests of the same powerful interest groups: the financial sector, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, the extractive industries, and agribusiness.

Neither party represents voters. Thus, the people are loaded up with the costs of financial bailouts and wars, while the extractive industries and Monsanto destroy the environment and degrade the food supply. Elections no longer deal with real issues such as the loss of constitutional protections and a government accountable to law. Instead the parties compete on issues such as homosexual marriage and federal funding of abortion.

Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act was the initiating move followed by the removal of more constraints that allowed the financial system to transform itself into a gambling casino where bets are covered by the public and the Federal Reserve. The full consequences of this remain to be seen.

The Clinton regime’s attack on the Serbs was a war crime under international law, but it was the Yugoslavian president who tried to defend his country who was put on trial as a war criminal. When the Clinton regime murdered Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge and 76 people at Waco, subjecting the few survivors to a show trial, the regime’s crimes against humanity went unpunished. Thus did Clinton set the precedents for 14 years of Bush/Obama crimes against humanity in seven countries. Millions of people have been killed, maimed, and displaced, and it is all acceptable.

It is easy enough for a government to stir up its population against foreigners as the successes of Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama demonstrate. But the Clinton regime managed to stir up Americans against their fellows as well. When the FBI gratuitously murdered Randy Weaver’s wife and young son, propagandistic denunciations of Randy Weaver took the place of accountability. When the FBI attacked the Branch Davidians, a religious movement that split from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, with tanks and poison gas, causing a fire that burned 76 people, mainly women and children, to death, the mass murder was justified by the Clinton regime with wild and unsubstantiated charges against the government’s murdered victims.

All efforts to bring accountability to the crimes were blocked. These were the precedents for the executive branch’s successful drive to secure immunity from law. This immunity has now spread to local police who routinely abuse and murder US citizens on their streets and in their homes.

Washington’s international lawlessness about which the Russian and Chinese governments increasingly complain originated with the Clinton regime. Washington’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” originated in the Clinton regime, as did the goal of “regime change” in Iraq and Washington’s illegal bombings and embargoes that costs the lives of 500,000 Iraqi children, lost lives that Clinton’s Secretary of State said were justified.

The US government had done wicked things in the past. For example, the Spanish-American war was a grab for empire, and Washington has always protected the interests of US corporations from Latin American reformers, but the Clinton regime globalized the criminality. Regime change has become reckless bringing with it danger of nuclear war. It is no longer Grenada and Honduras whose governments are overthrown. Today it is Russia and China that are targeted. Former parts of Russia herself–Georgia and Ukraine–have been turned into Washington’s vassal states. Washington-financed NGOs organize “student protests” in Hong Kong, hoping that the protests will spread into China and destabilize the government. The recklessness of these interventions in the internal affairs of nuclear powers is unprecedented.

Hillary Clinton is a warmonger, and so will be the Republican candidate. The hardening anti-Russian rhetoric issuing from Washington and its punk EU puppet states places the world on the road to extinction. The arrogant neoconservatives, with their hubristic belief that the US is the “exceptional and indispensable” country, would regard a deescalation of rhetoric and sanctions as backing down. The more the neocons and politicians such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham escalate the rhetoric, the closer we come to war.

As the US government now embraces pre-emptive arrest and detention of those who might someday commit a crime, the entire cadre of neocon warmongers should be arrested and indefinitely detained before they destroy humanity.

The Clinton years produced a spate of books documenting the numerous crimes and coverups–the Oklahoma City bombing, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the FBI crime lab scandal, Vincent Foster’s death, CIA involvement in drug running, the militarization of law enforcement, Kosovo, you name it. Most of these books are written from a libertarian or conservative viewpoint as no one realized while it was happening the nature of the transformation of American governance. Those who have forgotten and those too young ever to have known owe it to themselves to acquaint or re-acquaint themselves with the Clinton years. Recently I wrote about Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton. Another book with substantial documentation is James Bovard’s Feeling Your Pain. Congress and the media aided and abetted the extensive coverups, focusing instead on the relatively unimportant Whitewater real estate deals and Clinton’s sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton and his corrupt regime lied about many important things, but only his lie about his affair with Monica Lewinsky caused the House of Representatives to impeach him. By ignoring numerous substantial grounds for impeachment and selecting instead an insubstantial reason, Congress and the media were complicit in the rise of an unaccountable executive branch. This lack of accountability has brought us tyranny at home and war abroad, and these two evils are enveloping us all.



  1. So, why don't you crash that fascist blood money USD - bring it 10times down as Russian ruble was and revolution will clean up NAZI stronghold in DC.....

    OHHHH, we can not do it, some Americans would not be able to watch their favour sport event....we rather face world nuke war..

    Thank you I am not in this game.....

  2. Yes, the truth & facts are heinously ugly beyond words to describe accurately to the sleeping masses.

    As this article points out, this was pulled off with the MSM-WHORES who "aided & abetted" to thoroughly cover-up all these crimes.

    What will it take to bring these events & facts to the LIGHT OF DAY so that JUSTICE can be served?


    1. DL

      I am frustrated over the approach .... everything will be played that cabal will be allowed to function under other circumstances - truth will be lay down under the table. Justice will be covered up ....some will get candies to appease them .... etc

      Evidently all is being directed this way - USA is being sustained and helped and of course this help means that Cabal are being helped to stay in power .... so you help to sustain USA - and it means helping NAZI. I am saying - clean the house and then help the country. Clean the house means revolution, to have revolution TRUTH must come out so that JUSTICE can come in. None of it will happen - it is kind of turning just the jacket inside out. Rotten-child will continue his life, might have blocked some influence but mind my words ... they will regroup and prepare for another offence in 50 years or what. They just need Ukraine as a second country in case Middle East becomes too hot..and all our West friends do all to help them to get it. It is like if we are in 1916 and all our friends will do all possible to give Palestine to cabal. NOTHING CHANGED.

      To us who are here is a bitter game it is like, we are being used and then disposed with some candies in hand.

    2. V - do you seriously not understand that if the US economy tanks the entire world economy goes down with it?

    3. I do, not sure if you do. Excuses only excuses nothing else.

      1 All dollars out there among nations - collect them give them value as they paid for - back it with USA land. Each country that was forced to sponsor USA - will have stake in USA. That currency will one of the international traded currencies.

      2. Issue schise dollar for domestic economy

      This could have been done if willingness

      The world will not collapse because of USA will face justice - new system will kick off. Work it out. Each problem is solvable with minimum one solution - IT IS CHALLENGE SO WORK IT OUT. Ohhh we do not want to think - it is better to keep status quo ----thank you.

      Collaps USA - tell to the world what happened and why and world including USA will be recharge for a new start. People will be recharged and aim for stars - give them TRUTH AND JUSTICE and you will see miracles......

      Treat them as shit with lies - and no miracles on horizon ...

      I get the point - do not worry about me. You are just nothing but god damn scared to face it all. NW is scared to death considering an option that if USA wither somehow - unknown Russia and China with BRICS will take over the leadership ---- this is what you are all scared off and that's why it is being done that NAZI still get support by whatever means hoping that somehow they will be voted out. With you approach they will stay in power and more threats we will face.

      You do not need to answer - to this

    4. I do not want the status quo. And I would rather not find our bright future by going thru the second dark ages. Everything is shifting and so maybe we can get to where we are going without destroying anything. Maybe we can transform the system. And that would be my preference. And if the only way is a second dark ages bring it on - scared - not me brother. Just not as willing to amputate 2 legs and an arm to save the patient unless there is no other way.

  3. It has already been thoroughly & conclusively PROVEN that this thing posing as Hitlary is a CLONE.


  4. Is there any news about the upcoming Michael Shrimpton trial about nuclear terror threats to the 2012 London Olympics? Is a date set? Or, is it now delayed indefinitely? ~darylluke.

  5. The entire political structure is corrupt...bring down the whole lot of lizard crooks and then redesign the system which is more sustainable under self governance. Whether democrat or republican this is two sides to the same coin and they are all in the "club." It's we the people who carry on our backs the weight of the world who are left out.

    We bail out, we pay back debt which was not ours from the beginning, for many centuries...and we don't need them to tell us what to do or how to do it.

    Get rid of every political force in the world and we will see no more wars....get rid of every bank and create a bartering system and we will see no more wars...they created this system and it functions from the creation of war and division.

    Lizards and their "ilk" must be exterminated!

  6. Yes, SHE is an horrific possible reality. The big new article coming will give you all hope and a new way. Only in America could someone as dirty as her even get to the Ballot Box. Its a world horror story unfolding. If she gets in, God help you all.

  7. John, looking forward to the new article you mentioned above. All I have to think about her is the lifting of champagne glasses along with Bill, senior and Jr Bush at the airport where Kennedy jr and his new bride took off from, all of them cheering the flaming and falling plane. That is in effect what they would do to this country. Please, bring us that glimmer of hope and new way! ). There has to be a better way.

    1. Absolutely P and John...there's got to be a better way...there is so much anticipation of this way!

  8. Obama: I will send US troops to fight ISIS if they get nukes ....

    West has no interest to get rid of ISIS - first it is created - sponsored and used by the West -


    If they get nukes - they have to pay for it - so West buys oil from them and protects them and supplies them. It is not Russia who created them neither did China ..... and it will not be Russia supplying them with nukes ....

    Time to strike at the root - only solution for humankind ......

  9. As I said before if we happen to be in 1916 - all the West leaders as we know them today from Cameron to Merkel and Obama - all would be voting and doing all possible so that Palestine can be wipe out - it would be exactly the same outcome... the same outcome. Hide truth - cover up - so it is today heading with Ukraine. In hundred years if Russia will not stop them, Ukraine would be GAZA and leaders would say .... if only we would live in those days, we would not allow such injustice to happen ....

    So, why do you allow to happen today - because you are afraid ..... that's it.

  10. WASHINGTON, November 18 (Sputnik) – The United States and the European Union are discussing more sanctions against Russia, a high-ranking US administration official said Tuesday.

    "I would say that the question of the intensification of the sanctions is under discussion at this point," the official said.

    "When the president was In Australia over the weekend [at the G20 forum's summit]…. He began a conversation about next steps to increase the pressure on Russia as well as next steps to provide additional financial support to Ukraine," the official added.

    You support USA - you support bloodbath in another country sacrificing people of another nations so that USA can watch their sport games and cabal thrive ....

    Sorry that I am bitting .... but I must say these things ... it must be said.

  11. Comment for J WHA

    Since when have we volunteered to wipe your Butt and carry your miserable Ass you whining misfit? Get off your Butt and fight your own battles Loser! Pathetic. We owe you what you dysfunctional Clown? Man up and grow up. You are just the type of blood money, ambulance chasing low life who deserves nothing and gives the majority in real need a bad name. You characterise a truly undeserving,ambulance chasing Grunt. Iraqis died for crap like you to cash in. Disgusting, sad abomination you shame America. Go to Disneyland they cope better with your clear IQ level.

  12. ....we need least me

    mess in the mouth= mess in the heart...

    1. Vlastimil,

      Many, I am sure, feel as you do. Becoming aware of the criminality in high office and seeing it being allowed to continue with no justice or end in sight is demoralising and utterly depressing. It can eat at our souls. The feeling of helplessness we may have as individuals can be overwhelming. If it's of any comfort remember you are not alone. The existence of this site, WHA, White Hat Reports and many, many others is evidence of that. Humanity is awakening and coming together. Please do not lose heart or sight of the beauty that really does exist on earth and in others. We shall overcome, some day.

  13. Glenn Greenwald on Hilary Clinton: “Soulless, Principle-Free, Power Hungry…”

    Hillary is banal, corrupted, drained of vibrancy and passion. I mean, she’s been around forever, the Clinton circle. She’s a fucking hawk and like a neocon, practically. She’s surrounded by all these sleazy money types who are just corrupting everything everywhere. But she’s going to be the first female president, and women in America are going to be completely invested in her candidacy. Opposition to her is going to be depicted as misogynistic, like opposition to Obama has been depicted as racist. It’s going to be this completely symbolic messaging that’s going to overshadow the fact that she’ll do nothing but continue everything in pursuit of her own power. They’ll probably have a gay person after Hillary who’s just going to do the same thing.

    You can read that and more in the post: Glenn Greenwald on the 2016 Elections – “They’ll Probably Have a Gay Person After Hillary.”
    Well Greenwald is back, and this time he outlines exactly who’s excited about Hilary’s forthcoming run for the Presidency. Here are some excerpts from the Intercept:
    It’s easy to strike a pose of cynicism when contemplating Hillary Clinton’s inevitable (and terribly imminent) presidential campaign. As a drearily soulless, principle-free, power-hungry veteran of DC’s game of thrones, she’s about as banal of an American politician as it gets. One of the few unique aspects to her, perhaps the only one, is how the genuinely inspiring gender milestone of her election will (following the Obama model) be exploited to obscure her primary role as guardian of the status quo.


  15. Why is Putin buying gold?

    1. Unloading his UST bonds as payment for gold, perhaps?

      (Not a bad deal exchanging toilet-paper for gold!!)

    2. Yes, maybe it is a hedge against the sanctions? And a reallocation?

  16. Here is what really happened at the Australian Summit:


    1. DL

      I read on Monday that BRICS had before G20 constructive meeting, which of course was not covered and I was not sure how to take it .... it is even more enlightening. Those Western idiots of war have no idea what is happening under their noses, seems to me.

  17. Break the strain of satanic ritual abuse of children and the whole deck of cards fold...

    David Icke - Two Hour Special Royal/Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit

    Here's the Youtube show:

    1. I strongly recommend people subscribe to Alexandra Bruce's site Her daily postings cover a wide range of important, interesting, entertaining or eye-opening subject matter which today links to an interview between James Corbett and David Smith of Geneva Business Insider. (30 mins)

      "This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David discuss the latest information on the unfolding pedophile scandal in the UK.

      They also talk about the US State Department's approval of Kiev's air strikes on civilians and the state of the European banking sector."

    2. My stomach is turning listening to David Icke's interview where he is describing how George Bush Snr tortured and sexually abused children. I don't think I'll be able to listen to it all. If there is any truth in the account, those responsible for such child abuse should be hung, drawn and quartered and their bodies left to rot.

    3. Valdi,

      This is highly documented in the Franklin Cover Up involving Boys Town in Nebraska. A young man named Paul Bonnaci was brave enough to stand alone and testify about the atrocities that happened.

      This of course was all about using mind control victims to ensnare politicians in pedophilia. Once you have them they are owned, which is why nothing gets done.

      I would also encourage you to read this 7 parts series about "Project Superman" This is basically the real life story of Jason Bourne and the high level military experiments to create human super soldiers. Some of the stuff this man recounts is crazy. High level jumps without parachutes, trading water in sub zero water for hours. All while under deep mind control.

    4. JV,

      Thank you.

      What disturbs me most is that law enforcement, the Pentagon, some journalists and the security agencies must have known what was going on......and they did nothing. Neither did the international community who must also have been aware at some level.

      What a sick world.

    5. Unfortunatey the entire system is corrupt.

    6. JV and Valdi...David Icke lays out the connection within the halls of government as this is their ritual sacrifice which they believe enables them to have power over the's over for them...they refuse to relinquish their defeated position...All I know it's over for them....

      These are the vilest, sickest, animals on the planet...and to think; they rule over us...animals, artificial intelligence, and reptiles...Oh my!

      Here's some positive reality...good for the soul!

      Mark Passio's Kick-Ass Interview on Cancel The Cabal

    7. FEDUP and JV.

      Thanks. I made it to the end of David Icke's interview. How are we going to defeat these evil bastards without creating more negativity? I listened to Mark Passio's Kick-Ass interview a while back. He's taught me a lot but even he was losing patience because of all the ignorance and apathy.

    8. Valdi
      They defeat themselves by not following Cosmic Law...this is natural law that renders it own retribution; all we have to do is be ourselves...what they are doing leads to a dead end just as other empires ended. We have to exist with the knowing that we end this and now with war or anything negative...we have to hold on to our capacity to love ourselves regardless of everything that we see around's all an illusion and mind control...they're trapped, we are free! We've always been free...

      Live your life with the freedom that you already's in your heart!

  18. This is Why Rand Paul is Hilary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare

    Michael Krieger | Posted Tuesday Nov 18, 2014 at 11:58 am

    As Hilary Clinton starts to ponder the curtains she wants to hang in the Oval Office, there is only one person who can realistically stand in her way: Rand Paul.

    Readers of this site will be well aware that I spend very little time focusing on Presidential politics. There are many reasons for this, but more than anything else, I believe there are two key components to genuine cultural change, and none of them have to do with electing a savior. These are:

    1) Knowledge – Ignorance is not bliss. Particularly when it comes to the advance or decline of a civilization. Thomas Jefferson said it best:

    Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.

    I am trying to do my own little part in that regard here at Liberty Blitzkrieg.

    2) Internal Change – It is much easier to complain about others and the world at large than it is to improve oneself. I’m as guilty of this as anyone, but I am cognizant that you can’t change the outside world unless you have changed what’s inside. Gandhi said it best:

    We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do. (see more at link)

    1. FEDUP,

      This answers my last question. Thank you.

    2. Valdi
      I am shouting it from the roof tops...
      Thank you Valdi...

  19. BEIJING, November 18. /TASS/. Military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China assumes paramount significance amid the international situation, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday.
    “Unfortunately, the situation in the region (Asia-Pacific), North Africa and in the whole world is becoming more and more complicated every year. Military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China assumes special importance,”

  20. Now, Putin said the other day that Ukraine crisis can be solve, quickly and effectively and that solution lies that finger tips -

    Well I did not know how to take it, today it became clearer. Russia wants 100% guarantee that Ukraine would not be part of NATO (in my judgement NATO has to the pit of evil history ... as terrorist and offensive military oppressive power.., Czechs should depart latest Jan 2013, then I would sleep better...)

    For, if this happens and Russia gets guarantee - Ukraine territory as today will be sustained, I believe and East Ukraine will get federation status kind of.

    US, EU and NATO will blow it again, they will refuse Russian's solution and try to get NATO into Ukraine - it means Ukraine will split. East goes to independence and cling to Russia alliance. Ukraine goes bust over night - new Maidan in Kiev. Odessa region will leave for Russia as well, what will remain is Kiev and West fascist Ukraine - building up terrorism aka Middle East. Then Russia might step in and END OF STORY. Before that of course West will burn in ashes.....since BRICS will begin full trade in 'non-dollar ' currency. EU will be isolated with no return back - EURO goes bey bey since Russia will demand that EU trades with Russia in Russia-ruble.

    1. Or as Jim Willie believes, Germany will leave the EU to join the Eurasian Trade Zone, resulting in the breakup of the Eurozone, NATO and the EU. All eyes on Germany.

    2. Valdi

      down here from zero hedge article - decline of West so to speak. Time to get second residence in Crimea...

    3. Those Crimea girls really knock me out!
      They leave the west behind
      And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
      That Georgia's always on my my my my my my my mind

      (apologies to the Beatles for the edit since Poroshenko and the Zio-Nazi's took over)

  21. On top of it... gold stolen by NAZI .... as it was reported long before ..

    Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone: "There Is Almost No Gold Left In The Central Bank Vault" ....

  22. "History is filled with the sound of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up." - Voltaire

    ....this above quote is from a bottom of this article

    EU is burying alive the rest of EUROPE .....reality.

    1. Just think about that...

      It has been few years ago - for kids we are redoing this playground - quite huge, I think we did great. Then idiots come and said that this sand that we used is not approved by EU to be at schools or public playgrounds....sand had to be dug out and replace with a sand from somewhere else....not sure if it was from abroad or what.

      I D I O T S - they never done anything real in real world and they keep regulating lives of millions...idiots they will burry Europe...

    2. I guess we might have like - one worker who creates wealth and three or four regulators or policy makers

      How can this be sustainable? In USA they have bunch of unemployed, here in EU we are getting into total misbalance of working unemployment and immigrants who from 80% will never acquire skills and cultural differences to work at level of qualified people -

      Unsustainable - not talking about Russia policy -

    3. The link is dead, Vlastimil. "page not found". Selective censorship?

    4. Is this the same article, Vlastimil?

      This is Real and It’s Happening with Breathtaking Speed

  23. West created

    1 Communism - imported it to the EAST to rob the East (did not work that much in a long run..)

    2 NAZISM - to invade East to rob East

    3 Fiat money - to rob the East and the rest

    4 Terrorism - to terrorise and subdue all

    (not mentioning Opium war...)
    This will not be tolerated anymore by EAST, in our days we will see big changes because West has no intentions to reverse the course they have set their compass for centuries ....

    Time to get second residence in Crimea and brush off my Russia language ...

    1. The creation of the entire system...leave nothing out. Pure evil...

  24. Russia cuts investments in US government securities to $117.7 billion......

  25. John

    are we still standing for aim in this coming week - time to get in touch with banks.....

    1. Still on close standby by say nothing yet to banks about currencies. Just have suitable account to take it if all goes well. We still have the final hurdle of getting paid out via the most corrupt and disgusting Cabal the world has ever seen.

    2. Thank you John, have the accounts set. Wishing you and all those pushing this over that final hurdle to completion - the very best. You have our support.

    3. Right now its like pushing an Elephant backwards uphill. By the Butt with what keeps coming down on us! This is the most truly gut rotten collection of Political thugs and Zionist whoremonger Banksters the world has ever seen. Once we accomplish transhumanism this lot need to be chipped out! Such a shock is waiting for them.

  26. Putin said it yesterday openly to the general public ....Lavrov cements it today -

    MOSCOW, November 19. /TASS/. The United States seeks to divide and rule, but not to stick to integration policy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said to deputies of Russia’s parliament lower house State Duma on Wednesday.
    “Russia’s constructive course for integration stumbles at an intention of the US and their allies to divide and rule and to push through their time-serving plans,” the minister said. “Ukrainian crisis resulted from US plans to broaden a geopolitical space they are controlling,” he added.

    That means duck it out ..... it means end of searching common ground to go forward together.....USA wanted to cut off stretched hands of Russia inviting for a common future, because NAZI wanted it all ....

    End Game - general public was today officially told what they suspected ..... COLD WAR is back and it will not end good for West....

  27. BEIJING, November 18. /TASS/. Military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China assumes paramount significance amid the international situation, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday.
    “Unfortunately, the situation in the region (Asia-Pacific), North Africa and in the whole world is becoming more and more complicated every year. Military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and China assumes special importance,” he said at a meeting with Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang.

    Firmly grounded as we assumed ......



    1. Who has the will to stand against the Two Towers...Sauron or Saruman. Bush as Sauron and the Zionist cabal as Saru"man".

  29. About Hitlary Clinton

    It was about two weeks ago, Hitlary said ....*Businesses do not create jobs, government do create jobs ....*

    Mind my words ..... USA only option after US dollar dumped to the pit as blood and terrorist money is GLOBAL COMMUNISM in the USA - They will confiscate all that belongs to Americans - nationalise all to keep stealing, and then all will collapse. It will not last two generations like in Soviet post WW2 block - it will go fast in this generation and it will collapse to unprecedented level.

    I told you - break down USA or USD so that you can still save lives and help to recover the nation ..... you do not do it. Then you will see a show....

    1. On UK - with all respect...

      Since UK is not sure if it is better to do and support good or to stay faithful to NAZI who were once close ally, though as Churchill said and many times proven *You can count on Americans to do the right thing only after they try to do everything else - meaning all chicanery and evil..*

      Actually what was up to, right I wanted to say. Oh, UK, since UK is not sure if it is better to do right things or to support NAZI they might find themselves at the end of the buss since China might prefer Germany especially when Germany's only choice to survive will be joining Russia and the club (Do it right and Do it fair) I mean BRICS....

      UK muscle up LEAVE NATO before Germany ...... heroic acts belong to those who act first....

    2. Hillary - preparing grounds for communism -----

  30. There was a bunch of guys dressed up as if they expected god almighty to god and give ovation to somebody who in fact is idiot and NAZI war puppet who should be dress in rags ......

    Cameron in his best ...If Russia continues we will keep upping the pressure of sanctions ...


    What happened to English - there are doomed. Nobles gathers and nobody had a nobel character enough to stand up, take a shoe of and cast it on that blood liar .... and war monger. Why you idiot do not look at the content of Black Boxes of MH 17 before you open your lying mouth .....

    Disgrace of humanity ...

    UK alies happily with NAZI - my comment above sits perfectly ..

    1. Shame nothing else but shame ---

      When was it last time when Russia president was falsely accusing UK over and over spiting lies and lies on UK.....

      This is too much....

    2. There is still one thing that can turn the ffff scales little in balance ....

      ...If Cameron comes out in public at Westminster turn first towards West and shouts to cameras from BBC - *We here in Britain hope that in next elections American rigging vote machine will pick at least somebody who did not steal security numbers and have a valid Birth-Certificate* After that he must turn Eastward that Russians can hear it also and shouts the same....

      And then with a torch he must light NATO terrorist organisation flag .....and spit on it....

      This might help so damaged relationship with Russia ....

    3. Vlastimil,

      I hate to say this, but they don't call it the Anglo-American Empire for nothing.....

  31. RTD and Miguel Francis Santiago, the author of “Crimea for Dummies”, go to Donetsk where the bloody conflict between the Ukrainian army and the anti-government forces is in full swing. With contradictory information coming from the region, witnessing the situation first-hand is the only way to find out what’s going on there...

  32. WTF??

    Tony Blair has won GQ’s philanthropist of the year award

  33. UK Parliamentary debate on Money Creation and Society on Thursday 20th November. You can watch the debate live online here:

    Approximate expected start of the “Money Creation & Society” debate is around 12:30PM. GMT

    1. Valdi

      The real work is done in the Private Committees behind the scenes with the Pleb MPs marched in voting to to order under the Whips system. As in the Lords. Just think of clockwork soldiers who stick their hands up when told, and only express opinions fed to them first.
      Don't worry, Democracy is safe here. UKIP are frightening the lot of them and Labour will do a Rats deal with the Scots Nats to cling onto any hope of power. If the do we will force full devolution up them and Labour are gone for this century. UKIP may get between 15 and 25 seats with the Libs dropping to c 8. That is Democracy. Its not looking good for the EU or the 3M we will pack off back once we leave.

    2. John if all you need is idiot puppets you can have Abbott back. Murdoch wont even have to remove his hand so his mouth will still work.

  34. Senior Citi Banker Found Dead In Bathtub With Slashed Throat..

    The dust has barely settled on the latest high profile banker suicide in which Deutsche Bank's associate general counsel, and former SEC regulator, Charlie Gambino was found dead, having hung himself by the neck from a stairway banister, and here comes the latest sad entrant in the dead banker chronicles of 2014 when earlier today, the Post reports, a Citigroup banker was found dead with his throat slashed in the bathtub "of his swanky downtown apartment, authorities said Wednesday."

    I guess it was an accident - he tried for sure to shave his underarm and then his hand accidentally slipped upwards....

    1. Well done, Vlastimil. That's exactly what I thought - a textbook, accidental suicide. You could easily qualify as a coroner in the United States. NOT being sarcastic..

    2. Vlastimil - I hope you have good alibi - you are for sure a suspect.

    3. John S., lol. Thanks for the info Vlastimil.

  35. Can I just say...the suspense is killing me!!!!

  36. 2 IL Veterans Force 102 Corrupt Officials to
    Resign, Place Entire Local Board Under
    Citizen’s Arrest.

    With four former governors having served time behind bars, Illinois’ government is widely-viewed as being riddled with corruption. However, according to a recentexpose by Forbes, two military veterans in Edgar County have begun to fight back and, in just under two years, have drastically cleaned up corruption in their community.

    In an effort to take back their government from self-serving politicians and bureaucrats, John Kraft and Kirk Allen established a group called the Edgar County Watchdogs. Through a combination of public pressure, Freedom of Information filings, lawsuits, and media exposure, they have created a system that deeply threatens Illinois’ corrupt, entrenched political establishment. They operate a blog called Illinois Leaks that exposes corruption at the state and local levels. Considering the fact that, according to Forbes, their home county’s government has racked up over $79 million in debt all on its own while serving only 18,000 residents, Kraft and Allen have their work cut out for them.

    Despite an uphill battle, the anti-corruption twosome have been surprisingly successful. By doggedly pursuing justice for even the smallest infractions by bureaucrats and politicians, the Edgar County Watchdogs have driven 102 public officials to resign from their posts, including 33 officials in Edgar County alone. The pair busted the mayor of Redmond for attempting to hold office while living out of town. They represented themselves in court and beat Illinois Assistant Attorney General Emma Steimel in a lawsuit seeking access to state emails. Officials who have resigned due to the Watchdogs’ efforts include a property tax assessor, the Edgar County board chairman, an entire airport board and its manager, the attorney for Kansas Township’s fire department, Shiloh’s superintendent of schools, and Effingham’s health department administrator, among others. After they exposed corrupt, illegal, and self-serving spending habits by the Ford-Iroquois County health department, the entire bureaucracy was dissolved. In some cases, federal agents have even stepped in to investigate and issue subpoenas to local officials after receiving tips from Kraft and Allen.

    In what was one of their most epic displays of political crime-fighting, seen in the above-embedded video, Allen and Kraft held the entire Clark County Park District Board under citizen’s arrest on May 13, 2014 for violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act, a Class C misdemeanor. According to NBC-5 Chicago, when Clark County Sheriff Jerry Parsley responded to the scene of the heated dispute in which local residents were not allowed to make public comments at a park district board public meeting, he chose to enforce Kraft and Allen’s citizen’s arrest. Sheriff Parsley explained his rationale behind enforcing the arrest to NBC Chicago, “The people need to have their voice. It’s not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy.”

    Inspired by Dillon’s Rule, a 19th-century principle that municipal governments can only act on the basis of powers that have been lawfully granted to them, the duo force public officials to prove that they are spending public funds and using public resources in a lawful manner. Activities like these helped Kraft and Allen catch a school superintendent who spent $5,000 worth of school funds dining out at restaurants.

    What began as an effort to clean up Edgar County has become a state-wide initiative to hold public officials accountable. In a short time, two concerned citizens who happen to be military veterans have dramatically shaken up Illinois’ infamously-corrupt political landscape.



  37. "Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience..." -- John Locke 1690 2nd Treatise on Government Chapter 19 paragraph 222

  38. Banker found dead with throat slit in apparent suicide: cops

    By Jamie Schram, Natasha Velez and Beckie Strum

    November 19, 2014 | 6:30am

    Police investigate the scene Tuesday where Shawn D. Miller (inset) was found dead in a bathtub with his throat slit. Photo: William Miller

    A prominent banker was found dead in the tub of his posh downtown apartment with his throat slashed — in what detectives suspect is a suicide, police sources said on Wednesday.

    Shawn D. Miller, 42, who traveled the world for Citigroup as one of its top environmental policy experts, sliced his neck and wrists with a knife inside his home at 120 Greenwich St, the sources said.

    His body was found by a doorman Tuesday, after his boyfriend called building operators and said he was worried for the banker’s safety.

    Miller was last seen on surveillance video getting off an elevator at about 6 p.m. Monday with a mysterious man who was not his beau. The unidentified male was later spotted on camera leaving alone.

    Investigators, however, believe the death is a suicide because of the nature of the wounds and the fact a knife was found under his body, sources said.

    The doorman who found Miller’s body, Tommy Perez, told investigators that he went to the victim’s apartment on Tuesday afternoon after getting a call from a concerned man who claimed to be the banker’s boyfriend, the sources said.

    Miller had built a successful career in assessing the risk of investments.

    In 2011, Citigroup promoted Miller to an executive position as managing director of environmental and social risk management.

    Miller, who had previously worked for the World Bank, traveled frequently for Citigroup and was instrumental in designing Equator Principles, which banks widely use for establishing voluntary environmental policies.

    The bank sent out a note Wednesday informing staff of Miller’s death.

    “It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our friend and colleague Shawn Miller,” read the note.

    “Shawn joined Citi in 2004 and was highly regarded at Citi and across the financial services industry as a thought leader and tireless advocate for environmental and sustainable business practices. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to Shawn’s family, friends and co-workers during this difficult time. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.”

    The sudden death spooked residents in the building.

    Resident Raul Melgoza, 42, said, “I saw it in the news. I just couldn’t believe it happened in the building.

    “It’s a pretty quiet building although it’s changed a lot from buyers to more renters. I see a lot of new faces, young college kids.”

    1. Guerrillaeconomist ‏@theroguemoney 4h4 hours ago

      CitiGroup dead banker Shawn D. Miller was an economic hitman who got hit. Trained in subterfuge and versed in pillaging developing countries

  39. Ex-NFL star finds new passion in farming.

    St. Louis player says he regrets nothing. (3min)

    Forfeits $37M contract.


  40. In Lieu Of Welfare And Food Stamps, Switzerland To Guarantee Each Person A $31200 Per Year Income ....

    With Japan planning a few trillion Yen stimulus plan of airdropping "gift cards" directly to the poor to spur spending (and the virtuous awesomeness of economic utopia), it appears Switzerland is about to go one step further. As Motherboard reports, Switzerland could soon be the world’s first national case study in basic income. Instead of providing a traditional social net - unemployment payments, food stamps, or housing credits - the government would pay every citizen a fixed stipend. The proposed plan would guarantee a monthly income of CHF 2,500, or about $2,600 as of November 2014; meaning every Swiss family can expect an unconditional yearly income of $62,400 without having to work, with no strings attached. What could go wrong?

    As Motherboard reports,

    Switzerland could soon be the world’s first national case study in basic income. Instead of providing a traditional social net—unemployment payments, food stamps, or housing credits—the government would pay every citizen a fixed stipend.

    The idea of a living wage has been brewing in the country for over a year and last month, supporters of the movement dumped a truckload of eight million coins outside the Parliament building in Bern. The publicity stunt, which included a five-cent coin for every citizen, came attached with 125,000 signatures. Only 100,000 are necessary for any constitutional amendment to be put to a national vote, since Switzerland is a direct democracy.

    The proposed plan would guarantee a monthly income of CHF 2,500, or about $2,600 as of November 2014. That means that every family (consisting of two adults) can expect an unconditional yearly income of $62,400 without having to work, with no strings attached. While Switzerland’s cost of living is significantly higher than the US - a Big Mac there costs $6.72 - it’s certainly not chump change. It’s reasonable income that could provide, at the minimum, a comfortable bare bones existence.

    There are pros and cons (well really short term pros and longer-term ugly cons)...

    The benefits are obvious (according to the supporters). Such policy would, in one fell swoop, wipe out poverty. By replacing existing government programs, it would reduce government bureaucracy. Lower skilled workers would also have more bargaining power against employers, eliminating the need for a minimum wage. Creative types would then have a platform to focus on the arts, without worrying about the bare necessities. And those fallen on hard times have a constant safety net to find their feet again.

    Detractors of the divisive plan also have a point. The effects on potential productivity are nebulous at best. Will people still choose to work if they don’t have to? What if they spend their government checks on sneakers and drugs instead of food and education? Scrappy abusers of the system could take their spoils to spend in foreign countries where their money has more purchasing power, thus providing little to no benefit to Switzerland’s own economy. There’s also worries about the program’s cost and long term sustainability. It helps that Switzerland happens to be one of the richest countries in the world by per capita income.

    But of course the muppets that are in power will be gone by then. Is it any wonder the government and central bank are opposed to the Save our Swiss Gold initiative if this is the fiscal plan for the future?

    * * *

    Given that 60% of American households are already net takers from the government, codifying this in Switzerland is not such a huge surprise for the Keynesian cult.

    * * *

    We are sure it is obvious what the problems are with this approach... but one quick (rhetorical) question - what do you think will happen to the prices of goods and services if everyone in the country is suddenly flush with $2600 more cash every month? And if $2,600 works - why not $100,000!

  41. I am sorry to say it ..... nothing but disgrace


    ....Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says US Secretary of State John Kerry called on him to “pay no mind” to a statement by President Obama, in which Russia was included to a list of top global threats.......

    As US foreign policy credibility dissolves, we leave it to Lavrov to conclude, "it is flippant," he jabs, "it’s not appropriate for a powerful country to have such a consumer attitude to its partners - where you’re needed, help us; where you’re not, obey us.".......

  42. John

    BRICS will have their own cable - own internet - now if they come with new alternative SWIFT system as Russia is saying it will be launched by May - how it will effect the world's party? Germany gets into the club, might be that they will drag also Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Island, Finland - I do not want to say it but also Denmark ...) (Finland is saying openly that Finish major biz partner is Russia. Finland can not wait till EU disintegrates .....

    How new SWIFT system will effect banking - will we see split and eventually countries will get hooked to new system step by step- one after another till left only USA and UK on a pirate boat.

    For USA today there is only one alternative left - totality communism when all economy under the control of government, government under the control of agencies. After communism collapse will follow .... Hitlary set a tune for that just checking grounds is ready they might call it NWO and modify it only for USA hoping that some countries will get hooked to it...

    We should have here an article about Troickij - because USA lives and implements his ideology, I have been thinking about him like two-three weeks ago and then very good article popped up....

    1. Of course I can not miss an opportunity to mention that it was Cameron shouting from the Big Ben that Russia will be cut from SWIFT if they do not become NAZI country....

  43. In my judgement Russia will not repeat mistakes that Soviets did .... though Soviets acted in many ways on defence mode being in constant attack ....Soviets got disgraced in public eye .... Putin will not repeat it, society is being rebased

    .... Russia would stay for egalitarian approach ....

  44. Vlastimil
    1. All Putin ever needs to do is change all Oil and Gas prices into Roubles, and block out supplies to Europe for 6 months over winter and see how fast the political lashback from their voters focus them to detente.
    2. BRICS and others are bringing in their own systems.
    3. Obama is ordering the Fed to adopt the Euro in 1915, to move towards a unified currency. European Bankers will become ever more powerful,as will the EU.

    A lot is going on as America comes to term with its own limitations and need to escape it's debt mountains. Next, of course, they will escalate Euro debt and defraud everyone trapped within.

    1. Hjälp - this is what Swedes say - meaning - Oh my gosh anybody take an action, or simply literally help -

      This is unpredictable situation - wind can blow any direction in open see while rudder is broken off and no sails anymore up there....

      What do we do?

    2. Evidently there is no will for resolution and artificially created conflict so that we can walk together in cooperation ......

      West wants to have this conflict - whatever drives them for that, might be dialectic of Hegel - with hopes that this will eventually bring conflict and then synthesis

      West just wants conflict to go on - of any kind.

      Maybe UK could be a meeting point...

    3. I listened in to the Parliamentary debate on Money Creation, taking place in an almost empty Chamber with some MP's either fast asleep or playing with their mobiles.

      The Rothschilds must be laughing at how easy it is to rip off this planet and trick the goy.

    4. John,

      How long can this deception go on, the debt is insurmountable nobody is buying their treasury bonds accept the large banks and Japan that have been forced to at gun point. The US is being isolated by just about every country in the world who won`t be bullied anymore, an unsustainable welfare state with a military budget that rivals other countries GDP. The banks, courts, politicians, police, media have all had their cloak of secrecy unveiled to the corruption that has gone on for god knows how long, people not only here but thousands of sites across the web are exposing these rats daily and still it seems like it never ends.

    5. Valdi

      Probably those who attended can not intellectually contain the problem .... and who knows what they understood under the debate Money Creation ....., I can imagine that they will be in discussion given manual of how to sweep money easily somewhere ....

  45. Vlastimil, cooperation with people and countries is exactly what the Cabal doesn't want. It's all about keeping us divided and thus conquered. Brics is a wonderful breath of fresh air in a world that has been divided so thoroughly.

    Much of our culture wherever we are in the world has been transmuted into a vehicle that doesn't allow for cooperation, but does encourage competition. It's moving beyond this and allowing/accepting each who they are. It's also learning to work together for a common goal, understanding that not all may agree, but can contribute from each person's perspective. Its accepting, allowing and encouraging uniqueness, differences as well as the norm.

    Resolution of the issues, not cooperation (other than the white hats and the many good people working together) will ultimately be the case. It's literally pulling the wings off a fly and asking it to fly or denuding a bird so it can't fly that will create resolution. Sorry my analogy is what it is, but this best illustrates what am speaking of. This isn't just the emperor being naked for all to see, but the systematic removal of ability to continue as the cabal has.

    1. P

      It is sad, I really believed that time is about to break free from cabal and create mutual respectful and cooperating world .....

      .....probably not this time ...

    2. Vlastimil, it's we the people of the planet that will bring cooperation and mutual respect to the collective consciousness. It's people like you who do what they do in their communities and here on OWoN and other blogs that encourage and even lay out the ways we can learn to do that. It's tough road sometimes as we all have been taught to look out for number 1, but it's moving beyond that to something far better for all.

      Some would call this the 100th monkey affect, but as we cooperate with mutual respect with one another, the effect spreads. As more do that world wide the ripples start to interconnect and helping more people get to effective cooperation. It's a movement we the people we can do anywhere and everywhere on this dear planet. We become the change we want.

    3. I agree P. The 100th monkey is a nice demo of the existance of the group consciousness. The Oxford biologist Rupert Sheldrake has scientifically described this as 'morphic resonance' and has demonstrated it in plants as well.

      So it takes maybe 10% to move the mass, if that. Smaller for ignition say 1%?

      We have struck the match and together we nurture the flame with all others evident from all the indie blogs addressing this issue. It is unavoidable that this will change. I share your optimism.

  46. Another NAZI cover up move - MH 17 - it will become forgotten very soon because cabal will for sure divert attention of public somewhere else - disaster or another terror ..

    The Dutch government has refused to reveal details of a secret pact between members of the Joint Investigation Team examining the downed Flight MH17. If the participants, including Ukraine, don’t want information to be released, it will be kept secret.....

    UK should step up and said, we do not cooperate in this cover up - we are releasing to general public all content of Black Boxes ....

    1. Why do they investigate it at the first place ......

    2. I do not think that Russia will ever do this, but probably would be worthy of stirring up the mobs....

      Russia should say - we cut gas supply to EU if you do not release within 48 hours all finding of terrorist attack on MH 17 including US satellite photos (meaning authentic photos..)

      This would stir up public and public would demand the TRUTH OUT - JUSTICE IN

  47. In Sweden we have a big fight that is going on - new government does not line up exactly to the tune of NAZI agenda -

    This time we have socialists in power and first thing they did they recognised the state of - Palestine - and the battle begin. Soon after we had 'mysterious sub and no plane---- NAZI want Sweden to drag to conflict with Russia and eventually to become NATO thugs member...

    A mysterious aircraft spotted over Swedish skies this past Saturday has been identified as a French plane, after reports emerged that it could be a Russian plane intruding on Sweden’s airspace.

    The Swedish military confirmed the plane was French to The Local, a European website. The Expressen newspaper in Sweden had claimed the plane was Russian and left Swedish airspace when it encountered a Swedish Jas Gripen plane. Jesper Tengroth, spokesman for the Swedish military, questioned Expressen’s reporting, telling The Local, “They have to take responsibility for their sources.”

  48. Proud of the Swedish government for calling manure, manure. We need more countries doing that, realizing some may take a replacement of their government representatives to get there.

  49. a word. Americans are fucked. Wasted my time here these how many months?


    We here in comments PROVIDED SOLUTIONS.Nobody acted, upstairs. Diplomacy bullocks!


    1. How about some Dolly humor now? grrrrrr...........

      YOUR humor here is and has been an admission of in adequate counter-force. THIS place has NO PLACE for humor, because, well, I have no idea how to explain this point.... Generally, I would say this is not a bully-pulpit to distract the focus of what NEEDS doing. Thus far, 100% ineffective.
      WEST COAST BOYS? Who the heck are they? Speak so general readership understands what the EFF you are talking about! Code? EFF that!

      YES!! I am pissed. PONY UP, or be specific about details. Oh, forex rules.WTF?

      So, to conclude, your "humor" only is for your own benefit. See what I mean?



    Folks, don't hold your breath. NOTHING will move. Americans are skrewed. PP will get stuck right up the rear-end, again, with ZERO movement. GUARANTEED.

    Excuses to follow.



  51. Oh, wait. I'll get a job and that will solve it......WHILE good men actually and REALLY do nothing.


  52. DL

    Sorry for that emotional upheaval ..... it is not fun we understand. But the game is not over yet. For sure if we have USA and EU going single currency then cabal will get entrenched very deep and split in the world will rather grow....before it blows up but we would have about 15 years to get to the point. 10-15 USA and EU would manage to survive on deception mode but I would not give them more - things move much faster in our days then a half century back.... BRICS will get out from developing countries to developed countries all inclusive .....

    Get a second residence in BRICS countries - I see it that way, we would have then more time to adjust before West goes bust

  53. I still believe the best for Americans is to break USA to 3-5 states. This will raise public inquiry and hunt after cabal. It will help Americans to get truth out and get the compass into the right direction. It will help them to recover faster. They would make economy union in 3 years and got back on track very fast.

    Other scenario will mean just going slowly downward spiral, the question will be how much they will drag with.....

    The main obstacle is pride and fear.....UK WN lives also in fear of what would happen, would Russia and China took total control, it is risky biz to get rid of cabal. So better to try slowly to vote them out at the same time we must keep supporting them....we will loose momentum..

    I never liked this strategy but it is me....and I have no power so to speak.....

    1. Vlastimil
      The best practice would be that those who own land, who are not on the government dole, and work - be voters. Those that do not, they should not vote, for they have a vested interest. What is sad, is that because of the government policies, good people who would otherwise be working are on the government dole, goes against their grain. They are taking a once proud people and are making them subservient, a slave to the government. It is neverending, and divisive. I cry for America

    2. By the way, I also cry for what America is doing to other countries. What is bad, those I talk to.......they cannot understand the delusion that American government, American media shows the people ...... they believe what they hear from mainstream media

  54. DL

    You pick the fight - you stay in the fight

  55. Native American Heritage Month 2014 -- NOVEMBER

    A few quotes from the article

    “The only way to get change is not through the courts or — heaven forbid — the politicians, but through a change of human consciousness and through a change of heart. Only through the arts — music, poetry, dance, painting, writing — can we really reach each other.”
    ― Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

    “The essence of the problem is about consumption, recognizing that a society that consumes one-third of the world’s resources is unsustainable. This level of consumption requires constant intervention into other people’s lands. That’s what’s going on.”
    – Winona LaDuke

    “What happens when you let an unsatisfactory present go on long enough? It becomes your entire history.”
    ― Louise Erdrich, The Plague of Doves

    "Every society needs educated people, but the primary responsibility of educated people is to bring wisdom back into the community and make it available to others so that the lives they are leading make sense."
    -- Vine Deloria, Jr.

    “Things which do not grow and change are dead things.”
    ― Louise Erdrich

    "A vision without execution is nothing but a hallucination."
    – Kim Krokodilo, Elk Valley Rancheria

    “Poverty doesn’t give you strength or teach you lessons about perseverance. No, poverty only teaches you how to be poor.”
    ― Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

    “If one reads enough books one has a fighting chance. Or better, one’s chances of survival increase with each book one reads.”
    – Sherman Alexie

    “Books and beer are the best and worst defense.”
    ― Sherman Alexie, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

    Religion is for people who're afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who've already been there.”
    ― Vine Deloria Jr.

    1. Continued from above

      “Cherokee national identity is and always has been about how multiple forms of difference come together in socially and politically meaningful ways to constitute complex subjects. These differences of identity among Cherokees — whether they are defined in terms of blood, race, culture or some other national substance — are not innate possessions, nor are they passing illusions. Instead, they reflect the meaningful interactions between groups of people struggling with themselves and others over access to power, including the rights of self-determination and self-definition that have long been promised to them.”
      – Circe Sturm, Blood Politics

      “I will tell you something about stories ... They aren't just entertainment. Don't be fooled. They are all we have, you see, all we have to fight off illness and death.”
      ― Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

      “But as long as you remember what you have seen, then nothing is gone. As long as you remember, it is part of this story we have together.” ― Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

      Before, Indian people had been so defeated, they were always looking for outsiders, for the government, to somehow come in and fix things. But now, they seem to realize that they're the only ones who can save themselves.
      – James Welch

      ''The treaties are the recognition of tribal rights, not gifts.''
      – Ron His Horse is Thunder, Standing Rock Sioux

      “And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself that you tasted as many as you could.”
      ― Louise Erdrich, The Painted Drum

      “It's a weird thing. Reservations were meant to be prisons, you know? Indians were supposed to move onto reservations and die. We were supposed to disappear. But somehow or another, Indians have forgotten the reservations were meant to be death camps.” ― Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

      “I didn't literally kill Indians. We were supposed to make you give up being Indian. Your songs and stories and language and dancing. Everything. We weren't trying to kill Indian people. We were trying to kill Indian culture.”
      ― Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

      here's the link

  56. Interesting comments via Barbe 27 on WHA site. Be assured, London misses nothing worldwide.

    For Barbe, thanks for being open minded and seeking to see what's going down. But be assured, these are only performing Mannequins, the real action,Class Actions, are the Old Guard and Key Opinion Policy Shapers here who track it as needed, and just give the Poodles an hour in the sun. This IS the greatest financial City in the world because of mutual respect for other nations.good Diplomacy, and lessons heard earned after loss of the old Empire, but total control of the Financial Empire which we never let go. Nor Will! Ever! Note the speed of tracking and responding for you? There ARE intense activities unfolding behind closed doors. Real Action and Leadership.

    There are many good and enlightened people on both sites we seek to encourage. The nations and people need you all.

    A new big article coming out with extensive graphics over the next day or so will open more windows for you. It will give hope and clarity to many. Don't worry too much about these transient Politicos. Most are just short term Dog Excreta who will be scraped back to the gutters where they belong in time. Humanity just picked them up along the path of life, and will return them as found when opportune. The winds of change are blowing. Minds are evolving and ignorance is being exposed to the light of day and reality. Your own Sovereign Right, is to exist. Technology,Science and pending revelations will unleash directional changes for all. Paedophile Cult religions ( ISIS and Islam) are barbaric and will face retribution.
    Crime families will not withstand the scale of Global exposure building.

    Too many OTT stress comments have blanket attacked America, which has detracted from the real fact that it is a true minority of Political Crime Families, Sleaze ridden Politicos, and the congregated Gut Rotten Zionist hoards who have racketeered as always, entrapped Banking to subjugate the nation, serving its ridiculous anti Goyim ideologies.
    Most Americans are good, wholesome family value people as much stressed as all nations, and denied true MSM information by this conniving Zionist and Cabal controlled media. The emergence of such good sites, is simply humanity fighting for truth, integrity and a right to pursue a greater purpose of being. Post the PPs, you will see so much more. A step at a time. It needs safe hands.

    Within the confines of a true global cooperative of "Enlightened Elders" and free Spirits, are numerous avenues of hope and freedom aspirations unfolding. You are neither alone, nor without hope. Nor will all be lost for the real people. But- for the Cabal, you chose your path, free will, now face the Karma consequence coming down on each of you.
    Regress history, the best laid plans of corrupted men, always end in tragedy. Societies evolve, new Big Dogs emerge. More rice bowls to fill.
    Post the PPs more will be revealed. just have quiet inner belief. Life works out. Just be encouraged, this will be a century of revelations for all of you.

    1. Interesting, thank you John .....

      The problem as can be observed is evident damage on masses hoarded to hate directed by MSM to other nations.....this is the problem with politicos who shout open mouth non constructive lies and non-sense....masses buy in it and emotional hate grows ...

      This is the problem that bothers me ... damage done and lasts and it will take time to heal and reconcile ....

    2. "We're the little engine that could.." it's's not if, it's when!
      Thank you have our vote of confidence...furthermore...the force is with you!

    3. Thank you John for the upbeat message. Many of us in the US are trying at a local level to make real change, my brother-in-law at age 69 is trying to break into local politics at the county level. I am a nurse currently trying to bring aquaponics/organic farming into my area at the local level. Thank you for giving up hope!

    4. Tammy
      Trying is all. The reason the true scum in Politics and Unions got so far, is simply because they organised when the 99% sat on their lazy, indifferent asses and let it all be taken from them. Stupid is as Stupid does. So, organise, fight back and face them down. Name and Shame. Make them face their blame. Fight for truth and justice. The little guys can win. Just believe and see how one or two getting through can open doors for others. Look at the Zionists, they are few but own it almost all. And they, by and large, are rotten. So what can organised good people do if you collectively try as many? It will grow. Face down the so called Leaders in Public and tell them you must go because you are corrupt and unfit for office. Shame them., blame them, name them and you will see the cowards most are underneath.
      Kennedy - Chipaquidick. Clinton LIED to America, the Bushes have crime records off the map, Clinton and Benghazi! Ram it in her face daily. O has lied, and criminally conspired on so many counts. You almost can not win a state contract without pay off's. The corruption field is wide open to attack.

      Post PP- we will try so hard for so many. When the going gets tough don't leave Be - Lieve! in yourself, and that- is wealth.

    5. John
      Here we call it pay to play, and its illegal...many politicians have gone to jail over the last years for this. However, it is still in effect and we need relief...and you have nailed it...

      We are the ones we have been waiting on...take up a one man war on those who are on the take! Got it!

  57. John,

    Can you elaborate on the Euro comment. You said 1915. Did you mean 2015?

    Also, how does that work? They just say the dollar is now the Euro?

    I'm confused on this one?

  58. JV

    Sorry , typo so much to do, yes 2015. Pressure, quadruple multi tasking, sometimes feels like multi dimensions! Huge work loads.

    It will start with half of each, then move to a Global union. DC dreams of side swiping Europe. They will be laughed off the board. Reality, the US colony will be re absorbed and made to work this time after Zionist and Cabal De Lousing.

    1. Thanks John,

      The world just keeps getting stranger.

      I certainly understand the work load issue. Although, I am not working in 3 time zones, being 100% is a challenge everyday in this climate.

      Honestly, I can live with hard work. Hell, I can live with bullets, blood, death, poverty and most anything else. The only thing that give me nightmares is being hauled off to one of these camps and having my children and wife separated from me. I can only imagine the atrocities that will follow. Death would be welcome.

      I pray every night that you get these PP's released so hopefully this can be stopped and maybe we will have some drippings so I can get them to safer grounds.

  59. I have not heard any talk about money being phased out of a system of freedom...this is the literal rope around the neck...when money becomes obsolete then we can obtain real freedom and self governance. This is my belief...

  60. Just to clarify since my English is kind of sluggish ....

    John said that this century truth will come out ..... word 'century' does not mean this month does? In case it does I would jump quickly into diapers selling biz because many governments will be in big shortage to it......

    1. There has been a few thousand years or more of humans operating from a 3D mentality Vlastimil. I take John's words to mean that the evolution to a unity consciousness of respect, truth and service-to-others takes a fair deal of unraveling even as we begin to weave the new today. I am an optimist on that timescale.

      Majic has supposedly split with half supporting disclosure. With it comes new healing tech using magnetics, lasers and other machines using quantum to revert DNA back to younger states. Don't be so sure you won't be around for the next number of decades of that is what you choose.

    2. See the next report as we uncloak more. Timing. We raise the bar a step at a time.

    3. AjnaAndy and John, Looking forward to both the good technology for all of our benefits and the new report raising the bar one step! )

  61. Off topic for DL, something different and harkening back quite a ways in history.

    Two Ancient Intriguing Stone Artifacts
    With Hidden Truth That Must Be Told

    Read more:


    Today, the YouTube site, SecureTeam
    received this video and testimony from
    one "Ken," claiming to work as a "US
    Government astronomer," at an agency
    that he would not identify, except to
    say that he worked at one of the
    observatories on Mauna Kea, in Hawaii.

    While investigating unprecedented
    major storm activity on the far-flung
    planet Uranus, he claims to have
    unexpectedly discovered a celestial body
    that is tremendous in size and which he
    claims is currently in the process of
    entering the Outer Solar System.

    YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : With renewal comes complete healing

  63. ALL I got when we went to cash in the last 100,000 Dinars was $64!! What a RACKET!!
    40% buy/sell spread! $28 for my fathers gold wedding ring.

    Nothing but evil sharks waiting to take advantage of people in desperate times.
    The rich keep getting richer with no end in sight.

    Now, I have to make another trip back to sell half my dong.The irony here is that when I was fired in 2011, my union gave me paperwork that said I could start getting 50% pension at age 54. I turned 54 2 weeks ago, and should be getting over $900 monthly. "Ooops!! SORRY Steven, but you have to wait until age 55 and it will be only $490 monthly!! We changed the scales one year after you lost your job. Is there anything else we can do for you today?"There was no stock market crash since 2011. So, where did almost 50% of my money disappear to? THIEVING BASTARDS!! Such is the REALITY of this world we live in.


  64. This was on Before It's News on the nineteenth. I was wondering if anybody else read this. I can't believe how many Soro's there are. Spells out the many things they are connected to.

  65. John

    But by this time of the week it must be pretty clear what will transpire this coming week, or not? Today I am suppose to give answer to one of my contractors for this coming week, I need 2 days to deal with stuff min, to get to Switzerland 1 day ...... ,

    ... such uncertainty in this ... feel like an idiot.

    1. I hate to ask this kind of questions - it feels like ffff beggar ...

    2. Vlastimil

      Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, which means as usual, no one shows up on Friday. It's a nation of Children. Wives put husbands on standby to take them shopping and to help with Turkeys etc, So no shows start as early as Tuesday. Every year they are infuriating. It gets worse. They go to see their Mothers out of state. Many stay the week end. Few will travel back on their own time on Sunday so there are airline queues on Monday with many missing flights and only flying back on Tuesday. No shows are a real problem. Its the me , me society. I want, I want. So the second week again is wrecked with more chaos. We normally write off all US trade between mid November and late February. For something as big as this, it will be a horror story of incompetence. Like dealing with La La land.
      Put your contracts first and go for the sure thing. You can't depend on or trust the clowns running this an inch. It comes when it comes, they you adjust fast. We will give you at least 48 hours notice and that's enough to get to a major bank of good standing with Forex capability.
      We are down their throats daily for a closure program. Its an ever evolving nightmare dealing with combined special interests corrupting it, and collective stupidity.
      You have survived this far, whenever it breaks you can handle it. The major Tiers may take up the first few weeks and the Public to follow later. On all we see, it's chaos. A lot of these Turkeys deserve to join the Turkey queue. You will have the time, we will ensure you know asap. We know its importance to so many.

    3. Thank you, appreciate. I have good relationship with that company for years and today I had to tell them if we are taking these week (usually it turns more...good for me..) so I am happy I can freely decide without a stress and focus to responsibilities here and now...


  66. Satellite killer ...or just rumours ...
    Satellite-watchers say a Russian object that was put into orbit six months ago has been behaving strangely, sparking worries that the craft is conducting a test run for anti-satellite warfare......


  67. Some thought it would never happen. But in Iceland, the former chief executive of one of the largest banks in the country which was involved in crashing the economy in 2008 has been sentenced to jail time.

    Iceland banker the first to manipulate bank’s stock price

    In receiving a one year prison sentence, Sigurjon Arnason officially became the first bank executive to be convicted of manipulating the bank’s stock price and deceiving investors, creditors and the authorities between Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, 2008, as the bank’s fortunes unwound, crashing the economy with it. Landsbanki was one of three banks that had tallied nearly $75 billion in debt before the final curtain was drawn.....

  68. Come on Russia - time to unleash for Rouble for gas and oil ....

    Something just must happen and move this fffff stand-by somewhere....

  69. I get these by email. For those here that expect some crumbs, it is sound advice. ~darylluke.

    November 20, 2014
    Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

    As we discussed yesterday, the world has certainly gotten itself into a serious pickle.

    World population growth and economic trends are causing food demand to soar.

    Demographers tell us that over 200,000 people will be present at the dinner table tonight who weren't even alive yesterday.

    And with over a billion people having been lifted out of poverty in the developing world (and more to follow), people are eating more food (and more resource intensive foods like meat) than ever before.

    At the same time, farm yields have peaked in the developed world. Science has managed to extract from the ground as much as the earth can give.

    Many farmers are quitting the business altogether thanks to rising input costs and absurd regulation, and the amount of farmland is in clear decline.

    The arithmetic here is quite simple: the demand for food Calories is rising while the ability to provide those food Calories is falling.

    This suggests rising food prices over the long-term, and potentially even shortages.

    But behind this uncomfortable data is a clear opportunity: if demand for food is increasing while the supply of farmland is in decline, then high quality farmland is an obvious asset to own.

    The question is: where? Not all farmland is created equal.

    In fact, much of the farmland in the developed West is already at or near an all-time high, and much of it lacks available water.

    Having traveled to over 110 countries, I've looked at farmland across the world to see where is the best mix of soil quality, secure water, land title rights, favorable weather, developed infrastructure, labor and land costs, etc.

    Far and away the best opportunities lie overseas. And below are some of my top picks which are presently underdeveloped:


    Farmland in Chile is already inexpensive when compared to North America or Europe; what would cost $15,000 per acre in California would cost barely $5,000 in Chile.

    Yet at the same time, the productive output is just as high, if not higher. The weather here is temperate, the soil quality is off the charts, and the all-important land title rights provide clear protection for foreign owners.


    If land in Chile is cheap, it's even cheaper in Peru. That said, the two countries are entirely different. Peru is still the wild west; there's very little infrastructure and a million ways to get screwed by locals.

    But by comparison, Perus is enormous. And climatically Peru is like a natural greenhouse-- steady, constant temperatures year-round that in many cases can double or triple an annual crop yield.

    (The downside of this is that Peru lacks the cold hours necessary to properly grow certain stone fruits or develop the sugars which sweeten many foods).

  70. .....continued.


    As you can imagine, land in Colombia is even cheaper than in Peru. And if you believe the conventional wisdom about the country's stability, Colombia is even more Wild West.

    One of the reasons that Colombia is so full of opportunity is because it's on few people's radars as an agriculture option. Yet many of the highland areas provide ideal climate, soil, and water conditions for an abundance of crops to thrive, yet with ultra-low investment costs.

    And the government is on an all-out rampage trying to attract investment dollars with generous incentives for foreigners who brave the "Colombia stigma" and come to the country.


    Asia's greatest agricultural treasure trove is in Myanmar right now; the country is vast and boasts climate zones as diverse as Chile's, so you can grow just about anything.

    Labor costs are almost nothing, and the government is on a clear push to lift restrictions on foreign asset ownership (foreign companies can already lease land for up to 70 years based on a 2012 law).

    It's still completely virgin; Myanmar lacks critical infrastructure or even a functioning financial system, so it's toally ground floor. But the long-term potential is enormous.

    Each of these places has the potential to become an agricultural powerhouse and slow this disturbing food production trend. And this is important.

    All the traditional food exporters in the world (like the US) are tapped out. So if there is to be any serious growth in global food production, it absolutely MUST be from up and coming locations that are currently off the radar.

    Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Myanmar are four among some of the top countries (there are others) which have all of the right characteristics, including CHEAP LAND. This is a critical variable.

    And from my vantage point as a fund manager overseeing agricultural investments, I'm already noticing hundreds of millions of dollars being raised by funds to acquire land in these areas.

    And these are the early ones. I expect much more capital will follow behind.

    Given this surge of funds, I have no doubt that that the market will eventually correct this anomaly, and we'll see much higher land prices in the coming years.

    The global land rush has begun. So if you're interested in investing in agriculture, these are some of the places to start looking.

    Until tomorrow,
    Simon Black

  71. The EU’s attempts to coerce Serbia into joining anti-Russian sanctions are nothing but blackmail, says the head of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

    “Presently the European Union is trying to force Serbia, which is not an EU member, to join their sanctions program. They are practically blackmailing Serbia: either it joins the sanctions against Russia or [the bloc] won’t see it as a country with a chance of joining the EU,” MP Aleksey Pushkov (United Russia) told reporters at a Thursday press conference in Moscow.

    Break the fascist EU - NOW

    Serbia should join BRICS and invite Russians to build there biggest army base with nukes.....only way to deal with NAZI EU -

    Island should do exactly the same - invite Russians to build there massive army base with nukes

    1. Ireland should do exactly the same so that Brits may learn what it means to have army base next to door - since they are happy to have military exercises in Baltic states --

      --- How would that feel, then? Fairness, yes but only one sideway....

    2. Vlastimil,

      I would love for Ireland to do what Iceland did. There are signs of great dissatisfaction throughout Europe with people seeking to reassert their independence from the fascists controlling the EU. See John's comment below about the latest UKIP victory. The EU and NATO will break up, just as did the USSR and as will the USA. The USA could have succeeded had it honoured its original Constitution and Bill of Rights, limiting the power of Washington. The EU could have succeeded as a republic if it had adopted those same principles, limiting the power of Brussels. Instead, the EU became like the USSR, run by a Commission - a group of unelected, gutless non-entities serving the banks, just as Washington serves the banks.

      Bankers who run nations only run them into the ground.

    3. This from

      Serbia and Russia have quietly signed an agreement on military cooperation. They will hold their first joint military exercise named SREM 2014. This may lead to the presence of Russian forces west of Romania.

  72. Jeff and Angel discuss life in Acapulco, answer questions from viewers on issues regarding moving to and life in, Acapulco Mexico. Topics include: US police state psychological oppression and extortion, very little government involvement in the deep south of Mexico, laid back lifestyle, warm climate, alcohol, traffic cars and licenses, bars, guns, don’t drink the water myth, taxis, Netflix, 100mb internet! (39min)

    1. DL,

      Good stuff on alternate domiciling. There do appear to be viable options for those that feel the calling.


  73. In another By Election in the UK, UKIP won again smashing the big 2. If UKIP now, with the backing of the people, get between 15 and 25 seats in May, it tears apart the big 2 and will force withdrawal from the EU, an end to Illegals, and the mass removal of millions of EU Welfare bandits and Gypsies dogs stealing Britain blind. Booted out. Britain will save vast Billions and the EU will drown in debt. Time out for those Freeloaders. It shows America the people WILL back Independents, and only 25 elected will hold a blocking vote. Time to restore trust in Politics and take down the big dogs. Time to say - We the People Say - No More!

  74. I and many other Aussies thank Lord Deben

  75. Ahnaandy
    The moronic MPs send their mindless crap to the Lords where it gets blocked, and returned to re write. Elders hands rock the cradle here. MPs are only transient Bar Stewards don't take them too seriously. Unless Red Ed gets in for Labour then God help us all. All that ignorant rabble ever do is trash the economy.

    1. John I am learning the value of the elders in established nations, thankyou; please pass on my thanks for the steady hand should you pass in the corridors. The left want a stupid Marxist Agenda 21 tax. UK powers 6.5m homes with wind. Tech is all that is needed, not more stupid central tax. Jobs! Development!

  76. The new report coming later today hopefully or Saturday, will tell you a lot.

  77. Biden’s visit to Ukraine aimed at disruption of peace process — Donetsk republic official...

    Fascist NAZI Yankees- go home and never come back....burn that NAZI Capital Hill once for all and free humankind...

  78. EMP attack on Donetsk, East Ukraine?

    Could this be one of the new weapons supplied to Kiev by NATO?

    1. There was a similar flash reported over Sverdlovsk in the Urals on 18th November. Related?

      Are EMP weapons being used covertly against Russia and Eastern Ukraine?

    2. Valdi

      Goop point .... interesting.

      John ......should make kind of comment on this. If it is so, then we have war in a different dimension....

      John could you comment of it?

    3. Valdi,
      UsA also just put their new laser weapon in use...Navy's first ever LASER gun that sets fire to enemy aircraft and ships is deployed to the Gulf

  79. John if Valdi's post is valid and it was kind of weapon used over Russia space and Doneck which is neighbourhood to Russia what do you think Putin will do...

    You burst over Russian planes being on UK radar, not on UK air territory and here we would have NATO or US or cooperation testing weapons over Russia so to speak..

    Then it would make sense to ......

    1. A message to the West with a controlled Plasma burst, saying You want to know what we can do? Come past this point and this will be you!

  80. Valdi

    It might be also Russian weapon....they can test it over their territory and by Doneck to show muscles, if it was NATO then we have war ..... and it would be only a matter of time that it would get over the brink .....

    My guess is that it was Russia weapon....

    We have also Russian satellite of unknown mission that began to operate lately and beside we have two Chinese satellites on similar mission - one of which was launch today...

    That could relate to Bidet visit to Kiev....

    1. Vlastimil,

      I'm not sure what to make of it, except to say the covert war with Russia and Iran started long ago. The other possibility is that Israel was involved, having attacked other countries before with nukes: the USA, Japan, Syria. Don't know if a nuke was involved in this case. Russia wouldn't tell us.

    2. DAHBOO77 has commented on it. Jim Stone and VT not yet.

    3. Vlastimil, within 3 days Buffalo New York, UsA received over 13 feet of snow...amazing...and guess what they're calling it "radiation snow?" Can we say, WEATHER WARS?

    4. FedUP

      I saw pictures - it is rather shocking. In Europe now snow, not even Sweden (there is little bit of snow up north but it is in fact close to polar circle ....

      Siberia was hit by early snow as well even before it descended on US mainland ....

      I do not know what to make of it.....but Europe no snow, no cold .... Sweden good weather so to speak, we are still working outside ...... no heating costs one can say all month long...

      I was thinking it might be connected to Ukraine war - to keep Europe save from freezing winter, Kiev no winter as well .....

  81. This may seem off topic, but hopefully it's a help. An excerpt from Sing Peace Pilgrimage article.

    “If we want our project ideas to inspire people enough that they take committed action, the first thing we need to create is a global context for them that inspires.

    “If we plant fruit trees to benefit the community and that’s the sole context we operate in, I’m not clear that we’d generate a great deal of enthusiasm for it. We might but it might not last past the duration of the actual planting.

    “But if we build it as the first step toward ending global hunger on the planet by 2017 by modeling planting for communal use, we may transform our idea from one of limited appeal to one of a much greater and deeper commitment – an idea whose time has come. “

    A truly global context is holistic, universal, and inclusive. It describes a whole. It applies everywhere. And it leaves no one out, unless they want to be left out or disqualify themselves by acting in ways that the society as a whole won’t tolerate or condone.

    “A truly global context calls us forth… being called forth sees us reach a place where we’re ready to take committed action, with no reservations. It creates enthusiasm. It moves us to action. It inspires momentum.”

    Momentum is what I’ve got, so much so that I had to put this note to you aside so that I could carry on with a flood of day-to-day details. A host of helpers, unseen and on-the-ground, are here, wanting to be a part of the action.

    The focus of this shift into high gear is within my awareness, my “story,” if you like. I saw how I was propelled by a “gotta get it done” narrative.
    I’ve removed the word, “get,” replacing it with two others: “invite” and “allow.”

    Minus the internal resistance, the former daily grind has given way to eternal flow. Nice, huh?

    Naturally, in the new environment, rapid-fire syncronicities appear, even more invitations and opportunities to allow and engage appear.

    A recent gem came in the form of a conversation between Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham/Ester Hicks. I’ve incorporated it into a practice.
    You could call it “frequency monitoring.” With the first thoughts on waking in the morning, I become aware of the relative ease (alignment) or dis-ease (misalignment) of my thought stream.

    Abraham explained that the course is set in the first 17 seconds, and that the “Law of Attraction,” allows for a more intimate alignment with Source if in the next 17 seconds and the 17 seconds after that, etc., our “focus” continues in the direction of the higher frequencies.
    This has become a sort of “action plan” for me, to direct my focus and intention, effortlessly allowing momentum to build, frequency to rise and clarity to ensue, resulting in alignment, a feeling awareness of presence…absorption…joy, love, knowing.


  82. China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold

    Today King World News interviewed a man who has been uncovering critical information for 25 years who said that in the not-too-distant future China and Russia are going to publicly announce to the world that they don’t believe the United States has the 8,100 tons of gold it claims to possess. He also spoke about German gold repatriation, the Swiss Gold Initiative, and massive unofficial gold holdings in China that are held outside of the central bank. Below Steve Quayle takes KWN readers around the world on a shocking trip down the rabbit hole of lies, propaganda, criminal international banking syndicates and murder.

    Eric King: “Steve, I know you’ve been uncovering critical information for 25 years. You read the KWN interview Insider Exposes Shocking Truth On German Gold Repatriation -- your thoughts.”

    Quayle: “Well, Eric, this should be obvious to your readers that this would not even be an issue if the gold were still on deposit at the Federal Reserve. With all the gold leasing that’s been going on, people need to understand that there simply is no gold to repatriate from the Federal Reserve. The question is: Who has the most to gain by covering up this fact?....


  83. The Netherlands Has Repatriated 122.5t Gold From US. It set a new trend to insist on immediate delivery. If more counties will follow there can be a global run on gold.

    Global Consequences
    The impact of the Dutch gold repatriation can be huge. First of all, because it underlines more and more countries are getting nervous about their gold reserves stored in the US. Venezuela repatriated most of its reserves from abroad in 2012, the year Germany also announced a repatriation schedule from the US and France. While Germany settled with the US to ship 300 tonnes spread over 8 years, the Dutch set a new trend to insist on immediate delivery. If more counties will follow there can be a global run on gold.

    Recently the Swiss people also got nervous about the Swiss National Bank (SNB) its gold policy and asked for a referendum to store all of the official gold reserves on Swiss soil. The Swiss referendum is held on November 30 and will most likely be influenced by the 123 tonnes of gold repatriated by The Netherlands.



    “Fear is a very powerful weapon, it catalyzes, it causes division, it can be used as an excuse to remove even more civil liberties. Make no mistake America, there are reasons the media are portraying this, in this particular light. You are ALL being manipulated.” (random comment I read the other day…)
    History has shown that so many revolutions that many of us have cheered on over the years have turned out to be completely fabricated (or at the very least, co-opted) for an ultimate end game.
    Let me start this article by letting you know (in case you didn’t) that every massive rights movement in modern American history has ultimately wound up infiltrated…
    Every single one. Remember Occupy Wall Street? These things may even appear to start out organically, but at some point they get co-opted and steered by powerful people for a specific agenda. The question always becomes, “How long has this been going on?” and “What is the endgame?”
    The Ferguson situation reeks of COINTELPRO.
    For more on that, just go read “Counterintelligence: A Documentary Look at America’s Secret Police” subhead “The FBI’s Counterintelligence Operations Against: Black, Puerto Rican, Native American, and Chicano/Mexicano movements.” It’s filled with the FBI’s own declassified memos pointing to the reality that the FBI and other agencies have historically run counterintelligence programs in this country “designed to systematically disrupt and destroy domestic Third World liberation movements and their leadership by any means necessary.” [author's emphasis, not mine]
    It’s all a playbook and people just keep getting conned by it over and over and over. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic: problem — reaction — solution.
    The Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case in Ferguson, Missouri has blown up. It has been engineered to do so. See the article below on just how highly organized, scripted and surely funded this thing has become. A state of emergency has preemptively been declared for 30 days in Missouri before the grand jury’s decision has even been announced. “Planned responses” (not protests) have been organized for 83 cities across the nation and Canada. They are even holding informational meetings and “direct action trainings” in the lead up to the decision. The cops are stocking up on riot gear and rubber bullets. Residents are emptying gun stores.
    When this first began, we were asking “Where is COINTELPRO?” This video was uploaded August 14th, just five days after Brown was killed:

    (Read more at link)

  85. Breaking => Iceland Sends Another Rothschild Banker To Prison For Market Manipulation.

    Sigurjón Þ. Árnason, former CEO of Landsbanki, was sentenced to 12 months in prison by Reykjavík District Court earlier this morning for market manipulation between November 1, 2007 and October 3, 2008.

    Nine months of the sentence are suspended for two years, reports. The period which Sigurjón was held in police custody will be deducted from his sentence.

    Iceland Follows President Jefferson’s Warning About Debt Load.
    President Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock!

  86. Company In Which US Vice President Joe Biden’s Son Is Director Prepares To Drill Shale Gas In East Ukraine

    R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment, he commented: “Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”
    R. Hunter Biden is also a well-known public figure. He is chairman of the Board of the World Food Programme U.S.A., together with the world’s largest humanitarian organization, the United Nations World Food Programme. In this capacity he offers assistance to the poor in developing countries, fighting hunger and poverty, and helping to provide food and education to 300 million malnourished children around the world.

    ( TREASON )

  87. The Forbidden Secret with Dr Stanley Monteith 2007

  88. Citigroup Said to Be Ousted From ECB FX Group for Rigging

    The European Central Bank ejected Citigroup Inc. (C) from its foreign-exchange market liaison group after the U.S. bank was fined for rigging the ECB’s own currency benchmark, two people with knowledge of the move said.

    The ECB removed Citigroup from the panel, which advises the central bank on market trends, after regulators fined the lender $1 billion for rigging currency benchmarks including the ECB’s 1:15 p.m. fix, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been made public.

    Citigroup was one of six banks fined $4.3 billion by U.S. and U.K. regulators last week and is the only one that also sits on the ECB Foreign Exchange Contact Group. About 20 firms with large foreign-currency operations, ranging from Airbus Group NV to Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), sit on the committee. The panel’s agenda includes how to improve currency benchmarks.

    Citigroup is the world’s biggest foreign-exchange dealer, with a 16 percent market share, according to a survey by London-based Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc. A spokesman for the New York-based bank declined to comment.

    The panel isn’t involved in how the ECB’s daily fix is calculated. Currency benchmarks such as the ECB fix and the WM/Reuters rates are used by asset managers and pension funds to value their holdings, including $3.6 trillion in index tracker funds around the world.

    According to documents released with the settlements, senior traders at the firms shared information about their positions with each other and coordinated trading strategies to the detriment of their clients. They’d congregate in electronic chat rooms an hour or so before benchmark rates were set to discuss their orders and how to execute them to their mutual benefit.

    $99,000 Profit
    In Citigroup’s settlement, the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority gave an example of a day when dealers at the bank joined three other firms to manipulate the ECB 1:15 p.m. fix.

    The Citigroup trader told the group he had client orders for 200 million euros ($249 million) at the ECB fix rate. By buying the currency for less and then pushing up the rate at which he would offer it to the client, he could make a bigger profit. The others agreed to transfer their buy orders to him and offload any positions that ran counter to his strategy to maximize his chances of success, the FCA said.

    Over the 33 seconds around 1:15 p.m., the Citigroup dealer made several transactions, buying 374 million euros for more than the best rate to push up the fix.


  89. Valdi

    NAZI capitulate - NAZI yield .... how else can you explain this?

    NATO officials admit they have no confirmation that Russian weaponry and military vehicles cross the border and that Russian troops are being amassed along the border with Ukraine, Russia's envoy to the alliance Alexander Grushko said.
    MOSCOW, November 21 (Sputnik) — NATO officials admit they have no credible evidence of Russian troops or heavy weaponry crossing the Ukrainian border, Russia's envoy to the alliance said Friday.

    "As far as I remember, even NATO officials themselves admit they have no credible materials confirming that Russian weaponry and military vehicles cross the border and that Russian troops are being amassed along the border with Ukraine," Alexander Grushko said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

    So those two amazing light blasts might be in fact Russian weaponry demonstrated to those idiots.....

    This is significant

    1. Tribunal Tribunal Tribunal ...........We demand tribunal - hang that NAZI Danish blood sucker along side of idiot from Norway who joined the NAZI club lately .... for all they had done.....all of them......

    2. I think Russia could send some fresh organic produce, vodka and mountain spring water to Washington and NATO HQ, to counteract the effects of Roundup, GMO's, fluoride, vaccinations, prescription drugs and chemtrail toxins....and perhaps Abby Martin and the Bolshoi as an antidote to Fox and CNN?

    3. Censored by CIA on Cosby/Obama, journalists to launch “Inside-Out” News agency with mainstream access

      VANCOUVER, Nov. 22, 2014 – Jon Kelly, a veteran CBS producer who spent four years as Vancouver UFO Examiner, and Alfred Lambremont Webre, an international journalist and war crimes judge and former Seattle Exopolitics Examiner, announced today on ExopoliticsTV they are launching a new “Inside-Out” News agency with mainstream access, after concluding both their reporting accounts had been terminated as a result of covert censorship by a CIA/Operation Mockingbird unit at

      “Inside-Out” News

      “Inside-Out” News agency will be a cooperative of Truth journalists with contractual rights to mainstream access and whose mission is to investigate and report news that turns the Matrix and consensual reality “Inside-Out”, and to deconstruct the memes of the Matrix, which is the mission of the current mainstream.

  90. This is how it should - once it was....(little story..)

    So, my wife is on this little biz trip to a city.....stress on the road, traffic jam...time running. Eventually she finds parking lot, she parked her car not too close to her hotel....pays parking fee and runs to get it on time....before she entered hotel which took about 10 min walk she got call .....She is afraid that they call her that she is late, so she picks the phone and does not recognise the voice asking if she (her name). So she says, that's me...and lady says, well I got to park my car and went to pay for parking and found you VISA in the I found your phone number on public number access web site and call my wife runs back to the parking lot and finds that woman...both walking towards each other talking to phone to find one another....My wife had on that VISA about 4 000USD.....Lady was happy she found her and could return what she found. My wife was even on time for the meeting..

    So, such was daily life here 30 years ago people say....there are still many living that way....hope my kids learnt from this story....I remember something similar happened to me here also with my purse I dropped at gas one hour I got phone call and got it was 10 years back or what....

    We should keep it that way and reverse it to this standard in case it got lost somehow....

    So we are sending big flowers to the lady. End story....

  91. Gorbatchov is coming back ..... it is good he can be of great help and get some side track help to Putin .... it is good backing at the right time..UN must reshape or go to the pit...

    Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev says that he’s working on a strategy of stabilizing the international situation by introducing a new effective global dialogue platform to augment the “lame UN.”

    “Serious-minded world circles” have asked him to come up with such a platform during the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall earlier in November, said Gorbachev, 83.

    “It’s going to be a very big thing. There’ll be first steps and second steps, aimed for it to become a global platform for discussion of problems. It must be very representative, capable of influencing both state and international institutions, authoritative because the UN is, unfortunately, lame at the moment,” Gorbachev said during the Moscow presentation of his new book, “After the Kremlin.”

  92. Allow me please to qualify a response which appeared on WHA to help avoid confusion.
    I was asked earlier today if a readers could safely risk not taking on a new contract if we are close. He has a wife and family. My respectful and caring comment, albeit acerbic, was to indicate that there are so many pampered children in the Finance Industries, who will use any excuse with holidays to skip work, irrespective of the knock on consequences to others. My cautious comment was to protect his sure thing money and family. If we still get the break he is then doubly blessed. If not we kept him safe. Reality is hard and not for dreamers.
    As for great men of morality in Banking??? Behind every Public Great Man is a VERY surprised wife or Lady!

    So, Yes we are still very much ON standby, but I chose with care not to motivate a reader to take a wild risk.
    We dont want them gambling their lives on these Varmints. .A step at a time. Just take care and hope IS still alive.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thoughts sent last eve via webmaster, do not loose hope, you know this is a caring community.


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