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The classified top secret report of the last meeting of the Bilderberg - thought provoking fiction

OWoN: This relates to our exposures on transhumanism for all parties, and the NWO population reduction agenda.

The Tri Laterals and CFR do not require a lot, just simply that 90% of all mankind dies, leaving just them, and in many cases, their ugly criminal families, to inherit all.

The 'leaked' Bilderberger presentation (fiction) is translated from French as follows: 

"Scoop Exclusive: The classified top secret report of the last meeting of the Bilderberg ..."

Le Contrarien
By Charles Sannat
28 October 2014

(translated from French)

Contrariennes my dear, dear contrarian!

This is a special edition, very special that I propose today. I take you understand the real ways of the world, the world in which we live but probably not for long.

I reproduce in the lines below the account exclusive minutes of the last meeting of the Bilderberg meeting which is held annually and attended by personalities very high all over the world. It is in this kind of coterie that, for decades, shaping the world of tomorrow.

Before addressing the bulk of the document has leaked, I suggest you watch this video of JT 20 hours. It dates back 40 years! Almost, 1977 to be exact, and yet ...

Video: TF1 parle du Bilderberg en 1977 ... avant 40 ans de censure is in French with no subtitles (link)

Proceedings annual meeting. Classified Top Secret. For exclusive use of members.

Closing Remarks by the Chairman of the meeting:


Beyond capitalism - crossing the new frontier

If we continue to maintain control of the masses by the classical wage labor within a frame on the mass production and mass consumption with the solvency of consumers by allocating a portion of the wealth created via system work, we all now satisfied that the long-term survival of the human species, the preservation and sustainability of a viable biosphere and in harmony with human activities require a complete reorganization of our modes of thought, organization and production.

As we all know, in fact the goal we are pursuing is neither totally useless accumulation of new wealth or even the rescue of an economic system, it was used for more than three centuries and become incompatible with our vision of the future.

The goal we are pursuing is obviously that of eternal life, or at least the way the man living two centuries and here we reach the ambitious ideas of transhumanism that we want to develop, install in order to promote the emergence of a new human being. From a superman. As our technologies now allow us to have so-called "augmented reality" tools, our research has led perfectly regarding "man up." Our technologies are fully developed. We are ready to live two centuries. Our nano-technologies allow us to repair the body from the inside, the decoding of the human genome has allowed us to understand how the cell aging that we can not completely stop but slow down considerably. Our knowledge of stem cells allows us to remanufacture demand any tissue or any organ of course would become faulty.

Finally, our mastery of the human genome allows us both to select the most appropriate and effective genetic heritage, not to mention the fact that by modifying certain we can finally increase our physical and mental abilities as well.

Our predecessors 30 years naively thought that we could implement to improve the human species, the methods used to optimize dog breeds by crossing expertly organized. Yet these failures of "Nazism" have allowed us to explore new ways and achieve the success we are celebrating today. We finally unlocked the secrets of eternal life, the ultimate conquest of man finally become his own god and his own master. We are, all of us gathered here, the Alpha and Omega of this new world opens up to us and therefore we should make.

Obviously, as you know, there are problems of implementation absolutely huge and it was the challenge of the work of the various committees in which you participated throughout these days of intense seminar.

We all acutely aware of the fact that the planet and our environment obviously can not stand the eternal life of tens of billions of human beings who consume the same way today. We all know that infinite growth including population in a finite world is an intellectual aberration. We all understood that divide the world into two castes, the mortal and immortal, would simply be impossible because in one case we propose to live and others to die, putting the toiling masses and in a situation where they have nothing to lose, except I remind you that the main tool of control of the people through the fact of granting benefits calculated to give the illusion of loss in case of rebellion.

All these data make the deployment of immortality technologies and improvement of man simply impossible for the moment.

The working groups have therefore submitted a number of proposals were discussed by the full committee. I'll just cite the most important measures were passed unanimously in accordance with our privacy practices of our Grand Masters. It will be up to apply and implement each in your respective country and geographical area of ​​influence, the following decisions.

The initial target is the massive depopulation protecting the environment as much, which is to exclude from the scope of our possible use of any nuclear weapons that would inflict some irreparable damage to our planet so small. The tools we have are few but their combined effectiveness is certain to resonate since coming back we will get what the military calls a "force multipliers." This is the triptych economic collapse, civil war and massive epidemics. Using these three tools will allow us to eventually reduce the world's population 7-10000000000 inhabitants. We believe that achieving our target of 500 million human beings alive is illusory and that, despite all our efforts to reduce pockets of survivors remain everywhere across the planet. However, these pockets should not cause us major problems, in any case initially because their disorganization, their isolation and inability to master all the techniques that would be its namesake because of their low numbers should significantly limit their power to harm. We believe that in a few years many will disappear and the few that remain more or less quickly return to the wild in a few generations. Any group that threatens us is, in all cases, treated quickly.

Our main historic enemy to the implementation of our plan was obviously the national states. Globalization, globalization, European institutions, mass immigration were so many tools that we have used with great success for 30 years and now national identities and feelings of belonging were significantly reduced, as patriotic feelings. Money and ownership have become the core values ​​of many. The politicization of the masses has been significantly reduced, nations as we hoped, become fragile and can now be destabilized from within.

We must therefore continue with the constancy-immigration policy to make considerable masses of poor South come in impoverished countries of the North. We must consistently raise the most radical Islam to stir up the hatred and disunity among peoples. When we will bring economic collapse, then the most absurd that we have developed in each country lead most of these countries to large-scale civil wars where each community will be responsible for us to kill the largest number communitarianism members of the other community. Blacks against whites in the US, Muslims against Christians in Europe, civil wars have the immense advantage to destroy men without clashes between countries escalate into global nuclear war. Finally, when wars devastate the country, we take the opportunity to amplify the spread of viruses such as our proposed e-bola 2.0 genetically we are testing with efficiency as we get valuable epidemiological data, sociological (behavior of individuals facing the disease) but we also visualize our ability to saturate care systems that will, in any case, already significantly degraded by the civil wars that we have created on the example of the war between the two Ukraines.

All of these elements, the unpreparedness of the people, their dependence vis-à-vis all the support systems will particularly vulnerable to our different actions. The economic collapse would quickly spread to the entire planet. China will collapse under the weight of social unrest and Russia, which still poses problems for us today, should see its problem solved in 2015 as we hope, but let's say for the moment is 'Russo-Chinese axis that opposes greater resistance to our vision for the future. We do not exclude, if we do not manage to convince to use the weapon of targeted assassination against our personalities refusing depopulation program and adherence to our ideology of eternal life.

Obviously, for those who have not understood what you just read has no relation to reality and any resemblance to one or more existing characters is purely coincidental (or not ...). This is of course science fiction (or not quite ...). It was just a little story out of my fertile mind (or elsewhere ...) I wanted to tell you. You can of course go back to sleep quietly.

Say it is just the starting point for what could be a novel (or not ...) but it remains that, like any story, it raises real questions.

Eternal life, which is the heart of the strategy of a company like Google (whose links with the most secret US agencies like the CIA or NSA are well established), raises the question of the possibility of accessibility for all to eternal life. Can you be 10, 20 or 30 billion people populating the planet and consume? The answer is obviously negative, then in such a case necessarily hypothetical, what would we men and women too? Read here an excellent article on the JDD's latest book Lawrence Alexander "death of death" detailing Google's strategy.

Transhumanism is not a figment of the imagination, it is even a fundamentally deeply repugnant ideology that has always existed although it was other names at other times. Transhumanism grow even in a relatively transparent to face almost discovered and finally, nobody is so nothing to say, but he will remain the man when the man is scientifically enhanced to become a superman, and does he always reminds you nothing?

Another question, we are finally beginning to speak some of the havoc that will cause the arrival of robotics, and even France 2 broadcast a report about it on the news 20 hours yesterday on the study announcing the disappearance of 3 million jobs in France by 2025 - but I can assure you that it will be much more and much faster - and that gives us a reason to hope soon going to show us a business aviation has even hired at the same time she settled ... a robot!

All this leads to two issues. The first is that factually, removing all the posts and the maximum working to optimize gains, companies eventually take all shot in the foot forward because obviously there will be more creditworthy consumers and therefore profit so why continue this policy, the idea that in reality the system does not try to save but to "overcome" and now the border shared between rich and poor is not as money that access to eternal life.

Another big question, a corollary of the first things you do not can not see as man sees his "marginal utility" collapse. Mao said that a man that was a mouth to feed but two arms (for work). Simple but based economic calculation. Man with his arms it is a "work force". Moreover, our entire economy is based on this kind of assumption. Yet we see that man is useless and will become even more new machines coming will do almost everything without human intervention.Humanoids can we replace 95% of the tasks, while he remains the man?

If I want to believe in the ability of humanity to share and exceed all its faults, be reasonable, human history shows that there is little chance that we live in a world where everyone Bears would be nice and nobody would miss anything ... So what all these arms become too perfectly useless, I would say obsolete. How to solve the problem we could say modestly.

If we take the arguments after "environmentalists" and "transhumanists", it seems only logical that a drastic depopulation policy would overcome the problems we face and these arguments, as odious as they are, are intellectually unstoppable. We have become too numerous, the planet can not sustain the current number of people in the current economic system, our ecological footprint is unbearable and we no longer have any need of labor. Finally, we could almost live forever, or the quest for eternity is obviously a human temptation since the dawn of time.

So of course, this is pure fiction ... and yet ... If Mao said that it was mouth to feed two useful arm, today it looks like a mouth ... it's always a mouth too, especially when there are 7 billion and that their arms soon no longer be useless. And Mao, the great humanist, what would he have done in such a context?

It is already too late. Get ready and stay tuned.

See you tomorrow ... if you do not mind !!


By trying to stifle peaceful revolutions, it makes the inevitable violent revolution

This is an article 'presslib', that is to say reprinted in whole or in part provided that this paragraph is reproduced in its wake.The Contrarian Morning is a daily decryption uncompromising economic news published by the company Article written by Charles SANNAT, director of economic studies. Thank you for visiting our site. You can subscribe free



  1. UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that that $40 trillion principle plus interest accruals tied to the World Financial Settlements and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols were ILLEGALLY converted and cross-collateralized by the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of Japan into $80 trillion of Japanese yen derivatives.

    The Central Bank of Japan, along with the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve are now counter parties to each other with the pension funds of U.S. and Japanese citizens now totally at risk!

    P.S. This latest derivative ponzi scheme started when Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and U.S. banking giant JPMorgan wrote derivatives on U.S. pension funds enabling the Alibaba IPO (Alibaba IPO stock issue) to be issued at $98 a share rather than $68 a share.

  2. JV

    What you are ascertaining, as we do daily, is that the entire and total US Treasury and Fed operation is nothing but a Ponzi front for extensive Global scams which a Zionist / Cabal criminal cooperative have been perpetrating for decades.
    America is nothing but a Goldfish Bowl mirage of duplicitous and unscrupulous front for organised racketeering.

  3. For Brazil-of-BRICS and others, now civil war is being fanned by Roussef's win. As we see in this article above, civil war is a stated method for population and nation destruction.

    Anti-Roussef protesters rally in São Paulo:

    This is a popular uprising against a democratically elected government. Same modus operandi as Ukraine and Hong Kong - I smell a rat from Langley.

    I did some checking, and did not have to dig deep at all.
    1. MSM in Brazil is covering and promoting the protests, with rumours of vote rigging
    2. Alternative candidate Neves is on record as intending to realign Brazil with the US, IMF and World Bank:
    ""Nova estratégia de negociações comerciais bilaterais, regionais e globais para pôr fim ao isolamento causado pela ideologia do atual governo"
    ie ""New strategy of bilateral, regional and global trade negotiations to end the isolation caused by the ideology of the current administration"

    So the cabal are pissed their controller didn't get in by popular vote and now turn to a colour revolution to sabotage Brazil. Yawn. Dilma has bigger balls than a gorilla. And bigger friends.

    I too hope for the best for Brasil BoB. The last thing we want for that great nation is a Ukraine. I doubt very much it will get that far.

    Thank you for your lovely offer too - I reckon you might convince me to like cachaça! Or at least point me to a good one :)

    1. AjnaAndy,
      Thanks for your reply.

      Unfortunately I trust no Government, No President, No Politician, No Banker, No Media in this playground dear. What I definitely trust is on People and Family values to change our reality. None of the candidates Are Good enough to me, neither close, I don't trust Dilma neither Aecio. People are outraged as the worst fraud cases we have seen in this country is been perpetrated during the Labor Party and Dilma's government, with or without her consent. The proofs of fraud are All Over the wall were PT is involved in everyone of them. All the above entities have suck our blood like a damn parasite for too long.

      But on the other hand, which Party are clean, which are not involved? There are None. It's a global aberration. I just hope for the best as I want the BRICS process to progress and meet its fate, if comes in favor for betterment of humanity.

      Hehe, I don't like cachaça very much, but a good wine and caipirinha certain we can share. :). Meantime let's keep our fingers crossed for the Dongs ;-).

      Take care

    2. Brazil Of Brics.... are we supposed to keep our fingers crossed on our Dongs? .... no one told me!

    3. James I'm always positive until the deadline given by John.
      1. Preparation
      2. Hope
      3. Willingness to make change my surrounding

      Is what keeps me going and hoping for a better future.
      Take care

    4. Brazil Of Brics.... just a lil john humor.... take care!

    5. James

      But are you massaging some life into it?

    6. Isn't that your job?

      We're all here with our dongs in our hands waiting on you!

    7. JV, agree- with a chuckle at your comment towards John! )

  4. Thank you for posting this OWoN team. It is shared now.

  5. Hello Brazil & Australia!!

    You asked about water from air? 25 gallons per day per unit!!

    SNIP____The structures, made from biodegradable materials, are easy to clean and can be erected without mechanical tools in less than a week. Plus, he says, "once locals have the necessary know-how, they will be able to teach other villages and communities to build the Warka."

    In all, it costs about $500 to set up a tower—less than a quarter of the cost of something like the Gates toilet, which costs about $2,200 to install and more to maintain. If the tower is mass produced, the price would be even lower, Vittori says. His team hopes to install two Warka Towers in Ethiopia by next year and is currently searching for investors who may be interested in scaling the water harvesting technology across the region.

    "It's not just illnesses that we're trying to address. Many Ethiopian children from rural villages spend several hours every day to fetch water, time they could invest for more productive activities and education," he says. "If we can give people something that lets them be more independent, they can free themselves from this cycle."


    This one using electricity:

    I know about a true free-energy device which does work, but am afraid to post that.The inventor has stopped making the kits($1500) because of threats, etc... Actually, I was in the middle of getting an agreement to be distributor, with future near-term plans to get license to manufacture myself(in near future). But, all talks collapsed & ended. I know where a working model of the kit is working problem free for almost 8 months.I have some mechanical aptitude, so the manufacture was not going to be any problem.~darylluke.


      (Use the complete link for the more informative page)

    2. Darylluke
      Thanks for your reply and care. I really think water will be a global issue very soon and technology will have to emerge. I will definitely look at this, very interesting indeed.

      We have a Brazilian engineer that created a device that transform humidity into water. It's all over our media, but you really think they care?

    3. BoB,

      My pleasure, and you are most welcome!! I hope you find something that can be duplicated in Brazil. That tech can be used anywhere for just 500$ worth of materials!!


    4. DL that tech will spread like hookers fleeing a whorehouse fire once people with the vision have the means. The free energy device interests me more. Imagine employing a bunch of unemployed to build those things.. A green army is what I think we could organise after the dong blows. Employment + new tech. The forward march. Thanks for posting that.

    5. Water everywhere for profit in Nejapa, but few drops for local people to drink
      While big companies make millions from El Salvador’s water-rich Nejapa municipality, locals have little or no access to water

  6. Fulford says today that he will probably be arrested on trumped up charges by Zionist slave police.And, he says the cabal just looted the country for like 200T yen to help finance the crooked ponzi-scheme just a little while longer. No end to the continued insanity. ~darylluke.

    1. How much time does 200t buy?..... sheesh!

  7. Here is what happened last week in the markets:

    First, the Federal Reserve Board, under new management, announced last week it would no longer buy US Treasury Bonds. Then Singapore, the largest financial market in Asia, follows London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Paris, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in allowing free trade in Chinese Yuan. Next Japan’s government announces an 80 trillion yen money printing splurge as well as the looting of the 127 trillion yen government pension investment fund. The Japanese money is being poured into US government bonds and cabal owned stocks causing the ongoing crack high in the markets.

    1. APEC meeting in China Nov. 7-8, 2014:


    2. Wow!! Is it true that the "Vatican has sold all it's gold"?? ~darylluke.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Published on Mar 28, 2012

    Phil Schneider died in 1996. Previous to his death he had been on tour across the United States speaking out about various subjects including his involvement with building a secret underground base in Dulce, New Mexico for the military. During this time, he said to have had an encounter with a violent E.T race in the late 1970's which would change his whole world reality immediately after. This documentary explores some of the information Phil Schneider spoke about to the public in the 1990's by examining each claim in detail with expert opinions from Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder, Neil Gould and Cynthia Drayer (Phil's Ex-Wife).

    In this documentary you will find never before published photo's of Phil's Autopsy, documents about the Philadelphia Experiment from Oscar Schneider's files (Phil's father) and a very well explained background about Underground Bases. (70min)

    1. DL, Read this entire series about Mr. Schneider and it's very revealing, and sad that this information has been withheld from us for so long. Mr. Schneider provided a great service to humanity and paid with his life. For him I am grateful...

  10. DL,

    Good video. I watched that many years ago. Here is another one that is really good and talks about the DUMBS and Denver Airport.

    1. This stuff just freaks me out.

      I really want to find and Island in the middle of nowhere when I see stuff like this.

  11. ALERT:
    False Flag warning NYC
    Full-scale ‘Ebola’ pandemic drill to go live Nov. 13, FEMA, crisis actors, role players involved

  12. Monday, November 3, 2014
    Who Owns USA, Inc., IRS, Federal Reserve and the British Crown?
    Be sure and watch the video.
    The 1040 form is a one year contract … that is why they want you
    to sign it each year ...

    From the US:

    Vatican City is a Privately owned Sovereign State, Located in Rome, Yet has nothing to do with
    Rome or the County of Italy

    The Vatican owns The Crown ( the Crown is not the British Monarchy as most are led to believe.
    The Crown is the City of London, which is a private sovereign Country located in the heart of London
    and owned by the Rothschild Family ).

    The Crown is Similar in Setup to Vatican City in Rome.

    The Crown is the creator of the Worlds Artificial Banking System and Artificial Legal System called
    the UCC.

    The Crown is the Major Shareholder of the US Federal Reserve.
    The IRS is a Private Company owned by the Crown ( City of London ) and is Incorporated in Puerto Rio.
    The IRS has nothing to do with the Government of People of the United States of America.

    1. How are Income Taxes which are collected from the People of the USA by the IRS, then broken down
    and Disbursed?
    - 67% of all Income Taxes Collected in the US by IRS are Paid Directly to the Crown in London.
    - 23% are paid to the 300 Shareholders of the US Federal Reserve ( Private Bank )
    - 10% are paid to the employees of the IRS to keep the IRS Operational

    Since 1913 Non of the Income Taxes Collected from the People of America by the Private IRS has ever
    Gone to the US Federal Government

    2. Where are Funds sourced in the US to pay for Roads and infrastructure in the US?
    - Roads and Infrastructure in the US is paid for from Money collected on State Housing Taxes, as well as
    Excise Taxes collected on Alcohol, Tobacco, Gasoline etc., etc.

    3. Where are funds sourced to Operate the Federal US Government?
    - Black Budget and off Book transactions. There are two Account books, one for the Public Domain and
    one true book for Internal ( the boys Club ) eyes only.

    See below 5 Min video


    1. I suppose it will take "blood in the streets" to turn this ship-of-fools around!!! NICE find, FEDUP!! thnx.


  13. Bill Clinton is A Rockefeller

  14. DUCK! THE FOX’S HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO GUARD THE “HEN HOUSE!” The New York Fed Has Contracted JPMorgan to Hold Over $1.7 Trillion of its QE

    Wall Street On Parade has posted a new item:

    The New York Fed Has Contracted JPMorgan to Hold Over $1.7 Trillion of its QE
    Bonds Despite Two Felony Counts and Serial Charges of Crimes

    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., which functions as
    the central bank of the United States, has farmed out much of its Quantitative
    Easing (QE) programs to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since the financial
    crisis of 2008. The Federal Reserve Bank [...]

  15. I do not for one minute believe that the UsA fighting ISIS in Syria is fighting on behalf of Assad...more lies and subterfuge!

    US plan for proxy army to fight Isis in Syria suffers attack
    Syrian opposition leader blames Washington for rout as air strikes on Isis seen as aiding Assad crackdown

    The US plan to rally proxy ground forces to complement its air strikes against Isis militants in Syria is in tatters after jihadis ousted Washington’s main ally from its stronghold in the north over the weekend.

    The attack on the Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF) by the al-Qaida-aligned Jabhat al-Nusra came after weeks of clashes between the two groups around the city of Idlib, which has remained one of the last bastions of regime control in northern Syria throughout the civil war.

    Militants overran the command centre of the SRF’s leader, Jamal Maarouf, in Deir Sonbol in a humiliating rout that came as US and Arab air forces continued to attack Isis in the Kurdish town of Kobani, 300 miles east, in an effort to prevent the town from falling...

  16. New post: Ebola hoax: my FOIA request to the CDC


  17. Enjoy a thought provoking video courtesy of the libertarian wing:

  18. It looks like, as John said, China will yet woo even Abbott away from his neocon mates in DC. As Australia varicates, wheels turn and we miss a golden opportunity to join BRICS in support. Abbott is a scared kid with undescended stones. Grow some boy!

  19. Friends,

    The engineer met with government representatives on Monday to present the HumidityToWater device. They already planned to install the device in a local river for testing purpose.

    But the problem still one works on prevention just act when there is a fire.

  20. How about a cheap Ebola cure? Anybody care?

    And the Fosters, of Thrive fame, put out an interesting recent you tube.....

  21. Working on very detailed negotiations and a huge report for all of you covering core issues and reality checks. But also bringing you hope via what is true reality. Waiting by the hour for this weeks decisions. Hopefully. We try to stand back to leave other parties free to debate and establish positions. A huge amount is playing out as the old Empires collapse and we deal with the Naked Emperors left.

    1. Keep the positive vibrations going everyone, we can overpower the darkness. The good times, they are coming. Thank you John and all for the immense efforts you do for everyone.

  22. Reform of world financial order needs strategic thinking: experts

  23. John,

    Will you be able to disclose if we should prepare now for crash and be looking at next year for dongs. Not sure what you are able to disclose, but its appreciated.

    1. It is all on a knife edge right now. Do the Vermin Rats concede and let the world breath, or Cling on until exterminated? We are dealing with scurrilous rogues of the most duplicitous kind. Scum survive because front line Wimps will not face reality and act with the vehemence needed. These are cornered Rats. A Flame Thrower works for me.

  24. Election Day what a joke, run to the polls and elect more of the same bought off power hungry F*** H**** have you seen some of the ads these idiots are campaigning on, oh my god we might as well put Honey BOO BOO`s family in there.

  25. Thank you John,

    Whatever it is, it sound for sure much better then silence.......

    1. The big report will help you a lot Vlastimil. The graphics will open a lot of eyes.

    2. Hey John,

      I love pictures - bring them on! Or should I be careful what I wish for? Lol.

  26. You will like it a lot.

    The pictures also.

    1. Uh-oh..... please, no pics of your Dong, John!

  27. James I ran out of space I was thinking of using yours.

    1. lol.... I get it sir.... just remember dynamite comes in SMALL packages.... On the political front.... looks like its going be a Repub take over.... already talking about all the Obama stuff they will start repealing come new year sign in....

  28. Thank you John for the dialogue. Been asking neighbors to help with the plane issue today. One visited on another matter yesterday and the ball got rolling. He brought it up and it's all now in the local Sheriff's hands. Many called and voiced what they had seen. Somebody saw what was done to me and am glad that was shared as thought was going nuts.

    This couldn't be happening in the US, right.....just got to think about the Bundy's and what they are going through. This stuff here is nothing in comparison and am hoping the feds don't take from the Bundy's and their neighbors what has been proposed. Same must be said for the many western ranchers facing loss of their allotments to various fed schemes now in the works.

  29. P
    Every nation has been extorted, looted, raped and pillaged.
    Now, as they did with the poor Native Americans, they start with their own.
    If the currencies go as planned, leave!

    1. Hello John, I had a question for you. The small town I live in is self sufficient, they have their own electric utility, internet and cable company. I live alone, and have no children. Will I be safe post Dong RV?

    2. You should be but if you get paid out, why not live. The world is yours.

  30. John, am doing so. Have had to stay to keep a promise to the friend that bought this place for me. It's not been easy. He'll be one of the first to be paid as soon as things happen.

    1. Good luck its the best move. What's probably coming will be un liveable. A thoroughly nasty species are in control and none are fit for purpose.

  31. YouTube Senior Canadian cabinet minister exposed as participant in Ninth Circle sacrificial cult along with mafia-tied catholic Cardinal – Both men named at February 22 cult ritual in Rome

  32. Urban Algae Farm Gobbles Up Highway Air Pollution

    Cloud Collective, a French and Dutch design company has come up with an elegant and green solution to clear up the environment around highways: suspended algae farms. So far, they have implemented such a system over a small stretch of highway in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Since algae works by absorbing CO2 and eliminating Oxygen into the air, placing an algae farm near a highway seems like the perfect place. But the system doesn’t only clean out the air. A series of pumps and filters regulate the system, and over time, the algae matures into what can be turned into any number of usable products. Most notably, the algae can be used as combustible biomass or in creams, lotions and other cosmetics.

    “Responding to the abundance of CO2 and sunlight, we propose a closed system of transparent tubes, clinging onto the viaduct which is used for the production of algae. These algae can be used to filter air, as combustible biomass or even as raw material for different cosmetic and alimentary products. A steel structure, supporting all the secondary equipment such as pumps, filters and solar panels, functions as a marker for the quickly passing traffic and provides explanations on a more detailed level for pedestrians and cyclists”, Cloud Collective writes on their website.

    Of course, this is just an early installment, a proof of concept to show that it works and that it can be applied at a larger scale. I would personally like to see a lifetime assessment of such a system, to see if it can actually be profitable – in other words, if the value of the resulting products and the environmental services are greater than the costs of building such a system. But the idea is pretty awesome – simple and efficient. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing such installments in more places in the world.

    By Mihai Andrei
    Andrei's background is in geophysics, and he published his first scientific paper when he was still an undergrad; now, his main focus is on how geology and geophysics can be applied to understand and protect the environment. Feeling that there is a gap between scientists and the general audience, he started ZME Science - and the results are what you see today

  33. "A man can only be defined by his intentions & actions."

    Did I just say that? ;-)


    1. ....that is the thing about intent & actions......results are usually NOT what was planned.....WHAT next from these insane madmen who want humanity dead??? ~darylluke.

  34. DL, what can be used for bad can be used for good. Am teaching those who ask, including my pastor, about the importance of intention and actions. Have shared how to do things, suggesting they make it their own and also about paying attention to how they feel, law of attraction. Have also shown ranchers, cowboys, etc the importance of a soft step and kind mindset working stock. Such things spread and know others are doing like.

    When intentions and actions are for the best for a situation, they create a ripple joining with other like ripples, creating waves of growing light. It helps those who seek a better way and in its very nature reveals that which is dark in nature. We are in a period of light_enining conditions and for all intents and purposes it looks like absolute chaos at ground level. The importance of staying calm, balanced, and "knowing" everything will be ok during these times can't be stressed enough. Know it's hard, but it can be done and will help things happen faster as it adds to the growing light on the planet. This helps folks like John on the front line and others who we will never know get their work done for all of us.

    Stay positive, laugh when you can or sing to favorite song on the radio. Find goodness in your life and be thankful for it no matter how it may seem in another direction. One of the hardest lesson any of us may learn is learning to appreciate the hard times we have known or going through now. It helps us later down the road helping others after things happen like the RV.

  35. John,

    The real question for the good citizens of the USA is will we be able to get out before the horrific conditions arrive.

    Unfortunately, for my family, it's just not an option without a infusion of funds.

  36. Without money No, but with money, it profiles so badly. The nation has been looted bare.

    1. If we get paid out and if it doesn't get confiscated and if I can move funds out of the won't have to tell me twice.

      Already been scouting places in Southern Germany and Switzerland.

      Lucky for me, my wife's family is all in Germany and my entire family speaks the language.

      Unfortunately, I don't, and since I'm the bread would be tough to make ends meet there right now.

      But, yes, if we get paid out...I will be out like flout!

      The question is...when do criminals ever pay back?

  37. Evidently....saying openly LEAVE ---

    Means that USA will be preserved as it is, so that it can terrorise nations and begin to terrorise even their own citizens ... splendid .....

    That means that nuclear threat will become even more actual then is today.....

    What did we achieve?

    1. Here you have it - you will never vote them out -----

      ---- not only Jebb but also George .....

      And people still do not get it.....unless USA is being broke down to pieces - only chance that people might be begin to inquire on reality - (the nation is damned - except of few individuals here and there, but they do not count ...)

  38. The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now

    How do you fix a superpower with exploding levels of debt, that has a rapidly aging population, that consumes far more wealth than it produces, and that has scores of zombie banks that could collapse at any moment. You might think that I am talking about the United States, but I am actually talking about Europe. You see, the truth is that the European Union has a larger population than the United States does, it has a larger economy than the United States does, and it has a much larger banking system than the United States does. Most of the time I write about the horrible economic problems that the U.S. is facing, but without a doubt economic conditions in Europe are even worse at the moment. In fact, there are many (including the Washington Post) that are calling what is happening in Europe a full-blown “depression”. Sadly, this is probably only just the beginning. In the months to come things in Europe are likely to get much worse.
    First of all, let’s take a look at unemployment. If the U.S. was using honest numbers, the official unemployment rate would probably be somewhere close to 10 percent. But in many nations in Europe, the official unemployment rate is already above the ten percent mark…

    The official unemployment rate for the eurozone as a whole is currently 11.5 percent. The lack of good jobs is causing the middle class to shrink all over Europe, and more people than ever are becoming dependent on government assistance. European nations are well known for their generous welfare programs, but all of this spending is causing debt to GDP ratios to absolutely explode…

    Speaking of currencies, it is being reported that Russia is actually considering legislation that will ban the circulation of the U.S. dollar in that nation. (Read full article at link above)

  39. California County Quietly Votes For Independence From State and Federal Laws

    Jamie Lee
    Activist Post

    "The sacred rights of mankind, are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power." ~ Alexander Hamilton

    Mendocino County, in the pristine northern lands of California, where the magnificent ancient coastal Redwood trees meet the inland California Oaks, has voted itself into the constitution writing (righting) business.

    Yesterday, by a significant margin, they became the first county in California, and only the second county in the country to pass into law a very powerful local ordinance that declares local self-governing rights in their communities over state and federal jurisdiction. Over 67% of the votes cast were in favor of the measure.

    The ordinance provides for waters free from toxic trespass; preemptively bans all fracking activities countywide with heavy fines and penalties for violation of the ordinance; and establishes a Community Bill of Rights to, for, and by the residents of Mendocino County while checking corporate powers as well.

    In addition, the newly created law gives the Rights of Nature to exist and flourish without toxic trespass whereas previously Nature had no standing in the court of law.

    Here is some of the powerful language in the proposed ordinance which you can read (source):
    Right to community self-government.

    All residents of Mendocino County possess the right to a form of governance where they live which recognizes that all power is inherent in the people and all free governments are founded on the people’s consent.

    Use of Mendocino County government by the sovereign people to make law and policy shall not be deemed by any authority to eliminate or reduce that self-governing authority. Rights as self-executing, fundamental and unalienable.

    All rights delineated and secured by this ordinance are inherent, fundamental and unalienable; and shall be self-executing and enforceable against both private and public actors.”

    The people of Mendocino County have made history once again after being the first county in the nation to ban Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in 2004. Now these Mendonesians of premier wine making, medical marijuana growing and self-declared independence are continuing to assert and reclaim their inherent rights to decide for themselves what the laws will be in their communities and their county...
    (Read more at:

  40. GMO Crops Are Destroying Farmland, And Monsanto Doesn’t Want You to Know

    This is essentially the requisite lie told by all of biotech – including:
    Monsanto –Known for creating orhelping to create 13 highly carcinogenic and toxic productsincludingsaccharin,PCBs, Polystyrene, DDT, the atom bomb, nuclear weapons, dioxin, Agent Orange, Petroleum based fertilizers, Round Up, rGBH, aspartame, GMOs, and terminator seeds. Monsanto sues everyone to keep dealing their dirty products, but the most recent suit, involvingDustin Barca, a surfer-turned mixed martial arts fighter in Hawaii is of special note. He is taking it personally that Monsanto poisons him, andbringing activism to a new level.
    Dow Chemical Company (also Union Carbide) –Thiswonderful companyhelped toreleased methyl isocyanate and other chemicals in 1984 by their pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, causing one of the worst industrial disasters in history. They are also one of thefive corporationscompletely dominating the seed market, making food sovereignty precarious for farmers and families around the world. Along with three other companies they also helped to create Dibromochloropropane (DBCP), a known carcinogen, reproductive toxin, and endocrine disruptor that contaminates ground water.They continued to produce and sell DBCP even after it was banned due to strong evidence linking the chemical to sterility.
    Syngenta –Known forsuing Kaui’i Countywhen they wanted to keep herbicide and pesticide spraying away from their school children, homes and hospitals, and also for covering up thetrue toxicity of Atrazine. This company has also been implicated with colony collapse disorder, killing off our bees, and other important pollinators.
    Bayer –This company is especially fond of selling you and your children ‘vitamins’ full of toxic GMOs, aspartame, and carcinogenic chemicals, yet they call themselves ‘pediatricians number one choice.’ They have also been accused ofcoating 90 percent of their GMO corn seeds with bee-decimating pesticides, and they are in development for anew GM soybean that is highly toxic.
    Dupont Pioneer –This ‘trustworthy’ company had a market monopoly on gunpowder during the US Civil War,has developed nuclear weapons, and created Agent Orange, PCBs, and DDT, just like Monsanto.
    Read more

  41. Ensuring the Right to ‘Life, Liberty or Property’ Does Not Become an Empty Promise

    Warning against establishing a precedent that would allow individual property rights to be sacrificed to target the politically weak for the benefit of the powerful, The Rutherford Institute has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to ensure that Americans are not deprived of “life, liberty or property, without due process of law.”
    In filing an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in Kentner v. City of Sanibel, Institute attorneys argue that the constitutional guarantee to due process requires state and local governments to demonstrate some substantial basis before they can attempt to restrict a homeowner’s property rights.
    The case revolves around a ruling by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that upholds a Florida city’s ordinance preventing the owners of oceanfront property from constructing a boat dock on their property, purportedly in an effort to protecting seagrasses, although no evidence was presented to support such a claim.
    “Once again, we find ourselves in the inexplicable position of having to contend that the Constitution provides real protections for the property rights of Americans from a governmental bureaucracy intent on asserting its authority,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

    “Courts must stand up to those in power and the moneyed interests calling the shots by assuring the guarantee to due process of law is not an empty promise.”

  42. The “Double Government” Secret Gets Out

    You know something is going on when the cautious Boston Globe publishes not one, but two, pieces dealing with the “double government.”
    This cryptic phrase encapsulates a serious claim about the American body politic: That a permanent and largely unaccountable bureaucracy keeps on doing what it wants to do, no matter who the voters elect to the White House.
    Both of the Globe articles refer to “National Security and Double Government,” a book by Michael J. Glennon, professor of international law at Tufts University. From the descriptions of its contents (we haven’t read the book yet, but we will—and perhaps excerpt), the author is talking, with due academic caution, about an out-of-control security/military apparatus.
    The fact that the Globe thinks this book is important enough to warrant not one but two analytical pieces is significant, because Boston was the scene of the mysterious Boston Marathon Bombing.
    In the aftermath of that tragedy, the national security apparatus and its allies in the media, academia and corporate America (including, significantly, the Globe itself) rushed to discourage us from looking deeper at what happened—while at the same time the nat-sec folks used the event to further expand their influence at the expense of civil liberties.

  43. Computerized Vote Rigging Is Still the Unseen Threat to US Democracy: It’s Time to Change the System

    The Internet is already roaring with stories of visible attacks on democracy so far in the 2014 elections: 40,000 mostly minority voters purged from Georgia’s voter roles and thousands more in 26 other states, up to 600,000 Texas voters disenfranchised due to new Voter ID laws, and the attempts to override the electoral college in gerrymandered blue states like Michigan.
    We can fight this fraud because we can see it, like the part of the iceberg that is above the water. But yes, there is more below.
    Exactly two years ago Harper’s Magazine published a cover story “How to Rig an Election,” (written by this author) detailing the hidden threat to democracy posed by our electronic vote counting systems. Easily rigged and hacked, these computers are controlled by a handful of shady corporations, some with criminal records, who fight to keep their vote-counting software a “trade secret.” (read more at link above)

  44. Russia will pay in gold for imports! May ban circulation of US dollar!

  45. Billions in Swiss gold missing — national vote to recall all gold

    Swiss Federal Chancellor in March 2013, claims that “almost half of the Swiss gold reserves were stored abroad – much of it in the United States”,

  46. Financial snapshot A HOUSE OI.O.U. CARDS , ABOUT TO BE BLOWN AWAY !
    It will take 6.25 million years for the Federal Reserve to pay up, and this corporate concern is basically, legally, without contract , or , license, to serve as the banking administrator/agent of The U.S.A. Corporation.
    On top of that the World Court ruled that the Government of The U.S.A. owes the Chinese 47 trillion dollars from their 1938 deposit of physical gold for ' SAFEKEEPING ' PRIOR TO JAPAN'S INVASION OF CHINA IN WW - II.
    The 47 trillion dollar debt was audited by the assignment of auditors from the World Court and supervised by INTERPOL agents , after THE AGREEMENT THE WORLD COURT MADE WITH THE U.S.A, and then completed after being authorized by )0( his issuing an EO to permit INTERPOL a visa to guard the appointed auditors.
    Then, we have the money owed to V.K. Durham, Et Al .

    RIGHT NOW ! - THE WORD IS OUT, IN THE LOWER ECHELON BANKING RANKS, ABOUT THE GCR / RV, IQN, DONG , ECT. Their is a MAD RUSH to get some by the bankster's, totally duped ,lower echelon lackeys.

    WFB financial rating was recently lowered from a C, to a D- ! THAT IS PRETTY SHAKY. Supposedly WFB's real estate assets were transferred (sold) to Deutsche Bank (now floundering ) five years ago . They appear to be a Trojan Horse Bank, therefore , a D- rating

  47. George Prescott Bush of the Bush Political Dynasty Wins Land Commissioner Seat in Texas

    MOSCOW, November 5 (RIA Novosti) - George Prescott Bush, the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, won a race for the office of Texas Land Commissioner Tuesday night, the Washington Times reported.
    The 38-year-old Bush became the first member of the Bush political dynasty to win the contested position in his first bid for office. He roundly defeating his opponents, including Democrat John Cook, taking a 59 percent share of the electorate, local news sources said.

  48. 36 Children Killed At The DARPA/CIA MILAB In Denver

    Halloween weekend this year, 2014, was just like so many of the past. The Bush Family-owned MILABS, run by the criminal corporations of DARPA and the CIA, have had child trafficking operations at their forefront for decades.

    Up to 800,000 children a year have been raped, murdered, and processed as food in these 41 locations. The numbers have dropped significantly in 2014, but children continue to be the sex toys and murder victims for politicians, bankers, corporate executives, and the military.

    126,495 children so far this year, according to the Hall of Records.

    The children are more than objects to the perverted sexual desires of criminals, they are also used for medical and warfare experiments.

    Chemical and biological weapons are injected into these small children, usually aged 4-7 years old. The creation of viruses is also a main part of MILAB operations, and these viruses are also injected into the children.

    I was taken to 14 out of the 41 locations, and I witnessed first hand how HIV was created, then mutated 77 times. I was injected by hypodermic needles, including all 77 of the mutations. MILAB had their DARPA employees inject me 183 times with the virus. As a Healer, I learned how to remove the virus from my body, and did it 185 times.

    Children are strapped down to medical tables for these nazi-style tortures, reminiscent of the WWII concentration camps. Almost all of the nazis doing this in WWII were brought here to America to continue these horrific crimes, and MILABS are the places where they do it. The American military operations were all to happy to aggrandize this criminal behaviour.

    Over the years, as the child trafficking operations grew, more and more men developed a desire to rape children, as they were filled with the lust, drugs dark powers, and the desire to be part of a clique that controlled America. The Illuminatti New World Order. I call these criminals dark entities. (read more at link)

    1. (continued from above)
      Halloween weekend 2014 was no exception to this activity. At the Denver, Colorado MILAB, 36 children were repeatedly raped and then murdered.

      The rapists include Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, George H W Bush, Marc Jacobs of Cargill, 10 other men from Cargill, John Brennan, Keith Alexander, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jay Schnitzer, 12 military men from the Pentagon, 3 corporate executives from American express, and 14 other executives.

      Transportation is easy for this group of criminals due to the underground high speed rail system. and other means. One rail is from Indianapolis to Denver, and it only takes a few minutes, so a person could go from Indy to Denver, rape a child, and be back to Indy in under a hour.

      The Denver MILAB is located under the Denver Airport, so busy executives can fly in, take an elevator downstairs, without anyone noticing. (more at link)

  49. China passes law to protect whistleblowers who expose corruption

    Chinese authorities have said, for the first time, that whistleblowers will receive legal protection amid the country’s ongoing fight against corruption.
    The Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the country’s top prosecuting body, said in a Tuesday statement that new regulations outline legal rights for those exposing corruption and other malpractice. It urged people to file their reports via official channels and do it in a “lawful manner” without falsifying the truth.
    “The ‘regulations governing the work of whistleblowers’ require that when the prosecutor’s office receives a whistleblowing report from someone giving their real name, it has to assess the risks from the whistleblowing and develop whistleblower protection plans when necessary to prevent and end acts of retaliation against the whistleblowers,” Reuters quotes the reported statement.
    Last year the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection [the party’s anti-corruption watchdog] launched a new website for whistleblowers. The party also appealed for citizens to report on wrongdoing via a telephone hotline set up by the government. However, authorities don’t provide legal protection to those who make revelations outside government channels. For example, via Chinese social networks or in the mainstream media.
    President Xi Jinping has made battling corruption one of the Communist party’s priorities since he took office in 2012. However, the idea of tackling malpractice through whistleblowing has the public suspicious that complaints will be ignored, and there are fears of arrests and further attacks on online whistleblowers.
    In mid-October, a Chinese investigative journalist who wrote critical reports on a state-controlled construction equipment maker was sentenced to prison for defamation and bribery.
    Since the latest anti-corruption campaign began, several bloggers who posted their allegations online have faced abuse and harassment.
    Reuters reported that blogger Li Jianxin was stabbed in the face in July, blinded in his right eye by two unidentified men, who also splashed acid on his back.


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