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Russia may ban circulation of US dollar

OWoN: Does not sound like Russia is wavering as Putin tells them to shove it. 

How much clout does a worthless dollar have? How much clout does a worthless President have?

Russia may ban circulation of US dollar

By Farid Akbarov
5 November 2014

Moscow – Russia may ban the circulation of the United States dollar.

The State Duma has already been submitted a relevant bill banning and terminating the circulation of USD in Russia, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

If the bill is approved, Russian citizens will have to close their dollar accounts in Russian banks within a year and exchange their dollars in cash to Russian ruble or other countries’ currencies.

Otherwise their accounts will be frozen and cash dollars levied by police, customs, tax, border, and migration services confiscated.

After the law enters into force, it will be impossible to obtain cash dollar in Russia. The ban or termination of the US dollar will not apply to the exchange operations carried out by Russian Central Bank, the Russian government, ministries of foreign affairs and defense, the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Federal Security Service.



  1. Humanity must question everything!
    On one hand we see the greatness of Putin and then on the other hand we see this:

    Pope Francis Meets With Russian President Putin: While Barry Soetoro Invokes Massive Austerity Removing U.S. Embassy From The Vatican!

    and this:


    As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

    If we are planning for a new beginning we have to be sure that this system is free of the old...Nothing of the old will go forward!


    1. Just for clarity, the first link is an article from November 30, 2013. Almost a year ago.

      The second link isn't the proper one but is an article from ITCCS from June 29, 2014. So those special 'take down' units are taking their own sweet time.

    2. Yes, these are past news; however, just making a point about some information disclosed about leaders whom are "worshipped" or who guide our leaders.

      You are right...I am just emphasizing; "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

      It appears to me that psychopaths are in the background of every major move made on this planet at this present time; and I for one do not wish to be deceived. For me, its about freedom and less about money or looking to some leader to lead me to the promise...this I cannot trust. I think I have learned my lesson, although I have much to learn.

    3. I always forget to thank canauzzie.... TY canauzzie!,,,

    4. Thank you also Canauzzie: here' s the correct link for the second article:

    5. James,

      I don't need thanks and am quite happy to be lost in the background. I have no ego and it is because of you all (and for southern US, all y'all) the reason this site exists, so I should be thanking you.


      No disrespect was intended, just keeping it real. ITCCS is dubious at best and instead of being careful with its claims, has just painted with a wide brush which IMO has lost them all credibility. What started out as a well and just cause has turned into a witch hunt similar to that of Salem. I have no doubt that certain entities exist and are organized, but they have overstepped in hysteria. They gave those with no voice the chance to speak and then lead or directed them to state things that are just off the scale of any possible reality. There is a reason why the Chiefs of First Nations here turned their back on Annett, it was because his drive for recognition out weighed the respect and courtesy needed when handling Native remains. Be in no doubt a tragedy beyond words happened here and makes me sick till this day. But we must focus on what is real and tangible. Leave the fantasy for other sites.

    6. I appreciated you Canauzzie! The picture is basically the information which came forward which is based on fact. Although ITCCS has lost credibility, the facts still remain that millions have been ritually sacrificed all around the world at the hand of those who are supposed to be our leaders. These two examples are just two of many exposed...

      We have to know the truth so we can move forward in this newness that we are crafting together under truth and exposure...

      When we are dealing with such a worldwide crisis, our personal interests are set aside to draw out the bigger picture so that we can force and effect change.

      Thank you for bringing the subject matter to debate...I find that there is always two sides to a coin...

  2. I do see that Russia and the BRICS are endeavoring to do what no one has set out to do and be successful. This I admire, but we have always the option to look behind the scene and profile those who are in the background under circumstances which elude us.

    I am very hopeful of mass changes taking place in the UsA and the World...the truth must be told.

  3. Putin Signs Secret Pact to Crush NATO

    We should care what’s going on inside the SCO. Once India and Pakistan get in (and they will) and Iran follows shortly thereafter, it’ll be a geopolitical game changer.

    Putin is taking a leadership role in the creation of an international alliance among four of the ten most populous countries on the planet—its combined population constitutes over 40% of the world’s total, just short of 3 billion people. It encompasses the two fastest-growing global economies. Adding Iran means its members would control over half of all natural gas reserves. Development of Asian pipeline networks would boost the nations of the region economically and tie them more closely together.

    If Putin has his way, the SCO could not only rival NATO, it could fashion a new financial structure that directly competes with the IMF and World Bank. The New Development Bank (FKA the BRICS Bank), created this past summer in Brazil, was a first step in that direction. And that could lead to the dethroning of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, with dire consequences for the American economy.
    (read entire article at link above)


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