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Opening the Gates to World War III

OWoN: Was Hagel standing in the way of folly? America has been ridden like a Saddle Tramp for a Century. Its Treasury and Fed looted, its children used as worthless pawns for the spoils of war. They take the gain, you get the pain. WW III kills a lot of problems and tens of millions of useless eaters. Bushes own words. Crime Family Bush. How can the nation be led by a family who despises them? Bush and Herzog stole the country blind, and Kissinger says the US Military are mindless sheep to be used as Cannon fodder for the gains of war.

Now, you are an excess and dispensable, outdated Slave Colony, with no further use for you. Ordered to War by a Nazi and Zionist whore, will cut the cost, when enough of your lives are lost. War is profit. War is gain. The justification is how many of you are slain.

Did Hagel try to avoid war and warn of the consequences.

Tens of millions of you will die. No warning, no chance, just nuclear obliterated. Nowhere will be safe, and nowhere to run to. No law will be left and Survivors will be robbed, shot and worse by what is left. Mad Max x10,000 will take all. Forget Hollywood, real world rules, after the major exchanges China and Russia will swoop in and No Prisoners will be left bar Slaves. Wake up, grow up, look at post WW II what the Russians did to the Germans. Women were raped by multiples so were children and men. This was daily! By unwashed, stinking animals. Look at what the Japanese did to prisoners. The US just do not get it. Russia and China WILL pre-empt if forced. Mad Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Mad Obama is off his trolley. The Cabal will go up with their Bonfire of Vanities. They don't get their own mortality, and don't care about yours. So Hagel wants his bagel and to go hide in case. He was promised, and now can see the Bogey Men coming. Can you see anything outside of Homerville?

Opening the Gates to World War III

Institute for Political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
23 November 2014

Vladimir Putin, November 17, 2014

The US wants to subdue Russia, to solve US problems at Russia’s expense. No one in history ever managed to do this to Russia, and no one ever will.

According to news reports, Washington has decided to arm Ukraine for renewed military assault on Russian ethnics in Donetsk and Luhansk.

A Russian foreign ministry official condemned Washington’s reckless decision to supply weapons to Kiev as a violation of agreements that would make a political resolution of the conflict less likely. This statement is perplexing. It implies that the Russian government has not yet figured out that Washington has no interest in resolving the conflict. Washington’s purpose is to use the hapless Ukrainians against Russia. The worse the conflict becomes, the happier Washington is.

The Russian government made a bet that Europe would come to its senses and the conflict would be peacefully resolved. The Russian government has lost that bet and must immediately move to preempt a worsening crisis by uniting the separatists provinces with Russia or by reading the riot act to Europe.

It would be a costly humiliation for the Russian government to abandon the ethnic Russians to a military assault. If Russia stands aside while Donetsk and Luhansk are destroyed, the next attack will be on Crimea. By the time Russia is forced to fight Russia will face a better armed, better prepared, and more formidable foe.

By its inaction the Russian government is aiding and abetting Washington’s onslaught against Russia. The Russian government could tell Europe to call this off or go without natural gas. The Russian government could declare a no-fly zone over the separatist provinces and deliver an ultimatum to Kiev. The Russian government could accept the requests from Donetsk and Luhansk for unification or reunification with Russia. Any one of these actions would suffice to resolve the conflict before it spins out of control and opens the gates to World War III.

The American people are clueless that Washington is on the brink of starting a dangerous war. Even informed commentators become sidetracked in refuting propaganda that Russia has invaded Ukraine and is supplying weapons to the separatists. These commentators are mistaken if they think establishing the facts will do any good.

Washington intends to remove Russia as a constraint on Washington’s power. Washington’s arrogance is forcing a stark choice on Russia: vassalage or war.



  1. Head of Ukraine's National Bank Can't Account for Missing Gold Reserves
    Where did Ukraine's gold go? Nobody knows, if we are to believe the head of Ukraine's National Bank

    Ukraine’s Central Bank chief has divulged some shocking intel: its gold stockpile has reached a new nadir - almost zero. Since the beginning of the year, gold reserves have dropped nearly 16-fold, which begs the question, where did all of it go?

    "Official statistics of the National Bank show that the amount of gold in the vaults drastically fell, and it is unclear where it went. At the beginning of this month, the volume of gold was about $1 billion, or 8 percent of the total gold reserves,” the head of Ukraine’s National Bank, Valeria Gontareva, said in an interview with Ukraine’s Kharkiv TV.

    As of November 1, the latest available data, foreign currency reserves stood at $12.6 billion, which puts Ukraine’s national gold stockpile at just $123.6 million, ZeroHedge reported.

    However, this figure contradicts the $988.7 million, which is the level gold should stand at, if the ratio of gold to total reserves was 8 percent.

    In February, before then-President Vicktor Yanukovich was toppled, gold reserves stood at about 21 tons, according to then chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov.

    One theory is that Ukraine decided to shift its gold reserves to the US shortly after the presidential coup when Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk held a meeting with President Obama.

  2. Hagel’s departure should open debate on Obama’s wars

    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was supposed to steer the Pentagon away from a decade of war, including bringing US troops home from Afghanistan and paving the way for a reduction in the Pentagon budget. Instead, the Obama administration has opted for remaining in Afghanistan, continuing the disastrous drone wars in Pakistan and Yemen, and dragging our nation into another round of military involvement in Iraq, as well as Syria. The ISIL crises have also been used as a justification for not cutting the Pentagon budget, as required by sequestration.

    The talk about resetting President Obama’s security team is misplaced; we should be focusing instead on resetting his bellicose policies. Secretary Chuck Hagel’s resignation should be a time for the nation to step back and reexamine its violent approach to extremism, which has led to an expansion of terrorist groups, and inflated military spending. Let’s put more emphasis on the State Department and political solutions instead of continuing failed wars and starting new ones. We owe it to the youth of our nation who have never lived without war.


    So there you have it. Two of the many high-level conspirators behind the 9-11 attacks and the never-ending 'War on Terror' are the main candidates to replace the somewhat dovish Chuck Hagel. Joining one of these lucky demonic creatures in DC's coming march to World War III will be the soon-to-be boss of the Senate, John 'psycho' McCain, and his equally deranged sidekick of dubious sexual orientation, Lindsey Graham. Bibi Satanyahu is loving this!

    1. Satanyahu - this is really creative and it even fits the hebrew language perfectly .....

      Top ten

  4. John `Songbird` McCain getting dressed down by a US Marine!

  5. First US NAZI could not swallow that Vlad did not want to sell Russia to NWO and get some candies instead. It pissed them is OK as long as Vlad is a thug. So, US NAZI did all possible to discredit him and Russia by creating war in Chechenia - they lost. Now Chechenia and Russia are friends for life, even Steven Seagal had to admit that Vlad Putin is fair man of martial art masters and supported Chechenia in his way....then it continued and continued. NAZI tried all but could not bribe Putin....he must love his motherland. For close to 15 years they accuse and slander him as it can be done by MSM did not work.

    Second plan of NAZI was to draw Russia in a world conflict over Syria and now in Ukraine...they try hard .....they want war

    This is what thug Vlad tells them .....

    MOSCOW, November 26 (Sputnik) — Russia will resist any attempts to draw it in geopolitical games or conflicts, but will do everything to ensure its sovereignty and integrity, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

    "We are not threatening anyone and we have no intentions to get involved into geopolitical games, intrigue let alone conflicts, no matter who tries to draw us into them and how hard they try," Putin said at a meeting with top military brass in Russia's Black Sea resort of Sochi.

    Since it did not

  6. On Monday Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that Lithuania, a NATO member state, would provide Ukraine with military aid, Reuters reported. That same day the commander of the US Army in Europe Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges told the Baltic News Service that US troops would remain in the three Baltic countries and Poland through next year or longer to "deter Russian aggression."......

    Not NATO troops - US troops will remain there ...HMMMMMM

    I would make a comment on this, but some might not like I leave it.....


    Drones have been spotted over Crawford, TX and Tallahassee, FL Rumors have been flying speculating what they are doing there. But as yet, nobody wants to comment even anonymously.....Nobody could be reached to confirm the sightings. In closing, it is noted that as FOX NEWS reported the rumors of these drones, the words "BUSH-WHACKED!" repeatedly flashed across the screen.


  8. Russia warns France over delivery of warships

    Russia has warned that it will file a lawsuit against France if Paris fails to deliver the first of two Mistral-class warships to Moscow under a 2011 deal.

    Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov told the TASS news agency on Tuesday that if Paris fails to abide by its commitments, Russia will “go to court and impose fines.”

    However, Borisov said in separate comments made on the same day to RIA Novosti that, “We’ll wait patiently... So far, we are not filing a claim anywhere.”

    A statement by French President Francois Hollande’s office said earlier on Tuesday that the delivery of the first of two high-tech helicopter carriers to Russia has been delayed “until further notice” as a result of the situation in eastern Ukraine.

    The statement said Hollande “considers that the current situation in eastern Ukraine still does not allow for the delivery of the first” warship.

    Moscow had already warned France of “serious” consequences if it fails to deliver the first of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers by the end of November.

    Based on the 2011 deal, worth 1.2 billion euros (USD 1.5 billion), the delivery of the first ship was originally scheduled in October or November 2014 and the second in 2015, according to the AFP. However, in September, Paris said it was postponing the decision on the delivery of the first ship until November.

    France has come under pressure from the United States and NATO to cancel the contract with Russia.

    The US and the EU have accused Russia of destabilizing Ukraine and have slapped a number of sanctions against Russian and pro-Russia figures. Moscow, however, rejects the accusation.

    If France decides not to deliver the two vessels, it faces a penalty reaching USD 3 billion for the non-delivery.


    France cannot realistically "sit on the fence" much longer. Next move is Russia will say, "Deliver the ships, or NO OIL/GAS for France this winter!".


  9. Senate Report: Scale of Wall Street Holdings Are “Unprecedented in U.S. History”


    Last Thursday, the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Senator Carl Levin, released an alarming 396-page report that details how Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks have quietly, and often stealthily through shell companies, gained ownership of a stunning amount of the nation’s critical industrial commodities like oil, aluminum, copper, natural gas, and even uranium. The report said the scale of these bank holdings “appears to be unprecedented in U.S. history.”

    Adding to the hubris of the situation, the Wall Street banks’ own regulator, the Federal Reserve, gave its blessing to this unprecedented and dangerous encroachment by banking interests into industrial commodity ownership and has effectively looked the other way as the banks moved into industrial commerce activities like owning pipelines and power plants.


    THESE *EFFERS right here in this article ARE THE ENEMY!!

    The American people are NOT Russia's & China's enemy.

    So, why would Russia & China want to butcher us in the streets, raping our children, wives and us(men) because of what THESE MONSTERS have done?


  10. Correct DL
    But that WILL be the consequence if these parasites land you into a head on war. Russia and China have no alternative but to go nuclear if the big confrontation comes. Only they have the population masses to finish you afterwards, and be in no doubt, it will be truly terrible. And Yes, it is only these parasites causing it. But neither Russia not China will care by then. They will come in and finish it. The so called Leadership hiding in underground bases will be nuked out and exterminated. They will be hunted in total. No mercy.

  11. I believe that nothing is happening with WWiII, only because Putin and China know that the citizens of UsA did not give a vote of confidence for any aggression all done by O's executive orders which are not law.

    Our government considers us enemies of our own country. This must be some type of psychological experiment?

  12. Russia In Surplus With No Adverse Impact From Politically Low Oil Prices Of 70$ Per Barrel ~

    MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. Oil prices at about 70 U.S. dollars per barrel will have no adverse impact on Russia’s budget, Russian Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev said in an interview with Russia’s television Channel One on Friday.

    He said a decline in the rouble’s exchange rate had mitigated impacts of plunging oil prices on the country’s budget. “For us as a spending unit, for the budgetary system, the rouble-denominated oil price is much more important than the dollar component,” he said.

    Falling Oil Prices Not To Affect Russian State Budget – Novak
    Russian gas deliveries to Turkey to dominate Putin-Erdogan talks
    Russia Balance of Trade ~ Surplus | 1997-2014 | Data | Chart …
    Oil prices keep plummeting as OPEC starts a price war with the US

    According to Ulyukayev, when the oil price was 110 U.S. dollars per barrel and the rouble exchange rate was 32-33 rubles per one U.S. dollar, the ruble-denominated oil price was about 3,600 roubles.

    “Its price in rubles is about the same now, when the oil price is 71-72 U.S. dollars per barrel and the ruble exchange rate is 49-50 rubles per dollar – the same 3,600 rubles. It means that the budget will be good and we will even have a minor surplus. And the financial system in general will be rather comfortable,” he said.

  13. Putin calls for “mutually acceptable solutions” to standoff with West

    (BRICS Post) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday urged “mutually acceptable solutions” to disagreements with the US and its allies over sanctions and all “outstanding issues”.

    In an interview to Turkish agency Anadolu ahead of a state visit to Turkey, Putin said the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU, US, Australia and Japan over the Ukraine crisis are “not legitimate”.

    The US, EU and its allies have hit Russia’s top bank and leading energy and technology companies with sanctions to punish Moscow for its alleged support to separatist rebels in Ukraine.

    “Such pressure not only causes direct economic damage, but also threatens international stability. Attempts to use the language of ultimatums and sanctions in talks with Russia are absolutely inadmissible and have no chance for success,” he said.

    “We hope that common sense will prevail. We call to abandon the distorted logic of restrictions and threats and to search for mutually acceptable solutions to outstanding issues,” he added.

    The Russian economy is bearing the brunt of Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis, said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov earlier on Monday in Moscow.

    “We are losing around $40 billion in a year because of sanctions and another $90 to $100 billion because of a 30-percent drop in oil prices,” Siluanov said.

    The Russian President on Friday lauded Turkey’s decision not to join in the sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow.

    “We highly value independent decisions by Turkey, including on economic cooperation with Russia. Our Turkish partners refused to sacrifice their interests for somebody else’s political ambitions. I consider that to be a really well-weighed and far-sighted policy,” Putin said on Friday.

    Earlier last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov alleged Washington is seeking to achieve a regime change in Russia and is instigating Moscow’s closest allies to join in the punitive sanctions.

    “We have a million confirmations that all over the world American ambassadors, envoys are insisting on top-level meeting to say – you should be punishing Russia jointly with us. This is done in all countries, no exceptions, including our closest allies,” Lavrov said.


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