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New International Gang Of Thieves Make Somali Pirates Look Like Amateurs

OWoN: Why work and create anything when they can just take it from MUGS who let them.

Bottom line, these thieving Crooks in Politics will steal every dollar you have by stealth and daring to suggest you OWE everyone to pay their taxes. All the Welfare grunts squeal in support. You owe NOTHING and Tax Is a Crime! Your money, your choice. Is the world too dumb to see it's being marched to the Abyss?

New International Gang Of Thieves Make Somali Pirates Look Like Amateurs

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
19 November 2014

Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

When the two young petty thieves, Rinconete and Cortadillo, came to Seville they were quickly censured for stealing.

To their surprise, it wasn’t for the theft itself, but instead because they were not registered with the local thieves’ guild.

In this upside-down world imagined by Miguel Cervantes, theft was not a crime, but a craft—performed in the name of God and justice.

And like any other craftsmen of the day, the thieves had formed a guild. There they provided training and support to their members, while maintaining an exclusive right to engage in the trade.

This past month, a real-life guild of thieves was formed. With 51 governments pledging their support to each other for the protection of their ignoble craft of theft. And another 30 pledging to join by 2018.

From day one, governments have been pilfering their citizens’ assets through taxation, claiming a monopoly on thievery.

From the largest institution to the pettiest pickpocket, anyone else who tries to engage in theft is severely punished, as governments work to protect their exclusive right to steal.

Frighteningly, they do this all out in the open, believing that they actually have a moral right to commit theft.

You can see this delusion in the US government’s claims that last year they “lost out” on $337 billion from people avoiding taxes. As if they have some moral claim to the money they’d failed to pilfer.

Nonetheless, they use this claim to justify actively hunting down and penalizing anyone who takes action to avoid being stolen from.

The ones that are doing this are the bankrupt countries, and the deeper they slide into debt, the more desperate they become.

Which is why these broke governments are now joining forces, pledging to to collect and share information amongst themselves about citizens’ bank accounts, taxes, assets and income outside local tax jurisdictions.

Basically—I’ll help you steal from your citizens if you help me steal from mine.

Both the punishment and the likelihood of getting caught for tax evasion are growing. Don’t even bother trying.

However that doesn’t mean that you have no choice but to sit there and let your self be stolen from.

While there are still ways of legally reducing your tax burden from within a country, your best option is to move and diversify.

Diversification is key, because if you have all your eggs in one bankrupt basket, you are really taking on extraordinary risk.

Moving some assets abroad can legitimately reduce some of this risk. And an even greater strategy is considering moving yourself.

Citizens of most countries have the benefit of divorcing themselves from the tax system simply by moving abroad.

It’s a bit more onerous for US citizens. But for Americans living abroad, it’s still possible to earn roughly $100,000 without paying income tax.

In fact, between the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Housing Exclusion, SEP IRA contributions, and more, an American couple can sock away roughly $300,000 per year while paying almost zero income tax.

And if you become a resident of Puerto Rico (which any American can do), it’s possibly to completely eliminate US federal income tax on any amount of money.

By doing so, not only are you taking yourself out of the reach of this gang of thieves, but you are also casting a vote with your feet.

More important than the ballot box, this is a vote that actually counts. And one you have complete control over.

(Don’t worry– if you can’t move, there are still plenty of options to reduce your tax burden and take back your freedom. More on this in upcoming letters.)

* * *

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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  1. Bankrupt America Ruled by Legal Scam?

    IRS Whistle Blower Sherry Jackson, left, confirmed the finding that income tax is voluntary. The IRS is a private corporation and U.S. Citizens are literally classified as Enemy Aliens by this corporation. Standing against the legal system is the LAWFUL thing to do and participating makes you an accomplice to fraud and racketeering.

    by Nathan

    Henry, if you have not heard of IRS whistle blower Sherry Peel Jackson (see video) you should read her story. They have tried to put her in a grave to shut her up and she has courageously stood her ground against the tyranny and corruption that has spread like cancer through the body of this country.

    She was a fraud investigator for the IRS for over 20yrs and she finally stumbled upon one of the biggest frauds in history, INCOME TAX IS VOLUNTARY! Also, the IRS is a private corporation and a branch of the International Monetary Fund.

    One more thing that was not mentioned is that 14th Amendment, Citizens or U.S. Citizens are literally classified as Enemy Aliens to the corporation (federal government/District of Columbia). They claim a government title but in reality are nothing more than a DE FACTO corporation (District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871) and use force and fear to enforce their COLOR OF LAW.

    Traitors in this corporation (federal government) helped the central banking class fraudulently declared our DE JURE government (Constitutional Republic) bankrupt and insolvent in 1933 and our DE JURE government (Constitutional Republic) was fraudulently dissolved and all that was left at that point was the DE FACTO corporation (federal government/District of Columbia).

    This decade is when we were taken from our DE JURE Common Law into the DE FACTO legal system, which is for corporations (dead entities) and commerce (money). For those who don’t know, legal and LAWFUL are not the same thing.

    There are no judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes.

    Executive Administrators or ACTORS enforce Statutes and Codes. When you are in “court” you are literally standing in front of an ACTOR who presents himself as a legitimate authority but in fact is really enforcing the DE FACTO corporations (federal government/District of Columbia) COLOR OF LAW.

    (See more at link:

    1. While I whole-heartedly agree that our tax system is corrupt, inefficient and obsolete, there are some inaccurate positions taken by many who have stood up to the IRS, and they have paid heavily for it.

      Once such inaccurate position is that "income tax" is "voluntary". However, if one owes a tax, then paying it cannot be voluntary.

      Brushaber v.Union Pacific RR established that income taxation (i.e., using the income to measure the tax on an excisable activity) is inherently an indirect tax and that all such taxes are not on the income itself. Therefore, one must be engaged in a taxable activity for an income tax to be owed. Doing so would give one "taxable income". And it is on "taxable income" that the income tax is owed. Payment of such is not voluntary.

      The true tragedy here is that the Feds ramrod the tax down the throats of the common man's wages despite there being no such tax levied on any of the common occupations of right. They claim that they earned "taxable income".

      Taxes on fuel, liquor, bookmaking,government sponsored entities, etc are such taxable activities that the gov't lawfully taxes because congress has laid taxes on these activities, clearly and without question in the IR Code. If any of us engage in any of the many activities and earnings from government licensed occupations and activities, then we would owe the tax.

      Private sector work, to date, is not taxed in the IRC. Yet, they still tax such based on "well, you had income didn't you??"

      Eve the 16th Amendment, which didn't create the income tax, was written to appear as if it taxed income "from whatever source derived". That sentence has given the courts license to steal because the Amendment is known, after all, as the "income tax" Amendment.

      It's a mess, and many people have been paid dearly for trying to obtain justice on this issue.

      Tread carefully on this subject, for there be dragons here.

    2. Tony,

      You got that right. I almost ended up in jail fighting for my rights. The IRS made my life a nightmare for 11 years. I was fighting them(IRS thugs) on the grounds that the income tax is voluntary. Over 40 months total of wage garnishments during those 11 years plus, in the end I "agreed" to repay $10,800 I "owed". Plus, $4500 in attorney fees.

      I would only wish that experience on my worst enemies. Appeals directly to my senator "Tricky Dick Durban" and my congressman Black Panther Bobby Rush were answered by sorry, but....Ironically, to add insult to injury, the response letter from thug-gangster "Bobby" Rush was messenger hand-delivered on APRIL FOOLS DAY on a SUNDAY!!!


    3. Darylluke,

      It's good of you to share. As I am sure you now know, one thing that you did that one should never do, is to take on the burden of proof, especially in a tax matter or trial. This relieves the opposition from their duty to carry that burden.

      Two cases, US v Long, and US v Kuglin, resulted in victories for the defendants because they kept the burden on the prosecutors at all times, and the jury voted to acquit. The prosecution could not prove to the jury that the defendants willfully broke any laws.

      But, it was a tactical victory. The war was later lost when the IRS went to work on them through the civil courts, and obtained judgments that way.

      The stakes are very, very high with the systematic plundering of a nation. "Income taxation" is just one method of plunder. It is very effective - it penetrates the week minded nationalistic pride that many are inculcated with, which is fertile ground in which such extractions can be gotten with little protest from those who feel it is their "fare share" they are contributing. You have to admit, these Government stagehands have the act down just right.

      Yes, Senators and Congressmen are quite useless in this particular issue. They are not about to help you beat the very system they suckle on.


  2. Fedup, exactly right sadly.

    1. It's time for us to take back our "consent" and re-establish common law which is our right, and not privilege...

  3. As is worldwide. The IRS IS a Criminal THUG regime supported by crooked Judges.

  4. The entire US government is a criminal thug regime! Sorry, but I'm tired today.


    "Consent Of The Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined" is nearly 3 hours long, and covers a wide range of topics that effect and hinder our human freedom when dealing with civil SERVANTS who seek to claim authority over us, so be prepared to set aside some educational viewing time ... however, I promise you, it will be time well spent.

  6. A colleague once told me that Consultants learn more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing, and GP's learn less and less about more and more until they know nothing about everything.

    Help me out here, because I am out of my depth:

    To whom does our "money" belong? The money we have in our wallets, bank deposits, hidden under the mattress or buried in the garden? People are worried about bail-ins and money grabs by the banks, but is it ever really ours? It seems to me that central banks lease out the money they produce in exchange for interest (even at a nominal zero-percent). Imagine a car manufacturer never sold its cars but only leased them out: customers would have the use of vehicles they would never actually own, which would remain the legal property of the manufacturer. Isn't it the same with our fiat currencies?

    1. Great.........We don't own the cars we buy, we are registered keepers. We don't own the houses we buy, we are registered tenants. We don't own the money we earn, we are registered slaves.......

    2. And governments control the slaves, on behalf of the slave owners.

      Tell me I'm wrong.

    3. Unfortunately you are right Valdi, and the system is set up to keep you in it. There are those who have learned to side step it and stay on the fringes, but that also can be construed as part of the debt system if not careful.

      The the key behind everything though is freeing the planet's people from this slavery. Returning it to a prosperous and abundant worldwide society, something this planet has known a time or two over the ages. We're part of the change making it so. It may not seem like it from the micro view we have, but on the macro side of things the changes are becoming more noticeable.

    4. P.... when I step back and take a look at all the changes I have seen in the last ten years it is amazing already.... I can only imagine what goes on that I cant see.... I remember when I first heard the word "derivatives" that started my eye opening learning curve... also remember first hearing the term :naked shorting: and then reading with my own eyes the SEC saying it didn't exist... how many rules have been put into place to curb naked shorting or stop it now?... It is hard to imagine the entire system is corrupt until you start learning and waking up... My thanks to all who are in a position to affect change and are doing so!.... Godspeed!... Looking forward to the new article as well.... thanks to John and Cannuzzie

    5. Lol Valdi. I work in a hospital, I might spice things up by putting your first para in our bulletin :)

      Ownership: it therefore makes sense to put your holdings in a company and lease a vehicle and house to you as co expenses. Tax deductible.

      Who needs to own these things? If you simply have unfettered access it is materially equivalent.

      Barter: your point about payment by barter made me think how useful I am in my community. How would I fare in a barter system? Payment in coin really can keep you away from using your talents to benefit others. I'm sure 'they' know this.

    6. AJNAANDY,

      Please go ahead and use what I wrote if you like.

      Sounds kinda funny now:

      Patient: "Doctor, I've come for a Pap smear".
      Doctor: "That will be three cabbages, please".


      Honestly, I could never turn anyone away who needed help nor charge if they couldn't afford it, believing no-one should be put off seeking treatment for fear of the cost. One of my patients had put off having a cervical smear at another practice because she couldn't afford their fees. They employed a debt collection agency. When she came to me she had advanced, disseminated carcinoma. She was young, with three small children. Made me realise how blessed we are in Britain to still have the NHS.

  7. Thanks, P.

    Scheiße. Wo ist meine Heugabel!


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Valdi Its all a trick using language and words...for instance, ask yourself what is a "note/" Think about a debt all while you're holding these federal reserve notes (dollar bills) you're carrying an IOU in your's is an illusion of wealth created for the enslavement of got it right...they just never thought that we would get the truth. You have to read up on the "Company Store" and the branches of government. Whether we go to work to earn money for ourselves (wages) we pay taxes...they own all of the company's, they own the banks, they own all of the land, they own all of our children, they own the courts and the justice system...what do we get? Slavery, the more we rely on their system to sustain ourselves the deeper in debt (slavery) we are. This is the matrix...we give our consent whether we agree or not...they have the system rigged so that we never become free within it. Our freedom lies outside of this system and the rope around our necks is's a cursed instrument...they created it...we think we need it because it makes the world go round...or so it seems?
      THE COMPANY STORE, etc...

    2. Thanks, FEDUP.

      Apart from skewering the buggers, what can we do about it?

      When I was in practice in New Zealand, some of my patients would pay me with cabbages or bags of Kiwi fruit. And I never got a tax demand for them! We could insist on being paid with something other than fiat maybe gold and silver...

    3. Valdi, Absolute value...thus, your practice is worth its weight in gold! In this, at least the trade is something for something, as opposed to something for nothing (fiat). We are the awakened, it will catch on like a wild fire!

    4. Thanks FEDUP. I'm retired now and back in the UK. My former wife insisted we return. Shows how important it is to have the support of ones spouse.Given enough cabbages, I'd like to go back to NZ to live on an lifestyle block, grow organic fruit and veg and build stuff in my own workshop, raising chickens if not grandchildren. Or in Ireland, which is closer to home.


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