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Netanyahu fired Chuck Hagel

OWoN: What a farce so Nutter Yahoo's Clones grab power. The power of Israel at work in the Kazakh Kingdom of Washington.

We will have to see whether this comes to past.

Bibi to Chuckie: "You're fired!"

Netanyahu fired Chuck Hagel

NY Times: Top Candidates to Succeed Hagel Are Longtime National Security Specialists

Tomato Bubble
By Julie Hirchfeld Davis

President Obama, working to shift his team’s focus in confronting a raft of national security crises, is considering two former Defense Department officials as successors to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, administration officials said Monday.


The resignation (forced firing) of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is a bad sign folks; a very bad sign. It's not that Secretary Hagel was anything special of course; Globalist, DC Insider, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) etc; but at least he wasn't a complete warmongering psychopath like Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney.

You see, Schmuckie Hagel was more of a "soft power" Globalist, a fact which had earned him the open enmity of the Jewish neo-conservatives and the Israelis. It is clear now that a weakened "Ebola-ized", post-election Obongo has been usurped by the more aggressive faction of America's PRC (Predatory Ruling Class), operating within his own Party and administration.

This fact is confirmed in this Slimes article which has already short-listed the candidates to replace Hagel: Michelle Flournoy and Ashton B. Carter. Those may sound like nice Anglo-Saxon names, and indeed these two candidates are. But they are both 100% certified kosher neo-cons that would eagerly service Bibi Satanyahu quicker than you could say 'Monica Lewinsky'.

Ms. Flournoy is married to W. Scott Gould (jewish?), who is very pro-Zionist as well as a contributor to Israel’s advocacy group, the Brookings Institution. In 2007, Ms. Flournoy co-founded the pro-Israel advocacy group, the Center for a New American Security. Described by the Los Angeles Times as "a haven for hawkish Democrats", CNAS houses such filthy Muslim-hating warmongers as Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Frederick Kagan (Vicki Nuland's husband), Frank Gaffney, David Kilcullen, etc. The group is headed by retired Lt. Col. Dr. John Nagl, a Christian-Zionist.

Flournoy and her husband are anti-Iranian, anti-Russian hard-liners. Hypocrite Flourney authored 'Revitalizing the U.S. Nuclear Deterrent', while condemning Iran's non-existent nuclear bomb program.

As for Ashton B. Carter, his 'righteous Gentile' credentials are just as kosher as Flournoy's. In 1998, Carter and radical Zionist Philip D. Zelikow co-authored an article in the CFR’s ‘Foreign Affairs’ magazine. In it, they laid out what changes would need to be made within the U.S. government in the wake of "catastrophic terrorism," which is also the title of the article. The "Catastrophic Terrorism" article begins with the strange subtitle 'Imagining the Transforming Event', and advocates a transformation of the U.S. government and the way Americans live.

Just like the PNAC document, Carter and Zelikow predicted the coming "Catastrophic Terrorism" and a "Transforming event" 3 years in advance of 9/11

So there you have it. Two of the many high-level conspirators behind the 9-11 attacks and the never-ending 'War on Terror' are the main candidates to replace the somewhat dovish Chuck Hagel. Joining one of these lucky demonic creatures in DC's coming march to World War III will be the soon-to-be boss of the Senate, John 'psycho' McCain, and his equally deranged sidekick of dubious sexual orientation, Lindsey Graham. Bibi Satanyahu is loving this!

In the final analysis, we expect that Ms. Flournoy will get the nod. In fact, we suspect that it has already been determined. After all, isn't it time that we break the 'glass ceiling' and name the first female Defense Secretary? (Barf)

"I always get my way!"



  1. According to Fox News on Rense today, both candidates declined the reporters are saying that O will have a problem replacing Hagel.

    Ferguson Grand Jury Witness Killed!? Ferguson Secrets Revealed – A Beta Test For Civil War In America?

    There is a multi-pronged Islamic terrorist invasion of America. It is beginning to look like that this invasion is coalescing in Ferguson, MO. Phase one of this insidious invasion took place on our southern border under the guise of illegal immigration.

    Yesterday, my best source stated that this was code meaning that Hagel was siding with many military officers who are opposed to the militant Islamization of the military and the planned subversion of the United States by this administration. Hagel has allegedly told Obama he was not going to fire anymore senior level military officers and that Obama or the Joint Chiefs would have to do that themselves. And why has Obama been firing senior military officers faster than they can be replaced? Obama knows that there is a wide spread sentiment in the military to enact a coup against Obama when he moves to permanently dismantle this country. For those who will not believe this revelation, please allow me to remind you that this source already revealed to me a failed coup effort in the attempted rescue efforts of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi. (more)

  2. Fedup

    Not a big deal. You never heard that great actors on the stage in theatres usually play two characters regardless if they oppose one another - I did once in performing art .....

    So, Obama has a great chance to take also Hagel's job - only capable can do will bring them closer to desired goal - one man rules it all.......

    1. Yes Vlastimil...this is the name of the game..."order out of chaos" and playing two sides from the middle...where "they" get burnt!

  3. Oh, scheisse.....

    On Jeh Johnson, Deborah James and other defense secretary contenders

    One of the contenders to replace Hagel is Ray Mabus.

    Here is a prophecy from Nostradamus:

    Century 2, Quatrain 62
    Mabus will soon die, then will come,
    A horrible undoing of people and animals,
    At once one will see vengeance,
    One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

    Ah, just a coincidence. Nothing to worry this, first revealed by Sorcha Faal in 2008 before Obama was elected as President (OK, I know Sorcha Faal is not kosher, but........):

    Kenyan Son and Destroyer of America - Is Barak Obama the “Son of Kenya” foretold by the great 19th Century Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church?

    Among the Kenyan people of the Luo religion Owalo is believed to be a prophet similar to Jesus Christ and Muhammad, and who in 1912 made this horrific prophecy about the United States:

    “So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those [future] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [father]. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest [mystery] of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.”

    In Dreams From My Father, which should be displayed under "Fiction" rather than "Autobiographies", Barack Oblunda wrote:

    "Inside the stall, an old woman who was stringing glass beads together pointed at me and said something that made Auma smile.
    “What’d she say?”
    “She says that you look like an American to her.”
    “Tell her I’m Luo,” I said, beating my chest. "

    I don't believe in prophecies but that doesn't mean they aren't exploited by the scheisse-stirrers to further their agenda.

  4. Hagel’s Ritual Resignation and ‘The War Ahead’
    Another ritual resignation took place today in Washington…

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (R) threw in the towel today by tendering his resignation to President Barack Obama, amidst all the usual pomp and circumstance at the White House (America’s equivalent to a royal divorce).

    His swift departure could be for a number of reasons – health, stress from having to lie to the public on a daily basis, or simply poor performance.

    Did Hagel really resign, or was he actually relieved of duty by his betters? The writing was already on the wall…

    The whole ceremony couldn’t be more seedy or over the top. Obama was on his right, leaning in (too close for comfort), and Joe Biden on his left, with Hagel suffocating in the middle trying to give his exit speech. When the President gives a long-winded speech about what “close friends” they are and when Hagel has to kiss the ring of Biden, referring to Uncle Joe as his mentor, you can be sure that the knife in Hagel’s back was buried deep indeed.

  5. Clinton State Dept. Blew $18.5 Mil to Renovate Unused Afghan Jail

    While this doesn’t compare to the Benghazi terrorist attacks, here’s yet another State Department scandal that occurred under Hillary Clinton; the agency blew $18.5 million to renovate a prison in Afghanistan that remains unfinished and unused years after the U.S.-funded work began.

    It gets better; the State Department officer overseeing the multi-million-dollar boondoggle was corrupt and convicted for accepting bribes from an agency contractor, according to a scathing report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). With that kind of supervision, is it any wonder that only half the contracted work got done and that it was subsequently determined to be defective by an independent firm. This includes failure to backfill trenches, improper roof flashing, soil settlement issues and the failure to connect six back-up generators to the prison’s power grid.

    Meanwhile, the Afghan compound, Pol-i-Charkhi prison, remains empty after American taxpayers doled out all that cash to fix it. Built in 1973, the jail is Afghanistan’s largest correctional facility and is supposed to house about 5,000 prisoners. The Soviet Union funded the original structure, which was built by a contractor from India. In the summer of 2009 the State Department awarded a $20.2 million renovation gig to Afghanistan-based Al-Watan Construction Company (AWCC). The money flowed through the agency’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), which gets billions annually from congress to combat international crime and illegal drugs. In fiscal year 2013 more than $600 million went to Afghanistan to strengthen its justice and corrections systems and renovate prisons in high-insurgent areas, the INL Budget Guide shows.

    In the case of Pol-i-Charkhi, the millions provided by Uncle Sam were supposed to reconfigure prisoner holding areas into smaller cells so that it could house a larger population. Each cell was to have a sink and one or more eastern-style toilet depending on cell size. The renovation contract also called for electrical and plumbing improvements, remodeling several structures including the prison industries building and kitchen facilities, building two septic/leach field systems and procuring and installing six refurbished back-up power diesel generators.

    But more than five years and $18.5 million later only half of the work has been completed according to contract requirements, the SIGAR audit states, and the deal has been “terminated for convenience.” Furthermore, the work that has been done is shoddy and fails to meet the standards set by the original agreement. It will cost millions more to right this wrong, according to the State Department, which estimates around $11 million to finish renovations and another $5 million to construct a wastewater treatment plant.

    This doesn’t even include three separate “capital improvement projects” at the same Afghan prison that cost American taxpayers an additional $5.3 million.

    The scandalous prison deals are part of a broader problem involving the free-flow of U.S. dollars to controversial Afghanistan causes. Last fall Judicial Watch reported that, despite multiple warnings of fraud and corruption inside the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, the U.S. keeps sending hundreds of millions of dollars to support the Islamic republic’s scandal-plagued healthcare system. Months earlier JW also reported that the U.S. Army refuses to suspend Afghanistan reconstruction contracts with dozens of companies tied to al Qaeda and the Taliban out of fear that it would violate their “due process rights.” The deals are part of the United States’ whopping $89.5 billion Afghanistan reconstruction effort.

  6. Yep, follow the money, and the money is in all these contracts being awarded.

    I recall maybe 7-8 years ago reading about a contract to rebuild some small bridge in Iraq that our military blew up there. It took like 2 years to award the $19M contract.Some shell corporation.But, what is the real story is that an Iraqi company was soliciting for years before to rebuild that bridge for $1.25M and was always rebuffed.So,a local wanted to rebuild it for 5% of the cost it eventually was contracted to get repaired.WHAT A RACKET!!!

    There is a better way to go forward, and that is without all these criminals connected directly to these insane zionists and satanists!


    1. DL
      We do go forward without them. The head of the snake has to be cut off and we will see the entire body fall. We can't negotiate with terrorist, they don;t have a clue of what truth and justice really is.

      They worship money, and they tried to get us locked into this game, so they created a slave system of work 9 to 5; where we struggle with a job and stay: J=just, O=over, B=Broke...they will never pay us our real worth...usury, lies, deceit, and murder...this is all they know...but this will stop!

  7. Former Delta Force commander to Hagel: Speak out now!

    'American people deserve to hear the truth about the damage the president's policies have inflicted'


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