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OWoN: The irony and class stupidity of religions. This is the 21st century and we keep giving these head-bangers talking space? 

Post Transhumanism, the lot will be gone. Hollywood, you really sold some crap for Box Office takes. While believing non of it.Any person with half a brain, soon realizes the other half in religious quacks is dead.

One fast track way to remove the Muslim problem. Must spread it to all Mosques by State Order

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  1. I would recommend a talk with the Vatican aligned Pallavicini family if that is to be changed as they control much of the Sunni Muslim societies. They are architects of the behaviour of vast societies, they can change it too if they desire so. They seem a most relevant party in all senses as they seem vastly richer than the Rothschilds ever could hope to be. War does not seem an efficient solution, when people can change by decree of those who rule the structures.


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