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Nailed it!

It's almost incomprehensible that we still have two more years of this pathological liar to put up with! Look up "empty-suit" in the dictionary and they have a picture of Obama there!

Grumpy Cat

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  1. Democrats Warning: Obama could go to Prison

    In a mass email put out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Sunday, they warned that Barack Obama is in danger of impeachment and jail time. No, really, that’s what they said, despite the fact that not one spineless Republican has written one article of impeachment.

    Clearly the email is to simply drum up support for the Democrats. That isn’t a surprise and the more the lawless are allowed to be in power, the greater their boldness.

    What’s amazing is that the email starts off by labeling the 2014 Congress as the “most obstructionist and dysfunctional Congress in history.” Congress does include the Senate too, which was overseen by Democrats and, of course, the House was overseen by Republicans. There is no doubt that both were dysfunctional. (See copy of email at link)

    However, the email went on to state, “Despite the challenge of taking office in the midst of the worst financial crisis in 70 years (it’s Bush’s fault, and yet, we are still in that crisis and will continue to be until the Federal Reserve and unconstitutional spending are dealt with – OK the parenthesis is mine, not in the email), President Obama has achieved incredible progress for the United States.”

    What progress? Wait, let me see if I can find some progress. Oh, that’s right, Barack Hussein Obama has:

    Led our nation into over $17 trillion in debt
    Nationalized over 1/6 of the US economy with his unconstitutional healthcare law
    Orchestrated an invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border
    Acted as King with an incredible number of executive orders that would make George W. Bush blush
    Promoted and advanced the agenda of the Sodomites in America
    Been in command of a Justice Department that ran guns to Mexican drug cartels via Operation Fast and Furious that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and at least 2 federal agents and used executive privilege to cover it up
    Gone after our guns
    Had a Vice President and Defense Secretary who outed a Navy SEAL team that may have resulted in the deaths of three dozen of our servicemen
    Went to bed while four Americans desperately cried for help in Benghazi and later died; Republicans are now covering it up
    Has done nothing but lie since he took office
    Has been race baiter of epic proportions (Henry Louise Gates, George Zimmerman, Ferguson Missouri)
    Has pushed the coal industry on the verge of non-existence, while the price of energy skyrockets (which is what Obama promised to do)
    Has used the unconstitutional IRS to target his political enemies
    Has entertained America’s enemies in the people’s house
    Has supplied America’s enemies with funding, training and weapons
    Installed America’s enemies in key positions in the federal government
    And the list goes on and on and on


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