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OWoN: Every thinking person's wish list:

1. The American people find out he's a Kenyan Con Man who suckered them all.


  1. If only we could tie Billary, the Bushes, Cheney, Nancy, Harry, the Fed, Bankers and Joe all to him plus all the Cabal.
    Now that's what you call a Bull Run!

  2. It's all collusion and what we already know about these thug criminals is pretty much out in the open...we are only waiting for the people that we hired to uphold the law to do their jobs...otherwise, it;s more criminal acts upon more criminal acts.

    People are questions? Why did only 1/3 of the democratic population vote? Because picking the best of two evils is not working anymore...we are seceding to change this current any means necessary.

  3. Oh my.. More elephants and more visions of priapus maximus for the vermin LOL.

    There is a song from a recent period movie that comes to mind when I see this picture, but it would be offensive to post here. But, I admit, it comes to mind. Just sayin'.

  4. Instead of elephants as depicted maybe it should be his Chicago bathhouse buddies chasing him with dongs in hand????

    1. They have been there already, seen the way he walks? And his Sissy Boy golf swing? Stick him in a Tutu.


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