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Facts on the BRICS structure

OWoN: Here are assembled Cut and Paste media reports on BRICS

Facts on the BRICS structure and stated objectives (cut & paste);


A New Development Bank (NDB) that is similar to the Bretton Woods system which was to rebuild the international economic system while World War II was still raging, 730 delegates from all 44 Allied nations gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States, for the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, also known as the Bretton Woods Conference. The delegates deliberated during 1–22 July 1944, and signed the Agreement on its final day.

“Long-standing dissatisfaction with Bretton-Woods institutions has also pushed BRICS towards a developing-country alternative to global development finance.”

“BRICS comprise over one-fifth of the global economy, together they wield about 11 percent of the votes at the IMF”

It looks clear that with every bank in the Western system tries to hold-up the walls of Bretton Woods system main stays (i.e. USA, Europe…etc.) BRICS can scoop up the trade and development business of the second and third world countries giving them the main vote in the World Banks.

“What are the implications of the BRICS institutions for international development finance? Developing nations hope that BRICS bank/CRA may eventually challenge World Bank-IMF hegemony”

The fact that BRICS can cherry pick with their cash, they should be able to ensure a high-quality loan portfolio that maximizes developmental impact, but keeps defaults to a minimum, placing them in the high chair (the baby) of functional quality in the new world banking order. No bad portfolios due to political influences as in our system will aid their growth to a dominant world bank in my eyes very quickly.

Not stated;

The BRICS structure or five countries control over 97% of stated platinum group metals (The Marshall Act causes non-reporting of productions in the West) and these metals have traditionally not been stored in Europe & New York. With the metals exchange being controlled by the Chinese (LMI) the move to platinum metal backed currency MAY be a considered strategy to further the desire for world trade & development business or growth within the BRICS System. These metals could be painted in a light of a much more valuable than gold because they are simply rarer on earth than gold and silver. This is a strong argument and the 5 counties have been gathering these metals since WWII helping the rare light casting by possession alone.

As for their solicitation of 'Branch' office applications it must be assumed, the applicant would be required to demonstrate the necessary talents to harvest desired 'good business' or capital from BRICS growth plan areas.

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  1. Globalist Harmony: East-West "Conflict" is a Charade - See more at:
    The G20 Are Collaborators In The New World Order

    Vladimir Putin will be attending the upcoming G-20 meeting in Brisbane.

    Below, Larry P lists 30 stories that prove East-West relations are just fine, and the "G" in G-20 might stand for "Globalist" or Freemasonry. They all stand for Judeo-Masonic central banker control.

    The U.S., Russia, and China are locking horns in an ever intensifying power struggle. At least that's what we're told by the mainstream media and our own government. Virtually everyday the media presents us with stories of how Russia violated the airspace of some Western country or that China and the U.S. are hacking each others computer networks.

    But what if that wasn't the whole picture? What if the news was selected in a way to present a bias that would lead you to a desired conclusion? Webster's defines propaganda as 'ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause.'


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