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Crete will be the energy hub for EastMed Pipeline

OWoN: This is a big deal for Europe. At least Greece will get a break as they sit whining on their welfare fraud votes.

Crete will be the energy hub for EastMed Pipeline

Chania News
19 November 2014

Crete is considered to play a key role on energy scene, as East Med Pipeline will be extended to Cyprus, Crete, then in western Greece, the Peloponnese and Epirus and would come eventually the Greek-Italian pipeline IGI (Interconnector Greece-Italy).

Participating in a conference in Rome entiltled “Building a Euro-Mediterranean energy bridge- The strategic importance of the Euro-Mediterranean gas and electricity networks in the context of energy security“, the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Giannis Maniatis, talked about important developments in the energy sector cooperation of Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

According to the original design, the pipeline will have a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters per year and will consist of the following parts:

a) A 150km underwater section from the deposits to Vasiliko, Cyprus

b) A 650km underwater section from Vasiliko to the shore of eastern Crete

c) A 400km underwater section from Crete to the South-East coast of Peloponnese

d) A 260km land section running across Peloponnese

e) An underwater section crossing the Gulf of Patras and finally

f) A 220km land section from the shore of Aetolia-Acarnania to Thesprotia

The Greek Minister said:

“The Eastmed pipeline is a reliable alternative solution for the extraction of natural gas from SE Mediterranean to European countries. This is proven by the strong European interest in creating a new energy corridor. The positive results are obvious. The Greek economy and Greek consumers will still enjoy lower energy costs, while the country will take on an upgraded and powerful role in the international energy scene.”


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  1. Is this happening because the Syrian war is preventing a pipeline through Syria into Europe?


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