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China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold

OWoN: Is the world ready for truth?

This would be a major creditability blow and if mass released would shake the cabal to its core. Comex would blow up as the world confronts reality of real physical markets over paper mâché. Bottom line, everything has been stolen and stability is a myth. They robbed the store and closed the door. It's all Disneyland now.

China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold

King World News Blog
21 November 2014

Today King World News interviewed a man who has been uncovering critical information for 25 years who said that in the not-too-distant future China and Russia are going to publicly announce to the world that they don’t believe the United States has the 8,100 tons of gold it claims to possess. He also spoke about German gold repatriation, the Swiss Gold Initiative, and massive unofficial gold holdings in China that are held outside of the central bank. Below Steve Quayle takes KWN readers around the world on a shocking trip down the rabbit hole of lies, propaganda, criminal international banking syndicates and murder.

Eric King: “Steve, I know you’ve been uncovering critical information for 25 years. You read the KWN interview Insider Exposes Shocking Truth On German Gold Repatriation -- your thoughts.”

Quayle: “Well, Eric, this should be obvious to your readers that this would not even be an issue if the gold were still on deposit at the Federal Reserve. With all the gold leasing that’s been going on, people need to understand that there simply is no gold to repatriate from the Federal Reserve. The question is: Who has the most to gain by covering up this fact?....

“The answer is: Anybody who has been in collusion. So while the question about German gold repatriation became a big deal in the German press thanks to the efforts of the gentleman you interviewed as well as his associates, it’s important to understand that very recently (post-Venezuela) in every single case where a country has requested repatriation, the request has been denied or the country has been given only a token amount of gold back.

First of all, the gold doesn’t exist in the vaults at the U.S. Federal Reserve. And second, people need to understand this famous quote:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -- George Orwell

Quayle continues: “We are in a time of universal deceit. From the godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, to billionaire Eric Sprott and others, all of them say they’ve never seen it like this.

The same people who are manipulating the gold and silver markets, the same people who have destroyed the middle class in the United States, own all the mainstream media news organizations. That’s why the truth about what is happening is concealed from the public. So, again, to keep it simple -- there is no gold to repatriate.”

Quayle added: “Less than a year ago I was given access to information about intended economic war plans that indicated that a time is coming very soon when both Russia and China will announce to the world that they don’t believe the United States has all the gold it claims to possess.

China already possesses more physical gold than anyone in the world. We are not just talking about the official tonnages that have been reported. People forget the historic Chinese empire that existed for thousands of years and all the gold accumulated by the emperors.

I was told by a gentleman who is married to one of the highest-ranking Chinese government officials that he has been in one of these underground gold depositories, and he said, ‘It’s not in a bank.’ He said, ‘It’s in a secure bunker. And as far as your eye can see, it’s filled with gold.’ This is gold that can be melted down into fine delivery bars and used to back the Chinese currency.

Supposedly China is looking to accumulate 10,000 to 11,000 tons of gold. My sources in China tell me those numbers are grossly understated. There is a reason that Russian President Vladimir Putin is accelerating Russia’s gold purchases. They are aligning themselves with the Chinese to dominate the world as the power of the West continues to recede.”

Eric King: “How surprised were you when you learned that the Swiss politician and leader of the Swiss Gold Initiative, Luzi Stamm, was banned from participating in the televised debate in Switzerland?”

Quayle: “That kind of thing is to be expected. I knew the central planners were going to give him a lot of trouble. They are pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Swiss people do not vote ‘yes’ on this initiative. I love Switzerland. I would live there if I could. But unfortunately I think the efforts of Mr. Stamm and others will be curtailed unless the Swiss turn out in very large numbers.

People will be bought off, and if necessary, people will be eliminated. These guys are not beyond killing people. I’m not talking about the Swiss government -- I’m talking about the criminal syndicate of international bankers. We just had another international banker murdered in what is now a very long list of deceased bankers. They will do whatever they have to in order to prevent this initiative from being approved.”



  1. If Russia and China pursue this attack to force PP release, if the US in fact can't show, it will become End of Empire days fast.

      Voters give GOP pathway for former Rep. Ron Paul's audit plan


  2. John, you're 100 % correct. When it becomes official there is no gold held officially, including that which was lent or borrowed to the US - it's game over.

    1. This is why the price of precious metals is so keep the ponzi fiat dollar floating above the price of gold...only because there are more gold contracts than there is actual gold on deposit (none)'s time for them to open the doors to Fort Knox...our fiat dollars were not backed by anything within the precious metals, they backed the fiat dollars by human capital and squandered the gold holdings.

      Maybe if this is exposed wars can stop because the jig will be up as to why UsA is aggressive against resource rich countries...only to steal and loot the gold and other precious resources.


    2. Follow the gold,diamond, iron and ore deposits...
      Ebola Is A Curse From The Four Horsemen
      Of Balkans Bloodshed: Blair,
      Soros, Lake & Kouchner

      By Yoichi Shimatsu
      Exclusive To Rense

      They’re riding high again, that ruthless gang of neo-liberal interventionists who dismembered Yugoslavia in the 1990s and whose underlings introduced Factor-8 HIV-infected blood plasma to cause an AIDS crisis across the war-torn Balkans.

      Today the target is Africa and their newest bio-weapon of choice ebola.

      Indicted here are the Four Horsemen of pestilence, famine, war and death: Tony Blair, George Soros, Anthony Lake and Bernard Kouchner. Posing as saviors of humanity, these arch-criminals are charging into Africa in the service of the diabolical union between the British Crown and House of Rothschild.

      The devious plan to release the Zaire ebola strain into West Africa is aimed at a takeover of the rugged mineral-rich interior of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast. Whoever wins the struggle for mining rights, which promise super-profits far in excess of the Blood Diamond conflicts, will be positioned as middleman between the global economy’s biggest steelmakers, particularly those in China, and the world’s last untapped reserve of iron ore.

      On the ground in Africa, the revival of colonialism is directed by hedge-fund mogul George Soros, who is eliminating financial rivals in the mining sector with character assassination by his Global Witness propaganda machine and through his informants for the FBI. With typical Blair paternalism, the looting spree is legitimized under the rubric of the “African Governance Initiative” with its catch phrases of fostering “institutional capacity” in health-care and infrastructure, “transparency” in business contracts; and “helping leaders do the right thing”.

      Those wonderful ideals, which have yet to be implemented in Europe or America, are being floated to justify the radical surgery of Kouchner’s “humanitarian intervention” and the “right to protect.” Using children as human shields for imperial aggression, UNICEF chief and intelligence guru Anthony Lake has just pulled off an invasion by the US and British armies under the cover of saving West Africans from the ebola contagion.

      As detailed in this investigative series, the perfect pretext for Western military aggression was transferred from a biowarfare laboratory for the deliberate spreading of the ebola virus in mineral-rich Forestiere Province of the Republic of Guinea.

  3. John, it's obvious the thieves looted the gold a while back, hence the false flag attack on Libya, the Ukraine, and now the bullshit war on ISIS in Syria. All designed to steal their gold, they have not a shread of compassion or decency toward humanity.

    1. Scott F

      It is OK, we will keep supporting USA by whatever means so that cabal will stay in power as long as they manage and meanwhile they will be of course allow to loot anything they wish....

      ....we can not act in way that Americans would be kind of hurt, so it is easier to hurt others instead because dogma of TOO BIG TO FAIL applies also to USA and we are afraid that in case BRICS turn the tide for the future we might feel little bit uncertain where everything will go.....

    2. Western sanctions are aimed at regime change in Russia – Lavrov...

      ...The ultimate goal of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by some Western nations is to stir public protests and oust the government, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

      “Western leaders publicly state that the sanctions must hurt [Russia's] economy and stir up public protests. The West doesn’t want to change Russia’s policies. They want a regime change. Practically nobody denies that,” he told a leading think-tank in Moscow.

      Lavrov said that the tensions between Russia and the West had been brewing for years before the Ukrainian crisis, adding that now the Europeans had decided to go for all-or-nothing and play chicken with Russia. But at least the positions have been made clear, Lavrov said.

      However Russians think different. They know they are under direct attack from West and the cat is openly out .... it goes everything to the public now, what people suspected is being confirmed by Kremlin - day by day.....

      Russia must act swiftly and go counter-offense very fast now......

    3. Vlastimil - you are like a broken record. Do you think repeating the same things over and over again is going to change anything. We all understand your viewpoint that the world needs to band together to crush the us and show them how it feels to be abused. We also know the reasons that this situation is being handled as it is. Who are you trying to convince? Are you schooling john maybe lol? My request is give it a rest - the one's who are bringing about global change already have a plan and don't need your help. And I'm sure most of us here are tired of hearing the same rant over and over. I sure am!

    4. Hi John S.
      I felt the same; thought about the most appropriate way to handle it for me, and realized I do not have to read his comments. They are at least half of all email updates i get; just too much of the same complaining ov3r and over again.. Now I just delete them all before opening. That way he is free to express himself and I am free to ignore those expressions.

    5. I'm quite certain Vlastimil is an A.I. bot. It just needs to tweak its posting frequency rate is all.

    6. J S, P, J T

      Guys that's completely OK .... I mean your comment. I do not take it personally, you have total freedom from me to write anything about me or my comments.

      We are on the same boat and I consider you all as smart - enlightened men whom I admire to be here. You do no look at me that way - it will not hurt me or what.

      Now, in churches basically the same message is being preached over and over Sunday by Sunday so to speak .. and that's OK...

      I am saying simply only one thing -

      Unless Truth Out - Justice In - you will never recharge masses and restart them for a long run. Not possible. So voting out USA cabal is naive in present conditions. And even if this happens then then most stuff would that needs to get out for justice would be hidden from public. Public will not be recharged for a new start....society would go still downward spiral...

      .... Honest Truth Out - Justice In would make miracle in the society .....

      What needs to be done to have Truth Out - Justice In? I am in our camp about 15 years and I heard many things and changed views ....

      I witness revolution in Czech and observed what kind of revolution Russians experienced ..... I was there

    7. Vlastimil, you'll not see me ever whisper a word of how you post. This time being an exception. I may post something useful or lighter, but that is to help. We have more freedom here on OWoN than most places and all who speak/write words to share are valued. It is something that is truly appreciated.

      You've seen things many have not in this life time. Horrible things. It's working past that and into a realm of cooperation to help change our world so we and our children and their children don't have to face or deal with such atrocities again. You're doing that.

      Cooperation is a common theme in what John and others post here. It can come in many flavors and it's understanding that all have something to contribute. It's finding the openness and acceptance of our differences and utilizing that to benefit the whole community.
      This is a very tough road we share and the experiences are as varied as the people here.

  4. Netherland’s Central Bank repatriated 120 tonnes of gold. The move was accounted for as a transfer of gold from the NY Fed to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

    I almost guarantee this is the gold that the US pirates stole from the Ukraine Central Bank

    1. Or, it gold-plated tungsten......I thought i read that 60 tonnes of gold was flown out of Ukraine....

      CHINA has the most gold by far.Gold exports were banned a few years ago, an most if not all of that production went to the government. Nobody outside of China knows how large their hoarde actually is. 11,000 tonnes is a low estimate, for sure.

    2. Marc Rich - CIA Rich, The Secret Accounts, King Of The US Bullets

      Starting back in 1954 was a brilliant, high-strung, humor-less speculator. His real name was Marc Reich, but to disguise his foreign-descent past, he called himself Marc Rich. He knew how to trade a cyclone in usual and unusual metals, grains, and other items from the earth's crust. And how to make money and shipments disappear through the dark and tax-neutral and tax-haven hole, such as the Netherland Antilles...

      To preserve his secrets he apparently never fired any of his underlings. Supposedly they were paid even when they did not function well anymore. So the American CIA needed to pay for a domestic or foreign political assassination? No problem. Marc Rich arranged it through smuggled or stolen gold bullion. [A similar CIA gold trader living in a Chicago suburb, was assassinated on the day we fingered him in 1995 on our popular public access Cable TV Program.

      Mellow with age, John Tarullo, friend and tool of Archbishops, and top FBI and CIA officials, talked too much. As a teen-ager, he was a pilot for Benito Mussolini, the Italian strongman.]

      (Continued below)

    3. (continued from: Marc Rich...above)

      Omitting Marc Rich's espionage role, but otherwise useful for background is the book, "Metal Men- Marc Rich and the 10-Billion-Dollar Scam" by A. Craig Copetas, G.P. Putnam's Sons, N.Y., N.Y., 1985. To write the book, the author became a metal and commodity trader and infiltrated Rich's circle.

      Hillary Rodham Clinton and her globe-traveling law partner and reputed lover, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., were implicated in domestic and overseas money laundering. Secretly a top espionage operative long before his short tenure in the Clinton White House, Foster traveled with tell-tale government- rate airfare. He, and Hillary and their crony Webster Hubbell, former Little Rock Mayor and once Acting Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, were strategists for a reputed worldwide spying-on-banks, as against both friend and foe, for Systematics, in the bank computer software services field. Bank computer espionage "trap-doors" were their specialty. We were about the first to finger Systematics, headquartered in Arkansas, and some of their front stooges tried, with no success, to scare us into silence. The National Security Agency, NSA, file on Foster and Systematics linked Hillary, Foster, and others, in many hundreds of pages of documents, but as available to the public, mostly redacted, blanked out to outsiders.

      Marc Rich the commodity bandit and "spook" was so interwoven with the White House of George Bush The Elder and later, Bill Clinton, you could not hardly tell whether the White House dirty tricks department was in Washington or Zug, Switzerland, one of Rich's outpposts. To escape being prosecuted, Rich did not return from Zug to face the big-time Federal Criminal music in the 1980s. At the time the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudolph W. Giuliani (later N.Y. city Mayor), wanted to put Rich in jail. A Bush Family confidant, Giuliani nevertheless found out too late that Marc Rich was the American CIA's laundry man and was immune. When Rudy started to run for U.S. Senator from New York against carpetbagger Hillary Clinton, in the year 2000 Election, she was afraid he would mouth off about her and Foster and Marc Rich. So, Hillary's press agents reportedly launched a pre-emptive strike planting details publicly of Giuliani's marital troubles. And so, Rudy side-stepped the whole mess and the Election, by divulging what he must have already known, that he was ill with cancer.

      The book author described him, "Marc Rich, the man whom the United States Justice Department privately called the most corrupt corporate executive in America". ["Metal Men", page 13.]... By 1990, Rich was a key player in the huge, mostly unpublicized Russian ruble affair, an attack by the American CIA and worldwide banks fronting for them, against the Soviet currency which led to the downfall of the Moscow government.
      (read entire article at link above)

  5. It's Ponzimonium In The Gold Market

    We've had a string of amazing revelations recently regarding the world's precious metals market. This is important stuff for anyone (like me) who holds gold as a means to avoid currency turmoil and counterparty risk.

    This news has been actively suppressed in the mainstream media.
    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a U.S. government regulatory agency, held hearings in Washington D.C. in late March regarding position limits in the futures market.

    People involved in the markets have known/suspected for years that they have been manipulated by certain large entities, notably JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

    Analysts like silver maven, Ted Butler, hedge fund giant, Eric Sprott, and the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) have been collecting evidence of this manipulation for years.

    These hearings were supposed to be a non-event. However, despite the media lock-down, the word is getting out.
    The CFTC, like the SEC, is a conflicted agency. Some people, notably Chairman Gary Gensler and Commissioner Bart Chilton, seem to want to clean up the sleaze, fraud and corruption. The CFTC even invited GATA's Bill Murphy and Adrian Douglas to make statements. Would you be surprised to learn that the cameras had a "technical malfunction" during Bill Murphy's statement, which magically righted itself immediately after he finished?

    After the hearing, according to Douglas, Murphy was contacted by several major media outlets for more interviews. Within 24 hours, all the interviews were canceled. All of them.

    You can follow the links above to see the research that Butler, Sprott and GATA have done over the years. That was only one part of the emerging story. The second part is the appearance of London metals trader and now whistleblower Andrew Maguire, who understands JP Morgan's manipulation scheme inside and out. Maguire understands the process so well that he was able to describe it to the CFTC's Bart Chilton on the phone in real time. As in: "in a few minutes, they are going to do this, and then they will do that."

    Listen to an extended interview with Maguire and GATA's Adrian Douglas on King World News here. Maguire has taken some personal risks to tell all this in public. In fact, almost immediately after his initial statements, he was run over by a car while walking down the street. The driver sped away, nearly running over some other pedestrians in his haste to escape. Fortunately, Maguire survived the hit-and-run "accident" with minor injuries. What a coincidence. (continued below)

    1. (continued) It's Ponzimonium in the Gold Markets...

      The third item was during the question-and-answer session at the CFTC hearings. GATA's Adrian Douglas.
      ... more people are realizing that there is actually very little gold within the LBMA system.

      Even long-time gold specialists like Maguire have been amazed to learn that there is no gold corresponding to the vast "gold deposits" at the major LBMA banks.

      During the CFTC hearings, Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group apparently informed us that the LBMA banks actually have about a hundred times more gold deposits than actual gold bullion. (GATA on CFTC hearing revelations, including video clips. ZeroHedge on the LBMA "paper gold ponzi")

      This means that there are thousands of clients -- Asian and Middle Eastern governments and sovereign wealth funds among them -- who think they own hundreds of billions and perhaps trillions of dollars of gold bullion, and are being charged storage fees on that fantasy bullion, but they really own unsecured gold loans to the banks at a negative interest rate. There is nothing new about this. Morgan Stanley paid several million dollars in 2007 to settle claims that it had charged 22,000 clients for storage fees on silver bullion that didn't exist.

      Imagine now that you are one of these people who think they own billions of dollars of gold in an LBMA bank depository. Now you find out that this gold doesn't really exist.

      You would ask for delivery of your gold immediately. It would be a "run on the bank."
      What about things like ETFs linked to gold? Most of them also claim, as assets, these "deposits" at the LBMA banks.

      The entire gold market is complete "ponzimonium," a word popularized by the CFTC's Bart Chilton.
      This does not even take into account the tungsten gold bar counterfeit issue, which has emerged over the past year or so.

      Imagine that you are an LBMA gold bank -- like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs or HSBC. Your clients start asking for their gold, which you have been telling them is safely stored in your super-safe depository, but the gold doesn't actually exist. It's not so easy to buy it either, because none of the other LBMA members actually have any gold. Can you see the incentive to deliver a phony tungsten counterfeit instead? You might even ask your buddies in the U.S. government whether there is any gold left in Fort Knox that they could use -- this being an issue of National Security and all.

      Four 400 oz. LBMA standard bars were discovered to be tungsten counterfeits in Hong Kong. This set off a wave of investigations, turning up more such phony bars worldwide.

      These were very high quality counterfeits. According to some investigators, it appears that the original source and creator of these counterfeits was the U.S. government itself. Some people put the possible number of counterfeit bars out there in the hundreds of thousands!

      Let's say you are an Asian or Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund taking delivery on a few billion dollars' worth of gold bullion. You find out that you were given a bunch of phony tungsten by an LBMA bank, whose original source was the U.S. government itself.

      Heck, I'd be pissed. I might even want to do something about it.

      There is an easy way to sidestep all the scams, frauds, and phony nonsense. Take delivery on your bullion, whether a 1 oz. Kruggerand or a truckload of 400 oz. institutional bars. Put it in an independent, insured depository that is not affiliated with any bank. Assay all the holdings for tungsten counterfeits. Then audit it periodically, for exact serial numbers and specified weights.

      When will the music stop on this merry-go-round of lies and corruption? Who knows. But you can take your seat now, while they are still easy to come by.

      Ultimately, a lot of these "gold suppression" schemes amount to dollar-support schemes. Many of the same games were played in the late 1960s, the days of the London Gold Pool.

    2. Good finds Fedup, Thank you! )

    3. P

      Thanks for reply - you or anybody else can comment on what I post. You can criticise me and please do so - I need to be challenged otherwise will be lost in my subjective views and emotions ....

      If you feel that I am crossing the boarder so to speak - just say it. Nobody would be angry on you - this is not the point - emotions and subjective news and experiences play a big role in this long game of frustration - sometimes it is bliss to be ignorant then to carry the burden of suppressed truth and justice....

  6. Vlastimil, would have a hard time criticizing you and most others. You've been through some rough stuff as have many here. OWoN is one of the few places feel comfortable speaking now. Hit me how badly that was the other day when had hay and feed delivered by a ranch kid. I ate up every word he said as he spoke from his heart about tending his grandfather's cows. Most that hear these days is stupid stuff, the latest nail polish, dinar rates, etc. Have no use for it, but here, on OWoN, people speak with their hearts. That means something.

    Vlastimil, you speaking as you doesn't get me upset. It's the stuff that happens to good people everywhere that does that. You report that as honestly as you can. You're impassioned by it, it simply shows you care, a lot.

    Truth and justice can't be hidden anymore. None of us here can stand some dark rock from not being turned over that needs it. It doesn't matter how dark, it will face the light of day sooner rather than later. So no worries, truth will prevail as will justice. Might take a little while while, but it will.


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