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Who’s your Daddy? No - Try again: A President's Tale

A Boy Named Stanley... a girl named Stanley

One World of Nations
7 October 2014

Reading this will spoil an otherwise pleasant day.

Is this a libelous exaggeration?

Just in case you wonder why he surrounds himself with the people he does, and why he is what he is, and is terribly grateful for the people who were, and continue to be, some of the dumbest citizens of the United States who voted for him.

A boy named Stanley is traumatized and abandoned

1926: Eight year old Stanley Dunham discovers his mother's body after she has committed suicide. Stanley's father then abandons the traumatized boy, leaving Stanley in the care of his maternal grandparents in El Dorado, Kansas.

Stanley is psychologically devastated by suicide and abandonment!

Stanley Dunham becomes a troubled teen. The emotionally damaged boy grows into a rebellious teenager. Stanley punches his High School principal and becomes a drifter, hopping rail cars to Chicago, then California, then back again.

At age 20, he marries Madelyn Payne on the night of her Senior Prom. The hurt little boy grows into an angry and unstable young man. Stanley spends time as a rail hopping drifter.

Psycho Stanley fathers a girl --- names her Stanley!!!

Just before leaving to fight in World War II in 1942, Stanley impregnates Madelyn. A girl is born on November 29, 1942. Because Stanley wanted a son, he names the girl after himself, Stanley Dunham! (Middle name of Ann).

What kind of a psycho names his daughter Stanley?

Stanley Ann Dunham endures childhood trauma

After the war, the Dunhams bounce around the country for 15 years - moving to California, back to Kansas, to Seattle, WA, to Mercer Island, WA, and finally to Hawaii.

Stanley is teased about her boyish name at every new school she attends. The instability of constantly moving, the teasing/bullying over her strange name, and the constant reminder that her father wanted a boy - will combine to turn young Stanley Ann into a traumatized psycho like her father.

A girl named Stanley is teased about her boyish name. Stanley Ann Dunham becomes a troubled teen. At 17, Stanley Ann now goes simply by "Ann". By this time, she has already embraced Marxism (as had her father), is posing naked for a Communist named Frank Marshall Davis, bashing America, and having sexual relations with various older black men.

Frank Marshall Davis (right) had a passion for photography and pornography

Ann is impregnated by one of two Black Communists - which is in question?

1960: Still a 17 year old college freshman, Ann becomes pregnant. She claims that a Kenyan Marxist named Barack Obama, who she met in a Russian language class, is the father. That may not be fact in view of her life style.

Obama is another drunk who, apparently unbeknownst to Dunham at the time, already had his own wife and kids back in Kenya. It has since become apparent that Ann was also having sexual relations with another black man during this time. The admitted Communist Frank Marshall Davis, but more on him later. So yet another paternity question.

Obama looks nothing like his Kenyan father, but resembles Frank Marshall Davis very much!

Barack Obama Jr. is abandoned by his Kenyan father

Less than four years into the unlikely bigamous marriage, Ann divorces the drunken Kenyan bigamist. Barack Sr. returns to Africa in 1964. Little "Barry" experiences his first abandonment. Barry will briefly see his alleged father again only in 1968, when he is about eight years old, only to have to say goodbye to him. Barack Sr. will later be killed in a drunk driving accident in 1982. Little Barry's fragile psyche was doomed from the start.

The reunion with the father figure he longed for was very brief

Ann remarries an Indonesian man and settles there

In 1965, Ann marries Lolo Soetero an Indonesian also with a drink problem. She, Lolo, and little Barry settle in Indonesia. (Ann and Lolo will divorce in 1980).

Stanley Ann then had a baby girl with her new husband.

Ann hired a transvestite to be Barry's nanny! Already a full fledged feminist Marxist, Ann Soetero hires 'Evie",(a known a transsexual / transvestite!) to care for young Barry. Why would any balanced mother do that?

In 2012, it was revealed that Nanny Evie is now a broke homosexual prostitute. Where were the vetting alarm bells?

Old lady/man Evie holds up a photo of his / her flaming younger self

Desperate and destitute, old Evie survives by prostitution - Obama won't lift a finger to help!

Young Barry is bullied by his Asian classmates

The only Black boy in an Indonesian school, Barry is outcast and bullied as " the boy with big ears." Life for him must have been constant grief and humility.

Little Barry Soetero doesn't fit in

Ann has a baby girl, then dumps Barry on her parents in Hawaii

Little Barry is yet again traumatized by the pain of rejection. The boy had no chance.

After having a daughter with Lolo, psycho Ann then ships 10 year old Barry off to Hawaii to be raised by his grandfather.

Barry's little psyche is sent from the frying pan into the fire!

Grandpa introduces Barry to a Black Communist bi-sexual

Grandpa Dunham is friends with the Communist bi-sexual Frank Marshall Davis. Davis will become a mentor to young Barry. That may explain his penchant for notorious Chicago Male Bathhouse Clubs.

It was Davis, an avid photographer, who took the nude photographs of young Ann Dunham. Davis tells of his sexual deviance in a book entitled "Sex Rebel Black", written under the pen name of Bob Greene. In lurid detail, he describes 3-way sex sessions between himself, his wife,and a young girl named "Ann."

The dirty old Communist will finish corrupting little Barry.

Davis wrote the filthy "Sex Rebel Black" in 1968

Teenage Barry is lazy student and a heavy drug user

By the end of High School, generations of family dysfunction and painful rejection will have already shaped the man that Obama will become. By his own adult admission, Obama wastes his High School years as a heavy pot smoker and a mediocre student. Records were there to be found at the time.

A self described "lazy student", Obama has a passion or smoking marijuana (later on cocaine)

Barack Obama moves onto cocaine and homosexuality

After High School, Obama is a mediocre college student at Occidental College in California. His drug use continues and it appears that he has embraced the homosexual lifestyle.

1980's: Obama and his homosexual Pakistani "lover" holding hands

1980's: Young Obama is plugged into the Globalist-Communist Presidential Pipeline

At some point during the 1980's, Frank Marshall Davis, and others above him, plug "Barack Obama Jr." into the subversive network of Professor William Ayers. Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, are former FBI fugitives and founders of the Communist/Terrorist Weather Underground.

The psycho Obama is to be decorated with phony Ivy League degrees and groomed to be "the first Black President." No Students can remember him which challenges a lot. Fake Degrees. The known Fake Social Security Numbers, of which he has used numerous. The fake Birth Certificate.

Obama began his first political campaign in the Chicago living room of Ayers (l) and Dohrn (r)!

Aging hippie communists Ayers and Dohrn are still very active in politics today.

1990's: Communist "Reverend Wright" finds a "beard" to hide Obama's homosexuality

If Obama is to become President, he will need a wife and kids to conceal his homosexuality. The radical Marxist "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright specializes in finding unwanted women to marry the closeted homosexual, professional men who frequent his weird "church".

The homely and angry Michelle and the homosexual Obama are believed to have been matched up by the Radical Reverend. There is no record of any other women in Obama's life prior to Michele. No one in their right mind would marry such an angry woman! So Reverend Wright gave her to Obama.

Obama and the America hating Reverend go way back!

Reverend Wright with the Communist Bill Ayers

Conclusion / diagnosis

The Superman persona is the mind's way of hiding the worthless being within

Barack Obama is the product of generations of severe psychological dysfunction.

The neurotic manifestations rooted in both sides of his family tree include suicide, abandonment of children, multiple relocation's, polygamy, rejection, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, homosexuality, transsexualism, and communist subversion.

To cope with the pain and low self esteem of childhood trauma, the ego creates a false Superman. We clearly see the Narcissistic Personality Disorder manifested in the anti social behavior of Grandpa Dunham by naming a daughter after himself and joining the Communist Party.

  • Stanley Ann Dunham posing for pornographic photos, having sex with older black men and dumping her child

  • Barack Sr. secretly keeping two families at the same time and driving drunk

  • Nanny Evie dressing up as a woman and engaging in homosexual prostitution

  • Frank Marshall Davis joining the Communist Party and boasting of sexual perversion

This is why Obama himself is so arrogant, so conceited, so callous, so sensitive to criticism, so dishonest, so immoral, so vindictive, so cold, so cruel, and so dangerous.

Like the Frankenstein monster of Mary Shelley's classic novel, Obama is seething with rage at the society which he blames or the pain of his dysfunctional childhood.

Apart altogether from his flawed Marxist ideology and his manifest incompetence, OBAMA IS RUTHLESS. The perfect man to lead a nation of dumbed down, degenerate sheep, many of whom are themselves Narcissistic psychopaths.

That is why Obama's invisible Globalist masters chose him!

And WHY, the 47%'ers, Elected him!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States of America

The majority of this article was sourced directly from Tomato Bubble.


  1. The secret shadow government finds the most disgusting, despicable, the one's who have the darkest past to do their bidding. There has to be some level of blackmail and coercion in order to be a president; the shadow government has to be able to control that person.

    Why so many secrets? President O rose through the ranks overnight? Oh, such a tangled web they weave...deception and lawlessness run rampant. Such a blatant outright deception when we look deep into who is who. The Nine, and the Seven; Republicans vs. Democrats=Satanists. Both sides are the same as one.

    In reality, our votes are a sham; we believe that we chose a person to run our country, actually; this person is chosen from within the ranks of the shadow government (black magik). This is the globalists plan for a NWO which is satanic subversion, deception from the highest degree...souless, psychopaths. Compared to what they think; ISON is our friend!

  2. dam...I've much to say and more to speak but I will hold my tongue. If true, this is the worst abomination perpetrated on the American people..

    1. Wait until you see what follows.

    2. Anything worse? This country can't sink no lower than this...or could it?

  3. London banker pleads guilty to fixing Libor, faces up to 10 yrs in jail.....
    This news was today at one of cabal czech portals- completely down on the page where basically nobody scrolls that down

    1. Vlastimil he and others go on trial next. Then we will name them for you. Can't yet. Let's get him done first.

  4. Saudi in war zone against Russia.....


    "Within OPEC price war broke out now," said The Wall Street Journal Amy Myers Jaffe, energy expert at the University of California. "The organization is divided I've ever seen," she added.

    Saudi Arabia in terms of oil extraction strongest twelve member organizations, namely the last week surprisingly announced that it will reduce the price of oil with delivery next month. At the same time, oil prices fell from recent one hundred U.S. dollars to ninety dollars per barrel, and vice versa expected to reduce logging and increase prices

    Any comment on that one? Thanks

    1. The US gets half the take so they get hit also.

    2. Saudi goes the way of the BRICS...they are actually playing the same game as UsA...fighting ISIS and funding ISIS...well, they are using the money from the war chest...I think, the keep the economy floating.

      Yesterday the stock market Dow Jones crashed 274 points, and today it gained 274 points...go figure...they stole the money and had to put it back...somebody is watching...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Analysis & Opinion Oil Price War to Hit Both Sides Amid Flat Demand

      The rapid depreciation of oil seen in the recent weeks threatens to trigger a global price war, which will eventually damage all of its participants to different extents. The rapid depreciation of oil seen in the recent weeks threatens to trigger a global price war, which will eventually damage all of its participants to different extents. (read more)


  6. Regarding Obama....

    ....I would my back doors open for some kind of MK Ultra program in his case.....I would not be surprised if even Tiger Woods would not get MK Ultra program as well (but this is too wide imagination ......) We have pop starts who might the product of such psycho as Willie said one...Spears, Cyrus etc.....

    We still no little of M Jackson ..... and why would pedophiles illuminati try that hard to discredit him with practices of pedophilia while themselves are the worst perverts .....

    1. I do not believe that Obama would manage to climb up on his own to circles that would put 750 bill into him for elections....just for fun? He was nobody, no carrier no background families, no knowledge......

      This has been a plot of a long time making ....

  7. Lew calls on Congress to end inversions

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Tuesday that U.S. companies won't stop making offshore deals to dodge paying taxes unless Congress intervenes.

  8. Report: Justice, Holder eye new charges against major banks

    Roughly a dozen major banks are reportedly facing fresh probes from the Justice Department, and individual traders could face charges.

    The New York Times reported Tuesday that government investigators were examining a “dozen or so banks,” including major Wall Street institutions like JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, over allegations that traders manipulated currency exchanges and benchmark interest rates for their own profit.


  9. How the Dow Jones Industrial Average Fared Tuesday
    Oct 7, 2014, 4:51 PM ET
    By The Associated Press
    Associated Press

    The stock market slumped Tuesday as investors worried about the outlook for global economic growth.

    Industrial production in Germany, Europe's largest economy, dropped the most in five years in August and the International Monetary Fund trimmed its outlook for global growth this year and next.

    On Tuesday:

    The Dow Jones industrial average lost 272.52 points, or 1.6 percent, to 16,719.39.

    The Standard & Poor's 500 index dropped 29.72 points, or 1.5 percent, to 1,935.10.

    The Nasdaq composite fell 69.60 points, or 1.6 percent, to 4,385.20.

    1. Dow Jones down 300 points today...I read on Wolf site that there is a 6,000 point correction due...the stock market is very unstable...investors have no confidence.

  10. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Official Signature
    The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request regarding 36,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens who were released from federal custody.

    The report on the release of the aliens initially came from the Centers for Immigration Studies.

    Judicial Watch’s complaint demands that any DHS emails and memoranda related to the Centers for Immigration Studies report be handed over to the public.

    DHS had until May 14, 2014 to honor the request. Their failure to comply resulted in the lawsuit.

    The watchdog group noted that the crimes that these aliens had been convicted of included:
    193 homicide convictions (including one willful killing of a public official with gun)
    426 sexual assault convictions
    303 kidnapping convictions
    1,075 aggravated assault convictions
    1,160 stolen vehicle convictions
    9,187 dangerous drug convictions
    16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions
    303 flight escape convictions


  11. Rush Limbaugh: Obama Not Qualified To Be President; Not Allowed To See College Records
    Rush Limbaugh ripped the so-called experts in the news media and in the Obama administration. Rush says Obama is not an expert and is not qualified to be president. … He’s an agitator, a community organizer, that doesn’t like status quo and wants to upend the Country. … Obama’s got no resume- the only resume he’s got is college transcripts nobody lets us see. We have to take the media’s word for it.

  12. New Information On Akhenaten: Who Was This Mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh? You May Be Surprised! (Stunning Videos)

    Barack Obama: Clone of Akhenaten

    Image of the Beast

    (see more at link)


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