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Ukraine National Guard 'linked' to mass graves near Donetsk

OWoN: A good Global Leadership would cry No More in horror at Donetsk.

Shocking, with more evidence to come. And the western politicians support this behavior, simply shameful.

A Donetsk People's Republic militiaman is at the site of the graves of peaceful residents discovered near Mine 22 "Kommunar" outside Donetsk (still from video courtesy of the Ruptly international news agency)

Strong proof Right Sector, National Guard linked to mass graves near Donetsk – Moscow

1 October 2014

There is irrefutable evidence that the National Guard and ultra-nationalist Right Sector fighters are responsible for the murder of people recently discovered in mass burial sites near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine said Russia’s Investigative Committee.

“For those who have doubts regarding who’s responsible for these murders, the Investigative Committee has irrefutable evidence - witness accounts and appropriate examinations – that directly indicates that this crime was committed by fighters from the National Guard and Right Sector,” the committee’s head Vladimir Markin in a statement on Wednesday.

The mass graves discovered in September near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine “are further eloquent testimony to the atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalists,” Markin said, adding that “all of the victims were tortured before their murder."

The murders were described in detail in the testimony of a soldier from the ‘Dnepr’ battalion, Sergey Litvinov, detained in a Russian hospital as a civilian after he fled Ukraine, Markin said. Currently Litvinov is under arrest and is to be transferred to Moscow for further questioning, he added.

Litvinov “personally killed civilians not involved in the military conflict, including women and children residents of the villages Melovoye, Shiroky, Makarovo and Kamushnoye, guided by anonymous denunciations,” Markin said, quoting the soldier’s testimony.

“What is more interesting that this fighter received a money reward for the killings from his leadership sponsored by Igor Kolomoysky,” Markin said, referring the Kiev-appointed Dnepropetrovsk governor and prominent oligarch.

“We know the names of many of the commanders of military units, the militants of the Right Sector and the National Guard, who carry out criminal orders of the military and political leadership of Ukraine,” Markin said, adding that all of them will sooner or later have to answer “not only before the law, but also to their own conscience.”

In the Wednesday statement the spokesman of the Investigative Committee stressed that all information and evidence of the crimes is provided by direct witnesses, primarily refugees who fled the region of military operations.

There are over 300,000 refugees who fled to Russia, according to Markin. Over 60,000 were questioned and 12,000 of them were confirmed to be victims, he added.

“In addition to eyewitness accounts, many victims have provided evidence to the Russian Investigative Committee and evidence in the form of soil samples, genetic material. These samples were thoroughly examined, confirming the testimony of witnesses and victims themselves.”

Markin slammed Ukraine’s General Prosecutor’s Office for failing to carry out its own investigation.

“What prevented andis preventing them now from conducting their own investigation into the massacres of the civilian population and to try to protect the innocent population of Donbass instead of makinghysterical statements about the alleged ‘interference’ in the affairs of a sovereign republic?” he questioned.

The discovery of the graves was made on September 23 by self-defense forces, who were responding to information given to them by locals, who said that they had been dug by Ukrainian government forces. The OSCE confirmed the finding on September 25 and reported its concerns to the European Union.



  1. This is what war does.....and MSM and politicos lies.....hatred and anger emotions prevail and once they just pop up...

    They 100% wanted to kill us ... I'm sure it was state-organised': Shaken Clarkson tells of terrifying moment Top Gear crew was surrounded by crowd of rock-throwing Argentinian thugs
    BBC team were pelted with stones by furious Falklands War veterans
    Forced to abandon cars by side of road and leave country three days early
    Argentinians now claim all the presenters' cars had offensive number plates
    Clarkson's H982 FKL plate was taken as a reference to the 1982 conflict
    Top Gear convoy was attacked with rocks, sticks and pickaxe handles

    Read more:
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    So how about Ukraine war .... how long it will take to be healed? Without telling truth ... this will remain a huge conflict for other parts of the world.....

    Truth must come out..... cabal hanged.....all their possession confiscated.....

  2. SLAY FOR PAY is Igor Kolomoisky’s way of killing women and children in East Ukraine’s Luhansk region.

    Triple Ukrainian-Israeli-Cypriot citizen, owner of Privat Bank, and junta governor of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, the Jew Kolomoisky is charged by Russia’s criminal court with masterminding the murders of civilians and employing banned methods of warfare.
    Kolomoisky, who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, is the second richest man in Ukraine, worth $6 billion.

    The charges were strengthened by the confession of Sergei Litvinov, a conscript of Kolomoisky’s Dnipro battalion, who admitted this past Wednesday that Kolomoisky paid him for murdering peaceful citizens.

    “Litvinov testified that he killed women and children in Luhansk villages,” said the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, adding that Litvinov was “paid” by Kolomoisky for committing the murders. It’s a Holocaust in Kolomoisky style.

    The Committee’s head, Vladimir Markin, also said that 2,500 residents of south-eastern Ukraine have been killed as a result of multiple launch systems attacks.

    Kolomoisky’s militias are reported to be in possession of missile weaponry.

    THREE MASS GRAVES have been confirmed by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in territory formerly controlled by Kievan government forces.

    Some of the exhumed bodies show signs of torture and execution. (A fourth mass grave was found September 28, 2014.)

    In connection with the mass graves discoveries, Amnesty International filed charges of “war crimes” against the far-right Aidar Battalion led by “Right Sector” leader Andriy Parubiy and Kiev’s president Poroshenko, both under Kolomoisky’s control.

    And that control includes four militias funded by the Jew Kolomoisky: Dnipro, Aidar, Azov, and Donbas battalions.

    The 2,000 strong Dnipro Battalion, which was responsible for the May 1 fire-bombing of the trade union building in Odessa and the burning alive of people trapped inside the Mariupol Police Station on May 9, also maintains a 20,000-member reserve force.

    Kolomoisky’s forces, armed with advanced weaponry obtained from Kievan inventories and purchases on the black market, are comprised of Ukrainian regular military personnel; far-right units from west Ukraine; and ex-Israel Defense Force Blue Helmet commandos.


    KOLOMOISKY’S PRIVAT BANK has been the largest beneficiary of what the IMF calls the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) loaned to the country’s banks.

    Consequently, IMF loans aimed at boosting Ukraine’s economy have gone instead to Kolomoisky’s genocidal campaign in Eastern Ukraine.

    Enter Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

    Last May, Biden was named to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings Limited, a private company that drills for gas in Ukraine.

    Enter the Jew Kolomoisky…rightly known as the “chameleon.”

    Burisma Holdings, registered in Cyprus, is owned by Kolomoisky. (Cyprus is one of the three countries where Kolomoisky holds citizenship.)

    The money-connection between Kolomoisky and Biden (Kiev and Jewmerica) is obvious.

    Oil fracking in shale-rich Eastern Ukraine has been a key objective of the Kiev military campaign…and fracking’s the business Burisma is in. Just this past July, Ukrainian troops began installing fracking equipment near Slavyansk.

    The people of Slavyansk staged protests against its development due to the dangers of hydro-fracking which uses toxic chemicals that poison subsoil waters.

    But with US Senate Bill 2277 directing USAID to guarantee loans for every phase of gas development in Ukraine, the murderer Kolomoisky has the full support of Jewmerica…with Hunter Biden’s daddy pitching in.

    It’s a Jew’s world after all. And that’s why the world is in the mess it’s in.


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