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Some Commentary today - Why Canada?

Although much of the area around the National War Memorial and Parliament is still blocked off with police barriers, people were allowed to pay their respects Thursday, laying flowers and notes for the soldier killed in the terrorist attack Wednesday in Ottawa - Image: Julie Oliver / Ottawa Citizen

Those who would attack Canadians, a note...

Worldwide, Canadians are known for their politeness, selflessness, and live-and-let-live nature. Canadians will pick-up a stranger on the road and ensure they get home safely. They will never let a glass sit empty and they will travel world-wide to render aid to others. During the events of 9/11, Canadians opened their doors and, in some cases, doubled and tripled the population of towns, caring for the passengers grounded on planes that were not able to return to the United States. Canadians are not stoic; they enjoy life, community and believe that all people have a right to their beliefs. Canada is a country not of tolerance, but of acceptance. If there is a single word that captures the nature of a Canadian’s heart, I believe that word would be ‘kindness’.

Kindness is sometimes confused for weaknesses. In the case of Canadians, that confusion would be a mistake.

Please understand who you are considering threatening

In World War I, one of the first applications of mustard gas was against Canadians. They had no gas masks, no filters, nothing. Did they run? No, instead they urinated on handkerchiefs, held them to their faces and continued to fight. This is who you think to threaten.

During a neighborly dispute in the early 1800’s, Canadians entered their neighbor’s country, went to their capitol, burned down their neighbor’s president’s home after drinking all the liquor, and then returned home. This is who you think to threaten.

Canadians have served in nearly every U.N. action in the world and has been an on the ground partner in the war on terrorism since the first boots hit sand with some of the highest rates of losses. You do not hit a Canadian’s friend and expect them to sit still and they do not leave until the job is done. This is who you think to threaten.

The Canadian national sport involves people strapping on razor sharp blades on their feet and beating the daylights out of each other and, for doing so, receiving the severe punishment of sitting in a box for five minutes to rest up and do it all over again. That is the Canadian past time. Seriously, this is who you think to threaten.

Today, Canada’s ceremonial Sergeant-At-Arms at the Parliament - yeah, the guy that carries the big mace and parades it at the beginning of the session, Kevin Vickers, described by many as a “gentleman”, shot and killed an attacker who had just killed a Canadian soldier, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, and was heading to attack others. This gentleman, this is who you think to threaten.

Moreover, you think to threaten Americans, Brits, Aussies and now Canadians? You think these are the type of people that will sit by while you harm innocents? Really? Take the passion of an American, the resolve of a Brit, the craziness of an Aussie (remember, an entire country founded as a prison colony?!?) and the strength of character of a Canadian and have all of that pissed off at you. Really?

I cannot possibly imagine what is stronger than when kindness turns into resolve.

This IS who you think to threaten.

Posted by Jim Urquhart (link)

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  1. Kevin Annett: ITCCS Breaking News: October 25, 2014 – Police State Powers coming to Canada

    Canada: “Track B” secret government, police powers established by Order in Council – “Our equivalent of NDAA” in effect November 1 – ITCCS to respond


    In the wake of the staged shooting of a Canadian soldier in Canada’s capital this week, a secret system of government armed with sweeping police powers will soon be inaugurated by a special Order in Council.

    A source in Ottawa claims the new system mirrors the American “Homeland Security” regime, and stands outside the laws and Parliament of Canada. The Order establishing the new regime is codenamed “Track B’, and is closed to public scrutiny and Parliamentary or judicial review. (more at link)


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