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Russia to build space-based system to detect missile launches

OWoN: Here is looking down on you, with Lasers the speed of light to take you down in so much as blink with a missile launch.

Says a bunch about trust. Only Russia and China are facing reality. When you cant trust them, BUST THEM!

Russia to build space-based system to detect missile launches

9 October 2014

Moscow - Russia will create a space-based ballistic missile warning system capable of detecting launches of inter-continental and tactical missiles, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday.

"Creation of the unified space system is one of the key directions for the nuclear containment development, especially Russian nuclear deterrent forces," Shoigu told a teleconference with senior ministry officials.

According to the minister, the system will be able to detect launches of various types of missiles, both strategic and tactical, including those launched from underwater positions.

To build the system, Russia plans to place on orbit a group of new-generation satellites and to build a network of modern ground-based information processing centers, RIA Novosti news agency quoted Shoigu as saying.

All equipment and software used in those satellites have been produced in Russia, the minister said, adding that the system will replace Soviet-made ballistic missile early warning systems.

In early September, President Vladimir Putin said Russia would react to new security threats, but stressed that Moscow has no intention of getting involved in any kind of arms race.

To keep up its containment potential, Russia needs to rearm its strategic and long-haul air forces and complete the establishment of airspace defense, especially the first-strike nuclear weaponry, Putin said.


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