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Russia to Ban Imports of Cars, Heavy Equipment, Metallurgy Products

OWoN: Have any of these Political Clowns thought out the consequences of this fiasco?

European car and truck manufacturers are going to suffer while Chinese and Indian manufacturers like Tata will be big winners increasing trade amongst the BRIC alliance, thereby reducing both dollar and Euro settlements while increasing velocity in the respective swap lines set up. With this more jobs will flow to the east from the West. So much for sanctions driven by narrow minded foreign policy not accepting a multipolar world.

Russia to Ban Imports of Cars, Heavy Equipment, Metallurgy Products: Reports

RIA Novosti
20 October 2014

Moscow - Russia is preparing to bar state-run companies from importing vehicles, heavy equipment and metallurgy products, an influential Russian daily said Sunday.

According to the data, obtained by the Kommersant newspaper from the Russian ministries of industry and trade, and economic development, Russia's state-owned companies will be prohibited from buying certain foreign-made industry products that have Russian analogues.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed to the paper it had drafted a "general directive," which will apply to companies that are 50 percent or more owned by the Russian government, although no list was revealed.

"The restrictions will be recommended to state companies by state representatives on their boards of directors," a source in the Ministry of Economic Development told the Kommersant.

The West has imposed several rounds of sanctions against Russia's largest banks and energy and defense companies over Moscow's alleged involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, a claim repeatedly denied by senior Russian officials.

Russia responded by introducing a one-year ban on certain food imports from the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia and Norway. Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said the ban would stay in effect until the European Union lifted its anti-Russian sanctions.

In September, presidential aide Andrei Belousov told RIA Novosti that Russia had already prepared a new package of retaliatory measures, which includes restrictions on imports of cars and textile products.



  1. So Russia will be full of Range Rovers and Jaguars.....

    Not bad choice Putin....

  2. Jaguar's are now owned by Ford Company and basically not by British Leland anymore. GM is now in China and has shifted it's operations from UsA...these car are sold as foreign cars now...after the bail out they got the money and ran...

    Sanctions against Russia only add up to increased isolationism and closed trading. In all, I think that the sanctions actually reversed and hit UsA and Europe harder. ..never anticipating this type of backlash.


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