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Pay what is Due Lew and Obama - 27 Trillion and Extortion

OWoN: See this play out and note its delivery by Leo direct to the US Intelligence Committee.

All the top members know about this. The literate Senators and Congressmen know about this. And more.

Leo's plus more of the PP loans way overdue for redemption, which successive Presidents have reneged on, would all transform American and Global trading. 

So - Pay what is Due, Lew and Obama.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta <>
Date: 5 October 2014 05:21
Subject: The Missing $27trillion That Could Change The World
To: HPSCI_Intelligence Committee <>

The Global News and Views
By Teri
4 October 2014

Listen in as we expose the accidental recording of two politicians as they conspire to take down Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta.

If you get nothing else from this recording you do get to hear for yourself that the incredible story of Ambassador Wanta is in fact true, the money is real and there are some very powerful people that just gave this all the credibility it deserves.

Leo Wanta & The Missing $27trillion That Could Change The World

Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options.

Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-hosts Johnny Whistles and Martin Hardy, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism.

Seeking the answers to age old questions and deciphering the world around you painted by the mainstream media.. this is the Kev Baker Show!

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  1. Incredible! Listening to this interview is absolutely criminal. Wonder if Patrick Fitzgerald has any notion of this information; since Holder resigned because of this?

    This has been forwarded to others.

  2. Tweet your Congress person:

  3. John

    This is week is probably already over for us, so we can focus to other daily tasks, is that right?

    1. Vlastimil

      Your voice counts and carries daily. You all do.
      On the financing, I expect no resolution this week for most, although 2 PP Blocks are in real current dialogue. No- these are not the fantasy funds but those serious and dedicated parties whose teams work tirelessly daily for redemption release, not ambulance chasing or carpet baggers. We don't track, nor have time or interest in the hiatus surrounding the cowpat type investments people got mugged into. Good luck with those but we will pass.

      This is now a messy Fiscal week for all. There is a lock down for most in place as budgets are changed.
      Again, we can not debate it, those who matter, know. Those who don't should not be speculating with hard earned money. We do fully understand the depth of stress many are under, but Custer also got scalped for a stupid move. Some seem to keep on riding back into Big Horn expecting a different outcome. People just don't learn.
      Custer is not coming, nor is Santa. Hard reality is. The My Blessings crowd are just cruising for a bruising following duplicitous Gurus like lap dogs. Dam, never a God with a Give Away basket of Freebies when you want one. Be sure, for many it will only get worse, and for some much.
      But some, and hopefully those with the right Dong in their hands, may get a one time get out of jail break. Truly, good luck and again- Do nothing! Stop the craziness which landed most where they are now. Take your time this time, take a lot of time. Those who go out spending never deserved this chance. It won't last. For those with a functioning brain, make every dollar your Prisoner. Ring fence and guard it. The Global economy is in a lot of trouble. The US has lived in a false fantasy bubble for 50 years. Welfare oafs were encouraged to spend welfare Ponzi money to feed the system. But its changed. Reality is catching up. Before the ethos was to encourage the non contributors to still live to the max. Now it's not at all. Their purpose is no more. Welfare will be fiercely cut back. Will!

      If, in the next few weeks you do get the break, please, step back and wait. Nothing models right and big crashes are on the edge of the precipice right now. Inflation is coming home with a vengeance.
      Until we see how the new world does work out, only a fool will speculate blind again. Think for once like a Leprechaun King. This is your pot of Gold. Guard it close. Spread it between banks. Tell no one. Cross convert some to Gold and Silver coins. Keep them safe. Metals may rocket once the price rigging stops and China / BRICS go to a Gold Backed Bond.
      Enough-good luck and you don't need to chase Guru sites, here and WHA is where it will break for real first. When it's time! Not before!

    2. Fair enough...thanks.

      I still consider myself pretty lucky, always job shows up and then it is mind engagement, one focuses to solve problems of real world and do some creative real tangible is best relax from mind of the net we live in ....

      In case it moves on, we are for sure happy for all advise like today.... it just confirms sometimes corrects my thinking and expectations .....

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Vlastimil
    Self help is best.Way too many are hanging in chasing fantasies and blaming the world for their demise. Living with and on what you can earn is key. Anything more then is a bonus. You and many do have it right. Even the smell of a pay out and too many will spend. Most of it is simply Chancers money. If it works great, if not they need to get a life. People need to get it, that they ARE alone on this rock, and the buck stops there. No Gods are coming, just Bills!

    There are no rights anyone can not pay for, and what's tracking will sort the No Hopers. They need to go out of State if need be and go to where the work is dam it. Come home weekly or monthly as all of us did. I paid my own way through Uni with every kind of job, from Construction to 04-00 Bread Van deliveries, to Wine waiting until 03-00 in the morning. I made my luck and have no time for whiners who wont move their asses. No one owes anyone. No one cares! Welfare is a curse its created crap.

    We had none and made things happen. They want it brought to them today. 6 months welfare then off the system for all of them so move. 50% of America is on the hook. This is the mess they created with fantasy welfare. It has to end. No wonder the Tri Laterals are planning herd reduction. There are no free lunches so beware what comes laced.
    Welfare let this mess happen. Herds need to move to new feeding grounds or starve. The days of printing Fiat money to feed the Welfare Bunnies are ending. It's self help, or God help them. So many are sitting on Dimes invested thinking its now their lick, the American way. Ambulance chasing desperate toilet paper deals. No one is owed! We make our luck. Nothing is easy, we just have to try harder, travel further, find a new angle. No work is too demeaning if it pays. If the US tanks, what then? Do they really think all the drills are for nothing? The 2 Billion plus hollow heads are for a reason. The country is tracking towards a real lock down. If Martial Law does come down, that will wake up many.
    It really is a race against time now. If the PPs do fail, what follows will be ??????? The Rotten Child's want this! Species reduction on tap. Still they don't get it. Nor the huge mess the US is now in. Did Homer really sire so many?

    Yet huge potential still exists. Time for the big stick or the Tri Laterals will get their way. They just dont get how bad things are.

    1. Hello John, I found the following post from a blogger who calls themself "Casper". Can you clarify if any of what he says is true? Have you even heard of him? Is hr right by saying it is hopeless for this year or ever?

      CASPER surfaces:

      OCT. 6, 2014

      WE have avoided updating in recent months, allowing the Guru Groups to ‘run with the ball’ without interference from us.

      Something is happening in Iraq in recent days which demands everyone’s attention, therefore this sentence or two for your consideration.

      American fighter aircraft are flying over but not attacking ISIS Leadership or ISIS troops or ISIS equipment in the field. One jet blew up a checkpoint leaving several ISIS tanks in open terrain untouched. Last week they blew up a jeep leaving several tanks in the open untouched.

      Our updates two years ago regarding Obama arming and financing Syrian Fighters with weapons through Turkey and involving Benghazi, who then crossed into Iraq and named themselves ISIS and declared a Caliphate, are now confirmed publicly with the release of the book by Aaron Kline two weeks ago entitled ‘What really happened in Benghazi’. His book confirms our updates on this subject but fails to mention that Obama also gave the soon to become ISIS BARBARIANS SAM’S, Surface to Air Missiles. Imagine the spectacle, American pilots over Iraq being shot down by ISIS fighters with missiles provided by Obama.

      Why do you suppose Obama financed and armed ISIS? Why do you suppose American Warplanes are not attacking ISIS Leadership or their tanks which are American tanks taken from the runaway Iraq Army? How does this fit, do you suppose, with Obama’s dozens of statements which WE duly reported, that he would never allow the American People to receive any significant funds including, especially including, funds from an R.V.?

      Now that you have another year of ‘never come true’ R.V. reporting under your belt -since our last full update in October of last year- perhaps it is time you reviewed those 2013 updates archived at it is time you ask yourself why Obama, his Administration and indeed the entire American Corporate Government is watching quietly as tens of thousands are raped, beheaded, slaughtered, cut in half in front of their children, and children cut in half in front of their parents, genocide of unimaginable cruelty and on a scale not seen since Hitler’s ovens, while American jets fly overhead doing nothing?

      Casper 10-6-14

      p.s. By now those paying attention are aware that Obama sent a letter from the White House to the Oman at the mosque in Oklahoma City which ‘housed’ the terrorist who beheaded the lady there while refusing to send any White House representative to the lady’s funeral. Muslims YES, as usual, Christians NO, as usual. AND, Obama forced Biden to call the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the EAU to apologize for his public remarks over the weekend saying THEY helped fund ISIS. The media are puppets which do as instructed. It’s all a Kabuki Dance with their participation.

      pps. How many times have WE reported, “Obama is a Muslim, Obama is a Communist, Obama is a homosexual, and most important of all, Obama is a habitual Pathological Liar”.

  5. John

    In case we succeed and DC. will be cleansed and hope the sweep will continue at politicos and bankers level....which would be a miracle as for now, who would be after the real puppet masters? Who will go finish Rotten-embryos (I can not use word Child since that world really carries nice connotation ....and those gangsters do not deserve it...) Or Rockefellers and Soros...and other black nobility either of Italian or whatever origin that we hear no tales at all?

  6. JBLM plans to give Vietnam Vets the homecoming they deserved 50 years ago...

    I guess I will never understand American mentality.....

    For sure I honour warriors of WW2 who fought against Hitler when Germany attacked Czech or Russia and most of Europe ......I give them credit and thank you I am deeply touched by their sacrifice and bravery ....they were defending their homeland and their families and live hoods ......

    Regarding Vietnam war... USA was aggressor that came with lies to steal and kill and destroy.....they killed 2 mil Vietnamies...killed children, women, raped all that wear skirts., use poison agent orange ... and then they are being celebrated for all those atrocities....

    I will never understand this mentality.....if vets defended their homeland while attacked by some gangster state...then they should be honoured as Vietnam case, I am sorry.....they were unjustified killers as those thugs in Ukraine who are committing atrocities killing civilians, children and women and harvesting their organs for sale in the West.

    For me it is like if I hire thieves to go and rob all houses in my town under disguise that all those people stole something from me. Thieves would come and kill and destroyed houses .......and then I would make sure that they would be celebrated as heroes....

    I am sorry I can not accept it......and never will. For me it is very sad, that nobody comes and says: we should be ashamed what we did in Vietnam, since they did nothing wrong to us and we came and kill them.

  7. Vlastimil, Vietnam was about drug routes and perhaps,advanced technology. Sadly the American people got a whole different story. I remember my Uncle John getting his notice, his number coming up and he was a lucky one, he came home. What he told us I remembered and would pass on to my kids. Only one ended up in the military, and that as a male nurse. He wants to help amputees get better care.

  8. Vlastmil-

    With all due respect, many Americans are ashamed of what our Government did in and to Viet Nam. Make no mistake my friend...for many young soldiers this was never a choice. They were DRAFTED. As a young woman in Detroit I was personally and painfully aware of the times in 1960's and 1970's. Protests on every corner and every campus. I participated. I remember well the night my brothers 'number' came up. My Mother wept as did my Father (a veteran of the Korean conflict/Navy Pilot). Many who served came home damaged, bitter and broken. Many remain so to this day. They bear the feelings of personal responsibility for a war they had no personal control over. Draft dodging wasn't much of a choice.

    What our Government did was wrong. It was wrong for Viet Nam and it was wrong for America. I hold my Government responsible. I was and continue to be ashamed of their actions. But I will honor the veterans. I will recognize that they had no choice. I will NOT be ashamed of them.

    1. Thank you guys for explanation, I am happy to hear real stuff....

      It is like real education, real stories real life, real motives...


    2. Ditto P and Luckfully, thank you for your words.

      Vlastimil - thank you for your understanding.

      My husband is a Vietnam vet and has told me many, many times he and his unit - many whose names reside on The Wall in D.C. - knew there were things that were not right, orders given that were two steps backward, not forward, etc. and they felt for the poor locals who befriended them. My husband turned down three promotions because he had a bad feeling about his fate if he accepted. Instead he returned home in 1 piece physically and only in the last 2 years did he find out that he was fighting for the drug cartel.

  9. JOHN,
    I have been waiting 3 years for THE BIG STICK to be used!!!

    I have the right DONG in my hand, too!! Fingers X here.


  10. Get even a BIGGER Big Stick!! Many outside your world including myself will not endure this coming winter.

    My eldest son has asthma and acute bronchitis.There is a whole sub-class of white Americans in this country who truly want to work, but cannot find jobs and completely denied ANY benefits!! It is a regular occurrence, and as you know nothing is by accident, but BY DESIGN. They have repeatedly completely denied my son any benefits!! BECAUSE he is white. BASTARDS!! MONSTERS!!


    1. Sorry to hear such DL.....

      Our greetings to him .... hope when something good pops up, you can employ him or he can start something on his own...

    2. DL
      Once the PPs clear we will look at developing selective communities. Chances will come from there. The choice then will simply be move to where the food source is.
      We do fully understand also the many genuine cases, but families have to take care of themselves where possible.

      For the record, I have maintained a watchful dialogue with a typical Welfare Bum, who won't work, finds every excuse not to, Bums from everyone, but smokes, drinks, takes drugs, and lives on expensive takeaways. Also the Bum gets a car and phone. But also the Bum buys Dinars and Dongs because the waste of space has kids from different fathers, bringing in more welfare money to booze, and drug up. But the workshy, whining Bum thinks it a right to be paid out millions from Dinars, because Bums are a state of mind.

      That IS the now of America. Tens of millions of them. Trash cross breeding more trash, it never ends. Unless you Tri Lateralise a solution in the minds of the power brokers. Never forget , the US is just a Slave Colony who no longer needs, or wants to keep, its Slaves.

      Unless the nation Mans up, the Elites will Tool Up, and Depopulate its problem. Any Farmer, Beast or Slave, has to reduce the herd once overstocked. Base economics.
      Self help is all. The State simply cant afford the numbers, and in the big picture, reality will rule over time. Big tax increases will follow after the next election. Gas, like in Europe at $12 a gallon,State Sales tax at 20% on top of Income Tax at 40% plus and Property taxes off the map, plus hundreds more.
      OBumma care is totally unaffordable so taxes will increase to pay for Welfare. The Deficit will still be huge. The Power Elite will conclude- Culling. They are of limited vision. Can't pay- take away.
      What may come will not be pleasant. But the Bum Feast went too far.
      But this is America, whatever the problems it still squanders Trillions on Military and Agency games. Smell something rotten here?

    3. DL, what about county facilities, I imagine the clinics are probably packed but they are supposed to be free and help any resident.
      Best wishes,

    4. DL--Don't know where you live or what your field is, but have you looked for employment in Texas? There seems to be a lot of companies relocating to Texas and real estate is moving for last couple years. You might have a good chance of employment here since it's a "red state" and white people are welcomed! :-0)

    5. Hi DL -

      Per Texian's comments, can you move out of that cold city by the lake to somewhere warmer that would help your son? There are seasonal job opportunities at Costco, UPS, etc.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Here's a response from my Congressman in regards to the post here on the taped phone call and threat to Amb Wanta.

    Dear ________:

    Thanks for contacting me with your recent correspondence. I appreciate hearing from you and I welcome the opportunity to respond.

    Although I am not familiar with the case of Leo Wanta, I want to assure you that I strongly oppose any instances that result in public officials using their power and leadership to extort the public. Again, thanks for contacting me. I'll be sure to review this case in more detail with your specific thoughts firmly in mind.


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