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Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch suing to get President Obama deported

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Klayman files for deportation of Barack Obama

'Proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken'

By Bob Unruh
5 October 2014

  • He sued Cuba and won a multimillion-dollar judgment.

Now Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is suing to get President Obama deported.

Shipped out. Sent back. Removed.

“In sum, deportation proceedings should be immediately commenced, an investigation undertaken, a full evidentiary hearing held, and Barack Hussein Obama should be removed from the United States,” Klayman writes in his deportation petition.

The petition was sent to Thomas Homan of Enforcement Removal Operations at the Department of Homeland Security, Thomas Winkowksi of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Sarah Kendall of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security at DHS.

Klayman explained it is based “on the grounds that he has falsified various birth and other documents with regard to obtaining a U.S. passport and other privileges as an alleged American citizen.”

“It is clear, based on a mountain of evidence as set forth in and attached to the petition, that the president and his agents have falsified documents, such as his birth certificate and Social Security number, to qualify for the privileges of American citizenship such that his citizenship, which is based on false pretenses, must be nullified,” Klayman said.

“As set forth in the petition, this includes but is not limited to the fraudulent production of a computer-generated facsimile of an official state of Hawaiian birth certificate. Even if a legitimate birth certificate exists, Obama’s repeated use of a clearly forged birth certificate is still a crime and in violation of the law,” he said.

See all the documentation about Obama’s eligibility question, from the “Obama eligibility primer,” to “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

“While this deportation proceeding may seem to some to be the work of conservatives who are out to get the president, this is not the case. Barack Obama’s propensity to not tell the truth is now well known, even among his leftist supporters. And, his actions while president [reflects] someone whose actions show that he feels more kinship with his foreign roots and Muslim religious schooling and heritage, than the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded."

“I thus urge everyone to read and digest this petition to have him deported and remove him from the United States, before dismissing it,” Klayman said.

What do YOU think of the plan to deport Obama? Sound off in today’s WND poll!

The 20-page document points out that his name technically is “Barry Soetoro,” since it was “changed officially in Indonesia and never changed back to his name at birth.”

“The immigration laws of the United States of American are intended in part to ensure that those who become part of the country and particularly those who lead it bear allegiance and loyalty to the United States of American rather than to a foreign country or to interests of other countries generally. It is part of the constitutional design and intention for immigration laws and regulations to regulate those joining the citizenry of the country with the goal of loyalty and allegiance to the country, among other factors,” the petition explains.

“The U.S. Constitution requires that to be eligible to be president (or vice president) a person must be a “natural born citizen” and that all federal elected officials must be citizens,” he wrote.

Then followed a technical description of the problem for Obama;

A young woman giving birth in a foreign country to a child whose father was not an American citizen (and was himself deported) did not have the legal capacity to pass along American citizenship to such child, a report for the Western Journalism Center confirmed.

“When enacted in 1952, section 301 (of federal immigration laws at the time) required a U.S. citizen married to an alien to have been physically present in the United States for 10 years, including five after reaching the age of fourteen, to transmit citizenship to foreign-born children. The 10-year transmission requirement remained in effect from 12:01 a.m. EDT December 24, 1952, through midnight November 13, 1986, and still is applicable to persons born during that period,” the Western Journalism Center’s report explained.

Ann Dunham was only 18 years old upon Barack Hussian Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961. Her own date of birth in Wichita, Kansas, was November 29, 1942. She turned 14 on November 29, 1956. Therefore in contrast to the law’s requirement, she had lived only 4 1/2 years from her 14th birthday up until Barack Hussein Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961 – and apparently not all of those years actually within the United States.

Thus because of the requirement to reside in the United States continuously for five years after becoming 14 and a total of 10 years in the United States overall, Barack Hussein Obama could not acquire U.S. citizenship through his mother Ann Dunham. At the very least, he would have had to apply at some point for naturalization.

He cites as supporting evidence those facts reported in “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” by Dr. Jerome Corsi, “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?” an ebook, and another ebook, “A Question of Eligibility.”

Klayman notes, “Barack Hussein Obama has relied upon a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii which is clearly a forgery – that is, not a valid birth certificate – and indeed also a rather sloppy forgery with easily detected, unmistakable errors and defects.

“It is a fair inference that Barack Hussein Obama would not have relied throughout his life upon a forged birth certificate if a genuine birth certificate showing a live birth in U.S. territory existed,” he continued.

He cited a series of videos for a detailed explanation:



  1. Inhuman torture of POW ....

    Actually, John

    ...... what is Mother of Parliament doing or saying regarding Ukraine and those all heinous crimes committed by Kiev zio-nazi clan?

    Did not hear for a long time anything since last times when all West shouted *crucify Putin* because he took down MH17 and killed out people.....

  2. Britain as an EU member is in talks with Germany and others to address it. It needs Diplomacy.

    1. Thank you...

      Thing is this, there are unspeakable atrocities that rather not to speak about.....then one does not hear any serious statement of condemnation or restoration of justice and order from any high up politician or diplomat .....

      Then what one can conclude from our ranks and from perspective we are in? Either they ignore it, or agree on it, or support it...or whatever....then of course one gets pissed off.....

      This is the frustration; one has to ask, what the hell are they thinking about... nobody says a word, except of Russia. And then it is hell here, injustice is like a cancer, it can eat up.


      So, few words or what and situation is explained more or less. At least they communicate and seek strategy what to do but ......

  3. They are not implementing the rule of law...there is wide spread lawlessness; and extortion. This is a criminal element that runs our country and has been at the head of the UsA for more than 100 years.

    Maybe this post is why O has opened the borders to illegals; thus making sure that he cannot be deported because of the open borders policy?

  4. Greg Hunter at usawatch and Rob Kirby.....Supernova effect of USD.....

    In video min 15 about Greg talks about his family .... all they know is who is playing the game, who are Panters who plays in final etc...but nobody gets what FED is unto....

    It reminds me Jim Willie's father .... or JV family ....

  5. Must See TV: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Obama
    Investigation; New Criminal Evidence Coming


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