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Hagel: US to keep wartime control of South Korean army

OWoN: When will these Hegemonic Bastards ever sling their hooks and sod off back to where they came from? Take their bases and shame their faces.

Let Go and Home!

I wonder how China feels about this and what of talk of reunification, and at what cost to the American taxpayer who is becoming extinct as jobs vanish.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel escorts South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo into the Pentagon after an honor cordon in the minister's honor, Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014

Hagel: US to keep wartime control of South Korean army

Press TV
24 October 2014

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Washington and Seoul have agreed that the US will maintain its control over the South Korean army in the event of war with North Korea.

Hagel made the remarks on Thursday after meeting with South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo at the Pentagon, Washington.

The US was scheduled to transfer wartime control of South Korean troops to Seoul in 2015.

However, Hagel said the handoff will be delayed to a later time to ensure South Korean troops have the necessary military capabilities to thwart the North's threat.

"While this agreement will delay the scheduled transfer of operational control, it will ensure that when the transfer does occur, Korean forces have the necessary defensive capabilities to address an intensifying North Korean threat," he told reporters.

Hagel also reaffirmed that Washington would maintain the previous number and structure of its military forces in South Korea.

The US has kept combat forces on the Korean Peninsula since the Korean War in the early 1950s. Pyongyang says Washington's continued hegemonic control in the region is provocative.

The US has 28,500 troops in South Korea, which has its own 640,000-strong force. In the event of war with North Korea, current plans call for a US military commander to lead both forces.

In his new memoir “Worthy Fights”, former CIA chief Leon Panetta says US war plans against North Korea involve the use of nuclear weapons should communist forces pour across the demilitarized zone (DMZ), dividing North and South Korea.

Panetta recalls a 2010 briefing in Seoul by General Walter L. “Skip” Sharp, the commander of US forces in South Korea, who apprised him of the plans.

“If North Korea moved across the border, our war plans called for the senior American general on the peninsula to take command of all U.S. and South Korea forces and defend South Korea — including by the use of nuclear weapons, if necessary,” the former Pentagon chief writes.


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  1. Ouch: Pentagon Contradicts Obama’s Claims About North Korea


    U.S. officials have long been concerned about the technology-sharing relationship that North Korea has with Iran and Pakistan. At the heart of their concern — North Korea’s desire and determination to become a nuclear force, which would dramatically change the world’s balance of power. And what military officials just disclosed could also have a big impact on the balance of power on Capitol Hill. Today, the Pentagon let it be known that North Korea has likely moved a giant step closer to being able to deploy a nuclear weapon on a guided missile. The Wall Street Journal reports that a top U.S. commander now says that the regime of dictator Kim Jong Un likely has the capability to produce a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on a rocket. Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon on Friday, Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, commander of U.S. forces on the Korean peninsula, said North Korea now is capable of building a miniaturized nuclear warhead, a step needed to complete development of a nuclear-tipped missile. Gen. Scaparrotti said the U.S. hasn’t seen North Korea test a miniaturized nuclear weapon, but that it likely has the capability to build one.


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