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50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year

OWoN: When are they going to get it right? Most don't work and don't earn! Discount Welfare!

So why should some poorly educated US worker earn 20 times more for the same job as an Asian? Same work, same pay. Why should non-workers be paid in any cash? Food packs and 12 months as a Border Guard to stop more coming in.

And you wonder why it is difficult to ignite the U.S. Economy? When you look at towns in California like Arcadia where the Chinese buy land for $2M and build mega houses pushing out average Americans, be not surprised. This reality will spread faster in the future than the past as Americans no longer carry the Wallet like in the past.

In fact, the reality is the world slowly is moving to less and less people having wealth with a greater concentration of a few which historically always has ended up in a economic disaster as cultures fade to make way for new ones.

"Here are some more numbers from the report that the Social Security Administration just released...

- 39 percent of American workers made less than $20,000 last year.

- 52 percent of American workers made less than $30,000 last year.

- 63 percent of American workers made less than $40,000 last year.

- 72 percent of American workers made less than $50,000 last year.

I don't know about you, but those numbers are deeply troubling to me."

50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year

The Economic Collapse
By Michael Snyder
23 October 2014

The Social Security Administration has just released wage statistics for 2013, and the numbers are startling. Last year, 50 percent of all American workers made less than $28,031, and 39 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000. If you worked a full-time job at $10 an hour all year long with two weeks off, you would make $20,000. So the fact that 39 percent of all workers made less than that amount is rather telling. This is more evidence of the declining quality of the jobs in this country. In many homes in America today, both parents are working multiple jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. Our paychecks are stagnant while the cost of living just continues to soar. And the jobs that are being added to the economy pay a lot less than the jobs lost in the last recession. In fact, it has been estimated that the jobs that have been created since the last recession pay an average of 23 percent less than the jobs that were lost. We are witnessing the slow-motion destruction of the middle class, and very few of our leaders seem to care.

The "average" yearly wage in America last year was just $43,041. But after accounting for inflation, that was actually worse than the year before...

American paychecks shrank last year, just-released data show, further eroding the public’s purchasing power, which is so vital to economic growth.

Average pay for 2013 was $43,041 — down $79 from the previous year when measured in 2013 dollars. Worse, average pay fell $508 below the 2007 level, my analysis of the new Social Security Administration data shows.

Flat or declining average pay is a major reason so many Americans feel that the Great Recession never ended for them. A severe job shortage compounds that misery not just for workers but also for businesses trying to profit from selling goods and services.

Average pay declined in 59 of the 60 levels of worker pay the government reports each October.

And please keep in mind that "average pay" is really skewed by the millionaires and billionaires at the top end of the spectrum.

Median pay in 2013 was just $28,031.02. That means that 50 percent of American workers made less than that number, and 50 percent of American workers made more than that number.

Here are some more numbers from the report that the Social Security Administration just released...

- 52 percent of American workers made less than $30,000 last year.

- 63 percent of American workers made less than $40,000 last year.

- 72 percent of American workers made less than $50,000 last year.

I don't know about you, but those numbers are deeply troubling to me.

It has been estimated that it takes approximately $50,000 a year to support a middle class lifestyle for a family of four, and so the fact that 72 percent of all workers make less than that amount shows how difficult it is for families that try to get by with just a single breadwinner.

The way that our economy is structured now, both parents usually have to work as hard as they can just to pay the bills.

But there was one group of Americans that did see their incomes actually increase last year.

Those making over 50 million dollars had their pay increase by an average of $12.8 million in 2013.

For everyone else, the news was not good.

And of course this is a trend that has been going on for a long time.

Posted below is a chart that comes from the Federal Reserve. It shows how real median household income in the United States has declined since the year 2000...

Meanwhile, the cost of living has continued to rise at a steady pace.

Needless to say, this is putting a tremendous squeeze on the middle class. With each passing day, more Americans are losing their spots in the middle class and this has pushed government dependence to an all-time high. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans now live in a home that receives money from the government each month. This is completely and totally unsustainable, but our long-term economic problems just keep getting worse.

Our politicians have stood by as millions upon millions of good paying jobs have been shipped out of the country. Millions of other middle class jobs have been lost to technology. This has resulted in intense competition for the middle class jobs that remain.

And at this point we are even losing lots of lower paying retail jobs. For example, it is being reported that Sears plans to close 110 more stores and lay off more than 6,000 workers. Sears says that the report "isn't accurate", but it isn't denying that stores will be closed either...

In an email to USA Today, Sears spokesman Howard Riefs said the store count and closures "isn't accurate,'' but did not provide store closures or layoff numbers.

"As we stated in our (second quarter earnings report), we disclosed that we would be closing unprofitable stores as leases expire and in some cases will accelerate closings when it is economically prudent. And that we would consider closing additional stores during the remainder of the year,'' Riefs said. "Make no mistake, we believe the store will continue to play an integral role in our transformation, however, if a store is not generating a profit, it is straightforward that the store should be considered for closure."

No matter how many stores Sears does end up closing over the next few months, the truth is that our economy is a complete and total mess at this point.

Our politicians and the mainstream media are trying to put a happy face on everything, but the cold, hard numbers prove that we are not anywhere close to where we were prior to the last recession.

Because it is so difficult to find a good job in America today, I often recommend to people that they should consider starting their own businesses.

But thanks to the bureaucratic control freaks in the Obama administration and in our state governments, small business ownership in America today is at an all-time low. It is almost as if they don't want the "little guy" to win. Every avenue of prosperity for the middle class is under assault, and there does not appear to be much hope that this will change any time soon.

And the truly frightening thing is that this is about as good as things are going to get for the middle class. We are rapidly approaching the next major wave of our long-term economic decline, but that is a topic for a future article.



  1. If this is true? WOW

    Obama To Draft Public Assistance Recipients In Fight Against Ebola

    President Barack H. Obama is reportedly set to issue an emergency executive order to draft and mobilize the nation’s legion of public assistance recipients in the fight to contain the Ebola virus. Starting in early November, thousands of Americans who currently receive public assistance from the U.S. Government will begin receiving ‘draft notices’ in the mail. The notices will detail where the citizen is to report to for further instructions.
    “The TSA has already been stretched too thin with the constant threat of ISIS and Al Qaeda,” said a source from inside the executive branch. “Expecting them to be able to process and screen hundreds of travelers at ports of entry is unrealistic. With the threat of an Ebola outbreak growing by the day, the government needs a massive amount of workers that can be quickly trained and deployed to deal with potentially infected individuals.”

    It is expected that the executive order will apply to the variety of public assistance programs provided by the federal government. Our source inside the White House did not specify if individuals who applied for health care via the website would also be subject to this draft of volunteer workers. As of now, the assumption is only adults aged 18 and over will be subject to this draft, however that could change as the situation regarding Ebola changes.
    “The President is doing everything in his power to prevent this disease from spreading into a full-blown outbreak. When faced with the issue of manpower to help corral Ebola, several of his advisors suggested looking at the public assistance enrollment and pull from there,” added our inside source.
    Vice President Joe Biden is reported to have supported the idea by suggesting “…it’s time for these Americans to give something back to their country”. He also allegedly said that President John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you” quote was apropos in a situation like the one the country is currently facing in regards to Ebola.
    It is anticipated that recipients on disability will be placed according to their strengths and abilities.
    “No one will be asked to do anything that they are physically incapable of doing. Only so many people will be needed on the front lines to assist the potentially infected. There is a great deal of paperwork that will be need to be filed and processed. We’d prefer not to burden the full time employees of the federal government with the additional work,” concluded the source.
    Right now, the screening of potential Ebola patients is being conducted at four to five of the United States’ major airports. Obviously, this order by the President is putting a safeguard into place in case that need expands or if screening is ruled necessary at all points of entry across the nation’s borders.

  2. Just to clearly things.....

    How many Americans support this fascist regime?

    1. How many work for Military industrial complex
    - Actual servicemen
    -Public support
    - arms, food to military, cloths, logistics
    - Agencies
    - MSM
    - Governance

    ...... I am afraid that one quarter of working force in US is working to sustain this fascist regime .... and they do it happily

    So it is not only few cabal who sit in DC ---- all nations collaborates and harvest on it and they will do all to protect their jobs..

    1. Vlastimil, for many rural areas, government jobs are about all what's left, at this point. Unless you have a ranch, farm, pipeline or one of the supporting mentioned businesses decent paying jobs are found in the cities. We do have google moving in soon, they likely will have better paying jobs than most here. Not sure how long they will stay as most move in for a few years when the special tax and bonding treatment by state and local authorities expires.

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  4. MOSCOW, October 25 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday Sweden had not contacted Russia during its week-long hunt for a foreign submarine that allegedly got into trouble in the waters off Stockholm.

    "Allegations pointing to a Russian submarine came from mass media. Swedish authorities never supported them officially," Lavrov noted.

    Lavrov added - it might have been a floating log or what - we never heard any inquiry from Sweden.....MSM hype......


    As the hysteria spread around - to my taste it seemed as made up idiotic brainwashing hype for the sake of emotional manipulation of idiots without brain ....

    There you have it...

  5. MOSCOW, October 25 (RIA Novosti) – The interference of the United States in other countries' internal affairs undermines the global stability, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
    "Unfortunately, we see the attempts of the United states and their western allies to dictate others what to do and to meddle in internal affairs of sovereign states to achieve their geopolitical goals, while ignoring the key principles of international law," Lavrov said in an interview with the Verdens Gang (VG) Norwegian newspaper.
    "Implementation of this policy led to bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, the attack on Libya and destabilization of Syria. All this has caused a severe blow to international stability," the Russian top diplomat added.

  6. FedUp...National Report is a satire site. That article should get some folks stirred up!


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